Moore v. Edwards, Moore V. Jim H. Johnson and Moore V. Union County Mississippi, and other gang stalking lawsuits: let’s round ’em up.

Richard Moore runs the North Mississippi Anti-Gang Stalking group on Facebook. And he is suing a gang of stalkers, who he is carefully investigating, photographing, and documenting in many ways. I have urged him to “go deeper,” and use “electronic weapons”to fight back.

Take a look at these posts linked below, where I document how targeted individuals can indeed fight back against gang stalkers, using research, social media monitoring, open source intelligence, and free tools that private investigators and journalists and police use every day to wage “investigations.”

Moore’s lawsuits are the result of patience, and are a measured result after he endured years of anti-constitutional gang stalking. Much as we see in the case of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery by a gang of prosecutors, current and retired police, their relatives, and neighbors, these gangs feel somehow “empowered” to act outside the law, and to stalk, harass individuals who have been convicted of, or even accused or suspected of crimes. They create a situation of “neverending” harassment, and constant suspicion.

The irony of course, is that what gang stalkers are doing is itself illegal. Their actions are the actions of criminals. But the gang stalking paradigm shifts the burden of proof onto the victims, a totally inverse legal system: the courts are egregiously expensive, and impossible to access in cases of “civil conspiracy of deprivation of rights,” and many other statutes that are written to protect victims, but that fail them at every turn due to the expensive inaccessible court systems. because so much of what they do would be costly to prove in court.

Further complicating things is the fact that late 1980’s era white feminists are very active stalkers themselves, and have at many points tried to control the narrative of stalking in order to reflect their own image–and they are all over the gang stalking dialectic online yammering about “electronic weapons” and so on. Examples include psychobabblers who ramble on about lizard people and “directed energy weapons,” such as anti-pornography crusaders like Dr. Tomo Shibata and her enablers like Ramola D (the Alex Jones of gang stalking reportage). UNsurprisingly, these crackpots can be traced online and Shibata for example was given the green light by none other than late 80’s pseudo-feminist icon Catherine MacKinnon, whose father Admiral George MacKinnon helped start the anti-constitutional FISA court.

Then, there is the case of the disinformation campaign in Canada, where two late era shrews worked with psychobabbling Dr.s like these to frame false narratives of gang stalking, amidst a “crisis of domestic violence” and to gaslight the complaints of actual targeted individuals in the Canadian Broadcasting network. Not by coincidence, Dr. Christine Sarteschi was quoted in that piece too.

For a quick jog through their nutbaggery and their use of garbage language like “aliens, electronic brain zappers, satellite tracking!!!!” look at these false narratives of “electronic weapons” linked above that appeared in the Canadian press–these women never miss a beat plugging their version of domestic violence, every time a mass shooting happens–and that mass shooting frequently because alleged domestic violence perpetrators have been stalked BY these exact same groups.

Then, for a deeper dive–look at how these same women’s narrative of the Nova Scotia mass shooting by Gabriel Wortman actually helped get a few people killed, as police worked with asshats like them to frame a PR narrative, as murder victims were piling up. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police worked with crisis PR narrators to frame the issue as a “domestic violence” related story in the early hours of that 13 hour “rampage”, when in fact it was much more complex than that–including gangs of police combating each other–and by the time the RCMP DID inform the public, it was way too late.

Journalist Paul Palango covers that and reveals the 911 calls identified the shooter nearly immediately and disclosed the fact that he was driving a police car despite the RCMP not mentioning any of that until ten hours later–and even then, failing to prevent more murders that happened BECAUSE they did not disclose that fact.

From Frank Magazine, the Portapique, Nova Scotia mass shooting 911 calls demonstrate a police “coverup” from the very start, because “gangs of police” are all competing for narrative control, and cash subsidies from private donors and others outside government. And, the “abused woman” in that situation is likely an informant, yet she wasted no time trying to get a piece of Wortman’s 2.1 million dollar estate like others in that case who are slobbering all over themselves to profit from that event.

These types of women and their enablers worked very hard to create the false impression that only men are violent, or that they stalk women. Which simply isn’t true, because the majority of stalking is “police and community assets” doing it at the behest of such women.

This becomes more clear when we see the US Attorney now prosecuting two female stalkers who indeed were “radicalized” and backed by a well known group of stalkers, with access to the machinery of gross abuse of institutional power.Indeed–some of the highest rates of domestic violence are in the LGBTQ-cetera communities, even as these privileged narrators violence is not counted at all.The entire domestic violence narrative is skewed by statistics laundering that falsely create the impression that only women are or can be victims–because women like them work covertly with police AS members of a “gang” and framing others for “crimes.”

So, yeah–Mr. Moore is a registered sex offender, and he doesn’t try to hide that fact. By his telling, he was framed with child pornography and he did his time for that alleged offense, rather than fight it all the way to the local Fusion Center–because who knew that they do this weird stuff anyways? Weqaponized porn is just ONE of the many toys that these gang stalking psychopaths have in their weapon stash. WHo knew?

You do, now.

Moore is frequently assaulted with “wireless camera’s” and “computer hacking and redirection. Police and their associates send mobs in his direction, and try to run him off the highways as he drives. All of that is in fact “electronic harassment,” using “electronic weapons,” and more.

But if you are being gang stalked, the key is to get GOOD EVIDENCE of that for a lawsuit–and the tools above are a good place to start exploring how “empowered” you can be too.

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