Gang Stalking Cases and Lawsuits: they are starting to happen, and the feds are indicting gang stalkers

Nearly 100% of gang stalking involves current and retired police, military, intelligence, and security personnel, violating the law. In my own case, I traced and tracked many of my personal stalkers, sued a few of them, shut down a security company, and won a settlement. These shitbags need to be in jail.

UPDATE /4/2022: This post is the singularly most important post on this entire blog. It gets about 67% of ALL traffic to this blog. You can speculate as to why this post you are reading is importnat, but I know why it is important, which is why I wrote it: targeted individuals–regardless of their politics right or left wing, regardless of their nationalities, and regardless of why they are being targeted, all seek information about countermeasures against these gangs of stalkers.. They find that validation and assistance HERE, at ROGS Analysis blog.

Most curiously, nearly 100% of my personal stalkers were current and retired police, military, intelligence agents and their flying monkeys in the community ranging from college professors to NGO’s from the right and left wing “save the whales, wimmin, and chillren!” foundations. All of them derive funding from the various “official narrative” schemes of western governments to socially engineer a “narrative of culture,” while hiding their crimes against humanity (the Iraq war, the prisons for profits scheme, the Total Surveillance state, etc. Silent Holocaust indeed.).

I have since spent two decades informing the public of the facts and intricacies of these cases, and have learned that the harassment, violence, stalking, and other completely bizarre activity is organized at a level beyond the reach of “the law,” although the recent Department of Justice brought a case against a “gang” of “stalkers” who are in fact current and former police, military, and intelligence related persons (spies)–and eBay executives. And, as can be expected–one of those executive level gang stalkers that has so far skated from prosecution, and gone forward to head the Boys and Girls Clubs of America in –of all places–Silicon Valley.

This uptick in prosecutions offers a bit of hope, as does the prosecution of the murderers of Ahmaud Arbery, who was murdered by a similar “gang” of police, and police affiliated stalkers–and nearly 100% of ALL gang stalking claims involve exactly that configuration–military, police, intelligence agents and their community assets.

All gang stalkers act with a sense of entitlement and impunity, imagining that they will never get caught or prosecuted, because of their “connections” in government and police. But that’s not the case, as more lawsuits are coming forwards every week now. Search my blog using the tag “gang stalking lawsuits.”

Here are a few more cases in the courts right now, some of them brought forwards by the Department of justice and others:

  • An IMDB gang stalker is indicted in California. She was indicted after she and her “unnamed” co-defendant, likely her daughter, harassed and stalked three boys. This is a typical left wing type of stalking, as well as “empowered women” type stalking that is prevalent on both the left and the right; and that women’s friends and allies are also well known gangs of political stalkers too.
  • the eBay Gang of Stalkers case is significant because it was led by executives from that company; and any personal injury attorney knows that eBay is a large target; but the feds indicted one case because it is a widespread practice on eBay. I am betting that it will be a flagship case that exposes how security contractors are stalking and harassing people across the west. [UPDATE: The head rat in the eBay gang stalking case has now admittted in court that he was trained by the FBI to do all of the dirty, rotten stuff he did to the people he stalked. Read about that here]
  • a low level sex offender who was entrapped by the hidden practice of state police pornography distribution is suing several gang stalkers in northern Mississippi. Many state police, and state or federal investigative bureau’s high level DHS employees, Pentagon employees, “war on terror” private contractors, and others regularly distribute child porn, while monitoring millions of internet users without a warrant, and there are many cases of other nations agencies doing this too, in an odd attempt to regulate morality, which is another topic entirely. But note the importance of the numerological display of the numbers 12 and 13 in these cases, which is quite striking This type of hidden distribution and its political implications is the very centerpiece of the “war on terror,” and speech taboos on the internet and other moral posturing in the west
  • Citizens including former police officers are suing the Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco over his spy racketeering, called “intelligence led predictive policing,” and he even targeted children in true pervert sheriff fashion. He claims that he is working for a “higher power” and that he is beyond the reach of the law itself–as gang stalking programs violate every single civil rights statute ever written, but because they do it in covert fashion under “color of law” and pseudo-law such as the judge created, never voted on, never challenged “qualified immunity” and “investigation privileged” claims. they anticipate they will not get caught, or challenged due to their “webs of connections, and the “Catch Me If You Can” policing tactics of the British program the “National Intelligence Model” that his program was modelled after as we see below.
  • The case of Ahmaud Arbery is a 100% ROGS Bingo, and a validation of the utility of adopting ROGS Analysis of Gang Stalkers. He was murdered, and the local police and prosecutors literally conspired to NOT charge his murderers. But, his mother was persistent in using social media monitoring (SOCMINT) and open source intelligence (OSINT) to track down the connections between seemingly random stalkers, and she succeeded in finding a prosecutor to pursue the case, because she linked that gang together, with evidence. His “gang” of police “stalkers” has now been convicted of murder, and now face a federal civil rights trial too.Read more here at AP News

So, little irony is lost in the stories reported in the nation’s narrative gatekeeper, the New York Times, are contradictory, as they have a long history as a CIA and FBI disinformation and black propaganda. That outlet is on record flip-flopping about the legitimacy of targeted individuals complaints, on one hand gas lighting them in an infamous article about the “United States of Paranoia,” and on the other, reporting cases such as those mentioned above, or the case of “electronic microwave weapons” causing brain damage to United States diplomats in Cuba, a case now being investigated by a congressional task force, and the CIA itself.

Likewise, the Ahmaud Arbery, Pasco County, and Demirovic cases highlighted above are contradictions of the bad journalism we see in most NYT reportage, and the “paranoia” piece written at that time by the now discredited “journalist” Mike McPhate too.

Bizarre activity by police and those in the related fields of intelligence, state security, the prisons and other similar and related fields is the norm, not the exception ; it is very well documented, and a vast body of evidence exists that these types of persons feel that they are beyond the law. A recent case of prison torture, where a mentally ill man died from being blasted with 109 degree heat in an isolation cell in Alabama provides a glimpse of the sadism inherent in the “police personality,”: and the deviant and bizarre nature of their gang stalking activity:

Montgomery, AL — Tommy Lee Rutledge, 44, spent the last moments of his life shoving his face as close as he could to the window of his cell gasping for cooler air. Heat was being pumped into his prison cell in the mental health ward and he had no way to escape it, causing his body temp to skyrocket to 109, killing him from hyperthermia.

The Alabama Department of Corrections has refused to answer any questions as to why Rutledge’s cell was so hot given the fact that on the night he died, the outside temperature was 31 degrees.

So, in these cases, tracing gangs of police and police affiliated stalkers online and off, it is important to connect linguistic and other clues that are easily found in the extant literature, news stories and other data. In the case of the tortured and murdered prisoner above, we can easily connect the actions of the torturers to many blogs where claims of “heating up skin,” and other similar claims are made, and often, we find those claimants are not in fact actual “targeted individuals” but in fact, are police and others masquerading as victims, and bragging about their crimes in a bizarre fashion. The case above with Mr. Rutledge is one case where an actual gang can be traced, tracked, and prosecuted.

And again–there is no irony in the sadism of these guards who killed Rutledge either, because we see the crime of the state mirroring the crime of the man: he had murdered some people and burned them in a fire afterwards. These gangs can be monitored, tracked, and prosecuted for their crimes, and any savvy prosecutor or personal injury attorney will see the value of ROGS Analysis in these cases.

Use my search feature to find other writing about “gang stalking lawsuits,” “gang stalking case study” “elements of gang stalking lawsuit” and so on. And get those briefs before the judges–but not before you also study the vast network of current and former intelligence agents, military trolls, political operatives and others who have polluted the internet with garbage and “psychobabble” about gang stalking, flat earth, demon sex and electronic weaponry. Start here and here, and here to see a few bad sources from those groups.

Then, follow the Pasco Cty sheriff cases, and especially the eBay gang–each of them is a ROGS Bingo.

UPDATE: Apparently Mrs. Demirovic’s– one of the indicted stalkers above, from the IMDB gang, is very popular, and many people read this post every day. Only the case of Everton Brown in Baltimore rivals the number of hits that posts about this “Diasporess” gets every day.

You can read more about her case here, where she ruthlessly and mercilessly stalked a few young boys. Weird, I know, right? But middle aged white women stalking pubescent boys is a “thing” in western countries.

If you are reading, Mrs. Demirovic, please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear your side of the story. And be careful with those plea deals–the feds are going to try to have you entrap other people, and much of their current entrapment schemes involve “manufactured terrorism,” which is what mass shootings are.

I invite all of you who are concerned about Mrs. Demirovic’s to write or comment on this post, instead of just “stalking” here. What have you got to hide, right? Lol.

And, because you are affiliated with many of the Jewish groups via the Holocaust Industrial Complex, ranging from Hollywood billionaires to any of the many well known gang stalkers in their Octopus of nightmarish international cabals, please, try not to let them use you like a puppet with their hand up your….oh, never mind.

Please, Internationale’ Jewish gang stalking groups, leave me alone! DO NOT STALK ME!!! …This ain’t my first Purim, folks, and it was a sad day for me when I watched your types in full collaboration with other racists and fascists doing the same things they do.

89 thoughts on “Gang Stalking Cases and Lawsuits: they are starting to happen, and the feds are indicting gang stalkers

  1. My name is Nolberto J Cales, I live in Berks county PA in the city of Reading. I am being discriminated by people in my hometown. Everywhere I go I am hearing voices in my head, i believe i am being tracked by an illegal implant in my body.


