Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 200 Years Together .pdf

The complexity of modern gang stalking can only be compared to events in the past where similar “mobs” formed, and stalking occured.

In the west–America, Britain, France, Germany, etc–what are called the “Five Eyes Nations” and so on–reports of stalking increased exponentially after 911, when unknown persons and groups bombed the Twin Towers.No one actually knows who orchestrated it, and even today, the FBI sits on important data, refusing to allow citizens insight into this great international crime.

And those who questioned, or challenged the “official story” were indeed stalked, and harassed by “mysterious” people and groups–professors like James Tracy, and Norman Finklestein–these men challenged many huge industries who have undue influence in academia, and were essentially banned from teaching; so goes the “rabbinical tradition” of gang stalking; and many others lost jobs and tenure in academia for questioning the “official story,” and all of this, far from insight of democratic behavior or rules of due process. In the west, corruption runs “that deep.”

And 911–that is just one example of how world events spanning a couple quick decades have a habit of being written, and re-written, highlighting the problem of “who gets to write history?”While many claim Jews control such narratives, others say that the Jewish-christian form of culture itself–Tom and Jerry, or Pinky and the Brain; the horsehair worm inside the head of a cricket is what is at the root of the problem.

It is at that question where many stumble, and others vie for the “right” to curate the “facts” of history. And we know that this factitious disorder among historians is indeed what history is: a mixture of fact and fiction, most of which gets re-written over the centuries by people with clear bias and agenda.

In that light, I am preserving a copy of the controversial novel by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, whose credentials as a historian, and as a man affected by the Soviet Gulag system are beyond reproach.

In “200 Years Together, Russo-Jewish History” he examines the Jewish-christian coexistence in Russia and in Europe more broadly, and of modern works by modern masters, I cannot recall a more censored book.

That alone motivates me to preserve a few copies–both in Russian and in English translation– including the copy below from Renegade Tribune. If the publisher wishes that I remove it, feel free to write.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 200 Years Together-Russo-Jewish History .pdf download, or open it in your browser.

While many say that this is an “anti-semitic” work, I am certain that Jews who know the uselessness of that slander have read, and appreciated the book for what it is–an important, un-biased, and definitely NOT anti-semitic novel. A historical record that librarians around the world will preserve, in digital, and hard copy.