The Gary Webb Award for Excellence in Gang Stalking Journalism announcement: A new trophy has been designed, and is ready for applicants. Submit your application ASAP

The Gary Webb Award for Excellence in Gang Stalking Journalism is an annual award given to applicants who write about gang stalking, and call it by its proper names*

Journalists are winning awards for reporting on gang stalking. Here, some journalists won the Taylor Award, from the Nieman Center (fair disclosure: I know a few Nieman’s), and later picked up other prestigious awards, and the Pulitzer Prize too.

They wrote a series called “Targeted” that chronicled a perverted county sheriff in Pasco Cty Florida spying on children. Eeeew, right? But wow…the prestige! Award winners!

Sadly, despite the excellent reportage, they could not come close to winning the Gary Webb Award for Excellence in Gang Stalking Journalism, because they follow an “ADL” script, and the authors mirrored ADL hand picked Mockingbirds. Seriously–get the Anti Defamation League OUT of journalism, get them OUT of news rooms–they are a toxic international mafia that was funded by a Jewish pimp and gangster, Meyer Lansky, and they manipulate journalists and all news coverage. Read the .pdf here “Was Meyer Lansky the Best Man in the Marriage Between the FBI and the ADL?

Then around the same time, a brave journalist named Terry Webster in Texas ( a major gang stalking zone) who writes for the Dallas Morning News, and the Fort Worth Weekly wrote about how “gangs” of police–county coroners, retired police, forensic cold case analysts, and the assorted–and sordid–flying monkey’s in their orbit–target people who question falsified or political coroners reports. You can see my coverage of that here, and here, and here.

And, of course, the lawsuits against individual stalkers who are affilliated with “gangs” on the internet are also coming forwards too. Use my search feature for ” gang stalking lawsuit,” and similar terms, most strikingly, how ROGS Analysis proves “who gang stalkers are” in the case of Ahmaud Arbery, murdered in cold blood by a ” gang” of current and former prosecutors, police, their relatives, and neighbors. Nearly 100% of all gang stalking involves these types of people, and I can replicate that (and I have replicated that result) in nearly 100% of all mass shootings, by “contact chaining” the names of people quoted in the media after these terrible events.

Onward, Ho! RIP, Gary, you inspire us all.

The FBI , CIA, military intelligence, the “deep state” and their dirty darlings in the Anti Defamation League had spied on and coo-opted dissent since forever, and has steadfastly waged combat on liberal black and white men who do not kowtow to their narrative. This is strikingly evident in the murders of black Ferguson MO activists, but Gary Webb came long before them.

Today, ROGS announces a new design for the award itself. You can have a look here:

Look at the strikingly realistic details, the day-glo shiny pigs! and the luscious real wood grain effect! The pointy little hoof tracks in the shit and mud–the strikingly realistic pig poop, designed by my master designer (who shall remain unnamed for her protection)! Two immaculately clean pigs, their dirt scrubbed 24-7 by the main stream media, and their dirty little piglet, symbolizing the security and surveillance state birthing a dirty anti-democratic world on us all, while chewing through the bottom of the trough they all feed at.
This adorable, dirty little no necked pig is the by-product of a sleeping democracy, rife with a two-tiered justice system that enables gang stalkers. Look at the pointy little hoof tracks they leave behind in all of their mayhem, especially mass shootings/butter knifings/car crashings, and FBI-ADL/KKK-K4 sponsored #manufacturedterrorism and controlled release incidents of anti-semitism
A closeup of those strikingly realistic wood grain effects! And the symbolism evokes the narrative of “Hopes and Prayers,” and “F@ck, those nail holes!!”every time a manufactured terrorism event happens in the US and around the world, because of these state sponsored gang stalkings, 100% of which involve current and retired military, military intelligence, or police and their assets.
Look closely –but not too closely!–Hey, am I looking in a mirror?!…..and notice that these images have been scrubbed. Then, notice that the trough is indeed chewed through at the bottom, just as pigs do in real life. Happy Porkin’! And please apply for the award as soon as you can scrub it clean of the FVEYs-CIA-DHS-FBI-ADL’s narrative! What is that type of narrative? See the image below:
That one time–just that one–where international banksters put on “blackface” to further their agendas.

This award was conceived many years ago as a tribute to Gary Webb, the brave award winning journalist who wrote “The Dark Alliance” about how Ronald Reagan’s CIA and its “Contra’s” were funneling crack cocaine to inner city African American’s. And of course, Gary was said to have shot himself in the head–with two bullets–after he complained that he was being gang stalked, with people climbing on his roof, etc.