    1. Hi, Nolberto.

      Usually when people claim they have implants in their body, I write them off as total crackpots.

      In your case, I did some web research, and found that you are a “UFO sighting guy,” all of which borders on “ROGS Bingo crackpot.

      But I will acknowledge that a lot of gang stalking takes place in your area, an ultra-conservative, reigionist held territory of the USA.

      Good luck with that electronic chip–I hear you can fly to Cuba where the doctors are etremely capable, and have tem give you a CAT scan for about 1/100th of the cost in the USA.

      Then, they will likely diagnose you as a “crackpot” and kick you out of the country.

      But good luck anyways.

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      1. @ROGS analysis
        I’m microchipped I have pics videos. Anyone who denies the microchip is a gov perp! They are covering up the victims forced into brain research brain mapping DOD and law enforcement weapons testing and political money laundering and crime rings.


      2. Um, no.

        It’s in your interest to simply prove your own case, not mine. As you see–I have made my case for over five years online, and the Tampa Bay Times won this years Pulitzer because journalists are taking on this topic PRECISELY because I do not ramble on with unprovable claims.

        That said–yeah, agencies do chip their own assets. Part of the job you signed up for.

        And if you don’t like it, well, foreign countries have excellent doctors, who can remove it cheaply and effectively.

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      3. Well, I have implants place in me during surgery without my knowledge and I am not a crackpot. I am being tortured day in, and day out and completely surrounded by people who are torturing me with direct energy and whatever else they are attacking me with. I do not they are using car and truck lights as weapons, and they are rewiring the streetlight and house pouch lights as weapon. Cops and military are hiring people to attack me. Someone has tried to break in our house. These people are doing so much stuff it is craze they sends something in here the burns my feet and private area. I wake up every night with my spin vibrating and my chest in pain. They have sounds coming from inside my body. I read what you said to the person who wrote to you and if you were being Gang Stalked how can you be so cold to someone else who is being Gang Stalked. These people are killing us right in our homes.


      4. Um, yeah, ok. I hope you realize that this statement ” I have implants place in me during surgery without my knowledge and I am not a crackpot.” is a non sequitur.

        My advce to all of you “oimplant people” is to go to a place where they have socialized medicine, and ask a not-for-profit doctor for a second opinion.

        I also have never met an actual targeted individual who rambles on about that stuff–not a single one.

        Of the targets I have known, they are all activists and dissidents, and of the fake TI’s and perps, they are all time wasting ramblers, who never present a single shred of evidence–EVER.

        Burns your feet and private area? Listen–just call it what it is, a penis, vagina, or what have you–but “private parts”

        SOunds coming fom inside your body? Normal people call it “gas” and I bet you have lots of it.

        Good luck getting it “out” of your body. I suggest ExLAx, or Pepto Bismol–or, Beano, if you are the tyoe who can’t handle your own smell

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      5. Im being gabgstalked and unfortunately my family is fully participating.

        I have tried moving but the gangstalkers move across state lines and then the stalking continues. There have been various attempts to prove me mentally incompetent all of which failed because fortunately for me I’m far more mentally competent than most people and definitely more than my stalkers.

        Because my gangstalking is subtle and insidious with family and the strangers that participate often cloak thier harassment in everyday activities and the stalkers are never the same, how would I gather evidence for a lawsuit?

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      6. Hi, Evan. Read through my blog, sections “help for” and “free tools”and “how to” etc.

        Proof is extremely difficult. But the methods are there.

        Start with this “why are they gang stalking me?”

        And then, you will begin to see patterns in the types that show up. For example, military stalkers stalk their own, but also participate with others in cases of dissidents and activists.

        The womens emoowerment groups stalk anyone related to family courts, domestic violence, and the “rape crisis” actors all show up in cases like we saw of Scott Biereley in Florida.

        The AA groups stalk across state lines too.

        So-realy, who are you? And then answerthose types of questions.

        As for what you said “I’m far more mentally competent than most people and definitely more than my stalkers”

        That is so true–they stalk those who are smarter than they are. They are a srupid group–which is WHY you will be able to trace them and sue them. They make a lot of mistakes.

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      7. My gangstalking is subtle and insidious and includes stranger which vary from day to day and my own family.

        I even found that one of my realities was gangstalking me and after discovering this my family went through great lengths to have me committed and they failed namely because I’m more mentally competent than most of the people involved in my harassment.

        Because the stalkers outside of the family change, it’s hard to gather evidence the harassment within my family is subtle.

        How could I gather evidence for a lawsuit?


      8. OK-So which guy are you? Evan or Jeffery?

        Regardless, I don’t advise you to use your real name when commenting onthis topic.

        Read my contact page, and sed a confidential email


      9. Hi, Jeffrey, we can talk here.

        Well–there are certain types of gang stalkings that are related to family courts, probate courts, inheritances, and so on.

        In fact–A LOT of gang stalking is that exactly: other family members working covertly to scapegoat another family member so that they can gain advantages–inheritance, child custody, the upper hand in domestic violence disputes, etc.

        There are also military operations active in nthe domestic sphere since the 1950’s that are oriented towards destroying legacy families, what was called “operation Gladio” in Italy, became a similar operation in the USA–the country was essentially sold to international bankers.

        There are many books written on that topic–how the 1960’s so-called counter-culture was actually deep infiltration by CIA et al–how the sons and daughters of US generals and leaders were destroyed with sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll.

        But your problem is more immediate: you need to talk with your family, and have a few heart to hearts if you can. Talk to those stalkers too–ask them who they are, or find out in other ways.

        Again–go to my self help sections, and begin to build your case–follow the links on Facebook, and other social media, and connect their webs.

        A big question is “what EXACTLY” can you sue for? Vague claims of gang stalking do not impress judges.

        You need to prove patterns of conduct.

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  2. Hello. I am a victim of gang-stalking and have correctly Identified my tormentors who have conspired across the nation from doctors, directors, counselors of law, corporations, national hospital groups, lawmen, federal groups such as DHS, FEMA, Firemen, Sheriffs, random citizens, neighbors and their children as small as elementary age, and more. FBI local is aware, I would bet on it and win. Unlike your stories above of torture and murdering, I am not charged with a crime, case nor have I committed one. I am sure they are stating some investigative imagined need but this is a lie and out of context as people seek to frame, destroy me. I need help but cannot get any as they figure out my phone number and intercept the call or leave messages to route the call to a stalker with criminal intent. Telecommunications is in on the act. How many times have I heard the statement that local law enforcement is supported as a reason for the frame. Several times and entities. The state of Florida Bar Association is involved and aware as is the Health Care Groups here.
    As is the state Career Services group. All based in lies and no due process. I suppose all these persons enjoy pissing on the constitution of the US until it is their turn then they will scream due process but after all this corruption, I hope no one lends them an ear either as I have no voice and no rights and neither will any of them as this corruption knows no limits. They will not let me be as my case is truly horrendous for what they have done to me short of murder. I believe I am in hell surrounded by devil driven mindless minions. I am still here as I love my parent who still cannot believe the whole thing. Still I pray that we both will be delivered as only the just elite can be in this hellish time. God Bless those who believe and do not waste too much of your pearls as these are truly inspired devils and this is my experience. The law is indeed unjust today as is the Department of Human Services out of their element causing much harm to the innocent and the community having no talent for unbiased investigations as their following is comprised of criminal cruel and jealous persons who have no real education and should not be allowed to stalk. This is scary on a level I cannot fully explain. I will write about this and am thinking of a podcast as I am now keeping diary for some time and downloading pictures for instance of a man who I believe is an investigator who attempted to beach my debit card twice but did not once in the 7 eleven an once the post office, stalker and likely affiliated with local law enforcement. For some it takes only a hint to engage in cruelty legalized only in their very small, twisted brains. I will be writing decease letters as this is real and with criminal intent. I have a case because I am a true innocent victim of these idiots. I am a nurse of 25 years and use to be gainfully employed and I have a disability, breast cancer. They are really afraid of me and need to be punished before they kill me and my elderly parent. This is a true story.

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    1. Well, slow down a minute, and count the many good things in your life.

      Then, have a look at my sections on how to fight back–document everything, and use calm, rational analysis of what is happening.

      As I have said, one photo of one random stalker means nothing–but five photos of that person following you adds up.

      Florida is a major gang stalking state–a throwback to the era where it was a leader in Klan activity, and that mindset permeates everything in that state.

      That combined with fanatical religious sects makes it tough for the targets, because these fanatics are easily activated. And yes, the FBI as a “political police” is heavily involved. I proved that linkage several times at my other blogs, one of which linked several police affiliated persons from the county coroners office who eventually rose in the police state ranks , and now have special positions within that organization and others.

      So: my guess is that you are a target because you are single, so, no witnesses–and your parent is a lucrative target for the state to suck in some federal dollars if they get you out of the picture, and dump your parent into state care.

      A very common scenario, and yes, health care groups are integral in this modern form of “slavery by another name.”They want the bucks that the fed dangle out there, and they use children and elders to get them. With you out of the picture, they can institutionalize your parent, and then overcharge all kinds of phony services.

      That said, help might be closer than you think, because nurses have some very covert stalking programs themselves. In fact, in cases of domestic violence and other situations, many nurses stalk men who are accused of DV (but not convicted.) Try to hook up with those groups–they are the special nurses associations that claim women and children as their causes.

