Conspiracies that turned out to be true: Bill Gates and “Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile Island.” Democrat gang stalking cabal soon to follow, as Israel murders Palestinian babies?

I thought that the whole “Bill Gates and Pedophile Island,” thing was just more right wing psychobabble when I first heard it a few years ago.The right has a way of lie-truthing that is every bit as despicable as the left wing #crybullying, and #fakerape hoaxing, utilizing hyperbolic proportions that render their subject matter in absurdist ways. See here for evidence of that in the case of “child kidnapping and human trafficking” narrative from a right wing gang stalking victim*.

Related Story: Bill Gates slides a cool 3 BILLION in “hush money” to soon-to-be-ex-wife “Frenchie” as his PR firm rakes in cash trying to control the narrative of his “image.” Its always identity, identity, identity with these people.

Yet the nuanced discussion about answering “who are the gang stalkers,” takes on new meaning when we see actual conspiracy after actual conspiracy revealed before our eyes, most recently the fact that Gates’ wife is divorcing him BECAUSE of his lies about his association with Jeffrey Epstein, and the fact that he routinely stayed at Epstein’s New York townhouse. Absurdity taken to new heights as Gates lies meet the truth machine of the internet he helped create.

Absurdism is a philosophy about chaos v order, as much of the gang stalking dialectic is. We see this expressed in many ways, including the cosmic symbolism of chaos–the number 1 (also here, and here and here too.).

Those of us who have been watching are well aware of how one Bill Gates conspiracy theory after another has been carefully “brand managed” in the press, starting with how he enabled the government to put backdoors in his products several decades ago. Even China knew what a honeytrap Windows 8 was, and banned it from operating in the Microsoft issued strongly worded statements that they would fight “tooth an nail in court,” if the government demanded a backdoor to access users privacy.

But what they did instead, was to work directly with American spooks from the NSA, DIA,FBI etc. to give “pre-encryption access to” its products, ranging from Outlook to Skype, and more.

And, “you might be wise to recall that Caspar Bowden, the man formerly in charge of Microsoft’s privacy policy for 40 countries, claims he no longer trusts Microsoft or its software; he added that Microsoft’s corporate strategy is to grind down your privacy expectations and that the company’s transparency policies are nothing more than “corporate propaganda.”

So, if anything we see that Gates is in fact a liar, along the lines of President Clinton, who famously said ” I did not have sex with that woman!” or something similar. So who can take him at his word? The fact that he has patents on COVID, and the “conspiracy theory” timed with these revelations that Gates did indeed consort with Epstein certainly are credible. All in all, the guy looks like a typical billionaire weasel, doing what these people do. These are facts, not theories, but indeed, his lies invoke conspiracy at every turn.

The nuanced discussion goes even deeper when we watch how Epstein–like his madame Ghislane Maxwell– was alleged to be an Israeli spy, and how the Mossad and its sloppy operations in the USA spill into every suspicious event. Here is Epstein the spy, and Epstein the “Israeli influencer,” oozing into Israel.


Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were spies who used underage sex to blackmail politicians, ‘ex-handler’ claims

Well, no surprise then that Israel is bombing babies again, because Israel is where where all of these discussions have a spiritual center, regardless of your politics–Jewish and Israeli intelligence agents, blackmailers, spies, and mafia are everywhere in these discussions about gang stalking. So much so that they form a formidable core of all gang gang stalking reports and events. Yet it is safe to say that the entire co-dependent western Jewish-christian narrative depends FROM Jewish sociopathy, as christians rely upon their narration of historical events, rather than trust science–and strange facts like the underground city of Giza( read through that post for evidence of how media is at all times controlled so that media consumers eventually become numb to facts, and dismiss evidence), which throws their historical narrative into the trashcan, where it rightly belongs.

We saw this most clearly with the gang stalking of Rose McGowan by Israeli spies from Black Cube , and then again, in the cozy relationship that Gavin deBecker’s spy firm has with the DHS too. Its quite clear that Israeli spies are at the center of much gag stalking. In fact, a major search engine reports nearly 10 million requests for “mossad gang stalking,” but only 24,300 results for “Jewish gang stalking.” Food for thought….

The Intercept took this topic on while Glenn Greenwald was at the helm, but they seem to have gone to the dogs since he left. There is something severely toxic about radical Zionism enabled by vicious spy networks across the globe, and their inherent racial supremacist narrative, and the fact that Israeli’s are not required to register as foreign agents in the US is a troubling sign that American democracy is broken at every turn. Just saying the word “Zionism” feels painful, much as “Naziism” or “virus” inherently make us cringe, like a cricket, at the sight of a horsehair worm.

So, no big surprise when young Jews wake up to the fact tat their entire tribal narrative is a racist shit show based on their own tribe bombing babies and chopping of penis foreskins, as Yahoo reports: “Gaza Conflict Stokes ‘Identity Crisis’ for Young American Jews.‘ As in “What?! You mean that Judaism is all about racism being cast upon the other** in the form of biblical/Torah spying that ALWAYS leads to mass murder, slavery–and yes indeed–sex with underage girls?! No way!”

I experienced harassment and stalking from all sides of the political spectrum, and I can and have named those stalkers. A large portion of them were Jews, but also variants of the christian sects too, frequently hiding behind some NGO or another. I am especially appalled by the Anti Defamation League and its spying, and see no hope for an America free of their toxic influence, but also am quite aware of how other religious tribalists compete with them for federal “crisis PR” placements.

Look that phrase up online for an eye opener about how the international media mafia operates, and “runs narrative,” which they get paid to do. Its a large part of “what is gang stalking,” as we see case after case of gang stalking being framed as “mental illness” i.e., rendering all who refute official media mafia narrative as “crazy.” See the case of NYPD whistle blower Adrian Schoolcraft for evidence of how this works.

In the meantime, there is some hope, as the world watches yet again as Khazarian mafia, assisted by Zionists of all religions, and especially the English crown murders women and babies in a huge land grab in Israel, akin to the genocide of the native American peoples that was supported by the doctrine of “Manifest Destiny”; or the slavery of black American’s that was perpetuated by these same people. And, some 1000 employees of Apple have signed a letter urging Gates associate Tim Cook to make a statement condemning the genocide and apartheid of Israeli racists.

*That victim, Deb Matheny, could easily be a sockpuppet. I have never met her in person, but we exchanged email for awhile. She revealed that she is part of the “stalking alleged pedophiles” brigade of vigilante’s. I also know a literal “gang of stalkers” by name that is affiliated with her, including right wing religion based stalkers, actual police and an FBI agent or two, many political operatives, and I have a list of names for anyone interested, especially I invite researchers, psychologists, journalists and sociologists to take me up on that.

Also, oddly, they are linked to Asian American’s affiliated with the Asian Law Caucus. They are part of the “save the children” narrative that exploits family courts, #fakerape, etc. Interestingly, it is those issues where horseshoe theory has its best support, as we see both left and right wing people united in bizarrely framed narratives of saving women and children, all the while drawing on the massive funding pot of cash that the fed sits aside for domestic violence programs, women’s empowerment projects, etc.

**”The Other” is a concept from mystical Judaism and Kabballah. Many stalkings are Kabbalah related, much the same way that Scientologists are known gang stalkers, as we see in the recent case of Scientologists stalking Danny Masterson’s many rape accusers, including killing their pets.

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