So, what’s up with “radicalization online” anyways: incel case study and failure to prosecute a “movement leader” with ties to “domestic terrorism”

Why hasn’t the founder and leader of the “incel movement” been located, arrested, and prosecuted for their link to domestic terrorism?

We see black men targeted and harassed, and surveilled and prosecuted as terrorists every time they invoke their first and second amendment rights in a public forum like Facebook or Instagram. See the case of community activist Rakem Balogun for reference to a false light color of law prosecution. He was labelled a “black identity extremist” after being tracked online by agents of the domestic spy operation, the ADL.

And we see white men prosecuted as terrorists for the faintest allusion to these same two rights, from the Bundy Ranch thingy to the current “war on Proud Boys,” covered here by the exact journalist who ran an unsympatheitc and defamational piece about Everton Brown, with race supremacist groups like the ADL arguing that “all white nationalism” and all white separatism equates with “white supremacy.”

Riiiight. No Jewish separatists or racists in the bunch ay? Riiiight. Freud got “reaction formation” completely correct.

And certainly, everyone in the entire world knows that an “ungodly” amount of Muslim’s/Sikhs/Hindu’s and many others have been targeted and terrorized by these same false terror accusations and the accompanying endless harassment these “countering violent terrorism” programs and prosecutions over the last two decades.

Related Story: See the New Zealand case of the grocery store stabber, driven insane and provoked into a “manufactured terrorism event,” because he had been stalked, monitored, surveilled, and otherwise harassed for nearly a decade, with cops following him around “24-7.” In the last weeks before he went insane, a detail of 30 police PLUS “community assets” had been following him for 53 days–absolutely an unlivable and toxic policy, this “community policing and countering violent extremist” shitshow.

But when a woman–a WHITE woman– starts a “domestic terrorism” related movement, which was originally called “Alana’s Involuntary Celibacy Project” a complete media blackout, and a failure to prosecute by the federal government. LOOK! Social Contagion! Incels everywhere!!! according to the BBC and the Guardian–a strangely unified stance between a fake-left paper and the establishment British journalism outlet.

LOOK! Eliot Roger(Say His Name) and Scott “the Scooper” Bierele targets Yoga studios!!! Look, they are everywhere, waving butter knives and crashing cars into (non-random) people who are gang stalking them!!!

These crazy outbreaks of incelerity are EVERYWHERE AND MUST BE STOPPED!!!!…..That is until the spin doctors get involved and cast the story as one of a kind hearted woman (likely white) starting a chat board in 1997 to “help” other lonely people who are “involuntary celibates.”

‘Should I feel guilty?’ asks a BBC article about the unnamed woman. Hell no, lady! Its not your fault! In the western dialectic space, even women who torture their kids are not at fault! In fact, the Jewish-christian western narrative has as a single goal never holding women accountable for anything.

Remember: in Jewish-christian societies, the Virgin Mary and her pal in ancient mythology, ISIS “work in mysterious ways,”and that thing about virgin birth, aka “parthenogenesis?” It’s a riot, considering only lowly forms of life can accomplish it. Look at the bottom of this page to see the types of life forms that can breed all by themselves.

Look: Osama bin Laden started his little group al Qaeda for the same basic reasons that the unnameable Alana started hers–.to help other lonely people whose only sexual release is a goat or a pre-pubescent boy. To create conversation. To encourage marriage and dating–the creation of a culture of like minded people.

Let’s look into this movement for signs and signifiers of ideology, and ask the question “why isn’t this woman’s name splashed across front page headlines every time an incel goes on a rampage? Further, why does the media refuse to dig deeper?


Mass shooters are the fringe outliers on a Bell Curve. Yet we see repeatedly that the “incel movement” is linked to mass shootings time and time again, with extra helpings of the word “misogyny” splashed across the headlines. We see strange talk of “torture” all over the dialectic of gang stalking, and late era feminists popping up to “mediate” the narrative too.

And its a completely false narrative–there is much evidence that women are historically linked as gang stalkers, and even a recent Department of Justice indictment of a couple of women stalkers who targeted teenage boys, and see also here, but no talk about that linkage online–yet every other news article about a mass shooting provokes the same baseless junk science that “domestic violence, hatred of women, and mass shootings are linked!”

Even Canada’s McCleans, wich exposed the likelihood that Gabriel Wortman, the Portapique mass shooter who targeted the “gang of stalkers” that targeted him says “the incel movement, created by an unnacountable, un-named woman needs MORE understanding!!” Fortunately, that piece of fact-avoidant journalism was posted to the “opinion” pages, sans facts, or even Our Saint Alana’s name:

The misunderstood history of the ‘incel’ movement

Opinion: In their ever diminishing corner of the internet, the original incel communities are still trying to help each other get back on track

Yeah, those poor, gang stalking feminists from the incel movement–who are linked to many mass shootings–simply need “more” understanding. So did bin Laden and his group. Again, from the BBC, we see little Red Alana harmlessly perusing a “feminist bookstore” some 15 years after she created her movement:

Nearly 15 years later, Alana was in a bookshop reading a feminist magazine when she saw a small story about a man named Elliot Rodger.