      So–do you belong to a union? Or a nurses association? Sometimes talking about these stalking situations in those settings can get you some help there.

      And keep in mind: while men have zero resources with which to fight stalkers, women have TONS of resources. Women’s domestic violence advocates, and many programs deal with stalking.

      Its also very important to know that all the “hopes and prayers” in the entire world will not help you one bit–you need to take action against these people, starting with documentation of these events, license plate numbers, etc.

      There is a unique paradox in these situations: the religious are largely responsible for gang stalking, but anti-religious groups, the gay community, the ADL, black groups, antifa, and others are now very active stalkers too.

      So, get help where you can, but help starts with YOU, and what you can document. If you report to the police, avoid any and all discussion of “electronic weapons” unless it is specifically “computer hacking, wiretaps, cell phone tampering, lasers pointed at your windows, ” and other actual forms of electronic harassment.

      And good luck out there–Florida is a shithole state, full of shithole people, for the most part. If there was a god–and there is not–he would have tipped Florida on its side long ago, and dusted all of those shitbag people into the ocean and replaced them with decent human beings.

      More proof that there simply is no god. But you will have better luck proving that there ARE lots of gang stalkers, if you carry your camera at all times; get a front and rear dash camera for your car; and hide small hidden camera’s around your property. Some of them are as small as a screw head, or a button.

      That’s what I did, and it worked. And as usual F@CK THE POLICE–they are indeed “in on it”–and your video’s will show that fact.

      Then–go to the journalists if you want to get anything done.

      Lastly–are you in Pasco County or Pinellas? Both places, its the shreriffs directing these activities, the same as they did in the KKK era. The good news is that there are lawsuits ongoing, and these dirty rotten sheriffs are lucrative targets–join with their enemies and fight back.

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      1. Hey I’m in pa , I’m having these similar issues , cannot get help from anywhere being followed daily and on and on. Will love to talk and get some ideas.


      2. Read my self help sections, search term “help for targeted individuals” and “self help” and “free tools”

        A lot of it is Free Masons and cops organizing against you. You need to get solid evidence of the cars following you and the other obvious stuff–get dash cameras, and afew spy cameras to hide around your house, in your car when you are not in it and so on.

        Cops will take reports if you have solid evidence of a crime–and if they don’t report tem to internal affairs.

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      3. I have cams everywhere plate numbers A few cars stopped by cops. I keep making reports as evidence. I now have addresses of some who followed me. Some of these people are not bright. But this is sick shit.

        On Mon, Jan 31, 2022, 2:37 AM What is gang stalking? Who are the gang stalkers? All gang stalking is current and former police, military and intelligence agents in the community policing scheme, turning democracies into police states, all across the western world., and are one and the same site wrote:

        > ROGS Analysis commented: “Read my self help sections, search term “help > for targeted individuals” and “self help” and “free tools” A lot of it is > Free Masons and cops organizing against you. You need to get solid evidence > of the cars following you and the other obvious stuff–get” >

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      4. One correction–none of those people are very bright, lol. But most are trained r hadled by current and former cops, intel agents, and military figures. SO be careful.

        They are anti-democracy at every point, and will do what they can to hurt you.

        And get evidence, and plates, and faces, and names. Keep a log book of their activity, and use social media to track them down if you can. Get dash camera’s, and espcially drop camera’s and wild game cameras that can easily be hidden–get spy cameras, and buy them with cash if you can.

        Then, bring the evidence to the police. Sue them after you conect the dots.

        The key is to get te perps in multiple locations, with clear evidence–and so that such evidence cannot implicate YOU or create the appearance that you are the stalker.

        I have seen some very bad videos over the years, and getting one perp, one time, on one camera will not suffice as evidence. Get the same perp in dfferent location, with clearly identifying details.

        And, if they are doing the home invasions, check the laws in your state, and maybe set some death traps, like the old board ful of nails in the face, hooked up to sme bed springs, or the shotgun trap–a dead gang stalker with a blood trail in your house is worth two live one in the bushes and some bad or fuzzy photographs.

        To be clear: these people should be damaged as far as is legally permissible. Poison them withtoxic chemicals, or put hot pepper spray on your doorknobs and windowsills, or acids of various kinds.

        I know a few TI’s I have counselled who carry bear spray, and squirt it out the car windows when they are being boxed in on the freeways. But as usual, all of that can backfire too.

        Tire spikes, noise and nausea devices can all be purchased online too, and targeted at your stalkers.

        But nothing beats a solid lawsuit, with the support of local police, or the FBI involved, as we see with the eBay gang of stalkers, all of whom are former cops and intel agents.

        Keep in mind that your safety is most important–and that these people are deadly thugs, so if you do take counter measures, don’t let them know you are doing it.

        There is also some fun to be had by following them to their hives, and tracing out their webs of relations, and sending some “love” to those they care about–remeber: everything they are doing to you can be done back to them.

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      5. The biggest problem I have is why fucking me. I don’t mess with no body.

        On Tue, Feb 1, 2022, 11:19 AM What is gang stalking? Who are the gang stalkers? All gang stalking is current and former police, military and intelligence agents in the community policing scheme, turning democracies into police states, all across the western world., and are one and the same site wrote:

        > ROGS Analysis commented: “One correction–none of those people are very > bright, lol. But most are trained r hadled by current and former cops, > intel agents, and military figures. SO be careful. They are anti-democracy > at every point, and will do what they can to hurt you. And g” >


      6. Well-the answer to that is in my question”which Bluehouse Productions are you? Or–who are you in general?

        That’s the answer to the question! And I cannot guess from here–you have to be more clear about what is going on.


      7. BTW: I am curious–which Bluehouse Productins are you? If you are the one I think you are, you can easily fight these bastards with some specialized sound equiptment.

        And, you can easily build your own “gang” to help you out too.


      8. I’m convinced that leaving the country has got to be better than staying inside Amerika. There’s no other country that uses this much propaganda so effectively (mind control using subliminal programming?). Think about it, they got 66% of the people to take a mysterious vaccine that no one was allowed to examine or see a list of ingredients? They also paid nursing homes and hospitals to facilitate mortality to kill people? Congress gave civil immunity to the vaccine peddlers?

        When the dipshits in law enforcement have no explanation for not coming close to a final victory in the War on Drugs, what does that tell you? A final victory in the Drug War is not even talked about? It’s not even an agenda item?

        Amerika faces an insurmountable debt (guess who got paid and profited as the ultimate phoney patriots valiantly saving Security?) and it looks like the elite cult has designs on scripting an End Times scenario (more chicanery).

        I doubt any other first world country pisses away this much money on Gang Stalking.

        If you go to the Third World, any TI is likely to be framed and tortured by local authorities.


      9. Hi–well, I never discuss where I live with anyone–ever. And that is EXACTLY why the gang stalking shut off exactly as if I had turned off a water faucet–I put myself between those who do this stuff, and others who might enjoy watching them do it, if you get my drift.

        SO–yeah, I am a big fan of penng the stalkers up to criminal penalties and financial losses in jurisdictions that will prosecute or exploit them.

        And right–there is no War on Drugs, only a false moral imperative by trough feeding pig agencies to bankrupt democracy–because their “god” will always be there for them, no matter how diseased they are.

        I sould tell you–I am a humanist/non-theist, and as such, the third world offers a lot of opportuinities to smash STanley into Ollie and exploit these asshats for all its worth.

        The debt is indeed insurmountable, and designed to be so–exactly as we saw in Europe as OPeration Gladio and its kin in black programs took over those societies.

        The US is just phase two of that.

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      10. I have a lot of video of cars and some of my stalkers I’m going to start putting them on you tube and other platforms to expose some of this crap..

        On Mon, Feb 14, 2022, 1:06 AM What is gang stalking? Who are the gang stalkers? All gang stalking is current and former police, military and intelligence agents in the community policing scheme, turning democracies into police states, all across the western world., and are one and the same site wrote:

        > ROGS Analysis commented: “Hi–well, I never discuss where I live with > anyone–ever. And that is EXACTLY why the gang stalking shut off exactly as > if I had turned off a water faucet–I put myself between those who do this > stuff, and others who might enjoy watching them do it, if yo” >


      11. Great! But take note of two things:
        -decals and stickers–or other identifying symbols displayed on those vehicles
        -license plate numbers

        Generally, the police mock people who utilize video and photo’s because those who do so rarely are able to create a cohesive narrative.

        For example: if you see the same cars in rush hour every day–its not necessarily gang stalking.

        BUT: If you see tha same cars during rush hour every day–and then at your childs daycare center, the shopping mall, and the public park at midnight on a sunday–yeah–that is gang stalking.

        And it is hard to document.

        As for the decals, you WILL begin to see a pattern: firefighters, and cops and union members are major stalkers–and they advertise that on their vehicles too. They will have decals indicating as much.

        Community stalkers–all affiliated in these stalking networks–will also have decals of similar kinds. I have a post about that somewhere at one of my blogs online–a post about a guy in CA who was being stalked–one week the stalkers are using Oakland Raiders insignia, the next, some other.

        Those stalkers were all firefighters and cops–and their victim was a gay man who is a makeup artist, and who was featured in the Vice documentary.

        His original posts were on Indymedia.

