Did Nathan Allen target some people who were stalking him? ROGS Analysis predicts that K4 diversity gangs do indeed stalk people–and that the people he gunned down were not “coincidentally” in that area, at that time.

When I began researching gang stalking, I had no idea where to start, but the usual online and offline mayhem that I had endured as a college newspaper editor, from 2003 at the beginning of the “War On Terror” was as good a place as any.

In those days, I was writing controversial material that challenged the War On Terror (WOT) and its false pretext, brutality, and anti-constitutional methodology. I challenged the highly gendered Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) and the programs that had preceded the WOT, such as the Bill Clinton Citizens On Patrol (COPS) programs, and other fascist initiatives–and I was gang stalked in force from thereon, which is predictable, because that’s what the right wing does.

Related Story: Israeli-American convicted of terrorizing US Jews and others with thousands of fake bomb threats,

We see that the vast majority of “dehumanization” tactics–like kneeling on peoples necks–are the direct result of US cops training in Israel. And people want to defund the police, because they are training in Israel, and using Talmudic tactics to dehumanize dissenters. So, its a natural step forward to defund police, bt also, to end their reliance on free paid junkets to Israel, where they learn these terror creating tactics.

But most strikingly, I was personally stalked, spied on and attacked by members of the various Jewish groups such as the ADL and the Jewish Federation, et al which was quite a development. I met my first CIA “handlers” in that era, and even had Israeli IDF soldiers follow me around in the USA; and as we see in my other writings, I have clearly named Mossad agents too, who “followed” me on Twitter, or elsewhere. I have named those people elsewhere too, some of whom were 1960’s “radicals” or professors who were on the FBI or other police agency payroll, and an endless army of FBI/DHS informants spies and snitches; and unsurprisingly, someone who trained in the USAF during the height of the MKULTRA era too.

At times, my homes and belongings were ransacked, and often, my collection of pamphlets, and books–or my reporters notes were targeted–and materials that documented Jewish-FVEYs interests state sponsored terrorism against the Palestinians were taken too.

So, I am well aware of how those inbred, pig excrement eating bastards are indeed organized as stalkers, and allowed–indeed are encouraged to do what they do by police. So, yeah–Dr. Sheridan “the authorities are in on it” thick as thieves and fat as pigs. Any sensible person knows this, but not Dr.s David V. James, Lorraine Sheridan, or Christine Sarteschi who write study after study denying that gang stalking is “real,” and cannot seem to see the linkage–“for some reason,”as others are now calling gang stalking what it is, and waging various lawsuits too, such as the Pasco County Florida cases coming forwards, because that areas sheriff, Chris Nocco actually runs a “targeted individual program.”

SO, I rightly began to surmise that Horseshoe Theory is in fact a real thing–that in the Horseshoe narrative, both the right and the left are essentially the same group of terrorists, because heads up radical zionism wins, heads down, everyone else loses. While many state that these are distinctly different, because the right wing essentially hates Jews, no actual evidence can be found for that claim, because they are united on the right more than ever before since 9-11; and all of their religious mythologies and cults stem from the same sources too.

So I am well acquainted with who these domestic terrorists are. Have a look at “Horseshoe Theory for Morons” if you are in doubt. But Jews and militancy are indeed a real thing, as is “radicalization” due to harassment by those militant Jews, this idea of “radicalization” is the byproduct of their endless harassment of their targets, who eventually come to despise them, and seek other answers elsewhere.

So, a reminder about the horseshoe: in the image below, just scrawl the epithet “ADL” on both sides of the horseshoe tips:

Ooooops. Wrong horseshoe, hold on a minute….

This one, that’s it.

Just scrawl “ADL” on BOTH sides, exploiting race at all times. In the theory, communism is at the farthest reach on the left, and fascism is on the right. Having experience in both systems, I can tell you that Horseshoe Theory only applies in highly dysfunctional fake-democracies like we see in the USA and its FVEYs partners. While that organization is not alone in infiltrating the left, as we see with the ultra-conservative #MeToo movement, and the meme mysoginy splashed everywhere, I awoke to the fact that people I was taught to love and trust and believe in** often are indeed the bad guys.

The San Bernardino case is one where that pattern is extremely clear, as Sayed Farook targeted a loud mouthed bigot named Nicholas Thalasinos at their workplace who repeatedly, and aggressively targeted Farook and others with endless religion tainted harassment, and who was in fact a “Messianic Jew*,” preaching that strange gospel. All of these types of events are encouraged by racist Jewish groups like the ADL and its spawn, and make no mistakes these bastards target Jews too, as we see with the never-ending harassment of Stanley Cohen and other Jews who repudiate their hateful doctrines.

