Mikhail Bulgakov, film maker Asiel Norton, the “IMDB Gang”, and internationalist mafias gang stalking: American cops and intel are total pansies for bankster buck$

In order to fully understand gang stalking, one MUST READ “The Master and Margarita” by once banned author Mikhail Bulgakov.

Without reading that, you cannot understand gang stalking; you simply cannot.

But that novel chronicles the absurdist type of events that surround the lives of writers–and others–who produce content for “consumption” by readers–listeners; concert goers, dancers, and anyone who is involved in media IN ANY WAY.

Because gang stalking is primarily an assault on narratives themselves–on the words, ideas, content, and construction of intellect.

In the novel, their is clearly a “devil” and clearly strange events. There is an attempt by the author to preserve “christian” history of a dead Jewish prophet who, milked dry by non-Jews for every single bit of anti-Jewish sentiment, and for all practical purposes, could be any of a number of similar Jewish martyrs, Celtic and Pictic martyrs, South African martyrs, Mestizo martyrs, Apache martyrs–or any other prophets who have been killed by international capitalists, all of whom were indeed gang stalked, and most of them murdered.

So, understand your plight and your personal life from that perspective–international corporations and capitalists–whether they are George Soros on the so-called left, or the Koch brothers on the actual right–your situation involves martyrdom, and many came before you. It is international billionaires and their “community assets” waging a war on you. Indeed–the entire narrative of “martyrdom” hinges on press releases where someone who has been targeted by Jew-christians gets killed by a drone or something, and the press says” he was seeking martyrdom!”

Quite a stretch and an inversion of reality, but western societies depend from myth and lies, not truths.

Do yourself, and do those links above a favor and read their stories–respect their messages. But don’t think that you are alone in any sense, because you are not. This is how the world really works. Billionaire v billionaire, and them, stopping you from telling your story.

Look at this one story, about an asshole on a flight, taped to his seat:

Drunk rowdy passenger duct taped to seat by Frontier Airline flight attendants (Updated)

And compare it to this story, about an award winning Hollywood film maker, Asiel Norton who was targeted and stalked, and “mind controlled” on a flight away from Hollywood–this guy won many awards for film making, but later, was gang stalked on an airplane, and cast into the media spotlight as a nutter–because he himself was the offshoot of the 1960’s hippie movement, and MKULTRA-ongoing seeks to kill that feeling of freedom, insight, and anti-war freedom. Mr. Norton is clearly a threat to the “narrative” with his unique style and unique storytelling.

And–he fits a profile too. .

Quite a difference in the two stories, ay? And: IMDB gang stalking indeed! One guy just a stupid drunk on a plane, the other guy, not so simple–an award winning film maker, in the IMDB, and a guy in a devil tee-shirt sitting next to him, by coincidence of course.

And please–watch the films, by Asiel Norton, but also, watch the film recorded by a Chinese-christian operative, as some guy in the seat next to him wears a “screaming skull” tee-shirt. The gang stalking of Asiel Norton is a spectacle designed for media indeed–and they virtually assassinated his work, and over-wrote his perception, displayed on award winning film. The “narrators” of that event who managed to upload footage to various platforms in seconds all coincidentally work in media and public relations. Coincidences!

But you only heard about that here, for the first time, and the official record in all the news papers forgot to mention that fact. Mr. Norton was listed as one of the top 25 media film influencers of 2010, and then he met gang stalkers. Even the Los Angeles Times reported on his film Orion. And all those hacks who were coincidentally right there on the plane to film his “mental breakdown” couldn’t hold a candle to his work, but oh boy can they work Twitter!


Gang stalking is 100% real, and 100% a controlled release operation. The media sad the guy had “delusions” that the devil was following him around or something. My bet? Racist black people, with ties to the Anti Defamation League, or their brethren at the Jewish Federations were indeed stalking him. On that flight. Because the Hollywood mafia seeks “narrative control” at every juncture. Its even written about in Jewish mythological texts, in the story of the guard at the gate.

Gang stalking is THIS BIZARRE. And so is “narrative control.”

I hope Mr. Norton’s criminal defense attorney contacts me, as other attorney’s have done. I am 100% ahead of the intel agency narratives, and 100% ready t lead attorney’s to the truth of these”manufactured terrorism” events.

The Weeding: every garden needs care, I just dumped a few of my “followers”–AGAIN

So, every blog gets followers, its part of how WordPress and other sites database our “webs of connections” and “encourages engagement” which is thin skin covering “tracing webs of dialogue” for possible intel agency consumption.

While WP has been quite the noble defender of free speech, they sort of lost me when they de-platformed my other–quite famous and world changing blog www.researchorganizedgangstalking.org (formerly(.)wordpress) because I outed a few “gang stalking cowards” who worked from within government, policing, NGOs, corporations, and even from within WordPress itself. And a surprising amount of gang stalking is perpetrated by women, which was the most notable finding at that blog.

I was de-platformed after I requested the log files of “whoever it is that is hacking my blog from within WordPress itself.” Yeah–as expected, that raised their hackles–bad PR!

And BAM!

Not one day later, de-platformed–they don’t want that fact widely known to the public–the fact that they actively submit to government and NGO monitoring, and allow the CIA/FBI/FVEYs monstrosity to dictate their “permissible”content. To any journalist, that should be enlightening. But they are not alone, as all platforms do it. Here’s more about that from the Columbia Journalism Review.

So, here I am doing it ALL OVER AGAIN, just to prove a point. And, I will do it even after this blog gets de-platformed too, because the scientific method demands rigorous attention to “patterns,” and replication, so HAVE AT IT!

I write from a spoofed IP–an easily traceable, easily found IP address that anyone can access. And, I have the double good fortune (think two goldfish swimming together in a pond) of having my spoofed IP register at a real address, where my pals “mirror” my content. Cool, huh?

Anyways, to the point of this post: I have culled the wheat from the chaff and deleted “followers” once again, because they violated my “free blog follower” policies, chiefly–to all the assholes who think they can squat my content, and read my work without providing a single iota of personal information? Yeah–you are banned.

I simply do not tolerate that, so GTFO you non-descript travel/cooking/photography blogs! Especially if they are named iamcaitlin, or some other droll, white female type pity party with police connections and a cheese pizza. Enough already with the NGO and agency affiliated gang stalking relatives of police/intel/NGO unspecified and their version of reality expressed in cause stalking, or religion and hidden behind pictures of food, mountains, and airplanes–and white females.

Intel agency types frequently set up food and cooking blogs, travel blogs, and photography blogs, and squat webspaces where real people–myself included–write real things. But their blogs have ZERO personal content, as if they were set up by bots or AI assisted trolls. Not a single thing can be found at their blogs worth reading, or worth mentioning–pure AI type garbage posts typical of Alphabet Agency “legend” creation, which can be used to exploit targeted individuals.

SO, here is who made the cut this time–and believe me, most of these are also suspect on many levels, but at least I provide some amount of traceable data, with which I could track, trace, or pursue them in other ways.

Lets look at the Gang stalking Research Blog CUTS and Keeps, Creepers and Keepers and why they are what they are, and why that happened:


Meh, bye bye to you and all of your other ghost blogs! No one around here wants you–nor wants to let you live in our (my) head rent free! Provide decent content, with traceable clues to your identity, or GTFO–go stuff yourself like a John Wayne Thanksgiving turkey with char broiled steaks up your ass!

  • gerrera5150
    @gerrera5150–I wrote about you here, and let you squat my turf long enough. Anyone who uses “5150” in their handle is pure police state–and even if you are not? Your handle sucks harder than domestic CIA/FBI confidential informant Azaiah Chadrick Crosswhite. Go fuck a pig! And try to convince yourself that you are SANE as you do it, m-kay?
  • madmaxokc
    @madmaxokc YOU’RE FIRED! No explanation. Nothing about you is interesting in any way. Go kill yourself, and thanks for playing! Oklahoma for fucks sake–the Negev desert of America–and BTW? The Native Americans will soon own your ass like a slave dog hauling water to a teepee, due to recent rulings in the US Supreme court, hehehehehe.