Words have consequences indeed, Little Red Alana! And one of the consequences of your words is that a likely Mossad operation used you to further their racial supremacist narrative, by harassing, stalking, and bullying little sprites like the poor, sexless misfit from the “half Jewish” tribe in America. Jewish racism at its BEST! Racist Jews HATE half breeds created by Jewish men who reject racism, , and they bully them mercilessly. Keeping in mind the “half Jewish” Howard Unruh, who was America’s first half-Jewish mass shooter, who was in conflict with his full Jewish harassers.

Related Story: Howard Unruh, America’s first mass shooting, and the Walk of Death: one of the Nazi- Mossad’s early experiments in gang stalking harassment on American soil. Also see here.

SO: the false linkage between domestic violence and gang stalking should PROPERLY be called “the link between feminist gang stalking and mass shootings,” but it is not.

Why is that, and who is making that false linkage? And further, why isn’t this woman investigated, and possibly prosecuted? The answer is because she is also a so-called “feminist” part of that hard right element of the gang stalking dialectic that is part PSYOP, part sockpuppet and all bullshit.

Look, if there is such a thing as “hatred of women” I am sure it is hatred of women like Alana, and women like these bitter pills over here, not some sort of randomized and targeted hatred of women. And supposing there was in fact such a thing? I mean, after all, it is a vaginormous “plastic word” that has no real definition based in any science that I know of. And then as nature predicts, it is also these types of women claiming that who hate men, aka misandry.

So, just like all of the #fakerape online, and women like Emma Sulcowicz, the internet famous ass-fucking-afficianado begging boys for butt sex, and then later claiming those boys are rapist when the boys don’t marry their ass slaves, the semi-named Alana and her “followers” is “still out there,” and likely creating domestic terrorism related events, cults, and “movements.”

Why isn’t she being targeted for prosecution? And why are spy agenciies, the FBI, and others who are charged with combating terrorism in the very least, looking at Alana and her ass-fucking “rape is everywhere!!!” spawn as perpetrators of homicidal intentions? The evidence is on the front page news, every time these sexually repressed maniacs stalk some poor boy into madness, as we saw in the case of Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, now being prosecuted by the Feds.

For “fucks sake,” liberate these women so that they can enjoy butt sex without consequences! WIthout a need to label their bizarre butt sex cravings as delusions, or hystrionic longing, or otherwise bad behavior! LET THESE WOMEN TAKE IT UP THE ASS for FREEDOM, and DEMOCRACY!!!

Liberate these terrorists so that they have no conscientious objection to their own perverse (but gratifying) desires! But mostly, please stop them from targeting young boys because they feel “weird” about who THEY are, and what they want. Its not helping anyone.

UPDATE: After a few hours of research, I discovered that the mystery woman is a “legal” dope pusher, allied with the Bronfman liquor empire–and Big Pharmaceutical’s. You can read more about the founder of the Incel Terrorist Movement, Alana “Bloodsausage” here. Unsurprisingly, she sits on the board of Mental Health Canada–ok, that’s not really surprising. Suuuure….delusions indeed, coupled with an actual, major international mafia.

*From ThoughtCo:

Parthenogenesis is a type of asexual reproduction in which a female gamete or egg cell develops into an individual without fertilization. The term comes from the Greek words parthenos (meaning virgin) and genesis (meaning creation.)

Animals, including most kinds of wasps, bees, and ants, that have no sex chromosomes reproduce by this process. Some reptiles and fish are also capable of reproducing in this manner. Many plants are also capable of reproducing by parthenogenesis.

Most organisms that reproduce by parthenogenesis also reproduce sexually. This type of parthenogenesis is known as facultative parthenogenesis, and organisms including water fleas, crayfish, snakes, sharks, and Komodo dragons reproduce through this process. Other parthenogenic species, including some reptiles, amphibians, and fishes, are only capable of reproducing asexually.

4 thoughts on “So, what’s up with “radicalization online” anyways: incel case study and failure to prosecute a “movement leader” with ties to “domestic terrorism”

  1. Hi my name michelle andI came across your stoty whole trying to reseach this and I would really like to tell you my story and whats happining with me and Im praying not involving my family.I have been looking for someone desperatly when I read your story I new that I needed to talk to you I appalogize if I am being to much but I really need someone
    Who understands me please let me if this is possible thank for your time,


    1. Hi, Michelle. Well, of course, please do tell your story.

      But first: there is soooo much free help and assistance for women in the world who are being stalked that if you simply look for women’s shelters. women’s resources in your area you will be amazed.

      Then, check out my self help sections titled free tools, help for targeted individuals, and so on.

      But also, if your case sounds real, I will write about it here in a blog post, and we can talk in the comments section, ok? Comment on any post, and I will respond.


    2. Also–a note about the post you commented on: there are gangs of lesbians like the woman in this posting, who bully and harass people online and off. They target women, but as you see in this post, they especially target men with this bizarre psychological operation.

      So–be careful out tere!


    3. Also–a note about the post you commented on: there are gangs of lesbians like the woman in this posting, who bully and harass people online and off. They target women, but as you see in this post, they especially target men with this bizarre psychological operation.

      So–be careful out there!


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