        Here is another example from Indymedia from that author who used the nym “Duck Twacy”:
        NWO Goons stalk activists: How to Pick Them Out


    2. I too am a victim of these same things you speak of. I’m microchipped and have an autistic daughter. I believe we have been placed in Obama’s brain research programs. Search the below info on Facebook Twitter Google etc. GAB is full of info. Sending lover and prayers to you and all true TARGETS VICTIMS.

      see my story at
      GAB Social Jeanette Moore @MICROCHIPPED.


    3. Gang Stalking has been weaponized exponentially as technology developed over the last 35 years. There is no rhyme or reason to who they target. Many times it’s based on mere association: family, education, jobsite, even commerce like a deli clerk at a grocery store who talks to a target????

      It’s all in violation of state and fed criminal codes prohibiting stalking, eavesdropping, conspiracy, and deprivation of civil rights. It’s the dumbest most dangerous act of criminal deviancy and it’s well funded and protected by the lamest, least normal scum in society: law enforcement.

      The egosyntonic saddism of malignant narcissistic trash drives the program. It’s a treasonous betrayal of the country’s best interests. It’s a Republican, Ex Military, National Guard, first responder staffed group. They are all profiteering exploiters of their own self importance as “The Punisher” role that they enjoy playing.

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      1. Egosyntonic….I will have to look that up, lol.

        But yeah:

        ” It’s a Republican, Ex Military, National Guard, first responder staffed group. They are all profiteering exploiters of their own self importance as “The Punisher” ”

        I have noted that Punisher fantsy role elsewhere–these pussies who hide behind badges, and jailers keys–the worst kind of cowardice targeting better men than they are.

        But its not just Republicans–the Democrats are totally unhinged gang stalkers too.

        The bigger issue is the private funding that public policing is taking to do the bidding of outsiders.

        But you generally got the main group right

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      1. Hi, John. Sorry to hear that you are having trouble there in Indiana.

        We can talk here, in any comment thread, because I seldom use any telecom that routes through the USA–its all wiretapped, and re-routed through the US socipathic Lil’ Pal Israel.

        So–what problems are you having? If its legit, we can come up with a game plan.

        In the meantime, check my “self help” and “free tools” sections using my search feature.


  3. I too, have been a victim of the phenomenon known as Gang Stalking, for about the last EIGHTEEN YEARS-it has become so bad for me that I believe they have had access to my place/house, when I am not there; they also constantly monitor me in EVERY ROOM I go, in my own house-and know when I fall asleep and when I awake-confirming this at times by driving by, making a loud noise with their motorcycles or cars or trucks or ATV’s, each and every time I awake from my sleep-and I sleep at different hours of the day-think about what this is doing to the neighbors also, making these disturbing noises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but they don’t care; their MAIN OBJECTIVE-NO MATTER WHO THEY HURT, RUIN OR DESTROY IN THE PROCESS, is to get at me-or anyone like me.

    How did all of this come about or start? I deal with a ‘Tourett’s syndrome-like condition-but more severe in it’s manifestation, because demons entered me a long time ago, which demons have NEVER been made to leave, on a permanent basis-but by the grace of God I have been able to live my life in a relatively normal fashion, in spite of this affliction. Sometimes also, when I am trying to fall off to sleep-I think my stalkers are also using ‘psychic invasion’ to know when I do so-I also believe my “neighbors are a part of this conspiracy(I have been at this present place of abode for a little over six years now-it wasn’t always like this-not at my present abode. Things just started up again about 2 to 2 and a 1/2 years ago, and I could say more about what they have done to me-and you are absolutely correct when you say this thing involves the CIA, FBI and local law enforcement(present and former personnel)-as well as the local drug dealers-and I hope whoever sees this will not be discouraged but on the contrary, be encouraged by my TESTIMONY regarding these things which I, and others have told you, regarding this phenomenon-one last word of note: this is a SATANIC world and these things are to be expected when you are trying to keep to yourself and do the right thing, as God and man would have you to do-but there are those in this world who will not let you live your life in peace-and I am not one that believes in ‘turning the other cheek’: I am not afraid of them, and am willing to die for what I believe is the right thing; they know this also, and I believe they consider me all the more a threat to their existence for it.


    1. Hi, and I hope you are well.

      Just a note: there IS NO GOD.

      The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can get the wheels rolling on investigating and prosecuting the mob that is stalking you. Otherwise, you are just stuck in a rut of bad habits–jousting at phantoms, and praying for relief from the clouds–very primitive, I might add.

      I get quite a few comments from people who wish to get that word GOD onto my blogspace, which I tolerate only for the sake of making an example out of it.

      That said–isn’t it interesting what he/his/her/she/its followers are doing in regards to gang stalking? Can you imagine The Jesus slobbering on peoples window ledges, cyber-stalking folks, sneaking around following people, building up behavioral dosier’s and wiretapping their phones?

      “Go forth, and slobber on doorknobs! Peek into people’s computers,my flock! Stalk people in the public market, children of GOODNESS!”

      LOL! Yeah–The Mythical Jesus spoke directly against that.

      The Jewish-christian confabulation is more bizarre than anything that can be observed in atheist nations, which do not have a gang stalking problem–and of they do find a “gang”of “stalkers” they deal with them criminally.

      So, I recently stumbled upon an interesting link: in the 1920-1950’s “the masses”were waking up to the horrors that the GOD people unleash into the world, and started turning away from those thousands of years old lies, confabulations, myths and superstitions, and guess what?

      The GOD people hatched another diabolical plot: to marginalize the no-believers in various ways, because science debunks all of their lies and fakery. One or another version of the “biblical Moses”, the shroud of Turin, Virgin Mary in toast slices; golden plates in the desert–and so on are all hoaxes or unscientific, ahistorical lies.

      So, these religious deviants formed NGO’s, and wrote a new “bible” for the sheeple, which is the DSM-5 (the mental health assessment book) and crafted a narrative of “mental illness” for anyone who rejects the Jewish-christian confabulation. They created things like Alcoholics Anonymous and its satellite organizations–they labelled non-believers “sick”in many ways.

      A sort of re-scripting the narrative of “good and evil.”Interesting, huh?

      But perhaps even more interesting than that was how others formed other groups– like “the Satanists!” like Aleister Crowley; and L. Ron Hubbard formed Scientology as an attempt to overcome J-c brainwashing.Hubbard was the dianetics guy, you might recall.

      And guess what?

      The CIA and the FBI-ADL stalked him for many decades, even today, to get the secret’s of his brainwashing techniques–and apply those techniques to the masses.

      Its a sort of hilarious “revelation” that well known gang stalkers in the case of Scientology get stalked themselves–but far more interesting because it reveals the FBI as little more than a fanatical religious secret police if you will; and CIA-NSA as an “all seeing eye”that acts as the herdsmen to thine sheeple–and targeting anyone who jumps(or flees) outside the pen.

      Social media is also a huge part of their grand all-seeing-eye plan, and the Jewish-christian attacks on people who reject their psychopathic gang stalking-as-social-engineering scheme is striking.

      Here’s a few links you might want to look at to decide for yourself if what I say is true or not. But “god”cannot help you because it/he/she/they are the problem itself.

      So–no god figure can or will help you, but you can help yourself. I have a bunch of free tools sections on my blog, and lots of advice about how to “catch a gang of stalkers.”

      And, even the feds are taking stalking cases seriously, as we saw in the case of the eBay gang of stalkers–but you got to help yourself first and get good evidence to present.

      An, as usual, depending on the laws of your state, stand your ground, etc.– if you catch them on your property, well–you have a right to give them what they deserve. POW!

      “I was afraid for my life and safety, officer–and they were on my property!”

      And, foreign governments frequently are interested in the names of these people, their families and associates–for some reason–and so it doesn’t hurt to target the personal data of gang stalkers that you can name, and make a few foreign amigo’s. One person’s gang stalkers are another countries “curiosity” if you get my meaning.

      And so on;-)

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  4. Hi. Wow. I am targeted initially due to my common name and or a relative having legal problems, and am single high degreed healthcare with work experience in top 10 hospital s. I am the only support for my parent for two decades resides in my home. My siblings, a parent, and his step children launched an attack on me. I caught a mid-level peer calling in a false complaint to a state DHS agency. Jobs I left in good standing now list me as terminated. This all started in Florida with a move. I slowly became aware of a underlying community attitude toward me and thought these groups racist or white igornant. The groups grew and neighbors got involved. I left Florida near escape but the stalkers found me as my parent continued to live in my house in Florida. Eventually, I was given a clue. My name and identity as a healthcare worker though the person sought for crimes in states I did not live in ever. I can easily prove my whereabouts during the time line, but these investigators could careless as they just want a perp and targeted me. Family, friends, peers, strangers, community, old employers, directors, colleague s are united to attack me across the nation. Strangers and health care groups are colluding with false reports against my parent and myself whenever we are in the public eye. My parent does not believe my conspiracy theory on this large scale attack on me. I am permanently unemployed and have skipped through several framed set ups. I kept my unemployment here in Florida until exhausted. I sold my home though a special realtor was contacted to ensure I was robbed of money in a sellers market and he was gay. I recently looked into a home to buy and was scammed by a realitor group in Alabama and Mississippi. I have been called and told I am not degreed. They have gotten my financials by cyber stalking, stole my paperwork on my home sale, medical books, clothes as they breakin to my home whenever able and slander me. Cops, state troopers all stalk including police who acted as lookouts for the breakin. Insurance companies and so many tell me they are cooperating with local law enforcement against me. Yet, I have never been charged, they recently involved a large and small tax group to sabatoge me to the IRS. I use to wonder how so few people world wide could go to heaven but am now enlightened as to the mass society willingness to abuse and justify. I survived breast cancer but wonder why? My existence, life, and hard work, plans, liberty all gone. My parent cannot support me or us. She will not leave me. Our survival is in the balance. This is not America the free but a blast from Hitler’s memoirs. This country is destroying itself. No one is safe anywhere. I am so sad and frightened as I believe my death and my parents are on the line. Her only friend, an elderly gentleman, is being threatened he had been a rock. Others are letting me know they do not condone what is happening. I recently realized the massive public effort to frame. Thank you for confirming that I am not crazy and Florida is full of bad people in high places. I am still fighting but am sick I think without healthcare for some time as I have a chronic cough now. I hid my breast cancer and am sure these persons will work to stop any disability, though I would like to work. My fatigue is palpable as is my anemia and I am older past my prime. I will fight until I cannot. God helps those who help themselves. God Bless. P.S. all lawyers have been warned off me. They are growing the abusers and a country will fall, I am sure.