Keepers(for now)

Colorful Sisters clothing and travel blog–if your going to troll, troll correctly: these two Israeli women are both worth investigating for several reasons:

-maybe they are single, definitely bone-worthy, not bad looking

-they make clothes, are very creative, and love patterns–one of my passions from a former life

-they are smart marketers with connections to Kenya, where a certain former WordPress employee opens back doors to peoples blogs, and other stuff (Hi Keeno boy!)

-I suspect they are probably serial killer Rabid Right Wing Rita Katz’s relatives (or can help me find such). Katz and her rabid “anti-Muzzie” SITE Intelligence Group has gotten more human beings killed at her request than any other serial killer that I am aware of. Her most recent conquest was the Pensacola Navy Base shooter, who shot a bunch of people who had sexually harassed him, and tried to blackmail him over his “porn stash.” Good riddance to gang stalkers!

Keep up the good work there in the Negev, ladies!

HashemGod The LORD THE LAWD!!! ROGS certainly knows that the world is a more psychotic sociopathic insane bat shit crazy gang stalking shithole interesting place with you around! And, the world DESERVES more talented, adorable, crazy Jewish chicks just to help us all collect those pottery shards after the original terrorist vessel wineskin bomb Boston Marathon pressure cooker bomb went off, container of good intentions exploded into a million pieces was shattered by evil, right?

And who can forget my favorite Gnostic Knight of the Eternal Conquest, who I wrote about here? Gotta love Conquistadors, right? Surely Magellan had a great affect on the Philippines, lol.

And who can forget the Children’s Crusades!? You keep going after those pedophiles, bro, easy targets–what a coward–it hasn’t worked in the entire time your church has been around. Maybe, quit that church, and “pray” for better results, but somehow, the Pied Piper just keeps managing to get at the kids–why is that exactly? Yup–you and your types keep getting caught up in your own clandestine piece of the “pie,” chiefly, how your types pimp, pander, and profiteer from within child protective services. Try not to let that Freudian Projection hit you in the ass next time I cull the Creepers from the Keepers, ok?

Then, there’s this odd fellow:


Hong Kong is an example of a total shitshow of fully demoralized, unsympathetic, feeble, and morally bankrupt western democracies struggling to look like the ” good guys” in the news, while every fact and feature of what they are in reality is a horror show of police state proportions. Any scan of any western media outlet reveals that all “western” countries are in fact police and surveillance states by definition of the term itself.

\SO of course, https://radiated247.wordpress.com/ is an interesting blog, for reasons that I will not yet discuss, as negotiations are ongoing.

Lastly, an honorable mention: Operation X is a follower that offers something that any reader can take home with them, and store in their brain: its a language/linguistics blog that studies dead and dying languages. You can stroll over there and read “Hmongic” languages or ancient Goth.

Hwa ist snáiws? Is it Hmong or is it Goth? I couldn’t tell from the alliteration(the a-i-w got me) at first glance, and you probably cant either (hint: its NOT Hmong)

Exciting, interesting, and useful–that’s what any followers should be, not at all like those intel and NGO trolls mentioned above that offer “dead blogs,”written by dead people.

SO–there you go–my moment of dissatisfaction, extrapolated. Hope you enjoyed it, and hey–Sisters! I have some opportunities that might interest you.

And, as usual, Sebastian, feel free to contact me on the DL. Use my contact feature.



Boys and Girls Clubs of America: training gang stalkers? Case study, as Steve Wymer of eBay gang stalker fame presides over the Silicon Valley B&G Club

In my research spanning two decades, I have found gang stalkers from many walks of life, and everywhere you look in gang stalking, there are indeed well funded campaigns of domestic terror waged against individuals by gang stalkers. Steve Wymer fits that profile, in every way, making this case a 100% ROGS Bingo.

From Bloomberg:

EBay Executive and Communications Director Steve Wymer Linked to Alleged Cyberstalking Is Kids Club CEO

Most insidious of these gang stalkers are the fundies*–fundamentalists of all stripes who organize to stalk and harass individuals, from the cover of various NGOs and other institutions. Let’s look at gang stalking from the perspective of early intervention and indoctrination in youth programs, and Mr. Wymer’s post-eBay role at the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and ask “who is it exactly that is seeking access to children, and why?”

This is an important question because we see that the “school shooting” nearly ALWAYS has gangs of christian-infused “hopes and prayers”narratives running in the media, almost as if some public relations team has scripted that phrase into the reporting. And guess what? That’s because they do indeed do that –and note Wymer’s role as chief crisis PR narrator at eBay at that time– which I will get to shortly.

My linkage to the B&G clubs and gang stalking may seem unrelated at first glance, except for the fact that I was stalked by members of this group, many years ago. Police and others have weaponized all NGO’s to the extent that they are able to activate “sleeper cells” of these groups and stalk targeted individuals.

On it’s face, an odd claim, right–all of these “community” oriented philanthropist organizations as gangs of stalkers?

Except that I have the names, photographs, and personal data from several of these persons, as I once used rental property and other means as a “honey trap” and gained this information from them–an entirely separate–but very interesting story.

And all of those I traced to current and former police too, using their rental applications. One group of hard right christian fundies who occupied/rented those spaces literally went caving with cops in that location, spelunking in the underground caverns beneath the city. Illegal activity of course, but when its organized by police, well, there you go–there is indeed a two tiered justice system in the USA. One of them even drove a “community service officer” police car from a city two states away!

Perhaps the best and most salient feature of that gag stalking was that these also sought employment at local restaurants, particularly the “hip” locations. This is interesting, because as we saw in the murder of George Floyd, three out of four f the cops who killed him were recruited out of restaurants too, including Derek Chauvin, who studied food service before becoming a cop.

So its no small wonder that on the “organizing” of those protests that followed, we also saw Freemasonry and its symbols appear all over the narrative too, as in “8:46!” which was proven a false narrative, just as we see in all events where narrative replaces fact. Here’s more about Masonic symbolism and George Floyd, and the fact is that Chauvin “took a knee” on his neck for nearly ten minutes “9:29,” not “8:46”.

The western narrative at every level is trance formation, and is active at every level of social contact, social engineering takes place at every gate and door to form a narrative of culture. I was aware that I was a doorman too, which is why I captured, and studied the data–the names, faces, places, and events– surrounding the odd happenings in my life at that time–because I know how this works.Create the trap, and the rats will indeed enter.

So, now, lets take a quick look at youth organizations and the effectiveness in stemming youthful crime, truancy and other bad behavior. From Investigating the Role of Neighborhood Youth Organizations in Preventing Adolescent Violent Offending: Evidence from Chicago(1), we discover that for all of the talk, and the billions of dollars that some throw at “studies” to ascertain the role of mentoring youth, the data is still fuzzy.

The fact is, there is not enough research in that area to say one way or another if these programs which target low-income youth are effective at all. But what we do know is that in the tribal sectarian USA and other places where early intervention targets youth for “gang interventions” or any other intervention, there is an ideological war afoot, with Jewish and christian interests at every juncture, crack and crevice where children can be “accessed.” This is what is referred to online in the gang stalking dialectic as “trafficking,” and as “rings of child abusers,” and so on, as one sect name-calls another sect.

And, all sects do it too.

I will address the headline of this post by starting with the ineffectiveness of youth programs, which are ineffective BECAUSE tribal-sectarian interests are involved.And like any researcher, I note that I like others find that the “mechanisms” behind these programs are suspect. From that study:

Neighborhood organizations matter in the etiology of youthful offending, but the ways in which these organizations are relevant are nuanced. Research must continue to grapple with the various mechanisms through which neighborhood organizations operate.

