Gang stalking case study: What is “child sacrifice” and “child abuse rings” in the gang stalking dialectic?

By the time little Christopher Bowen was saved from several near death experiences, he was eight years old, and had been bundled to the doctor over 320 times during the first eight years of his life. But only one person went to jail, while other child loving, “smooth criminals” walked free.

“How do you do 13 surgeries? How do you do it?” he asked. “How do you do 13 surgeries and not question the fifth surgery? The sixth surgery?”

By the time the authorities caught up with the child abuse ring that had been using him and exploiting him for money, little Christopher had been sliced, impaled, and sewn back together so many times by his abusers that he had suffered near death experiences.

By the time the authorities caught up with this ring of child abusers, it was almost by accident, as his abuse had been taking place in plain sight of doctors, and others in the medical system who allowed the activity to continue, against the evidence.

Here is a little more about that from “The Root:”

Christopher was placed on oxygen full-time and fitted for a feeding tube—a device that led to “multiple life-threatening blood infections,” wrote the Dallas Star-Telegram in a 2017 article. Christopher occasionally used a wheelchair and was placed in hospice care; at one point his mother once tried to get him on a lung transplant list. None of the procedures were necessary.

All across America, every day, it is true: child abuse rings operate in plain sight of the “authorities,” and as is stated frequently online and off, the authorities are indeed “in on it,” from the federal to the state, to the local level. Indeed, these rings are HUGE. Hundreds of billions of dollars huge. Social workers, psychologists, and their “woo peddling” police allies are throat deep in speakingg false narratives.

Read This: How the USA became the worlds leading child pornography distributer. What caused USpolice. intelligence agencies, and other persons and political groups to distribute child pornography? How do they get away with it?

But they are not what you would think of as a “ring of child abusers” because the media and mainstream narrative in their favor is massively funded, and operating in every institution across America. Let’s look a bit deeper into the bizarre reverse language of the gang stalking dialectic to dissect it for a few clues as to who these “rings” of people who just “love children” are–and to understand how psychologists and psychology are also complicit in “false memory” creation, and misdiagnoses.

Here’s more about little Christopher Bowen, from KHOU11 which reported the story from Texas at the time it was breaking:

Mom arrested after son’s 323 hospital visits, 13 surgeries

Kaylene Bowen-Wright is in the Dallas County Jail on an injury to a child charge. Her bail is set at $150,000. She declined an interview request.

Christopher’s father, Ryan Crawford, says her arrest was a long time coming. He’s angry that it took so long for the system to finally believe that Christopher’s mother was lying about illnesses.

“How do you do 13 surgeries? How do you do it?” he asked. “How do you do 13 surgeries and not question the fifth surgery? The sixth surgery?”

Investigators think the case is one of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a mental disorder in which a caregiver makes up an illness or injury to get medical care.

“They doctor shop and hospital shop,” says Dr. Marc Feldman, a nationally recognized expert on the disorder. “They often frequent many emergency rooms over a wide geographic area. One doctor may never know that medical procedures or diagnostic tests have already been performed elsewhere, so it happens again and again and again.”

Also note the number 13 too, likely a coincidental number which you can compare to the following example, where the 13 is a not coincidental usage of that number, or read more about how this involves ROGS Analysis of gang stalking. Indeed this is a world wide operation, and without any doubt, it is linked.

SO, to explain more in detail what these “pedophile rings* are, it’s imprtant to look at a few terms, like “medical mafia,” and “child kidnapping,” and then, “child abuse” and “child sacrifice” too.

Here is one example of how gang stalkers obsess over and use the term child sacrifice, and a short explanation of why they do it, but since the Satanic Panic era, we have thousands of examples to choose from, all of which are related to hoaxes and lies from actual hoaxers and liars, many of whom were outed in the mainstream press, but not after creating massive damage to individuals., especially our societies most vulnerable, our children.

Also unsurprising is that they have deep ties to drugs and schizophrenia and actual CIA funded :human experimentation,” at the height of the CIAs notorious :mind control” era too, which verifiably DID use children and others as non-consenting guinea pigs.

But that’s what these people do–their lies and hoaxes kidnap entire generations of children, and their medical mafia’s in medicine and psychology cover for each other, generation after generation. But what is a “medical mafia” anyways? For that, we must look outside of this one story, at the case of how Americans became addicted to the fake heroin branded and marketed to American’s and others all around the world, called Oxycodon.

Here is a glimpse of the medical mafia, from PBS— and notice how they manage to pump the philanthropy angle in the first breath, a standard trick of the public relations industry, which is a magia in its own right:

The Sackler family is one of the richest families in America, donating millions to some of the world’s most prestigious museums and universities.

But the source of that wealth was for many years something of a mystery. Some members of the Sackler family own Purdue Pharma, the company that makes and markets OxyContin, the addictive painkiller considered one of the initial sparks for the nation’s opioid crisis, a crisis that has already left more than 450,000 Americans dead, and continues today.

William Brangham talks with the author of a new book that sheds light on this secretive dynasty.

