Virginia Beach Shooting, DeWayne Craddock, Virginia Beach Police DepartmentMarch 2021May 31, 2019 Final Investigation Summary Report

I dare my readers to find in this report any mention of “Masonic pranks,” or even the simple term “harassment.” These highly mention-able terms which appeared in news reports and, are stunningly absent in the “official record” and “final report” about a mass shooting; and the FBI is on record gas lighting his claim, going so far as to call him a “hurt collector” type of mass shooter, or more specifically in the greater Bingo ball of their profiling tactics, a “fixated grievance” shooter.

Virginia Beach Police Department, March 2021May 31, 2019 Final Investigation Summary Report, DeWayne Cradock

What poppycock. Talk about burying the lede….

DeWayne Craddock was staled at work by racists, and people who inferred that they are Masons. But the report says absolutely nothing about that.

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