Highlighted portion my own

So, generally, programs that are “for the children” are questionably effective, and debate-ably relevant. Like all philanthropic programs, there are strings attached to donors giving, and so nuance in this case usually indicates “they ate the G-d pill” or they did NOT eat the G-d pill.

And much of gang stalking is in fact related to these various and sundry NGO’s, and hidden agendas ranging from left to right agenda; and we see that brightly outlined in the weaponizing of NGO’s, and in the murders of Ferguson activists, and Darren Seals in particular, who rejected the outside influence on local issues, and also who rejected the divisive nature of gendering activism as “gay or not gay”–if depopulation is in fact a goal of globalists, the gay agenda is a win, and heterosexual Seals is dead–he won’t leave behind any troublesome heteronormative male activist babies to stand in the way of George Soros backed agenda.

Online, as we read through various gang stalking narratives, the “fake targeted individuals” frequently mock their victims with phrases like “well who finances the gang stalkers? The gang stalkers must be connected to powerful individuals” and other such sadistic humor, expressed in forums, comment sections, Reddit threads,Youtube video’s and so on.

This poorly applied irony is even more insidious, because it is often tainted with religious and tribal affiliations. I have found Jews and christians to be major gang stalkers; Catholics, Baptists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and others too.

So, as we watch the eBay gang getting prosecuted, we must ask “what kind of people are gang stalkers?” And, we must examine the gang structure and hierarchy for clues. And–Say Their Names! in direct defiance of the opposite cult practice of “unnaming” men who resisted, or who went ballistic after being stalked by these highly organized psychopaths.

The Intercept and other media have covered how police actively infiltrate the Boys and Girls clubs, in one case in Chicago, rounding up the men who ran the branch, and labeling them all “gang members.” And Techdirt has noted that there is some odd discrepancies in that same club wading into the “cable television cap” war with the headline “Why Is The Boys And Girls Club Trying To Kill A Cable Monopoly’s Merger Conditions?

So, something is “fundamentally” wrong at the B&G clubs, but what is it? Like most NGO’s, it is a powerful force in society, and has a disproportionate impact in matters that are–frankly–none of its business.

IN the west, generally, it is not “polite” to talk about religion, because it is an old custom derived from the time when only the religious held power, and wielded it over those with no power. But in modern times, it is imperative upon democracies to become concerned by the hidden power of religions, inserting themselves and their “beliefs” into our law, politics and culture.

So, yeah–lets take a look at former eBay vice president Steve Wymer, who is followed by the shadow of the eBay gang stalking case, outlined here. From the B&G Club:


Wymer brings a diverse array of experiences to Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley. Prior to his tenure in technology, he served as a senior advisor to three Senators in the United States Senate in Washington, D.C., as well as time as an advisor on the staff of the Senate’s Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions committee. Steve was elected President of the bipartisan U.S. Senate Press Secretaries Association in 2010. During his time in Washington, he also served the U.S. Department of State on multiple occasions as a delegate to Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, and Albania where he spoke at universities, conducted workshops, and led trainings for political activists and journalists throughout each country.

And now, from the civil lawsuit that David and Ina Steiner are waging in court now, seeking millions in damages:

The suit was filed against eBay, Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts, former eBay CEO Devin Wenig, former eBay Vice President Steve Wymer and several others involved in eBay’s security department, including James Baugh, David Harville, Brian Gilbert, Stephanie Popp, Stephanie Stockwell, Veronica Zea and Philip Cooke, as well as a John and Jane Doe.

According to the lawsuit: “Defendant Wymer promised the Defendants he would, ‘embrace managing any bad fallout’ if the plan went south, further directing, ‘We need to STOP her.’ The events that followed shock the conscience, and demonstrate the utter depths eBay would stoop to in order to take the Steiners down and their reporting on eBay.”

Indeed–SAY THEIR NAMES! Gang stalking cockroaches must be dragged into the light and seen for what they are. Cowards, every one of them. Indeed, even the New Yarwk Times called this case “the eBay Cockroach Cult,” and I covered it here too. Actual targeted individuals find great joy, and gleeful relief in calling these people “cockroaches” because of their scurrilous, sneaky, and hidden practices.

At its root, gang stalking is a religious practice, and it is discussed in the christian bible, as rabid, speech policing Jews called “Pharisees” stalked The Super-Jesus–and that was a couple thousand years ago, yet these types are still at it, and it needs to end. Lawsuits like this make it easier for others to come forward, and indeed, we see these cases in the news every week now.

But more below about Mr. Wymer, who now has access to Silicon Valley’s children–and I note with little irony, that there is indeed a battle on for the hearts and minds of Silicon Valley’s children, as the CIA, and Mi6, and even the fundie Israeli IDF and Mossad agents are all over that place.

Related Story: Writers who document these connections are inevitably harassed and stalked by a variety of agents and agencies–it comes with the turf. Here is one man’s tale of being stalked and harassed because he makes these connections.

For starters, he is a Baptist, and that is as fundie as religion can get. SO it’s no small surprise that he and his plot targeted Jews, because Baptists generally believe that Jews are “the Devil.” You can read more at my earlier piece about this case, where I named these stalking cockroaches, and shortly thereafter, my blog was deplatformed by WordPress.

SO, in the eyes of the religious, I imagine that Silicon Valley is akin to Stephen King’s book “The Stand,” or something, where the Walkin’ Dude abides, stirring the forces of evil or something. Because “Gang stalking: its “for the children!©” Go get em’ team John 3:16! Not that it ISN’T that, by way of metaphor….

What’s most striking about this case though, isn’t that some sociopathic fundie nutjob was behind some gang stalking. No, what is striking is that he was the chief communications officer at eBay. And why is that surprising, you might ask? Its surprising because it proves another part of my thesis, because I have long maintained that crisis public relations agents are behind a lot of gang stalking, and weird cases that hit the news You can read more about that here at ResearchOrganizedGangStalking.org.

In fact, at every single mass shooting, ranging from the Pulse Nightclub shooting, to the Portapique Nova Scotia mass shooting–the Las Vegas Harvest Festival shooting, and more–public relations managers are all over the place in those events, so much so that I suspect they are aiding in arranging them. And I am not alone in that “belief” either.

In fact, the Portapique mass shooting by Gabriel Wortman was a fiasco where the public relations team was very actively framing” the event, even as the shooter was taking more lives. Frank Magazine heroically released the 911 calls from that event, revealing that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) knew who the shooter was, and that he was driving a police car, ten hours before he took his final victims into hell with him.

But instead of stopping the guy, they were planning a PR campaign instead. Go over to Frank Magazine for more “proof of gang stalking,” and view how gangs within the RCMP and gangs within the community are so interconnected that it behooves any sane person to admit that this is what gang stalking is, and answering the question “who are the gang stalkers?”

But its purely a war on narrative, as Jews and christians of all stripes battle each other for narrative control, and gang stalking is that, exactly. And, it is the NGO’s and their “intelligence” wings waging a lot of it too.

Read It: From Mint Press News The Mossad, the Epstein Network, Are Exploiting Mass Shootings (and likely creating them.)

*fundies is a term used to describe fundamentalist christians, but more generally it can be applied to rabid feminists, dogmatic atheists, social justice warriors and others who are stubbornly or maliciously proselytizing a viewpoint

  1. Zimmerman, G.M., Welsh, B.C. & Posick, C. Investigating the Role of Neighborhood Youth Organizations in Preventing Adolescent Violent Offending: Evidence from Chicago. J Quant Criminol 31, 565–593 (2015). https://doi.org/10.1007/s10940-014-9238-1

Workers Comp cases and organized gang stalking: the two tiered justice system and corporate abuse of the intelligence divisions: I get letters

I recently received an unsolicited email that mirrors the claims of many of my emails: a man with a criminal or other record files for a workers compensation claim, and then gets gang stalked by state financed criminal gangs of “investigators.” I ask the writer to read this post, and respond here, but please, do NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME.

