FBI agent at the center of the Michigan “plot” arrested for domestic violence: what is “manufactured terrorism,”, and who “plots” it–who are the “conspirators”?

Ordinary, “normal” people would find it appalling if they knew that the most visible secret police agency in the USA is creating terrorists, and terrorist events out of thin air–but that what the FBI has been doing since the 1950’s. Now, their manufactured terrorism operations are international.

While “visible” and “secret” may seem to be contradictory, they are not, because that is the design of “the narrative.” On one hand, secretly creating terrorist events, and then, holding press conferences when they foil their own “plots.” What the public sees is a false portrayal of events, and, like the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Portapique mass shooting, the facts of police involvement in these events unravels later.

Its sad to say, but they actually cause these events to happen, because that justifies their funding–they create terror as a profession.And this is not a new thing–here below is a cartoon from the 1970’s that demonstrates that rationale.

And that is insane.

As we see in the narrative, psychologists like Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, Chrostine Sarteschi and others struggle with reality–they cannot seem to put two and two together in these actual “conspiracies,” and instead, label people who are targeted as “delusional.” You can read more about these people here.

Regardless, here we see yet another FBI plot unravel, and unsurprisingly their lead agent on the case is a sexual deviant*, and an accused wife beater too–and as usual, try not to notice the numbers 12 and 13 as they appear in nearly ALL of FBI manufactured terrorism events:

FBI Agent At Center of Whitmer Kidnap Probe “Viciously Beat His Wife After Swingers’ Party”

Richard Trask, the FBI agent who worked together with at least 12 FBI informants to allegedly entrap a small group of patsies in a plot to “kidnap” Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, viciously beat his wife after taking her to a swingers’ party according to court records obtained by The Detroit News.

*deviance is a big conversation, and generally, I do not engage in judgment on that topic, but put that word there because the FBI generally is itself a deviant social structure, with deviant policing practices. Equally, I do not care if the guy “beat his wife” as the domestic violence narrative is seriously flawed, and gendered narratives themselves are false in basis.

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