    1. Well, take a breath, and focus on what you can do TODAY to turn it around!

      Florida is a shithole state–Italian Mafia and Jewish mafia money are what run it, starting in those ultra-conservative counties like Broward, Pasco, Pinellas, etc.–these people are the scum of the earth.

      What you say about health care industries is very true–they are indeed little mafias in each of them. Your story echoes that of many others, and in my research I have also found it to be true–these corporate health care people are modern bandits, but hard to prove because they are so wealthy.

      And the gay thing? Sometimes they can be your best allies, deadliest enemies too. You need to ally yourself with some political groups–because all political groups have their own gangs of stalkers to help you fight back.

      So: what can you do today to start to change the narrative?


    2. Also, for the record: America has ALREADY fallen. Study the history of Russia, and the revolution–you will see the exact same factionalism around 1910-1930’s–America is around the 1915 point, and it WILL get worse.

      Look at how the police and firefighters are targeting citizens now–they used to only target each other for funding, but since the Israeli’s pumped so much cash into America’s institutions, as GW Bush said “we are an ownership society,” meaning that he had sold us down the river–the Jewish mafia is now the only mafia with substantial power in the US–it will only get worse.

      Also, I am guessing you are African American? Ally yourself with groups like NAACP, BLM and so on, just so that you have some form of power, and they cannot isolate you.

      Those groups are all started by/run by the Jewish mafia, but at least you have a sort of network to fall back on.


      1. I’m John Richter and I been going to hrubthis for 8yrs I need help badly 8129123940
        They have taken over all my family and friends and even tried to marry me I moved to 3 cities in 4 months to get a sy and it’d a nightmare


      2. I am unclear on what you are saying here ” even tried to marry me”

        Maybe youe spellchecker has soe trouble?

        But yes–make reports to the local police, in person, so you can avoid the 911 system.

        Let me explain the “tracking sytem” they are using: it’s all connected to the Fusion Centers, and Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs), and so on.

        Most of it is run through the state patrol/highway patrol, and then, the local police.

        DEpending on whgat slander they are running behind you (drug addict, pedophile, prostitute, wife beater, etc.) you will also note that groups of people are following you, and they are affilliated with different “causes” and organizations–loosely, they are called NGO’s.

        Many of these cases can be traced to the FBI, so read my sections about “the FBI’s Secret Rules” and so on.

        In a side note, three of the FBI agents who staged the Michigan fake-plot to kidnap the governor are now under the microscope themselves for offenses ranging from a bizzarre swingers party related domestic violence incident, to one of the agents setting up an online investigations firm using an Infragard agent as a front.

        And, 12 of those who staged that fake plot were also FBI informants. This is what state terror IS, and it is who does it.

        Not the most ethical group, these FBI agents–and these are VERY MUCH part of what gang stalking IS: dirty cops and agents, acting as gang members.

        So–gooduck out there, you will need it.


  5. I think all targeted individuals try to make sense, rationalize what is happening to them and as Gangstalking is covert, this is difficult as isolation from society is inhumane and limits much conversation blocking input. I want to be clear as I read comments. Gangstalking knows no one race, ethnicity, gender, politics, culture, or religion. The target can be a saint and the elite biblically is saintly stated as forsaken by many. I would hope we could unify based on this knowledge but fear drugs are in the water ways as people on a global commonality of the species seem to be engaged and amused by the misfortune of others. We are desensitized by reality television. Dumbed done if you will. Case in point is all over the nightly news. Take care and keep watch as the author here is correct, there is peace internally in corrective action no matter how small. Remember people believe what they serve up as many are decEived into taking a leak not on just your civil, human rights but their own. Truth, dogs on a lead relieve themselves where they live but these people think they belong and are made more important by their shoulder rubs. This is divide and conquer so try to educate not by confrontation but by example and by joining groups. Yes, groups are hard to find but harder if you close yourself off. Do not stop believing in God and people just have a care and if it smells bad, crab walks, is just off, or you feel as if you are on a stage being watched then run. Self preservation is good and Godly. Try to live still as all life is a blessing and a lesson that every living thing must participate in moving up to the next level. We are all connected in our interactions, conversations good or bad and we touch many lives. The world is a better place for each of us being in it. Tell your story. Remember you are watched so you have the ability to reach out more than you know their weakness. Stay positive for yourself, your spirit. This is hard but enlightenment for each of us. The world is changing, again
    Keep watch and God Bless.


    1. Well, aside from the fact that I do not believe that god, GOD, GAWD, or any other sky deity exists, we agree on every other point.

      To me, the Abrahamic Trifecta of religions is at the very root of this evil, and has been for millennia.

      So, my idea is to just get the facts out there, and see where it goes–as we see, since I started writing on this topic, major newspapers are winning Pulitzer Prizes writing about it–that’s a first ver event.

      For me, I am a deep believer in science, and things like the Butterfly Effect. When I was first stalked, it was just me feeling it–and then, I flapped my wings, and look whats happened now?

      Next, we legislate it.

      I would ask that you take a look at my posts about Richard Moore in Mississippi, and maybe, contact him and ask what you can do to help.

      His case was a genuine frame job, and I have read the entire case file. His tormentors included Israeli spies, and lots of christian saboteurs.

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      1. Where is the file.
        I’m always amazed at how criminally inclined all the good solid citizens are.
        Most are too stupid to review all possibly criminal charges they’ve constantly been violating.


  6. No. I am not African. Funny. I just see us all as a common species and do not see color or sexual preferences so much as deeds and actions against others as the problem I am trying to practice what I preach and will consider groups. Thanks.


    1. Right. We are all human. One species, though the ideas in our heads are often not equally developed or explored.

      And about groups: all the current grouos are either freemaons or hidden religion–and that’s the problem. There are no groups that seek to move “forwards” only groups seeking to bring targets “backwards” into Jewish-christianity.

      So, I do what I do AS an individual, for that reason.

      If there is one message in the biblical mythology it is that the Jesus acted alone and they killed him for it, then took up his cross as a mob.

      I prefer the buddhist message of self reliance, that life is suffering, and that’s ok. It is what it is, and that will not change, ever. It is as timeless as time itself–humans are merely animals in herds–avoid them if you can.

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  7. I went to a local Florida Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). I lost my tags then found them much later. These DMV people walked off with my driver’s license telling me there was a vehicle problem. I sat for over 30 minutes. Made no sense as others came and went. I was supposed to be fast tracked. I know the DMV did something to my license to put a bullseye on my back. I am getting county sheriff’s routinely stalking when certain groups are causally witnessing. One attempted to intercept me in his vehicle as I walked my dog. I just tapped two Gangstalkers challenging me in a vehicle as another routinely watched who texting someone daily.


    1. What you describe is very common. And yes, it sounds like classic gang stalking.

      In these cases I can only speculate why they are doing this to you.

      Why do you think they are doing it?

      Usually, they will install a GPS tracker, not on the plate, but in your wheel wells, under the dashboard, inside the hood, etc.

      Its a form of criminality that has no precedent in the entire world–they are using people as unpaid human intelligence–so, for example, they want to track you and document your “web of associations”and all of that without a warrant or due process of any kind. It truly is a secret police state, and they hide it behind the notion of “police investigation privilege.”

      SO–get dash camera’s front and back, get a hidden “drop camera” that you can casually install in various hidden places. Buy them with cash.

      You will indeed see that your suspicions are correct. People will tamper with your car, squad cars will dodge at you, try to run you off the roads–those asshats also routinely smashed or removed my dash camera SD cards too–and lots more.

      But I was able to get evidence along the way, and some of it was used in a lawsuit to sue those bastards. I settled for cash, just to get it done with, but the other five who sued after me did it because I was brave enough to stand up against them, and put them out of business.

      America has gone full police state across the board.

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    2. BTW: Florida is the gang stalking “asshole of the universe” if that helps.

      A lot of this started when that cowardly “America’s Wanted” cunt John Walsh and his ultra-right wing
      extremists in Broward county were stalking sex offenders in Florida.

      And all of that to cover up the fact that Walsh’s wife was a dirtbag mother–letting her son wander around without guidance.