While many targets frequently blame the FBI, as often as not, it is the CIA and its community assets, hard right religious groups, or the ADL and its allies pushing these events, and crafting bizarre narratives. You can read more about the award here.I specifically am not a fan of the ADL and its tentacles in narrative control, because this group is merely a spy ring for the One Percent (with evidence, and evidence, and evidence, and evidence, etc) that protects criminal syndicates and was responsible in large part for the targeting of every white or black male activist throughout history who rejects the idea of a “chosen people,” which is just racist, mystical, kabbalist bullshit.

To apply for this award, follow the links! Connect the Dots….!

*Proper names such as “internet cyber-stalking that leads to offline mayhem in an individuals personal life,” or “intelligence led predictive policing” or “colliding parallel investigations,” “Anti Defamation League sponsored cyberspace and community slander and stalking,” or any of the many other names for this activity.

This award no longer carries a stipend. This award is limited to the item seen in the photographs above. For terms and conditions, see, using the search feature, terms “Gary Webb Award for Excellence in Gang Stalking Journalism.”

This award is not to be confused with the Gary Webb Award for Press Freedom

3 thoughts on “The Gary Webb Award for Excellence in Gang Stalking Journalism announcement: A new trophy has been designed, and is ready for applicants. Submit your application ASAP

  1. Shoooot! Ghost journalist, I failed epically. I think I’ve just now navigated my scrolling to the details of the contest. Head to palm plant:) uhhhh

    Not to be confused with a v2 K plant! I’m so dang funny!!;)

    I was all caught up in the bovine artistry and like the dad says in my piece of pulp ,” I ran the rave but came up short”.

    Leave it to beave. Leave it alone. I might revise if I break from my first official clandestine noise campaign. You should really see some of my clips from my “ mockuseries” , a take off from the name of an 80’s movie but called “ Adventures in Gangstalking “.

    Sorry I am clearly incapable of following the simplest of contest rules. Probably why I’m an “ EI”.

    Ask ? Go on?

    An “ Ei” is an excluded individual. An individual of whom is often taken by a pensive sorrow because she’s clearly been excluded from the cool and “ covert protocols “ ( love saying that! ) of a proper gangstalking program. I haven’t been microwaved once. Not a single forceful recreational drug experimental hospital expedition. I’ve not had so much as an iota of this flash dancing mob. No color coordinated nothing. Only a few white cars in a row on a few occasions, and even then I think that was wishful mind control , of my own conditioning. No lasers. No wave fields. No wave lengths. No sound barrier breakage. No rape drones. No human trafficking. And I can’t even hear my V2 K…I keep telling my handler thru proxy to turn it the hell up …but she never does. So I’m convinced my ex could only afford the gangstalking economical package and that in fact, I’m not targeted. I’m excluded. It’s even harder when you are a TI that’s become an EI. No one has even gaslighted me or made any instability references , not any schizophrenic blabber tin efforts to revictimize me…I guess I’ll be forced to start my own club for the elusive and excluded victims of the economical version of gangstalking. I feel so alone…

    Haha;) that’ll be submission #2. Ok?

    Surething. Good night all you special victims of narcissistic spiritual warfare.



    1. LOL….economically friendly targeting. That IS funny.

      Well, yeah–then you probably aren’t an actual TI anymore. But you clearly have some PTSD residue, that’s for sure.

      As for rape drones, and brain beams, etc., yup, those are all fake TI’s mocking their victims. For example:
      -satellite brain meams= cell phone and wireless signal wiretaps
      -alien invasion=gang stalkers accessing a targets life without a warrant
      -drone rape= rape of a targets privacy via drones

      All of that is very real, and I have seen it with my own eyes/other surveillance/electronic software/photographs, etc.

      And many others are documenting it too.

      The fact that its “targeted” at any one person is what seems to be a sticking point for some reseearchers, but hey–the Dr. Lorraine Sheridan’s of the world all work hand in hand with the gangs of stalkers–nearly 100% of which are police, fire, military and their community assets.

      It’s not generally a good thing for you to mock TI’s in my opinion, but rather mock the #fakeTI’s who deserve it. These are who you are citing to when you talk about “drone rape” and so on because as you said, real TI’s–likely yourself–do not use such crackpot terminology, ever.


