Never, EVER, use DNA databases, Facebook, or :MyLife: type of websites, because intelligence agencies are monitoring your families, for several generations: Ramajana Hidic Demirovic was a sucker for THAT actual conspiracy.

When I was younger, the “main stream media” said that people who claim that there is a database of our families, and our webs of associations are “crazy conspircacy theorists.”

Case in point: Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, indicted as a gang stalker by the feds. Jana–why did you let yourself be used this way? Were you naieve, or just stupid?

Ramajana Hidic Demirovic is on “My” a total entrapment scheme by the US/FVEY-octocon to entrap people, especially people from within US terror zones–those paces that US interests bomb and plunder, including plundering individuals. They frame and and manipulate them, exactly as is happening in your case right now, BECAUSE you pulled your pants down, and exposed yourself to the world on these shithole data capture websites.

And, that is what happened to you, because you somehow wanted an ego fix–for whatever reason, you wanted to sare your data with the entire world, and it backfired, didn’t it? Oh yeah, it did.

But it appears that you were “in the game” as Madeline Albright and her “Clinton magia” and their “Kosher Nostra”the shit out of bombed Kosovo, wagd a few genocides, and some etc. LOts of etc.

Did you think that you yourself were bullet proof because you were allied with the Hollywood Mafia, and the IMDB gang of stalkers? Nope. Reality doesn’t roll like that.?

The christian right wing, and their neocon Jewish counterparts often claimed such things, and they did it in exactly the way that people talk about gang stalking today: in hyperbolic, unvalidated, unverified claims–and lots of “electronic harassment” like what RHD did to these young boys–cyber stalking, cyber harassment, and offline communications via computers and telephones, all of which are indeed, forms of “electronic harassment.”

But the odd thing is….the “conspiracy theorists”of earlier eras were 110% correct, as we see today, indeed, we are all monitored “24-7” by Facebook–and hidden groups like the ADL and its “silent holocaust practitioners” tracking our “data” and cell phones– “tracking our data”via Fusion Center reports, local police harssement courtesy of ” predictive policing” and many other nefarious spy traps that target citizens. That, and the fact that the ” government,” and public, and private spy agencies are indeed tracking our data at all times.

Trust me, I am not crying for the holocaust that people like YOU, Ramajana, are perpetrating against others. You should read some Alexander Sozhenitsin to see how a certain “race” of Jewish “racists” perpetrated a genocide on “white Russians.” Really, its an eye opener.

Holocaust indeed. I cannot imagine why……

Honestly calling white American’ “racists ” is probably cathartic for many people, but Jews in general need to be better people generally,and also at some point, acknowledge the mass homicides that “their people” have committed. It would help going forwards, especially considering that the Jewish billionaire Jeff Bezos’s Ring Cameras and their PR/ social engineering teams are integral to CAUSING mass shootings as we see in podunk Arvada, Colorado.

….post off the top of my head, more to come. Stay tuned.

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