      1. I have left wing/ADL/Gov stalking me because of a business dispute with a few Jewish guys and a conflict with a gov agent I knew. . I caught them with their hand in the cookie jar and they started stalking the hell out of me to silence me. They hire a lot of minorities to do the ground stalking to harass you and try and provoke you into fights and such. Police and firemen are involved too. I am not sure who does the cyberstalking. Probably military contractors or contracted psychiatrists to see if they can drive you nuts. JUST CALL THEM SHYSTER KOOKS AND DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. Lol.


      2. Hi. and sorry to hear that. Yes–the ADL is little more than the Jewish mafia, hidden behind a social platform.

        Be careful out there–the US first mass shooting was a guy named Howard Unruh, a WW2 decorated tank commander, and a gay man who was slandered as a pedophile.

        He tried to join the fire department and was refused–he was stalked by his Jewish neighbors, and firefighters and cops from multiple jurisdictions. Its a common theme.

        Look up the Walk of Death for the story.

        Yes, there is basically two kinds of stalking the KKK styled and the Kommunity Kulture Klubs and Kovens (K4) stalkers, and sometimes they even work together on projects, so be careful out there, trace them,, document and sue them.

        He tried t


  8. I have been shown,The crappy part of govt is using Non Lethal Chemical weapons,different types gaseous halucinagenic drugs.Agitation causing drugs,Sound irritating halucinagenics,gaseous depressdants/barbiturates,passive/calmative drugs,sedatives,amphetamines,irritants.Auto suggestion hypnosis (voice dialogue recordings),on the internet it is called V2K,voice to skull.The same indian/mexican women voices in hypnosis is being amplified by civilian stalker vehicles.Vehicles are using amplified whitenoise/roadnoise,and indian/mexican women voices from speakers under vehicles.A pirate/Police radio station is being used and broadcast from speakers.Bioagents similar to Curare and Tetanus have been injected into muscles,bio-aerosols activate or deactivate muscles causing disabling of muscles and overtightening of muscles.


    1. Sorry, you are at the wrong blog. If you want to ramble on with unprovable, undocumented claims about “V2K, and gaseous hallucinogenics” go over to Targeted Justice, or that globalist mafia shill Ramola D. at the “Everyday Concerned Citizen.”

      Those folks just eat up all that gibberish.

      This blog that you arrived at only documents gangs of current and former police, military, military intelligence, spooks, and their asssets in the community who are provably who gang stalkers are, including all of that PSYOP gibbersih that you mentioned above.

      Good luck!

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  9. Victim almost 19 years, that I was aware of. I had no idea why, until recently. Now I think I know and I am too terrified to even know where to begin. old KGB tactics, Cold War connections I was oblivious about.

    I also think Crime-stoppers International is worth investigating as well. I would be curious to see where all their funding comes from.

    Please don’t debase those who claim to have been attacked by a DEW weapon or V2K. I can’t give you any explanation, but I have had these experiences myself and they are terrifying. That doesn’t make me unhinged, or a crack pot to be dismissed. It means I have had a traumatizing experience that I cannot explain.


    1. Um, ok.

      Do you have “proof” of any kind? Yeah…I didn’t think so.

      Meanwhile feel free to “give [me] an explanation.” but please substantiate it with EVIDENCE, ok?

      None of you ever do that–why?

      But I think you know I am open to “targeted individuals” floating me some funds to “help you.”

      And Crime Stoppers? Its just another money pot–another deep state police slush fund. Why would you even bring that up?

      Any common citizen knows that the cops (who are not stalkers themselves) are NEVER THERE when you need them–I prefer other social models of “crime control.”

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    2. Also, if it was one or two experiences? Sure, I could
      see it–in fact, I seem to recall that nearly 40% of all humans have experienced an “auditory hallucination” at some point in their life–as simple as hearing the screech of an air break when in fact it was grinding metal, or hearing a baby cry, and thinking it was your own and so on.


  10. I’m John Richter and I been going to hrubthis for 8yrs I need help badly 8129123940
    They have taken over all my family and friends and even tried to marry me I moved to 3 cities in 4 months to get a sy and it’d a nightmare


  11. I’m on the cusp of Tampa/Pasco/Pinellas. I’ve been baker acted by the lovely Pasco county sheriff’s office here and deemed delusional by doctors who listened to nothing but talked over me for a whole five minutes and tried to keep me locked up. I have lost my ten year business, home, friends, car, etc. I’m now homeless in tent city and they are still stealing from me. My evidence keeps getting swiped and six months ago I could run a marathon, now having heart issues. Surgery made it worse. I have evidence tucked away all over but I can’t get to it or they will take it. I really need a lawyer. They have full control all the time, and I only have some time before the full take over if my new phone. 813-360-7056


    1. HI, and sorry to hear what you are going through.

      I do not do phone calls, anywhere in the US anymore, but you can always write to me here.

      Contact the Institute for Justice with your story–they are the good people who are suing those shitbag sheriffs down there in Pasco County right now.

      If your evidence is solid, FAX it to them at the number below

      Phone: (305) 721-1600
      Fax: (305) 721-1601


  12. Quote ”
    Um, ok.

    Do you have “proof” of any kind? Yeah…I didn’t think so.

    Meanwhile feel free to “give [me] an explanation.” but please substantiate it with EVIDENCE, ok?

    None of you ever do that–why? ”

    Targeted Individuals can suffer terribly! May I suggest you read up on DEW etc;
    Dr Barrie Trower a physicist and former agent for MI5 provides the evidence you seek. › barrie
    There are many educated credible witnesses that have provided evidence of weapons being used, be it; nano implants, RFID, DEW, the list goes on.
    There is plenty of information out there.
    Aslo Dr Matthew Aaron’s presentation and evidence with his targeting! (dating back to 2015)

    “Notimportant” I know things are tough, in the same boat to; easy for me to say don’t despair.
    There is plenty of information there on line to help you; Targetedsurvivors site may provide further answers. You’re not alone! All the best to you, keep well.


    1. Hi, and thanks for your feedback Fiona.

      The fact that the #fakeTI’s pollute the internet with endless unvalidated, anti-scientiofic claims about such things puts them in the same category as religious crackpots like Dr. Stella Immanuel.

      ” Satellite brain lasers!Demon sex! Lizard people!!! MICROWAVE TORTURE!!!”

      Its not a coherent approach to the topic–and no serious person would speak in such terms.

      And most of those “credible” doctors and so on are also far right, partisans and christians–not a good look if one actually wants to help move the ball for ALL TI’s forwards on this issue.

      In that light, they are all NOT HELPING anyone but similar psychobabblers.

      That said, the NSA/FBI/CIA whistleblowers like Bill BInney, Tice, Weibe, etc. have in fact brought forth evidence of various kinds of harassment.

      But in the fifty years these types of dialogues have been around, I have yet to see a court case that succeeded in its claims of proof about “DEWs” –but plenty of cases and lawsuits where far right craqckpots in policing and intelligence are sued, and lose, or go to jail after using a Taser on someone–or getting caught stalking them, wiretapping them, and so on– like the eBay cases.

      In other words–the far right, who most often are the fake TI’s has had 50 years to get their shit straight on this–but haven’t moved an inch in getting the word out to the public–why is THAT?

      Fiona–its because they are fake TI’s, and/or using the dialogue online for pther purposes.

      And none of that helps people like Richard Moore of the North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association (have a look at his Youtube).

      Nor did all of that internet pollution help Ahmaud Arbery, who was stalked by a gang of current and former cops.

      Nor did it help thousands of others who are stalked, targeted with “electronic weapons” like Fusion Center monitoring, wiretaps on the cell phones and computers, etc.

      As for Trower et al, even he highlights the known, legitimate claims f actual TI’s in common language, to whit”
      A targeted individual is a person who has been singled out because of his or her activism, whistle-blowing, or political/ideological dissent.

      Tactics used include the following:

      illegal surveillance (bugs placed in home, work, vehicle)

      illegal wiretapping

      illegal investigation of all personal and private documents including medical and financial records

      waves of criminal activity including vandalism, poisoning, break-ins, theft and sexual assault

      hacking of all electronic devices

      harassing phone calls, texts & emails

      redirects to gang-stalkers when the target calls for help or assistance

      organised harassment & stalking (by law enforcement, private security firms and ordinary citizens)

      and being ostracised by entire communities based on slander and rumours (usually outright lies said about that person)”

      Even your link there puts the hoolie boolie in the tail end of the paragraph, rather than front and center:

      “There are various methods which can be used to target these individuals such as GPS tracking, hacking mobile devices, drone surveillance, micro wave technology incorporating directed energy weapons known as DEW or non lethal weapons”

      But in my experience? Nearly all of those who go on and on about DEW’s are perps–and they target people like Richard Moore, et al.

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    2. Also–as for “self help?” I have yet to see any so-called targeted individual site provide free tools so that tI’s can help themselves.

      I have several self help sections that provide links to hacking tools, SOCMINT and OSINT tools and more.

      No–most of the ther TI sites are in fact perps, often gangs themselves.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Sadly I am sure you are right, judging from the list (Experienced all if not most)! The genuine victims amongst us are “up against it”. On a lighter note some perps continually suggest that someone like myself should “humble thyself before God”. God Complex? I note a transferral of guilt too?
    I am not a physicist nor an engineer, all I can tell you is that I am being “tortured” on a daily basis, as dramatic as this sounds, I have no other word for it.
    I feel so much (understatement) for anyone “going” through what I go through on a daily basis.
    I just want to help others, but how do you recognise the perps on line? I just wonder where it’s all going to end? Any ideas?