    2. You don’t know about Gary Webb? He had balls the size of the Pearl of LaoTzu.

      He is the guy who exposed the truth of the CIAs involvement in creating the cocaine epidemic of the 1980-90’s to finance its dirty wars in Latin America and elsewhere.

      He did that by sourcing solid leads, and second sourcing the CIA connection and he proved that they were indeed doing it. And, one of his sources was none other the Ricky “Freeway” Ross, the biggest cocaine dealer of all time .

      And for that, he won a Pulitzer Prize, and soon after? His own editors turned against him–taking heat from the deep state. A slander campaign ensued–deep state allied journo’s questioned if he had done enough to “prove” that the CIA did what he said they did–despite his own sources spending time in jail for these crimes, and naming names.

      He got gang stalked for it, they broke up his marriage, and the deep state journalists all turned against him and in his final years, he grew morose, as mystery stalkers climbed on his roof, and clambered up and down his drain pipes outside his house.

      According to some, he then carefully crafted a plan to suicide himself so that his family could get the life insurance–he was unemployable, and very isolated.

      And then, he killed himself–apparently–with two bullets to the head. Yup. Not one, but TWO .22 caliber bullets.

      He was not a good shot, apparently, but one of the ballsiest journo’s in all history. Had he been Jewish, he would not have suffered that fate, because that group of people are who primarily ran the character assasination campaign–it’s their specialty.Even today, deep state agency affilliated journalists were running his name through the mud when the movie came out:

      But good people (Jews included) say that was and still is the epitome of excellence in journalism, and to any of us who are NOT deep state con-artists and salespeople disguised as journalists, we try to do as he did, despite the obvious risks.

      SO, there you go. Gary Webb, American Hero; internationalist bankster mafia fall guy and targeted individual.

      Well, I will wait for your other comment to posyt before I respond to your poetry–but I did like the orgasm that you threw in there towards the end, something about how your cavity fills up with air, or something. Sexy, even if unintended as such.

      Funneling air backinto cavities is an unexpectedly erotic phrasing, very good, and all of that after stroking a spindle.

      Your writing needs some cleaning up (as does all of our stuff as writers) but generally–if you expand some of that into stories instead of trying to cram it into a poem/paean, it would probably be quite interesting. That Falconier to the Saints for example could be its own story damned nearly.

      I think most readers do not want to weed through too much personal metaphor, or personal references–it forces too many questions upon the reader.

      Lastly, I do not go on Facebook, and most other social media–my security settings label all of it as spyware and deep state malicious sites.”

      As for collaboration and so on, well, I am in no hurry for that with anyone, but am open to the idea of an editor who can get me published. As you see, I have started trickling out some characters here and there. As for communicating–yeah, I don’t give my IP to just anyone, ok?

      But that post link to works just fine on my end. We can talk there too.

      About the contest: the rules: its generally that you write about gang stalking, use the term gang stalking, and combine it with the term targeted individual.

      Most importantly, you must avoid the deliberately racist practices of Anti Defamation League type of journalism–you will see that they do in fact control a large part of”the narrative” by manipulating race as a a factor, or by hiding a zionist radicalism behind acceptable narrative.
      \For example, the Tampa Bay Times series “Targeted” featured journalists who are part of the the rigged game, because the One Percent will only hear that story from non-white males, and non-heterosexual black males, etc.

      The NGO’s that are in fact gangs of stalkers themselves have carefully crafted a narrative that favors gay story tellers–in fact the Black Lives Matter gang is now headed by a gay chick, who lives in a four milion dollar house, while black , hetrosexual male leaders from the Ferguson protests have all died in “mysterious suicides with one bullet in the head, and in a burning car.”

      So, yeah–writing about gang stalking has risks involved. The Tampa series was nearly risk free–no actual hard facts about targeting that were unknown at that time to many of us–and they carefully avoided the term “gang stalking” too–the ultimate no-no in these Masonic/NGO/police gangs is to use the proper name for it in public.

      And guess what? The writers went on to illustrious careers afterwards! Yay for controlled opposition!

      So, one must be courageous, like Webb–and gain support for bringing this practice to light.

      Gary Webb was on to the biggest story of his life, if he could have only known what gang stalking is, and documented THAT. He had enough credibility to do so, but he personally knew how batshit crazy these gangs of current and former police/military/firefighter mobsters are–Freemasonry on acid, covering over each others crimes at the highest levels.


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