The “redirect method,” “mind control experiences on the internet,” Moonshot CVE, and the new wave of “radicalized white supremacists” online and off: governments, other scumbags are indeed cyber-stalking individuals like Nathan Allen

So, long before it was fashionable, I was writing about how racist hate groups cause conflict online and off by manipulating the internet searches of people who do not know they are being watched by outsiders. You can go here and search for terms like “mind control experiences online” or “Moonshot CVE” or “ADL spying,” or even “Svengali” for posts that demonstrate how far ahead of the curve I was on that story. Here is just one example of my later work, framing that narrative for mass consumption, but I have been writing about this since 2011, calling it exactly that(write to me if you want details, or links.)

Now, everyone is writing one or another version of my stories. Look, Information Liberation! is now writing such stories! And the Washington Institute too! Even the Georgia Star News and many other outlets are writing about how governments, scurrilous NGOs, and others are deploying military grade and actual “mind control” on people via many programs, of which Moonshot CVE stands out–because in the recent “crisis of white supremacists going bonkers and shooting up synagogues!!!!!” we see one fact emerge: there is no outbreak of white supremacy–there has always been some form of it.

But what we DO SEE is a rash of Moonshot CVE related radicalization, as hate profiteers like the Anti Defamation League clearly have a business model based upon generating hate–and what a hate it is, long and old, and incurable–they really give Jews a bad name, and they make christians look foolish for allying with them, because they are the EXACT same people described as “Pharisees” in the christian bible and the Jewish Torah–those shitbags stalked The Jesus until they nailed him.

Have a look at just a few of my posts about that:

  • The toxic ADL are notorious spies, and they have killed every social movement, ever by spying on, and framing, and harassing, and dividing both Jewish, and non-Jewish activists. Search this blog for “ADL spying, ADL, radicalization,” etc, for a real eye opener–its not anti-semitic to despise these people, because they despise you FIRST. Read more here about their racist teachings–you are less than an animal, my non-Jewish friend!
  • The Pentagon now uses Moonshot CVE to radicalize people online, and turn them over to police and others offline, who then harass them endlessly, including all of the things you have likely read online: they will ruin your relationships, cause you to lose your job, slander you in your community, and worse. Nearly every single mass shooter who was claimed to be antisemitic encountered these programs, and was radicalized by the algorithyms “deployed” upon him or her–why, you ask?!
  • Because like Manhattan in the 16th century, pointing at Native Americans, Israel is just the tip of the arrow pointed inwards at another continents peoples–and both Jews and christian goy are invested in stomping criticism of their methodology beneath their jackboot and lynching you with their tefillin These kind of Jews wil ALWAYS be racist scumbags, and deserve to be called what they are. And, they believe that it is OK to radicalize people, who eventually kill lots of people, because it reinforces their own racist agendas.e
  • Radicalization is the process where an individual gets caught between psychopathic Jews and christians, and they argue amongst themselves thus ” Well he’s one of yours!” and “No, he’s one of YOURS!” and “well, check his dick–stump/no stump?” and so on. You can read more about radicalization by using my search feature “radicalization, Israel, ADL, FBI’ADL” and so on.

Well–all that said the case of Nathan Allen of Winthrop Massachusetts looks like one of those radicalization. I am watching that case closely, because many Jewish rabbi’s are also–coincidentally–Israeli Mossad, or IDF affiliated, and they do indeed wage slander campaigns in the form of “#cry-bullying” about “racism.” I always wonder, if racism bothers them so much, why don’t they just have their daughters inter-marry with black men from the inner city, or white meth addcits, and help distribute the gene pool across racial barriers to eradicate racism.

But they seldom do it, or encourage their daughters to intermarry–because they are racists–and the psychopaths behind the ADL NEVER do it–ever, because, yeah, they are racist as hell, and they view non-Jews as dogs, or worse. Look at this for just one example; and many black people find their teachings utterly repulsive, and so do I. So, target THESE racists, with venom, and the law, if you can. They are a primary source for any “ethnographer” or “anthropologist” to study if the goal is to trace the roots of racism.

Now, a question: when was the last time you said to yourself “Gee, I wish I could control the way other people think about me?”

Then ask yourself, when was the last time you sought access to peoples innermost thoughts? Riiiiight. We have all done that a time or two, right? Why did that butcher tell me the meat was today’s meat–but it reeks of yesterday? Why did the car salesman just lie to my face?

But do you ever ask: why do scurillous people who think I am less worthy than a dog seek to control my thoughts with an internet allgorithym?

Prolly, you never thought that–because you simply didn’t know, dog. But now you do, so…..?

Yeah, but that would be racist to call them out on it! After all SHOAH (which some of “them” helped finance, and to this day profit from the telling, the retelling, and the reselling of that “story.”

SO…I better just shut up….and….what the hell are THEY thinking?

Right–you will probably NEVER know. That’s what the binary “Jew-christian/Spy-v-Spy narrative is in the western dialectic, and its why the west is an anti-democratic mess right now.

Did I hear someone say “yeah, but corporations are invested in both eastern and western endeavors, and they work together as much as they work against each other!?”

Riiiiight. Insert fake ironic tone here……

But thats what “those people” do every day–so much so that they are financing massive surveillance apparatus to monitor your thoughts. And that is what Moonshot CVE is. And the public has a right to know how it is being used to radicalize people online.

If you have noticed that it isn’t members of some kind of high-clout group with millions of mebers doing these “white supremacist shootings” you would be correct–because the zionist-Pentagon-ADL types are targeting “individuals,” because thats what “targeted individuals” are.

But here’s the BONUS ROUND: use this search term “nathan allen winthrop moonshot cve” and notice how “Stormfront” the alleged Nazi website appears in the first results, with one of my other blogs, and WELCOME to B’Nai B’Rith and Anti Defamation League slander–a primer in how the internet actually works.

Look! Even before I publish, the “internet” has put me alogngside Stormfront, which is arguably a “Nazi” website, and run by Andrew Anglin, a sort-of Nazi, but a 100% target of ADL smears and slanders.

Targeting? What’s that?!

The ADL, without any doubt, are the monsters we all fear–and they should be dealt with accordingly.

…post in progress, apparatchik back later.

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