Manufacturing the “white domestic terrorist” and gang stalking that starts in college: its the “K4 diversity mobs” doing it

A lot of gang stalking starts in college. And the recent shooting in Winthrop MA, where Nathan Allen shot some “black bystanders” was likely a case of that.

Lets re-examine a case of “cry-bullying” that made its way into the MSM during the capitol riots, where the FBI staged a riot using 12 informants/provocateurs who posed as “altRight” radicals to stir the political pot in the USA–and make no mistake, the USA is indeed a police state by definition BECAUSE the FBI and their little cowardly helpers in the ADL are at all times actively manipulating the public’s politics and perceptions.Nothing to see here–this has been what that agency has done since its inception, as it is little more than a bank-backed political police entity, and this has been evident since more citizens have more access to media than ever before in history.

Related Story: The FBI, and the ADL have long been united in racializing “the narrative” thus occluding insight into their own racist motivations, as well as actively stalking activists and dissidents into radical actions, and Martin Luther KIng’s case demonstrates how “gangs” of “stalkers” work together in this fashion. King, for instance had the US Army Intelligence stalking his family for three generations, as did Malcolm X, along with the predictable “gang” of FBI/CIA/ADL/KKK too, literally following them around. The gangs might appear to be of different affiliations, but ATEOD they are all united in racial narratives. The narratives of today include new races and new faces, but the tactics are the same.

So, lets first revisit a post wrote around that time, where I outed a CIA aspirant named Oona Flood, who was active in “framing” a narrative about one of those protesters. From “Taking on “the narrative” at its root: How the CIA and other agencies use early recruitment of children to “manage perception.” Gang stalking case studies in eutrapilia,”lets look at how white males are being stalked in colleges across the USA, long before they “go ballistic” as happened with Scott Bierele, or Jared Loughner, or even Seung Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech mass shooter.

What do these men have in common? They all took a stand for the second amendment in their school writings; or in the case of Jared Loughner, he criticized the overwhelmingly Jewish influence in publishing and academia, as regards what is called “classic literature,” being pushed on students; and a great deal of that written by authors affiliated directly with the CIA and other intel agencies..

From “Taking on the narrative at its root, I identified someone who stalked a white male, and reported him to police because he believed in the 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms:

The average observer in the general public is never made aware that these narrators are “handled” for long periods of time before they ever become sources, or pundits, but we see their presence in the media, and they are especially traceable and identifiable after mass shooting events, as I chronicled above and elsewhere. In this narrative, we also see “politcal policing” that starts by targeting and monitoring a white male in a college setting, and a few other points from ROGS Analysis too.

I have written about these college gang stalking events many times, and clear patterns indicate that a lot of gang stalking begins in college. Here is one example where I wrote about Professor Fuck Your Life Finklestein on my deplatformed blog, and there are thousands more examples online that state similar claims–that Jewish-socialist/zionist gangs operate at that level of narrative formation.

Here is another odd case of that, as a crazy Japanese woman, Jane Bauer claims that Presidents Scholar Dr. Jan English-Leuck of San Jose State University had her 5150’d because she had the hots for her, and that Bauer had her locked up because 1. Bauer is a lesbian, and 2. that anthropology departments are a HUGE CIA front for social engineering. The writer provides evidence, and names, and more–I tend in her direction, believing what she writes, and yet, because sh constantly invokes Catholic Theology, and prayer–I tend to believe that she is a “nun” covertly waging social engineering herself, and her refugee staus indicates as much.

And yes–some of these cases are very strange indeed, especially those that are written by lesbians, because a lot of the gang stalking disinformation is actually lesbians claiming that satellites are zapping their genitals and so on. And unsurprisingly, many of those lesbians are indeed very close to the narrative itself, assisting the CIA/FBI/Silicon Valley Tech with “framing” narratives.

Read It: Gregory Bateson and three fourths of the worlds anthropologists were funded by the CIA, and his famous “double bind” experiments are all over the map in modern narratives, laden with binary choices.

Unsurprisingly, English-Leuck does indeed have an intense interest in Silicon Valley, having studied/handled the families of that region for three decades; and she is a Margaret Mead scholar too. It cannot be forgotten that Mead was in fact agency affiliated, as was her husband Gregory Bateson, famous for his “double bind” experiments on dolphins, and they were part of the early CIA explorations into social engineering, and trance formation, via the hiring of anthropologists to study human behavior all around the world.

And, as we see the rise of the LGBTQcetera movement around the world, no small surprise that there is a tension–indeed a war–on heterosexuality. These double binds are EXACTLY what gang stalking is too, as victims complain that there is nowhere to turn to because indeed, as we see time and time again, the authorities and academics and psychologists are “in on it” at every turn.

But there are actual victims stories connected to these people, and the emergent arch enemy of them all is the heterosexual white male, followed closely by the heterosexual black man, as we saw with Everton Brown.

3 thoughts on “Manufacturing the “white domestic terrorist” and gang stalking that starts in college: its the “K4 diversity mobs” doing it

  1. Can you contact me with your Telegram or Signal number? I’m a former blackhat hacker and a victim of gangstalking by the FBI and CIA from 2018-2019. I have information for you.


    1. Hi, John, I will look into it. I don’t get involved with blackhat stuff though–only ethical hacking for me, lol.

      But there is one small problem: both Telegram and Signal have been backdoored, right?


    2. Leave a comment at my blog, and an email in yaddayadda(at)(at)yadda (dot)com format. I will contact you.

      Your case is from 2020, right? I will move ahead and re-publish your story, because I have similar questions about what Seymour Hirsch called an extra-judicial assassination scheme by the same agencies.

      Mass shooters are part of that.


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