The author of the book, Patrick Radden Keefe had this below, to say about the worlds biggest “legal” drug pusher, Raymond Sackler. I have highlighted the CIA era connection to brain experiments and criminal deviance that psychopathically masks itself as good intentioned :

He was a polymath. He was incredibly brilliant. He worked at an insane asylum in Queens, New York. And he had a notion that someday there might be a pill that could help people who were psychotic or schizophrenic, who had other afflictions.

And so he became very much a proponent of pharmaceutical innovation, of drugs, but then also of advertising, pharmaceutical advertising. And many people credit him with really being the father of pharmaceutical advertising in the United States.

Pharmaceutical advertising and there online gangs of stalkers are very prominent and identifiable in the dialectic. Equally, it is this mega-industry, backed by the junk science of psychology* that is behind those clever buzzwords and catch phrases that you read online too, like:

-you must be delusional

-tinfoil hat

-are you on your meds?

-you must be hearing voices

-the little voice in your head

Related Reading: Joy Reid calls anti-maskers “irrational,” which is just another psychiatric term.

All of these terms can be researched, linked to the drug companies, and other affiliated industries, and verified as part of a media campaign, as we see all of that in the gang stalking dialectic.

But what is harder to do is to actually make the case that there is in fact a “mafia” involved, because so much of the last century, the very same advertising forces waged a public relations campaign convincing the world that”the mafia” was the various Italian mobs portrayed in film and television, with occasional looks at the Irish mobs, and very very rarely–and then only in a flattering manner as we see above–portraying the Jewish mobs, which is a whole novel for anyone interested.

Everyone who writes about the Sackler Family, and Purdue Pharma does so in an almost flattering manner too, failing to call their activity what it is–organized crime that walks the line between drug dealing and “distributing medicine,” using billions of advertising dollars and complicit media outlets, ranging from universities and research fellows, to actual media.

Even then, the closest they come is to call that crime family “secretive,”which is akin to calling the Protestant colonial powers or the Catholic church and their atrocities to “misunderstood humanitarian efforts.” Same goes for Al Capone and his famous soup kitchen too. SO, one tribes gangster is another tribes philanthropist, just as one tribes bankster is another tribes gangster.

But these medical mafia’s exist, and they have zero concern for the well being of children, rather having structured entire dialectics to conceal their ill intentions, and the various children for profit schemes they have perpetrated, which are numerous. They are involved in crafting every single narrative of “health,” since the early days of Kellogg’s breakfast cereal, which was invented by a Seventh Day Adventist who wanted to murder peoples sex drive, and Edward Bernays getting women hooked on smoking–its just exploitation by another name, playing a much larger, and despicable game.

Wherever you look, religious and tribal narrative is behind the most bizarre schemes and the public relations campaigns that surround them. And, the same is true of gang stalking–these crime rings don’t just “love children,” in fact, sometimes they “love the children to near death experiences,” exactly the way they did to little Christopher Bowen.

The question is, though: when will those doctors who did those surgeries see a trial or a jail cell for sacrificing the best eight years of little Christopher’s life on the altar of “looking the other way when the Munchhausen’s mommy** and her state paid medical card lands at your office billing desk?

Its endemic, systemic criminality, unchecked.

*Psychology is not a “hard science” in any way, and most of what passes for “science” in the field is just validation, and cross validation of one another’s opinions, with scant proof anywhere about anything. The proof of that as a statement is that psychological diagnoses cannot be replicated across human cultures in any scientific fashion.

While many cases of :”talk therapy” and excercise programs related to depression and other “disorders” these can be equally effective no matter who reccomends them; and when we get into categories like “bi-polar,” and especially “schizophrenia” its nearly all junk science.

Worst of all is that most of the popular “diagnoses” explored in the DSM-5 come from psychologists who derive from Jewish-christian cultures, and are inherently and massively biased. An airtight argument can be made, for example, that “bi-polar” is really based in the religious concepts of “good and evil,” and written into “psychology-theology” by these biased observers.

11 thoughts on “Gang stalking case study: What is “child sacrifice” and “child abuse rings” in the gang stalking dialectic?

    1. Ah, we just love the literate sense of humor of the KKK! SO cowardly, posting anonymously. And your use of the word “nigger” is outdated, and so are you. Your fake white tribe lost.


    1. Hi. I am not iterested in “proving” V2K, or any other electronic stuff other than wiretaps on cell phones, computers, and other communications devices.

      Everyone knows these sound and microwave devices exist, but wastes incredible amounts of time and resources talking about these shadowy devices, yet NEVER PROVING THEIR CASE with evidence

      So, thanks, but I will pass.


  1. if not this is Video link

    Some southern Cajun is speaking almost throughout this whole thing. No southern lives near me.
    And even so a voice spy recorder wouldn’t pick that up that far away outside. This was recorded with either the TV off or on and you hear separate voices in it not related to TV if it’s on. OR you hear stupid voices over the TV if so. This is over the air recording from some Radio or wireless signals someplace not necessarily nearby neither. I get threats from phone numbers in California from these people. they in the message they left said We’ve murdered people before. Plus listen to the above one I posted you hear your registered several times of which is not true.