The Molson Coors shooting was at its heart a workers comp case–the local police, working with the corporate police engineered a mass shooting. Google it–Molson Coors shooting, and skip the MSM reportage, because it is 100% gang stalker CYA.

That guy went ballistic after he was terrorized by Ukrainian Jews, white people, and others in his workplace; and that is no small statement considering that Coors beer is the beer of choice for Nazi’s. And, like most of these shootings, the racist pointy hooftracks of crisis PR operators are ALL OVER THE PLACE before during and AFTER these events.

And, I ask that you submit what links and other data you have to this blog, so that I can analyze it. I also recommend that you set up your own blog, and post your evidence. Then, we can discuss submitting that evidence to a higher level of investigation, ok?

My case evolves around workcomp, 2012 I fell and crushed my upper body, and almost ruptured my heart, all is finally coming out, But with massive consequences. I was infiltrated,profiled, honeypotted,and identity theft,bankfraud,hacked 7 backdoors, mobbed and ran off the roads and freeways causing several accidents. I just found out that non of my police reports were never logged on the data base. Thew woman who ran me down on my motorcycle in the last accident was the same women who mobbed me on my way to workcomp doctors appts.,,I can show you how they clean the insurance records with ghost policies..Nothing Ive ever claimed was ever investigated. No matter what evidence I showed them nothing would be done. Attempted murder by these people on multiple occasions.. Ive even gotten recordings of the honeypot in multiple meetings and conversations about killing me and gangstalking me,, and nothing was done.. Later my computer guy would be attacked and the corrupt cops would put search and seizure on all electronic communications.. Because of my past they wanted me dead by retaliation or in prison.. After being ran down on my motorcycle the insurance company started filing dissmissal for non compliance.. This is just an outline,,Ive got massive conclusive evidence BUT CANT GET AN ATTORNEY for nothing in california..

I advise you to use tha comments section below to further this discussion. After that, you are on your own.

The eBay gang of stalkers sees its first conviction as ex-cop Phillip Cooke gets 18 months for gang stalking: gang stalking cases and lawsuits

I don’t write about gang stalking cases and lawsuits unless I have solid evidence to back my claims. And the eBay gang of stalkers is indeed a verified case of both a “gang” and “stalkers” targeting individuals. And the question must be asked–and answered–how bizarre are the facts of organized gang stalking cases?

And the answer is in Yahoo news of all places:

The sentencing judge said

“It’s almost unfathomable to me,” Burroughs said. “I’m not sure if I saw it on television I would find it believable.”

Maybe its time that you, and others rethink your own analyses of “gang stalking and delusions.”

Former eBay employee gets 18 months in prison for ‘abominable’ cyberstalking campaign

By Nate Raymond

BOSTON (Reuters) -A former supervisor for security operations at eBay Inc was sentenced on Tuesday to 18 months in prison for his role in a cyberstalking campaign that targeted a Massachusetts couple whose online newsletter was viewed as critical of the e-commerce company.

Federal prosecutors in Boston said Philip Cooke, a retired police captain in Santa Clara, California, and other employees participated in a scheme to harass the couple through Twitter and by sending them disturbing packages, including live cockroaches.

U.S. District Judge Allison Burroughs called the employees’ actions “really abominable” as she sentenced Cooke, who must also serve a year of home detention and pay a $15,000 fine.

“It’s almost unfathomable to me,” Burroughs said. “I’m not sure if I saw it on television I would find it believable.”

Both of the victims, David and Ina Steiner, spoke in court, describing to the judge a bizarre, nightmarish ordeal that left them afraid to leave their home in Natick, Massachusetts, and concerned for their safety.

“We were terrified,” Ina Steiner said.

Further, my claim is more or less “nearly 100% of ALL gang stalking involves current and former police, military, military intelligence agents and their community assets.”

Now–that’s a claim that anyone can challenge, because I have repeatedly verified that with ample evidence, including tracing gangs of stalkers across the United States, and some of them as they worked their way up the food chain to the FBI and other agencies.

In the meantime, the Steiner’s have now also filed a civil lawsuit sued for relief, but they named the top executives who have skated, for now–and, as usual, keep your eyes on the number 12 and 13 in these cases, as christians and Jews use that number to signal to each other in the media and elsewhere. Its a real thing.*

Again, from USA Today–when the most widely read, pasty white rag on planet USA is reporting on gang stalking, maybe it’s time to change your perspective on this topic.

In the 12-count federal civil suit, Ina and David Steiner of Natick, Massachusetts,  allege the harassment campaign began in August 2019.

“The Steiners were paralyzed with fear,” according to the lawsuit. “The unrelenting stream of threats to kill, disturbing deliveries, as well as the physical surveillance caused the Steiners to suffer from significant and continuing emotional distress, including but not limited to, anxiety, panic attacks, persistent and debilitating concerns about their physical safety, habitual insomnia, embarrassment, humiliation, shame and perpetual fear that they are being followed and tracked, all of which suffering continues now and will continue in the future.”

Yeah-bizarre behavior by retired cops, military trained intelligence agents; electronic harassment in the form of wiretaps, and listening devices, strange reports of people sitting in cars outside people’s houses–bloody pig masks and death threats–and actual cockroaches too. Read through this case to understand gag stalking, tactics which are widely used by federal and state police, military intelligence creeps, and others in the surveillance economy. All of it, against the law.

So far, former eBay top brass, former CEO Devin Norse Wenig (he is also the principal at Norse Charitable Trust) has avoided a criminal charge, despite the FACT that he virtually gave the green light to this harassment campaign, and his butt boy Steve Wymer, who has gone on now to head the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, has dodged a legal bullet in his face too, but the civil lawsuit and depositions should provide fodder for a criminal lawsuit later.

Disgraced eBay CEO Devin Wenig

Here’s the full roster of this one gang of stalkers,and according to research, they represent the “who” and “why” of what gang stalking is, and who does it in the civilian sector.

The suit was filed against eBay, Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts, former eBay CEO Devin Wenig, former eBay Vice President Steve Wymer and several others involved in eBay’s security department, including James Baugh, David Harville, Brian Gilbert, Stephanie Popp, Stephanie Stockwell, Veronica Zea and Philip Cooke, as well as a John and Jane Doe.

Most notably is the fact that Steve Wymer has gone on to head the Boys and Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley.

Steve Wymer, now heads the Boys and Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley, despite his tarnished reputation as a “crisis PR” manager who stalked a couple of people. Just a couple, right?

Talk about “deep state” trance formation programming! Wymer is an evangelical christian–a proselytizing Baptist! For GODS SAKE keep these people away from my children!!!

And so, there you go–I myself was targeted by fundies from many sects and cults across America–these highly placed fundies are MAJOR gang stalkers, and his is a case of proof of gang stalking, if ever there was “proof of gang stalking.”They should be targeted and sued, and investigated at every junction and pass. But also–don’t forget! that in the USA Israeli Squad 8200 members and IDF personell are highly active in Silicon Valley too! This is what gang stalking IS. Jews-christians, doing dirt in “gray areas” of law and culture.

Related Story: Intelligence agencies are everywhere in Silicon Valley. And the Mossad has many unregistered foreign agents there too. Why does the US give Israeli spies a free pass to monitor our children online? But so does the CIA, causing all of us to ask the question: does America even have national boundaries, if foreign agents that are hostile to democracy operate inside its borders with immunity, and impunity? You decide! ….seriously: you decide-is Israel the foreign agent, or is the CIA the foreign agent? And even then, all of that “mediated” by the idea that the Chinese are somehow more evil than either of the above.

