Let My People Go! African Americans survive modern slavery, only to be enslaved again to ADL rhetoric and cultural co-option

I am not holding my breath waiting to find out whether the Anti Defamation League will ever have an African American; a LatinX, or a Nordic, Hindu;Jain; Zoroastrian; Palestinian, First People’s, or other leader for their organization, because it will never happen.

Yet that organization has managed to infiltrate and “word police” every other NGO, with the assistance of the police powers of every country they operate in. Most famously, they destroyed the reputation of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People by using zionist puppets like the white Rachel Dolezal to head up its branches. Its quite striking how black organizations have all been taken over by the LGBTQcetera community, or white people, as Ferguson activist Darren Seals noted just before he was murdered.

SO, no small surprise that we see these bizarre events unfolding all over the world–and especially in the USA, where that organization runs “the narrative” in the press afterwards; and we are seeing that now with the Winthrop, Massachusetts shooting too, where their pointy hoof tracks are all over that story.

Some guy is smashed into an ADL-FBI profile after intensive online and likely offline surveillance, and then, decides to flip his ordinary life on its head, and steal a truck, and “target” two black people who just happen to fit the profile of “gang stalkers.” What a coincidence!

While the evidence indicates that thse two victims lived in the area, the evidence is less clear whether or not he drove to that location specifically to target them, and the smalle real estate office that he destroyed–and for which the owners–who were “coincidentally not there” the day of the event will get paid handosomely for the insurance–these stories beg further analysis.

One victim, David Green, a retired state trooper, and the other Ramona Cooper:”During Cooper’s time in the Air Force, she served as a staff sergeant in the Lebanon conflict.”

Normally, I raise my hands and declare a ROGS Bingo when I see the phrase “Lebanon conflict” pop up in one of these bizarre narratives, because that indicates “CIA liaison” or a similar position. I mean–what Lebanon conflict? The CIA manufactured one, the Mi6 operations there, or the Mossad manufactured “Lebanon Conflict?” SO many questions, lol.

What the agencies, and NGOs, and organizations like Google’s Jigsaw and other programs are doing is micro-managing peoples activity online, and passing that data between spy agencies, and community policing agencies too. Then, they are stalking these guys offline in real life. It worked so well in Israel with all of that Hezbollah/Hamas manufactured terror, why not just try it in the “freedom loving USA!”

Here, the ADL armchair quarterbacks one of its successful “radicalizations online,” and plugs its version of racial reality, and Jane Q. Publix–and African American’s none-the-wiser.

,But not all people are insane racist psychopaths–my favorite quote comes from one of the relatives at the memorial for Dave Green:

I don’t believe there’s any such thing as a hate crime*, and any time someone does something violent to somebody, that’s a crime,” said Aria Green. “Don’t focus on that. Focus on my brother’s legacy, which was the people that loved him, and how he loved people.”

*The ADL is the modern equivalent of the “Pharisees” in the bible, and they are the beast that has pushed that narrative of “hate” masking its own hate for centuries across the globe, and causing similar riotous mayhem. The story of “The Golem of Prague” is instrumental to understand how they do it, generation after the next. Nathan Allen was a Golem, with a piece of paper stuck in his mouth until he was silenced.

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