How to Catch a Gang of Stalkers: The Wanda Cooper-Jones method works, to initiate gang stalking lawsuits

Wanda Cooper-Jones’ son Ahmaud Arbery was murdered by a gang. The prosecutor refused to prosecute the gang, because they are part of that gang.

ROGS Analysis posits that nearly 100% of all gang stalking is done by current and former military, police, and intelligence agents, and their webs of connections. Wanda Cooper-Jones found those connections, using open source intelligence and “contact chaining” to get that gang prosecuted.

Gang stalking lawsuits and prosecutions, from CBS News and 48 Hours, the case of Ahmaud Arbery and a gang of stalkers that tried to electrocute him, two years before they finally gunned him down in cold blood:

Attorneys for the three White men accused of killing a Black Georgia jogger offer a surprising defense

Wanda Cooper-Jones: I asked him did he know what happened to my son, I said, “Do you know what happened?” And he said very nonchalantly that Ahmaud was shot more than once with a shotgun.   

She says she kept pushing for answers.

Wanda Cooper-Jones: He was speaking to me like Ahmaud had did something wrong. 

Akeem Baker: The DA’s office was giving her the runaround. 

Baker says that’s what Wanda believed when she went online in mid-March to learn for herself everything she could about Barnhill. It was on his Facebook page that she turned up some potentially explosive information.  

Wanda Cooper-Jones: There was a Greg McMichael as a friend. 

A Facebook friendship between then prosecutor George Barnhill and Gregory McMichael. 

Lee Merritt: Wanda Cooper-Jones did her homework, found connections.

Merritt says Wanda also discovered Barnhill’s son had a connection to Gregory McMichael. They had both worked together in DA Jackie Johnson’s office. 

Wanda Cooper-Jones: So, I knew that all these people were all connected together. 

….follow the links, connect the dots! Read more about connecting webs of gang stalkers here

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