And WTF is such a person doing with “the children” anyways? If you guessed that christians and Jews are waging a culture war against each other, you would be correct–have a look at Steve Wymer as he takes over the “shepherding” of Silicon Valley‘s at risk children, despite being implicated as a gang stalker. That should concern any parent, anywhere.

Honestly, the battered and bloodied Saint Jesus would take issue with all of them, asking “but who sent me?” and noting that only the dead seek to bury their own dead. Its a weird mental configuration, to be sure, this modern day combat between Jews and christians in corportae settings. And it hurts those of us who are rational people, merely writing about these facts. But no doubt, even that guys “saviour” would repudiate him, and his stalking gameplan.

If past is precedent, Steve Wymer, Boys and Girls Clubs of America respects no boundaries, nor laws. He was part of targeting (political, corporate) Jews who criticized eBay. He works in publc relations, and is a fits the profile of a gang stalker nearly 100%.

I ask my readers to investigate this case now, and come to your own conclusions–but I wrote about the B&G connection to gang stalking many years ago, and now even the fish wrapper paper USA Today has my back. Strange indeed.

KW: Tory Reinhardt, black bag jobs, minnesota

Ramajana Hidic Demirovic another “who are the gang stalkers”case study: selective memories of genocide cloud fairness, and occlude the motivations of gangs of stalkers who attack others pre-emptively

Gang stalking can be described as “ranging behavior, and territoriality” and we observe this behavior in chimpanzees and other animals. From the Leaky Foundation, a look at how primates “patrol” their territory, and some general assumptions and observations about the motivations of animals who utilize these practices:

Territorial boundary patrolling by chimpanzees is a striking example of group-level cooperation displayed by our closest primate relatives. Chimpanzees patrol in groups for the same reason wolves hunt in packs, because what they can achieve working together far exceeds the returns of more individualized efforts

For people who study chimpanzees and other primates, observing the frequency of behaviors and other aspects and features of those observed behaviors, it is important to compare groups, and note differences in behaviors.

For example, studies of chimps at the famed Ngogo, Gombe, and other nature preserves in Africa produce tons of data for comparison, like “In prior research (Watts & Mi-tani 2001), we have shown that male chimpanzees at Ngogo are the primary participants in patrols and that they patrol about twice as often as chimpanzees at Gombe and Taı¨ and so on.

I note that all of that above data is assumed and inferred by scientists, because chimpanzees cannot talk, and tell us their motivations. While we can observe the behaviors, and infer motivations, we cannot say with 100% certainty that we are correct–only that we can observe behaviors and form an opinion based upon our observation of the repetition of those behaviors.

.For example–the researchers involved assume that a patrol–which is a very general term– is in fact a patrol, rather than say, a decoy operation, or a false flag incursion which are entirely different in motivation, and purpose. So in one word “patrol” used by the researchers, we see that indeed the term is loaded with assumptions, and in fact could have three or more separate purposes. In other words, this is a much bigger issue than mere semantics.

And in anthropology, there is a well known thesis/antithesis posited by comparisons between chimpanzees and their near relatives, bonobo’s, and it is here where we separate two forms of “perimeter patrolling” into male directed and female directed behavioral analysis–women’s aggression is a different thing than male aggression most of the time, and most violent and aggressive behavior is innacurately termed as “male,”when in fact, female led violence strategies are every bit or more violent overall.

From Traditions of Conflict blog, “The Momma’s Boy Strategy: Why Bonobo Males Tend Not To Form Coalitions” we see how female aggression forms a nearly total subversion of male dominance, as it target’s young males, and targeting male coalitions, aka, inhibiting male-to-male bonding and hence success as dominant animals.

And that is where we pick up the story of a peculiar form of aggression, and how Demirovic and likely her daughter, and possibly others, targeted three boys with a campaign of terror, leading to her indictment by the Department of Justice–and that form of aggression is a typical strategy for the groups that she is affiliated with. Her startegy of oppression is a very “female” form of aggression.

And so it goes with all gang stalking, as various tribal and sectarian groups come to light as “gangs” organized for the purpose of “stalking.” They are either chimpanzees or bonobo’s, working with their flying monkey’s to target individuals.

This is extremely clear in the case of one of the FBI’s most recent manufactured terror events–the alleged plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan. In that actual plot, some 12 FBI provocateurs created the event from whole cloth, and the ringleader was himself quite an interesting fellow, getting into a domestic brawl with his wife, after they went to a swingers party.

Chimpanzees indeed, lol. Not that there’s anything wrong with that….

But because gangs of stalkers can talk, we have all kinds of clues, like “linguistic litter” to follow online in order to trace them as they pollute the internet with their gibberish and psychobabble, and we can track them by linguistic litter to discern whether they are chimps or bonobo’s, so to speak. So here below are a few words, phrases, and concepts from both the right and the left wings of gang stalkers online that we can examine for other clues about who the speakers are, and what politic/cult/sect/tribe they are working for and working with as they target people:

  • the numbers 12 and 13 have symbolic meaning to both left and right wing stalkers, and we see that in the Michigan case too, as the FBI leads the narrative using the number 12, though there likely were more informants involved in that event.
  • the phrases “silent holocaust” and false equivocations that frequently pop up in the online dialectic of gang stalking such as “well at least it’s not the Holocaust,” or “it’s a eugenics program” and so on.
  • the many narratives of “only gawd can help us!” and its thousands of variants that indicate Jewish-christian ideology
  • comparisons to either Stalin or Hitler are quite telling because it indicates the writers or speakers ideological basis–Jews consider the crimes of Stalin to be insignificant and necessary, whereas far right christians consider the crimes of Hitler to be insignificant and necessary
  • many online who join the odd discussion can be traced according to the type of “electronics” they refer to. Acadamics for example usually have a good grasp of concepts like artificial intelligence and algorithmic programming; military types can cite specifications for military hardware; police affilliated stalkers often refer to their capacity to wiretap, or use helicopters for a harassment campaign; and religious crackpots invariably cite completely bizarre notions of electronic capacities and so on.

This small list is by no means exhaustive, but it does indicate certain perimeters of speech, and the speakers ideological boundary.

So, because the phrase “gang stalking” derives from police and military jargon, it is coded speech, that they and their associates use with each other, and they primarily talk to each other, because a large part of their goals are to occlude their motivations, methods and tactics, and to hide the fact that they are indeed gang members, because what they do is illegal, according to human laws.

But when it comes to sociopaths who do not have any intention of upholding human laws, we see that they often cite a “higher power” that justifies their crimes, most notably the right wing Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco citing that he uses a targeted individual program, aka “intelligence led predictive policing” because he answers to a higher authority–this is what right wing, police-Masonic gang stalking is.

SO, because gang stalkers are depraved people who operate with appalling impunity, and cloak themselves behind institutional power, the case of Ramajana Hidic Demirovic offers the researcher an opportunity to answer the question “who are the gang stalkers” and be able to put a name and face alongside of an actual stalking claim, that is now being prosecuted in the federal courts. Let’s answer the questions “Who are the gang stalkers?” and “What happens to gang stalking targets?”and “Can gang stalkers be prosecuted?” and so on.

I have written previously about Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, starting after her indictment. You can use my search feature to find the many posts where I discuss her case. Here are a few: Demirovic indictment, Faces of Genocide movie star indicted as a stalker, domestic spying as a front for gang stalking, etc.

An obvious challenge to my insistence that she is a gang stalker, rather than a mere cyber stalker, or generic stalker is because she fits the profile of a gang stalker, 100%, according to linguistic traits, education, social position, and tribal affiliations. And of course, the fed’s only indicted her and her co-conspirator, making what is hardly a gang of only two people. But what stands out is her tribal affiliation, and it’s immense power, and its demonstrated use of similar harassment campaigns in the past.

