Arvada, CO: The new “gang stalking capital” of the USA? Something stinks about Arvada’s neighborhood stalking program–and Amazon’s Ring doorbell. What’s up with billionaires and surveillance capitalism?

Arvada, Colorado has had two mass shootings in the last year that made major headlines–and a couple mass shootings that didn’t. WTF is wrong in Arvada? The last guy said it simply” He hated Arvada cops,” who use “predictive policing,” augmented by the Ring doorbell system monitor, stalk and harass people.

Related: I have been a fan of Major Ed Rouse’s Psywarrior blog for decades. If you want to understand gang stalking you MUST study psychological influence operations. Its a basic primer in what you encounter as “narrative” in cases like the Arvada mass shootings, where we are forced to ask “are Colorado Fusion Centers waging psychological operations on targeted individuals?” And of course, in the Arvada cases, we see that is true–but informed by Jeff Bezos’ Amazon Ring Camera PSYOP, the “largest civilian surveillance system” in human history Bezos’ dick picks here-what a schmuck.

Lets look at WTF is wrong in Arvada, CO and all of its mass shootings, but first, let’s view these events through the psychological lens of “paraphilia’s” and historical lens of “war and torture pornogarphy,” a subset of fetishes that is curiously NOT listed in the DSM-5 paraphilias, for “some reason.”

There are many classes of pornography in western society. One is the obvious–chicks and dicks, and clits and nips– and wonderful dripping wet orifices of all kinds–no harm no foul, right, until sexual deviants working at state level operations centers decide to conspire to frame a guy, right? “We” are all in thi stogether, right?

Wrong. To whit:

There was that now-obscure fact that the CIA had Dick Cheney and his pal’s literally hiding in hidden bunkers jerking off to torture videos that the CIA later claimed had been “disappeared”. Riiiiight. The CIA and its uber-sickoes would never keep a copy of hard core war porn, right? Lol; and the related war-porn of Abu Ghraib, in case you forgot, here, from PubMed:


The lengths that the “devout” religious cultures will go to to prove that YOU are a deviant are stunning.

Compare these photos to the Inquisition. There is clearly some “misdirection” in these peoples sensual and sexual impulses.Have a look at my fanmail for one recent example, as my “fan” advises me to go “suck 13 nigger dicks.” Not an erotic prospect for me, I assure you, but certainly for that commenter, it holds a certain level of sublimated, erotic anxiety.

Then, there is the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex variety of pornography, where “empowered womens” groups stalk men(the proper term should be “privileged womens groups,” but thats more complicated to explain.) Look at this case, where one woman begged a man for “butt sex” and later claimed that he raped her, and then released a sex tape–I mean, how many boys and mens lives should be jammed up thes esexually non=conforming womens asses before we draw a crack a line in the sand?

Weird, I know, right? But only slightly less weird than Tracy West, who tied herself up, beat herself up, and then tried to frame her ex as a deviant rapist–when the guy was hundreds of miles away?WTF is wrong with Catholics? ANd, honey, really, dildoes andbirth control for women are everywhere in your culture, despite the fact that a “male birth control pill” is nowhere to be found(much less an equivalent se toy of any merit), to stop the Jewish-catholic “sex rings” in the family courts from exploiting these issues.

Tracy West beat herself up, tied herself up, and then called the police. She said her then-divorcing husband had done it, which was later proven to be a total lie, based in Catholic-type teachings about “rape” and “rape theater. She was assisted in this crime by California authorities who refused to prosecute her for this hoax, and later, her hsband won custody of their child. Not at all unlike this nightmare case here, where a Hollywood writer was acused by a sociopathic ex wife of being a “homosexual child abuser.” Right? The DVIC, courtesy of President Joe Biden and his internationalist Catholic mafia rolls like that . Hospital porn is so sexy, Tracy! Thanks for letting me pop my rocks to your hospital porn/domestic violence theater! Rellated story here: Christopher Bowen, tortured by his mother and a ” ring of child abusers”. Image courtesy of Dr.Tara Palmatier, PsyD.

Well, back to the topic at hand: look at how police departments target individuals. aThey film us, photograph us, and stalk us, because they are paid by NGO’s to do so. DErek Chauvin’s murder of George Floyd is just one example–and note that he said at his sentencing ” I can’t talk right now. Its like I am in a glas cage! But I really, really want you to know something!!! (mumble, mumble, stay tuned.)

Yup–Even cops get gang stalked but the diference is this: that cunt got paid by “someone” to murder Mr. Floyd. Chauvin was a “fundie” cop, working outside of constitutional due process, and taking orders from som NGO or another–deliberately NOT following the US constitution, and definitely NOT taking his cues from “the law.” Fundie cops are EVERYWHERE in the dialectic of gang stalking, and they must be prosecuted.

I mean: we all have opinions, but noy all of us are willing to murder people over them, as mommoas boy Chauvin did. As I said in earlier writing (, that little cunt Chauvin used to park his squad car in front of my restaurant, as my FBI informant partner fed me envelopes full of cash. How close does one need to be to “gang stalkers” in order to tell these silly stories?

Thats how close I was, once.

SO, Arvada, CO….I am painting a target on your policing….

…post in progress, check back in to days.

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