Tree of Life shooter Robert Bowers’ judge denies motion to show that government was monitoring and “radicalizing” him online; we need fewer Jews and Catholics on the courts

Everywhere you have a mass shooting, you have a “higher than average” proportion of Catholics and Jews as we saw in the Newtown, CT-Sandy Hook shooting-and Fusion Center’s are targeting military derived psychological operations at civilians and “speech policing” online. And all of that carries the stink of cultic religious practices.

Everywhere you look in these events, there is organized religion sneaking into the narrative, as the exasperated and clueless citizens gasp “Thank G-d, and Hopes-n-Prayers!” after these events. And the Sandy Hook shooting had Chris Manfredonia uttering that he “smelled sulphur” as he ran into the woods/arrived to make gingerbread houses with his daughter. Ooooh! Old Scratch is making a stinky mess with sulphur!The DEVVVVVIIIIILLLL!

Seriously–these people are cracked, and superstitious beliefs, and bizarre cultic practices surround these events. Cult practices like “unnaming” people (and also here and here). THis is a practice right out of ancient “holy” books and have origins in secret rituals, and worse.

Look what’s been going on with those mass shootings–and families like the Manfredonia’s of Newtown, and their state and local connections! So many of them and their relatives were quoted in the press after that event that one must wonder–are they some sort of “crime family” in that area? