I just turned in a terrorist report–to a foreign government!

It’s impossible to report terrorism to any of the FVEYs nations, because their “countering violent extremism” programs are all run by–you guessed it–religious fanatics and terrorists.

UPDATE: This post is increasingly popular, surpassing the posts about the “gang stalking of Everton Brown,” which clearly demonstrate how American Jews are involved in gang stalking “targeted individuals.” For a good laugh, read those posts, using my search engine and search language ” ADL” and/or Everton Brown in Baltimore. Zionists are all over the map in these terror-creation events.

Just a short cruise through several of the recent mass shootings and other mayhem in America reveals that “intelligence led predictive policing” is directly connected to the “manufacturing of terrorism.”

SO, I turned the “Evening’s 12 mafia” and ” Sweet Caitlin” and especially the “Gnostic Knights of the Sacred 13’s” spy rings over to responsible authorities, because the FVEYs nations simply need help, because they cannot seem to stop this endless stream of terror across the world–because it’s them, their tribalist religious mobs, and theiranti-democratic “manufactured terrorism” programs doing it. I am going to make these toxic online bullies and offline spies “homeless,” if I can.

I started my report with the IP addresses of the recent spying activity, named a few cities, and asked them to confirm or deny the location and its specific, military and academic servers. Then I described the “contact chain” that led to these IP’s and several other features of those who have initiated the event(s) I described later. IP’s: 115.218.xx.xx and “that one guy/Gal” from Covina, CA, at 47.157.xx.xx were particularly interesting, but I will not reveal why at this time.

Now: because there is a mass shooting, or incel “movement” butter knife wielding incident every other day now, and the beleaguered Jewish-christian societies cannot figure out “why?!” and all of the hopes-n-prayers in the world cannot seem to save these innocent people from this onslaught!! , I am taking a unique approach to this round of gang stalking.

Whereas once, we were sold a bill of goods that nebulous and crazed bomb-vest wearing middle eastern terrorists are going to take over the world; and now, that ever-morphing definition of “terrorism” is increasingly cast upon white and black American men–and particularly on people who do not follow western religious cult ideologies, due process free social “conventions” that are not laws, and that social programs in the form of spy gear given to Andy Taylor and his band of local do-gooders cannot seem to stop the chaos something must be done to stem the tide of terrorism emanating from the west!

Quaint western Towne’s (and their slathering real estate agents)like Arvada CO, asks “Wow! How did two mass shooting events “just happen” in our Happy Little Towne!? We are trying so hard to utilize all of that “predictive policing” to prevent these kinds of events! And still, these bad guys just HATE western style police and the “intelligence tactics” derived from the CIA et al, which are demonstrably behind these events ! We simply cannot figure it out….!” And all of that as federal manufactured terrorism dollars, and private donor dollars flow their way after these “just happened” events. Search this visual database and list of mass shootings in the USA to see how well “predictive policing” is NOT working to keep the peace.

And the mayhem behind all of those guys who were “on the FBI radar” long before they went ballistic is interesting too: guys like (manufactured terrorist and ADL controlled asset) Cesar Sayok, and (manufactured terrorist) Omar Mateen, and (manufactured butt grabber and “terrorist) Scott “the Groper” Bierele–I can’t imagine why these things “just happen!

Have a look for yourself how alleged Pulse Nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, whose father was an FBI informant AND a CIA asset, “got off of the FBI’s radar,” and they kicked him into the arena of organized stalkers, community assets and “private security contractors”who mobilize covertly to stalk and mercilessly harass people.

Or how Arvada, CO’s Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa was “on the radar” too. So was the FedEx shooter, and here are 18 more times someone went ballistic , or who became a car crashing maniac after being stalked by “community policing mobs” were also “on the FBI’s radar.” Time and again, while its easy to blame the FBI for its complicity, and *wink-wink* blind eyes, it is not the FBI actually doing the stalking and harassment of these guys.

No–the “spy rings” I name above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this form of spying, and manufacturing of events, and “contact chaining” the names of people online who claim to be victims frequently reveals both actual victims and actual gang stalkers, as I have demonstrated repeatedly, and thihttps://researchorganizedgangstalking.org/category/dvic-and-organized-gang-stalking/s contact chaining and the linked persons that I discovered are mentioned in my recent report too. Remember: nearly 100% of cases of gang stalking are in fact current, and retired military, military intelligence, police, and their community assets doing the stalking.

And, there is a right way, and a wrong way to document and report gang stalking, aka domestic terrorists who hide behind the color of law, aka, those who utilize “community policing” and break the law while doing it.Here are tips about that here, here, here, and then here to view the narratives of #fakeTI’s and others, and a blogroll of credible narratives to compare it to..

The irony of this type of activity–the targeted harassment of US citizens who have no one to turn to after they are harassed–and the FBI turning a blind eye to this exact social engineering that is a causal agent in mass shootings–and this, happening in a so-called “democracy” is pathetic. But it certainly is not unprecedented, as we see this program starting(or being revealed) as early as the 1950’s in the USA.

The US has the most expensive, expansive, intrusive, and persistent spying machine ever built, anywhere, by any government–HOW DO THESE THINGS JUST KEEP HAPPENING!!!???

Terror Events Happen Because Western Policing Is Now Fully Integrated With Intelligence Agencies, and “Black Operations.” They are no longer democracies in any sense of the word, and are in fact, police states, by the very definition of the term.

