Narrative control and gang stalking–let’s genuflect a bit: SURPRISE! Christine Sarteschi goes on the record discussing black “gangs*” of “Moors,” as newsdogs remain clueless about subtext

Too dumb for Democracy?

Social worker Christine Sarteschi eats her own toe jam, one more time–after biting through her own high heels previously by denying that gangs of police exist, and that they stalk people, and deliberately “cause” the appearance of mental illness, in today’s story:

The Headline: “Creepy Trend That Sparked a Highway Standoff With a Black Militia,”

….and the “sovereign citizen” movement that questions “high heeled policing and the religious conceived, due process free, anti-democratic Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC)”–and all of that in a nation that has more petty laws that criminalize ordinary behaviors and especially “free speech”–more than any Communist nation ever–, as ROGS reminds us: right and left wing white women (and their black and brown “others” who are trained to think like they do, are trained to “feel creepy” about anything that invokes due process of law, distrust of police, control of the narrative, or equal rights under the constitution.

See this case for clear evidence of that, where a guy used security camera’s to film people who were stalking him, and vandalizing his cars. He ended up dead, as white females(who moved in next door to him) narrated the event afterwards, smearing him as a lecher and more, despite the fact that the MSM interviews clearly discussed how he was harassed with “Freemason pranks.

The lede is buried of course, and it should read “Two white women once again frame black men who invoke rights in any fashion as “Very Emmet Till-ish and whoo! Scary! and feelz provoking! Maybe RAAAAAAAAAPE is IMMINENT!!!!,” and they get away with it every time because, yeah: white, and Jewish narrative, coupled in the unholy lekk of right wing gender framing of “all women” as damsels in distress.

So ROGS asks: Are black (and blackened) men still struggling to throw off the yolk of white female privileged narratives, and Jewish narrative control that seeks supremacy over their struggle century after century?

Lets ask a couple of these literal white snowflakes:

“I’ve noticed it more,” Christine Sarteschi, author of a book on the sovereign-citizen movement, told The Daily Beast of Moorish sovereign citizens. “That might suggest it is [growing], but it’s hard to say with certainty.”

Rachel Goldwasser, a research analyst with the Southern Poverty Law Center, likewise said the movement’s size was difficult to gauge. “It’s hard to say whether there are more Moors, but I can say a number are active at this time,” she told The Daily Beast.

Most of my readers will remember that Christine Sarteschi is a “gang stalking denialist,” meaning that she, like her compatriot of white womanism (and right wing feminism in general) Dr. Lorraine Sheridan “deny” that police “stalk” people, and use “electronic weapons” on them, as we saw in the many years long stalking of Ahmaud Arbery by a now-indicted “gang” of police, retired police, prosecutors, and their associates and relatives.

And no matter how many privileged dindonuffin’ white women with police friendly PhD’s cover for these police atrocities, it is still possible to fight back against gangs of police and their Masonic gang stalking–look what Arbery’s mother did–she traced the webs of connections between these monsters, using OSINT in order so that decent police and decent prosecutors could finally prosecute the case; and that is exactly what ROGS advises all victims of gang stalking to do too

Ahmaud Arbery’s Mother Wanda Cooper-Jones Used Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and ROGS Analysis to Trace a Gang of Stalkers, Leading to a Gang Stalking Lawsuit and Prosecution:

Wanda Cooper-Jones: There was a Greg McMichael as a friend. 

A Facebook friendship between then prosecutor George Barnhill and Gregory McMichael. 

Lee Merritt: Wanda Cooper-Jones did her homework, found connections.

Merritt says Wanda also discovered Barnhill’s son had a connection to Gregory McMichael. They had both worked together in DA Jackie Johnson’s office. 

You can find those connections between these people and trace gangs of stalkers, who can be prosecuted too, just like Ahmauds mom did.

But yet again, there you have it: a gang of white cops and their allies murders a guy, including using an actual “electronic weapon” on him, and the white females cannot seem to call it what it is.

And, Sarteschi is on my “sourcewatch” list too, because she is herself a “gang stalker” in the form of a psychological forensic analyst. She pops up here in a Canadian Broadcasting piece(follow the source watching Christine Sarteschi link) where some “women’s empowerment” publicity campaign utilizes bizarre language to describe the experience of actual gang stalking targets–none of whom complain about “electronic brain zapping and mind reading locusts, ” or other pure psychobabble.

Keep in mind that these people–this gang of police– tried electrocute Arbery with a Taser with ZERO pretext whatsoever, two years before they finally murdered him in cold blood, and that, after they tried to run him over with a car.

And now, that bitch gets free PR for smearing black men EVEN MORE, as nutters. Yup. I am eating my popcorn now, remembering that fat, white DHS cow who stalked me through my classroom where “Paolo Freire'” was the order of the day, and noting that these types are the problem, not the solution–get them out of your social movements, ASAP.

*there is a narrative building in the press that “frames” black men who seek autonomy from the DVIC and its due process free kangaroo courts as nutters, once again manipulating the image of black men as “apes” who cannot fathom law.

And here, we see a state police chief discussing how these “black savages” actually quite cleverly got ahead of the “white women and police” narrative, and he even calls it a “narrative.”

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