Recalling of course, that the FBI and other agencies do not officially call gang stalking by that name, and in fact are on record denying that their records contain any entries for that term, gang stalking “does not exist,” according to those who are in fact, actual gangs of stalkers and who direct community resources in stalking campaigns, aka “investigations”; though Keith LaBella, Esq. brought the worlds attention to the fact that 13% of reported stalking events included three or more perpetrators. You can find that report at James Tracy’s excellent Memory Hole Blog–Tracy himself was stalked and harassed by racist, tribal-sectarian Jewish groups.

And that when we Source-watch the gang stalking narrative, we find Dr.s like Lorraine Sheridan, David V. James, Christine Sarteschi and others all equate gag stalking complaints to delusions–while working as prison psychologists, cold case investigators, and writing exploitative books about “gangs” that consist of dull accounts of low income members of racially marginalized groups who are in “street gangs,” and “prison gangs,” while completely avoiding topics like police gangs which are starting to come to light, and academic gang stalking, despite a majority of gang stalking cases beginning in college settings. Their denialism is classic “gas lighting” of that topic.

To restate then, that “gang stalkers are nearly 100% current and former police, military, or intelligence agency affiliated, and their hordes of flying monkeys*”we now examine “who is Mrs. Demirovic?”

For starters, Holocaust scholar Ramajana Hidic Demirovic is all over the internet, she is in the Internet Movie Database, and they themselves form a sort of gang too, which I call the IMDB Gang. Starting before she was a young abductee into the selective memory and racist trance formation of those who claim to speak for Holocaust survivors–a huge industry in its own right, according to Norman Finklestein and many others–Demirovic was also a refugee from Madeline Albrights war in Bosnia Herzogovina–a very Jewish, very female led war during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Have a look at “Call to action against Darfur genocide rings at Emanu-El,” from the Jewish News of Northern California, keeping in mind that Demirovics is now indicted in northern California.

There were few dry eyes in the great hall as young Bosnian refugee Ramajana Hidic Demirovic recounted witnessing the murder of her mother — and her own narrow escape from the same fate as she fled from her assailants and hid for days in a neighbor’s apartment.

Indeed, a terrible thing to experience for any person of any flesh. A nightmare that can never be forgotten. But let’s read on….Demirovic was a teacher at Indiana University, Bloomington, according to LinkedIn.

As you might recall, colleges are MAJOR starting points for gang stalking, especially targeting non-conformist hetero-normative white and black and other males. I myself was personally targeted by a college president at the beginning of the War on Terror. It cannot be forgotten that so many mass shooters encountered various forms of stalking and harassment in colleges across the land. I have covered that elsewhere; and even the recent Winthrop MA mass shooting by Nathan Allen has the residue of that type of racialized, targeted stalking.

And here are her affiliations in more detail, according to Merlot.org:

Affiliations: Indiana University System – Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (Education, 4 Year/4 Year + Grad, IN, United States)

And predictably,

Its starting to get a bit Rachel Dolezal around here, isn’t it? The sulphur and brimstone of Antifa, right? Trance formation indeed.

Well, because that’s what this is. Like Scott Crow, who also claims that “gang stalking is bullshit,” we see a pattern emerge on the left–on one hand organized as groups of harassers, and on the other, denying that gang stalking exists, aka #crybullying.

In the early days of white feminism’s DVIC era organizing efforts, a deliberate attack on males was waged in the spaces where people talked about domestic violence, and whether or not men should have their own “safe spaces” to talk about violence waged against them by social structures and institutional power–and men lost. There are zero resources in the community for men to organize similarly. SO in order to understand the type of violence that these types of women have now promoted across society as a result of these clandestine trance formation events, it is important to note how they isolate and attack males from an early age.

Let’s turn to the case of the bonobo’s once again for a glimpse of how they do that: bonobos are more co-dominant, and comparatively female-dominant compared to most other mammals. What explains this?

One popular explanation is the existence of female coalitions which constrain male dominance. The data on violent encounters in captive populations shows females are more likely to group together and attack a male, but many of these cases seem to represent sustained violent bullying of a lower-status male.

from “The Momma’s Boy Strategy: Why Bonobo Males Tend Not To Form Coalitions

Now back to the case of Demirovic’s and the facts of that case: she was bullying teen aged boys, and seeking to “ruin their lives,” and in so doing, revealed a tool of the left wing stalkers: attacking the young, pre-emptively, with the philosophical and ideological approval of her “tribe.”

Not at all unlike the Covington Kid, who was similarly slandered after an engineered conflict between he and a Native American provocateur we see the left using the EXACT methods of the right, so much so that their behavior can best be described as “Horseshoe theory in activism practice.” What matters most to this type of activist is the tribal narrative–the divide and conquer strategy that positions itself in every conflict as a middle man, while maintaining its own interests which are primarily, controlling the ball of what is civil discourse on BOTH sides at the same time–and that “ball” is the interests of radical–and radicalizing–zionism; that one version of racial supremacy “wins,” and that is the problem in ALL of these events: Jewish racial supremacy is a real thing, and every bit as deadly, violent, and scurrilous as any other form of white supremacy, or racial supremacy in general.

Demirovic’s is a Holocaust scholar, and closely affiliated with social justice types, so it must be mentioned that she is also possibly a radicalized zionist–the type of person who is usually immune to prosecution short of murder, and truly part of the insular, well connected world of wealthy Jews and the NGO’s that they fund. It is this group which has rendered so many topics taboo, while casting the spell of anti-semitic charges anywhere and everywhere , and on anyone who does not think as they do. Their industry grade character assassins are the ADL, but by the time someone is deemed sufficiently slander worthy, or targeted with gang stalking by that organization and its tentacles in the community.**

So, in this case, a look at how radical, racist zionism also disavows non-Jewish socialism, and causes Jews to separate themselves AS Jews from anyone else who may, or may not share similar goals, demonstrating the divide in all social movements across time since the inception of the Doctrine of Superior People, and the first zionist “world” congress.

From the Jewish Virtual Library, read this excerpt of “”The Jewish Problem and the Socialist Jewish State“by Nachman Syrkin to understand that no leftist can ever win unless they fully prostrate themselves before Jewish zionists–and it is this, more than anything that has propelled Demirovic into the limelight–and into the court room, indicted as a stalker of young boys. And that, charged by the backstory of Jewish Supremacy.

*these flying monkey’s include many types of people, sometimes from opposite political spectrum working together. Academics, doctors, forensic cold case investigators, behavioral analysts, paramedics–there is no exhaustive definition, but ample evidence that these are who gang stalkers are. You can read more about it here.

**there is an ages old stereotype about Jews and Jewish culture where the “Jewctopus” is a many tentacled octopus like creature, with its tentacle tips poked into every hole on the globe. A similar analogy could be made that speech policing and the disruption of discourse by the ADL, its umbrella organizations, and the Jewish billionaires who finance gang stalking is that exact octopus like entity. I would only add that “stereotypes exist for a reason” and then note that christians and the Masonic/New World Order/ and corporate groups whose shareholders come from both sides of the political spectrum; and the groups that they form are all involved in similar fashion in EVERY politic; these two can be found at both ends of the Horseshoe, slinging mud at each other, and at others. Most tellingly are the still-unsolved murders of heterosexual black male activists in Ferguson MO, and specifically Darren Seals, who called them all out for their form of co-option.

As noted by MTV.com, “It would be leaving the story incomplete to not mention Seals’s other critique of Black Lives Matter: He decried them for, in his view, decentering the particular problems of straight black men in favor of emphasizing an agenda focused on women and people in the LGBTQ community. The “guiding principles” page for Black Lives Matter, for example, has sections addressing female and LGBTQ black people, but nothing about straight, cis black men. To Seals, this was needlessly divisive — he claimed that the Ferguson protests had no division by gender identity or sexual orientation — but also a sign that the national movement only cared about men like him when they were dead.”