    1. Hi again–yeah, this is not my field. Too many crackpots, Scientologists and so on use the electronics dialogues to recruit. I would rather hear more about your specific case.
      -when did your stalking begin
      -why do YOD_
      what area of the country are you in
      what EVIDENCE have you collected
      -do you havea court case pending
      Lastly, the video you reference is not valid in any courtroom, and is very vague. I myself could easily duplicate it and create something similar by doing a multi-track dub.


  2. Wasn’t for you to pass on or take was posting to show this stuff is real. I have someone who is helping me with these kinds of files and stuff. I posted it since I saw you say it doesn’t exist so I posted to say yes it does. Thanks for actually posting them though. Do you investigate stuff though or know of any that I could hire but would have to take payments? Or where I could get medical evidence and or and Hscada scan done, and or a Bug scan? All I talk to wont help unless I have $2500 bucks or more, and all up front.
    You mention you could duplicate but while in a studio or at home you could but not out and about like I have other recordings. I have recordings of me going to town and you hear the same voices and or music and sounds. that especially if I posted any of the ones that have a skittering sound with speech couldn’t be duplicated nearly as much as what I’ve got.
    I record these almost daily at home or on the road to where I’m going. like this one from earlier today.
    Video link

    But I believe the first part of this crap began 23 years ago and I ended up in jail. But then it didn’t completely disappear but it went deep into my ear or they just turned it way down. and I just thought of it as tinnitus for all these years until Nov of 2020 when going to bed I began to hear this crap. I listened to the crap and shouldn’t have but I did. I had hoped it would be gone the next I couldn’t hear it through the day much so figured it had went back in like it did before. I live in Oregon.
    I had an incident with my neighbor a few years ago with his music and called the cops twice on him about the loud music so thought and think he’s one. I had a women or girl young women in pink hair stand above me one day a while back last OCT, say grandpa and I turned she was holding her phone and then walked back in to her house. My guess she was telling me that I was being broadcast to her cell phone and the Cuban syndrome which is more accurate that v2k and most call it. I record voice record all over the place now to help stop the criminals from squeaking out crap. Meaning I’m hard of hearing but much like the snoop doggy E Dog commercials where whats his face from Saturday night life sits with him and after snoop tells him to just call him snoop he whispers Double G in a tone that is very low that’s what I mean but blurting out stuff.
    I plan on getting a camera to take with me to film these criminals too in the act of street theater.
    But as much as you may be right that the recordings i have aren’t admissible the person i deal with is taking the frequencies that are in my recordings to find them and then I can hopefully see them in court and prison.
    but I need a private investigator that would take payments and help me find them too as well.


    1. Hi, and thanks for your faith in my abilities. However, you will need a whole lot more than 2500, and my advice is simple: DO NOT PREPAY SERVICES, and avoid most I’s–they are all former cops, and crooks, many disgraced from the force and so on–look up “Diop Kamau” and the case of “VOCCT” in Texas. Crooks, working with current and former FBI, etc–the dark siders.

      Now: as for evidence, read my sections on that using my search box “Free Tools,” “Help” “Lawsuits” and so on.

      Lastly–I will write a blog post for you in the next hour–read it and respond to me there–I think you are in danger.

      You do not need to use your real name, and I suggest you change the email to a throwaway like

      you can use any old word or phrase and and your comments will go through.


  3. Ok well as my source tells me since I hear this through the TV, and get fake phone calls asking about a niece of mine and I recorded it and got one that did have threats in it I could link since I recorded it, but I’ve been told they’ve hacked my computer and or the telephone and call to hook up to my phone using dummy numbers to harass me with. Meaning some or all the Cuban syndrome V2k I get is coming from that kind of a connection. But have been told too that they are coming through the grid too… I’ve using a EMF meter recorded dangerously high EF readings. Meaning if 10 vm is high and I’ve read it is, then 1000 vm is dangerous. I can’t seem link a pic though or I would.
    To say more one what they do. they began in Nov calling me evil then later on calling me the anti Christ, then later on began to accuse me of crimes I don’t have a record of nor would no will.
    Then began telling me to not read the bible and when I did they’d zap my ears. Then later on they began to tell me how to eat and when I disobeyed them they vibrated me until I got Diarrhea and lost 30 pounds. But don’t want to lose weight that way.
    here again if the other one don’t work.
    But yeah maybe those aren’t good evidence the tools they are using can be traced and so can they.
    Video link

    Anyway if you can offer any kind of help to help me collect evidence and hold these criminals accountable I’d appreciate it.


    1. LIke I said–check back here later, and read the post I write for you–follow the advice I give you, and for the record ” I am not an attorney, and I am not giving you legal advice, I am merely stating an opinion. I accept no liability for actions taken in response to such advice, and in fact, because all noted authorities state that gang stalking is not real, any advice I give you cannot be anything other than fictional, stated within the context of a a work of art.”

      ONLY YOU will know what is real after you read what I write for you, ok? And do what you need to do.


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