Simply put, “they” are what is described from ancient times as “the Pharisees” and their methods are documented in the Torah and the christian bible(s)–the entire western narrative is exactly that, for millennia, and it is “them” that societies seek to eradicate, limit, or expel, century after century, because of their racist practices of stalking people who do not submit to their narrative, or their beliefs in their racial superiority, called the “Doctrine of Superior People,” which is nothing less that Jewish supremacy.

That said, lets look at the case of Nathan Allen, the “apex predator” as he meets the after death body punch of the ADL sponsored gang stalkers, a police department that seeks credibilitywith them, and then, the private cash and free paid junkets to the middle east that they are known to “donate” through “philanthropy” aka “bribery.”

So, they spin the narrative, like little Rumplestiltskin’s, using other people’s labor. Here below are some of the words that Nathan Allen is alleged to have written in his diaries–and note how curiously the narrative states that “48 hours after he wrote this” he went o a rampage. I for one, ask “how did “they” know he was writing this, and how did “they” know he was writing it 48 hours before his rampage?”

Those are important questions, yeah?

According to the Suffolk County DA, who has published “Nathan Allen, In His Own Words” on their website, he wrote:

“Racism is healthy and natural. And holding it in is bad for you.  Consider this my Rx. F**k n**gers.” 

On the last page of “The Allen Diaries” he ends with the following:“Jesus Christ I hate n**gers. I hope I can turn Audrey to the truth or her to me. But I f**king doubt it. When will it all pop off?”

Less than 48 hours later, he violently took two lives and changed those families and the Town of Winthrop forever.

Yeah, that’s some pretty classic racist stuff. Let’s compare it to this, from the Jewish Talmud,

* “The ‘goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b)

* “If you eat with a ‘goy’ it is the same as eating with a dog.” (Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b)

* “Even the best of the ‘goyim’ should all be killed.” (Soferim 15)

* “Sexual intercourse between the ‘goyim’ is like intercourse between animals.” (Sanhedrin 74b)

* “When it comes to a Gentile in peace times, one may harm him indirectly, for instance, by removing a ladder after he had fallen into a crevice.” (Shulkan Arukh, Yoreh De ‘ah, 158, Hebrew Edition only)

Yikes….I know, right? Let that sink in a bit….

So, racism and a race supremacist narrative is the gift “they” have been giving since biblical times, and even today. And, the evidence is there that the two people who Allen murdered fit the profile of gang stalkers who are radicalized by these types of people. From my research, the multi-cultural organizations have all been weaponized, and groups like the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)–which was founded by a Jewish guy– and other organizations waving the diversity banners are highly involved in gang stalking now, just as the KKK once was.

Lets look further at the script that is being run in these events:

While investigators do not know what Nathan Allen’s ultimate destination was, Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins noted that there was a synagogue within two miles of the attack.

“I am confident saying that there was hate in this man’s heart,” she told reporters in a press conference.

Several white neighbors were also in the street, according to a Boston Globe report, but were left physically unharmed.

“They are alive, and these two visible people of color are not,” Rollins said

So, why don’t the police look for connections there? Because they are literally “in on it,” starting at everyone’s internet switch, which is likely how they–and the various Jewish groups who use radicalizing software like Moonshot CVE to monitor speech online.

ADL Partnered With Moonshot CVE to Monitor Online Speech, in direct defiance against every single declaration of human rights to privacy, and in direct contradiction of “commercial transaction” have positioned themselves between online and technology subscribers everywhere. They do not merely “passively monitor” speech either–indeed the aggressively police speech online, they have entire troll armies that stalk and harass speakers, and they submit endless reports to police about bad words that they do not like. They aggressively send police and other stalkers to monitor people offline too.

And, they even have an APP for that!

SO, these “anti-semtic events” don’t just pop up out of a shoebox, because they are preceded by intensive monitoring and stalking by these types of groups, in full participation with police. The narrative filtering of mass shooting events is a profound indicator that something is amiss in the actual facts of these events, almost as if they are being written by hidden authors. But who are “they” and why do people overlook that?

Riggggghhhhht. YOU RACIST! But whatever you do, don’t hate Jews en masse–hate people and groups that hate you, and will stalk and kill you. Radical, and radicalizing zionists are everywhere in every religion in the Jewish-christian cultural confabulation. That’s your real enemy. And they are indeed everywhere in these events.

So, what makes a fairly pasty white guy go ballistic one day, throw away his life with a beautiful new wife, and toss away his newly minted PhD., as he “somehow” decides to steal a box truck and go on a rampage? Shit “just happens,” right? Well, your guess is not as good as mine, because I know what happened there, and now, so do you. He was gang stalked until he targeted those who were targeting him.

And that is my opinion, until someone can provide evidence answering the question “why” those two retired military and state police officers “just happened to be there” at that very non-coinciental moment.

*Messianic Jews are fake Jews more or less. They are what is called “a reaction formation”that is the direct byproduct of the endless racism and racializing that the Pharisee sect uses as a tool of cultural conquest.

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