Tree of Life shooter Robert Bowers’ judge denies motion to show that government was monitoring and “radicalizing” him online; we need fewer Jews and Catholics on the courts

Everywhere you have a mass shooting, you have a “higher than average” proportion of Catholics and Jews as we saw in the Newtown, CT-Sandy Hook shooting-and Fusion Center’s are targeting military derived psychological operations at civilians and “speech policing” online. And all of that carries the stink of cultic religious practices.

Everywhere you look in these events, there is organized religion sneaking into the narrative, as the exasperated and clueless citizens gasp “Thank G-d, and Hopes-n-Prayers!” after these events. And the Sandy Hook shooting had Chris Manfredonia uttering that he “smelled sulphur” as he ran into the woods/arrived to make gingerbread houses with his daughter. Ooooh! Old Scratch is making a stinky mess with sulphur!The DEVVVVVIIIIILLLL!

Seriously–these people are cracked, and superstitious beliefs, and bizarre cultic practices surround these events. Cult practices like “unnaming” people (and also here and here). THis is a practice right out of ancient “holy” books and have origins in secret rituals, and worse.

Look what’s been going on with those mass shootings–and families like the Manfredonia’s of Newtown, and their state and local connections! So many of them and their relatives were quoted in the press after that event that one must wonder–are they some sort of “crime family” in that area? Later, one of them arrested for underaged sex and another–Peter Manfredonia, who lived just up the block from the shooter– went on a DVIC related killing spree.

Judges cannot trip over the constitution fast enough to conceal these “hidden” practices, called “intelligence led predicitive policing,” aka “high policing” of speech, and the associated programs that go with them. Programs like Moonshot CVE, and the FBI’s armies of paid informants and private contractors who are all over online “radicalizing” people whose speech they do not like.

These are not merely “passive monitoring by any stretch, and they are getting people killed.

Judge Denies Robert Bowers’ Motion For Govt. To Produce Evidence It Monitored His Online Activities-According to the Tribune-Review, the judge ruled that the information was irrelevant.

Citizens need to become angry at the manufactured terrorism that is taking place all across America today, and do something about it. But what can a person do? Robert Bower’s got angry, and targeted Jews who he felt were causing him grief.

Indeed, the synagogue he targeted is a center of radical ethno-nationalism, housing a congregation that includes hard core and toxic zionist’s, including the race-baiting former New York Times opinion editor Bari Weiss, whose colleagues at the NYT were so disgusted with her that they requested she be let go.

That’s no small statement–the New York Times is the single most gatekeeping Jewish institution in all media, and it is notoriously “liberal,” and friendly to disinformation of all kinds from government sources, ranging from the FBI and CIA to others less visible, aka “the deep state.” No one even disputes this.

Related: Rebecca Carnes documents the unbelievably coincidental and highly incestuous webs of relations behind the Sandy Hook shooting, and the police, firefighters, teachers unionists, and other public figures central to that narrative as major “gangs”

But what he missed in that equation was that it isn’t just “the Jews” doing nefarious things to our government, due process, and civil liberty, because for every Jew who is involved in that sort of activity, there are likely two that oppose it. And so, targeting Jews is a lost cause–because for every Jew who is central to the surveillance state–exactly the same Jews that he targeted–there will be about 70 christians who use government to oppress civil liberty, and Catholics are notoriously involved in speech policing, and hidden practices of inserting their religion into the government and media.

So, imagine The Jesus skulking around, looking in peoples windows, spying on there internet connections, and swarming people on the freeway trying to cause a targeted individual to have an accident–yeah, right? The Jesus probably wouldn’t approve of that conduct, after all in the legend it is said that he said to the faithless “go and let the dead bury their dead.”

But when it comes to Jews, and Catholics, the areas where these mass shootings take place are front end loaded with Catholics and higher than average percentages of Jews, just like Newtown, and just like the western district of PA, where Bowers shot up a synagogue. With cult derived religions, there is no such prohibition against gang stalking practices–these people do not believe in “the law of man” or the constitution, or civil rights, , because cult based religions descend from cult practice shrouded in “god” rationalizations .

SO militant christian stalkers are a HUUUUUUUGE part of answering the question “who are the gang stalkers,” and arriving at proper conclusions, and every church has a right wing and a left wing, liberal/conservative fold. In the Bowers case, it is quite likely that he was being surveilled online by groups and individuals who were assaulting his “belief system.”

On Twitter, and Facebook et al, there are more trolls than there are real people, and most toxic and “radicalizing” of those trolls are the hard core zionists, who even have an APP for cyberstalking people who despise zionist stalkers–because that’s the very core of that form of Jewish religion and ethno-nationalism.

And then, the media is full of stories crying that there is a rise in anti-semitism. Gee, I can’t imagine why! Highly organized political groups pass legislation allowing Jews to monitor all of our speech, and stalk us online and off; entire wings of Silicon Valley are run by members of Israeli intelligence; and the ADL passes hate crime’s laws that protect police-one of the largest groups of gang stalkers in the country–and no one can figure out why anti-semitism is on the rise?

Listen: anti-semitism sentiments follow directly in the pathway of Jewish Supremacism itself–as expressions of white, Jewish supremacy exert themselves in societies, anti-semitism rises. Its no different than saying “Every time the KKK burns a cross, black people become anti-Protestant,” or “every time the Virgin Mary appears on a slice of toast, the faithful see hope,” and so on. Causation-correlation.

So, back to Bower’s: regardless of his actions, the case itself presents the “double bind” problem of noted CIA anthropologist Gregory Bateson. Crazy if you do, crazy if you don’t, because in gang stalking situations where online monitoring is NOT merely passive monitoring–there is NO WHERE a victim can go to complain. Further, after his crime, he sought evidence that he had been monitored by “the government,” and the judge–a Catholic cultist–declined his motion for discovery, meaning that, like all of these cases, the public will not get to see how the government–and its little helpers in NGOs like the ADL–are not merely passively monitoring people, but in fact, actively harassing them vi cyber stalking and word policing, that includes threats and actual offline stalking too.

The judge in the case Donetta Ambrose is one of President Bill Clinton’s hand picked high heeled DVIC lapdogs, all of whom despise the constitutional guarantees of due process. She was seated in 1993 the very year that Joe Biden’s anti-due process VAWA/DVIC was birthed upon the nation.

That in and of itself is just the tip of the iceberg in these cases–but the fact that she, like the crackpot Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barret is a Catholic–indeed, six out of nine are Catholic– is the root of the issue, and reflects the core of “who are the gang stalkers,” in that Catholics and Jews stack the courts all over the US, and then insert their cult practice of “hiding the ball” or the evidence when it comes to viewing their wider operations in society.

Shoeless Nathan Allen, the Winthrop MA shooter, through the lens of “small town mafia’s” and gangs of well connected locals: gang stalking case study

Nathan Allen, of Winthrop Mass. shot two people during one of the most oddly “narrated” events I have yet read: it seems that “One day, a “normal guy” just decided to run outside barefoot, and steal a box truck, and then, drive it into a real estate office, while shoeless–though he somehow managed to do all that while carrying loaded pistols–there just is no other way to say it, its that odd.

A guy has time to load some pistols, has the where-with-all to hotwire a truck–but cannot remember to wear his shoes? Yeah–gang stalking is exactly that odd, and until I see evidence to the contrary, I suspect that the two people he shot were affiliated with the ADL, or other race based groups, and that they targeted him for radicalization.

Related Story: Read The Golem of Prague for context and insight into how manufactured terrorism works.