Related Story: In the USA a lot of state sponsored torture flies under the radar of the public, because its seldom written about in the press. An d it happens because of something called “qualified immunity” which is an unconstitutional practice.Even Guantanamo Bay mind control and torture center doesn’t get any press these days, as if its not important. I suspect that maybe Catholics are in power, or running the Supreme Court or something, lol. Beyond the cryptic, and Masonic murder of George Floyd, which brought a spotlight to these practices, not much else makes the press. But torture is part of American policing now, as opposed to merely inept policing, where a couple cops set a guy on fire, using their Taser’s as a virtual flamethrower (.pdf here). Here is just one example, where a police deputy puts handcuffs on a guy causing him to have his hand amputated-and probably that district is financed by private donations to police forces in the form of Saudi oil dollars.

In fact, most terror events across the world can be directly attributed to FVEYs nations, their intelligence agencies, and their “targeted individual programs,” exactly as we see how intrusive and brutal these programs are, in the Pulitzer Prize winning series “Targeted” by the Tampa Bay Times–and it was their 13th Pulitzer too, lol. Those 12’s and 13’s are everywhere you look in gang stalking, and narrative control, aka “gatekeeping” of narratives.

UNfortunately, that series used what I call an “Israelified narrative” which did not go any deeper than the ADL and its purposes, for example, failed to investigate the many mass shootings in Florida where “targeted individuals” went on shooting rampages after the police system failed them, most famously Myron May and Scott”the Groper” Beierle who were not what could be called “sympathetic subjects” of main stream bobble head styled reporting.

So–Say Their Names!

*SIGH* So what’s a good citizen to do?! Maybe, good citizens can apply for the prestigious Gary Webb Award for Excellence in Gang Stalking Journalism. You can see that award below, but the most important criterion to meet is that the writer must be objective–not under the influence of either right or left wing (or horshoe shaped) politics, because Gary Webb himself experienced well documented and MASSIVE gang stalking directly traceable to the CIA and its hand maidens in the media industry:

These little pig sare just a “mirror reflection” away from discovering how the CIA-FBI-private contractor alliance creates mass shootings and other mayhem, as the people say “we get the pork that we pay for!”

Well, as you might have guessed, I have also uncovered part of another spy ring too, and they have tentacles that run from Colorado and the Ueblackornot Klan , to Nevada’s Jose Campos heroism!, And of course, to several Asian Pacific Rim countries via “Justice Missionaries” too.You can sort through my garbage, and my followersand look at my listed “friends and followers” for evidence of that, but I have turned that evidence over to responsible governments, who are NOT doing these things to “people.”.

My own government and it’s incredibly expensive, incredibly intrusive, and ever-present monitoring of targeted individuals is simply inefficient, by design, but also masterfully, and carefully building a narrative, one bad brick at a time, master “architechts ” that they are. Fuck–Mike Pompeo, former CIA head, Bill Barr, Trumps go to guy–and James “Your Fired” comey, and the CIA’s devil in disguise John Brennan, et al before them—all of them are Opus Deists. Let me know when you start seeing connections patterns, lol!

So, see you later WZ and HC, and, as usual, we’ll keep the light on for ya’, even in your own country, where here at least, I can get you jailed, or worse! And, maybe trace your webs of connections, which is much more interesting than the latter project.

2 thoughts on “I just turned in a terrorist report–to a foreign government!

  1. I know ur hatred to the Islam I’m a Muslim live in a Muslim country and they’re the most hypocrite ppl I have ever dealt with in my life they’re monsters basically and greedy they have no shame in harming the innocent for the sake of Masonic agenda , even if the price is his or her freedom and human rights I have been the one reaching out to all official organisations that were made to help and support humans that is if I’m considered one I’m starting to doubt it. They all refuse to help , the lawyers refuse to give even a legal advice , I decided to leave relocate , the evil person behind all that he’s a devil and looks it he’s in cohoots with the gov among other gov. Around the world that includes ur beloved US they’re all exploiting me everything u can think of just like always did to Afghanistan’s and to kuwait my country and to Saudi , I know they’re all gaining money out of my misery blood money no one is innocent in this game they’re all implementing the masons plan to rule the world N enslave ppl by controlling their Brain so don’t act like ur country is innocent cause probably most companies that are exploiting me are from the US HI TEC and Chinese and the pharmaceutical we shudnt exclude them , I agree on some other f wat u said but it’s not only those that are pretending to be Muslims and are masons undercover .


    1. Rasha–
      I do not hate Muslims, I cannot imagine why you said that. I generally despise all religions, because as an atheist/humanist/non-theist, I recognize that ALL gang stalking is perpetrated by the religious in our societies.

      Yes, it is a Masonic agenda, and yes, it is they are all in cahoots, yes the Big Pharma link is there, and yes, US High Tech is at the center of these schemes. In the USA they run all of these targeted individual programs from Fusion Centers, which are a form of political repression.

      You can see the results of the Fusion Center harassment in our elections–elctions ar not rigged at the ballot box per se–they are rigged from Fusion Centers spying on our attempts to organize politically.

      And its worse than anything Stalin ever did.

      My advice? Maybe move to Russia or China and find a job there, using the skills and the knowlege about western culture (or your own cultures) to advance their capitalist structures, because their “communist” societies have already overcome these things that your country and the west are now enduring at the hands of the “banksters.”

      In other words–communism is just starting in the USA and perhaps your country, whereas so-called communist countries are thriving in a new form of capitalism. Try moving there.


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