    1. Hi, Fiona, and thanks for replying.

      Yes–read my sections on disinformation agents, and use the search terms “psychobabble,” and “”#fakeTI” and so on. The big clue is to separate people who have no evidence from those that DO have evidence of gang stalking. Its fairly easy.

      A lot of the fakes are using the dialectic to proselytize religion–the christians are heavily involved in this stuff, on one hand targeting people, and on the other, “saving” them from targeting. christian mega-churches actually use their kids to target people too. Its really sick stuff.

      I am guessing by your name (pardon my presumption) that you might be from the East, maybe India or similar eastern region?
      That would make you a target of these christian asshats.

      Find allies in a similar situation–these stalkers were mobilized under Bush into the old KKK structure of community control, and they are unrelenting. They are trying to force a church based sense of community, forcing people to “identify” with one or another church.

      Then, there is the various church fellowships, where all of them meet and come together–cant recall the name, but religious groups unite to find common ground. They are also involved in targeting.

      So, yeah, its not a one size fits all–each case can have different “gangs” involved.

      Now–what exactly are you going through? I have self-help sections where you can get free online tools to help identify stalkers, but the general idea is to document what is happening with solid evidence, and take that evidence to the police.

      Again, each case is different, and it may or may not end, depending on what you do. I myself left the USA, and the gang stalking ended just as if I had flipped off a light switch. But not before I sued a security company, and put them out of business. The police and security companies, and community mobs are indeed all working together in this, and these gangs are quite large.

      But if you stay where you are, you are in for a fight. And you will need to collect solid evidence, and sue. You will also need to build alliances with others–do NOT isplate yourself, and stay in contact with your true friends and trusted relatives.

      You can also write to me here, and I can support you as well.

      Read through my sections on Freemasons too–they are heavily involved in it, and one Youtube channel “Real Gang Stalking” documents them quite well. So too does Richard Moore of the North Mississippi Anti Gang Stalking Association.


  14. I really appreciate your helpful reply. I am so pleased to read that your gang stalking has ceased, and that you managed to take action against those responsible, good for you!!! This is a result!!! I am sure that it was not easy leaving the USA either.

    I am based in Gloucestershire, UK. Your assessment re. “Christian groups” I think is fairly accurate, it is sick. I note that churches here closed their doors to me. Clues such as “seeking redemption” appear fairly frequently.
    How these sick groups assume that torturing anyone through electronic means is a good idea is beyond me. I have also been targeted at work. Security companies too!

    They (this group) are using electronic torture as a means of control in every aspect of my life, around home, outside and in shops/banks. I think I know how it’s being done. Home is awful, onsite perps frequenting roof space and I’m guessing at sub levels of house too. I confess that I am struggling health wise. It is proving near impossible to lead a normal life due to loss of employment.

    I will not go into too much here, I appreciate that I am not alone in suffering. I will look at web site and try email you, so thank you for your kind offer.

    I have read and listened to some incredibly sad, just awful and franc accounts from other brave “Targeted Individuals”. How bloody sad is this world! I so much want to do something to help, it’s just knowing where to start.

    Thank you again for your kind and helpful reply – hopefully my email to you will not be blocked!

    Kind regards


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    1. Hi, Fiona, and thanks for responding. You give me hope!

      But first, let me separate a couple of important “markers” in the dialectic, so that we can continue to talk more.

      1-read my piece about “electronic weapons” v “magic weapons” to understand what we are up against.
      2-understand that o many christian nutjobs use the phrase “electronic weapons” that the entire gang stalking dialogue is polluted with their gibberish.
      3-understand that while on some occasions I have experienced their use /misuse of technology, I have never once claimed to be a “victim of V2K and electronics. That dialogue separates christian tormentors from their vivtims–the hard right neocon Jewish-christians/Khazarian mafia uses that term to identify themselves to each other.

      The rest of us, simpluy seek a better life, without THEM ruling over us.

      That said, I appreciate your comments here, and welcome you to comment further–and again I advise you to RESEARCH those who are harassing you, and maybe, apply to the UN for a job–they are on the case as it were–but truthfully? I wish to advise you to seek friends and allies OUTSIDE of their sphere of infulence too. The truth liese somehwere in between.


    2. p.s.
      I generally do not field inquiries that include unvrified claims of electronic weaponry. SO–please verufy your claim, so that I can also validtae it with science.

      I am quite aware of how technology can be used against individual targets, but honestly, I ask for proof, ok?


    3. p.s.
      I forgot to mention that I could use some help here in the US to combat these psycopathic religionists. I have a few plans.

      What we are up against is largely western religious asshats, workig outside the law, to enforce THEIR version of society upon us, and that, far OUTSIDE the law, civil liberty, and due process.

      Because so many of them work within state and federal’provincial/ oher government, we have an uphill battle.

      But I think, one lawsuit after another can defeat their anti-democratic bais, and we are starting to see that in cases like Richard Moore v Jimmy Edwards, and oter cases, like the eBay gang of stalkers.

      What are your ideas about those cases?

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    4. I need help so bad
      I just found poison in my floor
      I have lost 5 homes
      Someone please call me if this gets through 843-373-0485


      1. Surround your home and vehicle with camera’s call all authorities and keep a journal take pics after a while you will know the vehicles and faces. Good luck.

        On Tue, Mar 8, 2022, 1:09 AM What is gang stalking? Who are the gang stalkers? All gang stalking is current and former police, military and intelligence agents in the community policing scheme, turning democracies into police states, all across the western world., and are one and the same site wrote:

        > ROGS Analysis commented: “Hi. I don’t do phone calls but we can talk here. > Read me self help sections “help for targeted individuals” and “free tools”” >


      2. Good advice Bluehouse! Let’s see what happens next

        And I might also add, ave two copies of the footage, because they do steal the evidence if they can.


  15. Many thanks, I completely agree with you on so many points! I will do some research and post back.
    I refuse to back down despite the efforts of this group attempting to thwart my efforts off research, at present it is difficult, I am being “targeted” at this precise moment by some technology, not pleasant!
    BUT I do agree, it’s knowing, understanding and being able to pinpoint exactly what technology is being used. Kind regards Fiona


    1. Well, this is good to hear: “I refuse to back down despite the efforts of this group attempting to thwart my efforts off research”

      The basic things to look for are this:

      -which group is saying what things?
      -what tools are they using against you?
      use the free tools I offer to see who is on your internet and cell phone connections( its time consuming, and not for the faint of heart)
      -especially take a look at my sections on SOCMINT and OSINT, as you will eventually want to “contact chain” the webs of relatinships, once you have names, or organizations
      -are you being targeted by UN/Catholic/Jewish/Soros/CIA/Mi5/6 etc., or just some local church/ police/fire/EMS/health care industry predators?

      Etc. It is a very nuanced thing.

      Take a look at a few of my sections about influence operations–different polities will test you in many ways, to see what your “true self” is, as opposed to your professional or other persona.

      Here we see the western-eastern conflict in influence operations:

      Here we see the same conflict in a different way:

      And here we see a man who is caught in the middle of two different, and competing psychological operations–and note that a lot of targeting involves sexuality!

      It is designed to force/enforce/reinforce moral-sexual constructs too:

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  16. Many thanks as always really helpful – I will read up, and try and establish who is behind what, but I know that a security outfit are players too as so often is the case in probably 99%. I am piecing “things” together slowly, but it’s not great at present hence short posts.

    I will have a look at the links too! Thanks for you encouraging help!


    1. Absolutely happy to help you. Yes ” a security outfit are players too as so often is the case in probably 99%.” is quite accurate.

      Don’t be afraid to enlist a counselor of some kind as a witness–be careful of psychologists, and stick with those who are trained in dealing with activists.

      DO NOT USE THE TERMS THAT THEY ARE PLANTING IN THE DIALOGUE, i.e. “electronic weapons, satellites,” etc.

      Stich with termslike “being stalked, possibly wiretapped, my electronic devices don’t work anymore,” etc–and only then if you have some kind of evidence.

      Feel free to use my contact feature, which goes to my own email, and tell me specifics if you choose. Perhaps I can advise further.

      Also keep this in mind: if a security company is stalking you, try to ascertain their racial/religious/ethnic profile, because guess what?

      For every gang stalking asshat christian outfit, there are also East Indian stalkers, African American stalkers, gangs of Israeli trained stalkers and so on to send right back at them.

      And don’t be afraid to use resources for women–there are so many free resources for women that its kind of sad, because others could use help too.

      I can’t prove it, but I suspect that some of the other online GS bloggers have there own racial-ethnic ability to lend a hand, and some have connections to their own secret stalker networks too.

      Lastly–DO NOT SEND MONEY TO ANYONE WHO DOES NOT GUARATEE SOME RESULT. There are a lot of stries online about scummy detectives and PI’s grifting people who are being stalked.

      Good luck, and I am happy that YOU stopped in, and found my work useful.

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      1. Read this blog about a gang stalking victim in Fredericksburg, Texas. She was always misdirected when seeking help from private dicks, attorneys, etc. It’s a long read but it details many suspicious murders in Hill Country Texas, along with the usual army of Gov gravy sucking punks known as retired feds, cops, etc, who are well organized and very capable of violating civil rights for decades.

