Portapique 911 calls transcript, courtesy of Frank Magazine

The Portapique mass shooting in Nova Scotia is a 100% ROGS Bingo, a case that highlights “what is gang stalking,” and the adverse affects that anti-democratic policing has on societies.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police knew three things within two hours from the beginning of the shooting and burning rampage:

1- the name of the shooter

2-the occupation of the shooter

3-that the shooter was driving a police car

What did the RCMP do? Like the Las Vegas Harvet Festival shooting, the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting, the Pulse Nightclub shooting, and so many others, they worked with crisis public relations teams and discussed how to frame “the narrative.” In the narrative–that semi-precious fairy dust otherwise called “column inches” and “media placements” in PR jargon, advertisers and subscribers seek to have their ideas “placed” online and in other media.

In that narrative, the domestic violence advocates were fired up–hot and bothered to get their message in the press “this was a domestic violence related mass shooting –MASSIVE CRISIS of aging white female privilege!!! (it wasn’t)”

And the police wanted the public to know that they were on the case (in more ways than one, including a dueling group of gangs WITHIN the police department) and that these guys deserve not to be named!!!

And of course, shitbag city council member and real estate agent Tom Taggart wanted the public to know that some prime real estate had just become available on the market! Of course, the province snapped it up for a song, because they didn’t want anyone to shed light on the murderer–or the states ultimate goals either.

Swell bunch of folks, these “crisis PR” related persons–and what “product placement” they got for their “beliefs.”

Later, after the “narrative” started cracking like a dinosaur egg hatched by the heat of a a lava flow, as people started to add up the state liability for these homicides, and they questioned why a mass murderer was able to go on a 13 hour killing spree “undetected.”

That’s when “real journalists” started digging, and guess what? They found everything that I just described above and more–much more.

But you will have to go over to Frank Magazine to find those stories, because the main stream news has virtually censored and embargoed the facts above–and the state and its enablers are circulating a petition to censor Frank’s coverage of these facts.

Go over there, and start reading what you can–unfortunately the best stuff is hidden behind a paywall–and why shouldn’t it be? The MSM is now attacking real journalism at every turn, and causing small publishers to fight for our rights. Even I was deplatformed by these sociopaths.

Here is the link to the 911 calls, and I suggest you also search through that controversy online, search terms “Portapique 911 calls, Gabriel Wortman Lisa Banfield, RCMP informant” and so on.

But what you will see emerge from the mists of internet “product placements” and other feel good psychobabble is in fact, a war between factions of police–“gangs” of “stalkers” who combat each other for real estate, and narrative control–and gangs of crisis PR operators, hidden behind the internet switches. Because that’s what gang stalking is, and the rest is just “mockingbirds” cackling with opinions, sans facts, which is what Frank produced.

Mass shootings are 100% preventable, and 100% related to the bad practices of “intelligence led predictive policing” combined with Jean Paul Brodheur’s “high policing” concept, which is what Canada’s police use every day.

This screenshot is from Frank Magazine, used without permission, under “fair use” pretext

Portapique Mass Shooting link roundup below-this is one rabbit hole that rational people will definitely want to jum into:

Frank Magazine was right to Publish the 911 Transcripts and Tapes

Frank Magazine reporting about the Portapique Mass shooting by Gabriel Wortman hughlights the nightmare of anti-democratic policing

Public inquiry condemns Frank Magazine publishing the facts contained in the 911 calls

Psychologist decries the “terrible failure” of the government to fail to “protect the children!!!!” by “allowing” FRank Magazine to publish the 911 tapes, or to protect the kids from observing the facts about this case, and making critical decisions about “facts” and “public interest journalism.” ROGS asks “how many children have ever heard of Frank Magazine? Riiiiight.

McCleans was the first to question the “narrative” as the RCMP scrambled around in high heels trying to craft messages for the camera’s

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