The ADL and its agenda are all over college classrooms, and clog the propaganda stream with the flotsam of Jewish supremacy and ethno-nationalism. Here is just a glimpse of that, as that organization proselytizes victim narratives at every opportunity, overlooking its own complicity in the apartheid state of Israel–and that’s not an understatement, as these same race baiters have targeted Palestinians for well over seven generations.

So, I suspect that targeting began in college, as one or another of the ADL and Jewish Federation styled “race groups” stalked him in classrooms for the much quoted beliefs that he likely stated in some college paper assignment, or other classroom activity: “White people are apex predators.

Science would agree with him on that point.

Related Story: The FBI, DHS, US Marshal’s, and many other spooks and secret agents f4om the FVEYs nations along the backbone of the internet are monitoring online speech, often at the behest of the ethno-racist, sectarian and divisive ADL. This should concern citizen’s but somehow barely makes a blip in media as a constitutionally repugnant practice. That’s because social media is a contract between citizens, and corporations, and the “free speech” argument invalid–ctizens DO NOT have a right to free speech online. Buuuut: they do have a right to enforce contracts, and social media companies that abuse data by sharing it with people who are not part of the contract can be held accountable.Its time to limit the terms of those corporate contracts, and hold social media companies responsible for “radicalization online.”

And, predictably, the headlines were vague, as if they had picked up a story in the middle, and followed it to the end–but skipped the beginning entirely. Lets look at those headlines:

What Happened to Nathan Allen?!–The Other McCain asks as the headlines blared Allen’s name, saying he “killed a retired Massachusetts state trooper and an Air Force staff sergeant after crashing a stolen box truck into a building in Winthrop, Massachusetts” Thats a ROGS Bingo, for anyone wondering–‘what are the odds of that configuration of victims?’

Then, there were the odd headlines that read like an attempt to frame him as a Muslim terrorist–try to read the article in this link in an Israeli accent, lol, as some shitposting, but well funded site declares “Muslim convert who knew Boston bombers….” yeah, right, I know? Get your propaganda straight–the guy either was, or was not a racist lol. Lots of lol.

And the crown jewel as they begin an assault on his character by framing him as “the terrorist within” and noting that he had a “mundane life,” and PhD..

Then, they assault his new wife in a deep psychological operation, by soiling her wedding memories, with headlines thus “Online he was a romantic man, but offline, a racist monster!!!” from the Daily Beast–a lesbian run newsrag.

THEN, the ADL steps in, and runs the coup de grace’ smear campaign, working with the state police in that area, the FBI, and Israeli media, and framing him as a racist. I recommend that before you read that link, you look in here first, at America’s first mass shooting by Howard Unruh, who was stalked in his community and slandered by Jews and complicit police and fire personnel, because he was possibly gay, and then, proceed.

Here is one of that organizations statements after the fact:

“The behavior of Allen, who was 28, serves as a startling reminder that white supremacy and extremism endure even in New England.” More about the Winthrop shooter and his path to radicalization. Nathan Allen’s online trail reveals few indications about his alleged journey into white supremacy.

And, a reminder from Jewish comedian and social commentarian Brother Nathanael Kapner about what “racial supremacy” looks like as a a few quotes from the most sacred Jewish Talmud–and note this one particularly Jews may use subterfuges to circumvent a ‘goy.’

* “If a ‘goy’ (Gentile) hits a Jew he must be killed.” (Sanhedrin 58b)

* “If a Jew finds an object lost by a ‘goy’ it does not have to be returned.” (Baba Mezia 24a)

* “If a Jew murders a ‘goy’ there will be no death penalty.” (Sanhedrin 57a)

* What a Jew steals from a ‘goy’ he may keep.” (Sanhedrin 57a)

* “Jews may use subterfuges to circumvent a ‘goy.’” (Baba Kamma 113a)

* “All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.” (Yebamoth 98a)

* “Girls born of the ‘goyim’ are in a state of ‘niddah’ (menstrual uncleanness!) from birth.” (Abodah Zarah 36b)


* “The ‘goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b)

* “If you eat with a ‘goy’ it is the same as eating with a dog.” (Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b)

* “Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15)

* “Sexual intercourse between the ‘goyim’ is like intercourse between animals.” (Sanhedrin 74b)

* “When it comes to a Gentile in peace times, one may harm him indirectly, for instance, by removing a ladder after he had fallen into a crevice.” (Shulkan Arukh, Yoreh De ‘ah, 158, Hebrew Edition only)

Another unique case of shadenfreude on the topic of Jewish racism is provided by Rabbi Avi Killip, writing in the Jewish Forward, “How studying Talmud helped me understand racism in America.

Regardless, ALL media narratives somehow seemed to know in advance that the guy “left behind racist writings.” And predictably, the local prosecutor “just knew” that Allen “Had hate in his heart.”

Yeah, right? Who doesn’t lady? And, gee, how did they know that, before the headlines hit the morning news? Yup. I suspect that he was enduring break-ins to his house, and black bag jobs. Its the norm in these cases.

All of it is a smokescreen concealing how Fusion Centers operate–and the phrase “had hate in his heart” could easily be interpreted as “Fusion Center and other online monitors invaded his online privacy, and came to that conclusion.”

I don’t know about you, but whatever is in my heart is none of your damned business, if you get my drift. But that’s what Fusion Centers are doing.

As a writer, you expect that at some point in the explication of events, you will encounter the beginning of the story, but that one just fizzled, and media had us follow along as the Anti Defamation League and its narrative rolled out, like this:

“Normal white guy goes on shooting rampage, targets ONLY back people!” (who “coincidentally” were retired military, and police, exactly the profile that ROGS Analysis predicts for gang stalkers) just doesn’t cut it with me, because I know how these centers operate. And it’s all deeply unconstitutional, what they are doing–predictive policing is an anti-constitutional murder maker. These guys would not do what they do without being violated first in some egregious way–and that is what Fusion Centers do.

I know this, because I was tracing Fusion Center monitoring since long before the Ferguson MO protests, and using tools like Wireshark, InSSIDer, Kali, and more to trace the stalkers who were stalking me. And guess what? THeir IP’s traced directly to Fusion Centers around the country, a huge hide the ball scheme of social media monitoring, as one local Fusion center outsources it’s wiretap to another Fusion Center across the country.

And it needs to stop, in order to save lives. Mr. Allen had a right to hold hate in his heart, whether anyone agrees or not; and Fusion Centers and their political operators had NO RIGHT to monitor his heart beat–or practice “psychological operations” on him, that came offline eventually.

But that’s what “intelligence led predictive policing” combined with Moonshot CVE is–a total mind fuck, from its inception.

*Online, mundane ordinary white guy was a romantic–and his wedding during the COVID lockdown was reported by the Boston Globe! just like in the case of Everton Brown. Let me know if you start seeing patterns with how many of these allegedly random shooters appeared in media shortly before their alleged events, or that all of it reads like a script straight out of the ADL playbook: Everton Brown made headlines several years before he went on his rampage; Omar Mateen’s father had his own news channel, Andrew Engledinger was “shot” with a camera for a PR magazine, and his image flashed around the world before his shooting at Accent Signs in Minneapolis; Jared Loughner, who shot the darling of gun control, Gabby Giffords, was stalked and harassed at a community college as he questioned the narratives of “great literature” overwhelmingly CIA-Jewish, and “deep state” friendly–crap writing like “Catcher in the Rye,” and Joseph Hellers “Catch 22” and so on, Patterns–it seems someone is stalking people who question official narratives, or CIA/FBI/ADL/NGO indoctrination.

….unedited first draft, come back later!

Protected: 温州市人民政府保安局: อรุณสวัสดิ์ประเทศไทย!! And-Dear Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson and : please stop distributing child pornography! Its against every principle of the US Constitution–and children’s rights, ever! Do you REALLY want to protect children–and then–protect them from what exactly?

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