        You’ll find, no other group of people have screwed as many tax payers as DOJ and FBI.
        Nobody compares to what these scoundrels have sanctioned.

        When confronted with numerous politically motivated murders aided and abetted by certain FBI officials……..DOJ and FBI preferred to ignore any duty to protect, police, serve the public. And, it didn’t matter what party ran the White House for decades.


      2. Wow, thanks for that link–but guess what? I covered that story many years ago, and she was helped by a guy in England.

        As it turns out–in all of these cases–there were former FBI agents involved, actual listening devices and so on.

        I wish I could remember the name of that English guy– Butlincat, I think.

        So–how did you come across that info anyways? I thought I was the only guy on the net who knew about her case, other than Butlincat.

        Totally bizarre, that one ay?

        Liked by 2 people

      3. Hey, Thomas: a note of irony–your name sounded familiar, so I looked you up.

        And guess what–way back around 2013, I was being monitored from a Fusion Center. My internet was redirected. Sometimes, I would try a link, and inevitably–no shit–I would get a page that had a barking dog, or a wolf on it, no matter what I searched.

        In those days, I had been in contact with Geral Sosbee and his psychobabbling crew, and I decided that I need ed to strike out in a new direction to describe the depravity of these stalkers, and started a few other internet projects, which changed the dialogue onlune, forever (Go Pasco County Cases!)

        And guess what else? while they were redirecting my web pages, your work online popped up–and I found your story comforting to some extent–the photography, and so on.

        But especially the title “Hollow Mantras of Cracked Vision: Diamond Sutras for the Doomed”

        Intellect is important in these times. And screw political correctness too, lol.

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  17. Political correctness was part of the hidden agenda that promoted snowflakes crying about shit that didn’t much exist (I never once experienced racism or sexism on campuses for seven years?). It registered on my radar back in the early 90’s. Some talking head dipshits were virtue signaling and claiming authorship of a new scurge that had to be fought with talking points?

    Since there is some weird law of the universe suggesting that there’s an opposite reaction to every spell or charm……The Jerky Boys Comedy Album poped onto the scene that challenged PC control shameing (I guess). Wildly popular as a strange new form of Shock Comedy, it seemed to be irreverent, fresh, risky, and captured a growing sense of wackiness tinged with hostility. It was obviously unPC and childish, but still surprising for it’s originality and satire.

    The country was changing. There was not gonna be civilized repressed manners.

    At one point, the “f bomb” was taboo on TV. Twenty years later with cable TV, that f bomb taboo didn’t last long.

    With satelite/cable TV serving as a strange engine for programming, we saw more producers and content. The PC was losing control. With internet allowing podcasting, anyone can be the star of their own show. PC control will have to try to deal with that along with the ubiquitous profanity (from young women?).

    But PC came back strong with cancel culture…the Commie monster was reborn and weaponized by brutal “off with their heads” corporate punishments that served as human sacrifices as hostility fermented into unfair punitiveness.

    PC seemed like a way to create a tyranny of good intentions that was actually a weird power trip. These operatives play left wing or right wing politics.

    The goal is to control us or shame us for not being what they want: slaves who don’t think or are afraid to be themselves.

    They want us to look to them as pinnacles of virtue.

    They want to be in charge.

    Free speach is not always pretty or ready for prime time.

    Discretion is sometimes the better part of valor.

    I’m not against politeness or civility when neccessary.

    Now, people are frustrated, driven, hounded, confused, and have been under stress that won’t let up………it’s all gonna hang out. It’s gonna be raw and uncensored.

    Songs of the Doomed.

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    1. Well, yeah, and no–we tend to blame the commies for all of this, but fail to see how much of it is orchestrated from the far right–cooption is a two way street.

      Recall the right wing feminists, who were largely responsibl for all of that , as they infiltrated all “women’s” dialogues with their coercive pressure.

      Case in point, is arch-religionist and prude Mary Whitehouse in England, and the Phyllis Schlafly-Catherinne MacKinnons in the US.

      Heres Whitehouse the anti-porn morality crusader lauding the pedophile immy Saville

      So I am not on team “blame the commies” because it took me years to trace out the hudden religious undertones of the anti-speech dialectic.

      With feminists being an easy target–and most of them too stupid to see how they themselves are manipulated by the right wing thought–it takes some reading to arrive at the proper conclusions.

      And d on’t forget Andrew Dice Clay, while we are back in that era–he was actually quite revolutionary as regards speaking things out loud that not only offended the right, but also its industries too:
      “Jack and Jill,
      Went up the hill,
      To have some hanky panky.
      Silly Jill forgot her pill,
      And now there’s little Franky.”

      So–in this one poem, we see the oft told lie of that era of “freedom for women and abortin” that women “forget” their birth control when it was convenient–causing men to fall to the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex and its associated industries and system.

      The entire Two Tiered Democracy was built on that alone–and it was’t the commies that did that, lol/

      So-where are you writing these days? I did enjoy your old blogs, and your photography–especially the west coast stuff.

      And, has your gang stalking slowed down or let up? Myself, I left the country, where it stopped exactly as if I flipped off a light switch, or turned off a faucet.

      And what’s up with that Sosbee gy? I never found him credible–too much gibberish about DEW’s rand “implants” rather than what it is–wiretaps, and cell phone/computer implants that eavesdrop.
      and so on.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Wow…you left and made it out. Can I ask what country or continent? I’ve been ready to go for a long time.

        On Communism. I’ve perused this site for alot of unpopular opinions:

        1) Where I’m living? South Dakota. Notoriously corrupt, lowlife, Republican, jack assistic, old boy, police moron factory for retarded flag sucking robots. Old blogs? Yeah, I needed a hobby while on the run like a refugee. My photography was pretty hit or miss. I just used cameras costing from 99-200$ Nothing sophisticated or learned. I had fun and couldn’t realize I was held back by the failure to study and master a better camera and technique.

        But some of those photos were good for where I was on the learning curve.

        2) Gang stalking is still there. Sleep is disturbed to four hours in violation of a clear reading of The Rules of War (only allows one wakeup after 4 hours in a 24 hour period). Latest idiot stalker followed my car 30 miles into MInnesota….a little old lady who was pals with the local punk jack ass dork Sheriff (same idiot felt that killing my cat and almost killing the other one, was somehow proof that gang stalking is unsupervised and can commit any felony with impunity…that’s who Sheriff Milsted is…that’s his policy…..any felony can be ignored as long as your a jack ass punk).

        3) Sosbee? Seems legit to me. I talked to him. Read his journals. He got chipped with a Verichip. His attempt at medical care got hijacked (another crime). After talking to him, I also got chipped just like he did. And…several courses of medical care was hijacked and subverted.

        I don’t think you know anything other than your own experience. We all have a bias.

        4) On feminism….I just defer to Henry’s analysis about Commie subversion and how subtle it is.

        There’s an agenda against christianity, goodness, virtue, marriage, monogamy, love. They are really against love. It surprises no one that law enforcement is always against these authentic values, as they prefer to create the pretense of appearing good. They are good at surface layer appearances.

        Yet to meet a US Atty or FBI agent who specializes in upholding or protecting civil rights. What’s a Title III felony? How can The FISA CT not…ever…give notice to a target at any time? That in itself is Unconstitutional.

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      2. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I am NOT a theist–the exact opposite, because I realized that ONLY the various cults and sects of the “free” christians were stalking me.

        And for what it’s worth? Let’s see them try that in a communist country–while there ARE cases (China, Cuba, HUngary, Russia) the good news is that those nations have theor ow counterintelligence agents who eat thoe stalkers for breakfast.

        So–yeah–my America died with American Pie, and I was still clinging like a drowned rat for decades to ideals that my “countrymen” do not themselves hold dear.

        Quaint notions like due process, civil liberty, equal protection–all a joke. No cops and their kin operate anywhere near those ideals.

        As for Makow, I find him informative–and I truly like Jews who call Jewish bullshit, as much as I like ex-christians.

        Listen–if there is a god of some kind? We would have met him/her/it by now–the chance is far better than meeting aliens, lol.

        But there is no god, only man-made cults and their ideas of morality–none of which apply to them.

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      3. power there is is war and death, and those who will kill you after intensive stalking.

        So, I found a different path.

        As for feminism and commie subversion? LOL! Have you ever seen the works of the “women’s empowerment networks” all of whom have some christian fundies running them? All of them styled after Lulu Markwell’s KKK Kamelias?

        I have been documenting theor work here at my blog as these asshats stalk Richard Moore in Mississippi. Moore was one of those unfortunates who got framed with child porn just after Bush took office–the ENTIRE far right game is underpinned by child porn black operations.

        I read through Moore’s case front to back–total far right, KKK, Masonic frame job.

        He has documented those who did it, and most recently, I documented a link to a deacon of the Methodist Church who ALSO runs a trans-national “leadership development” outfit–and he is a Rotary club guy too.

        SO–the agenda, if there is just one, is to blame “the commies” for what these fundies are doing.

        As you noted ” law enforcement is always against these authentic values, as they prefer to create the pretense of appearing good”–feminism was stolen by them back in the 80’s, and the Violence Against Women Act is just another way for them to slip their gendered moral imperative into the whole of society–while furthering the fascist version of One World goverment.

        As they say “cut off the head, and the body will follow” applies to how they destroyed both non-christian families, but also destroyed men who would or could rise up against such false messiah’s.

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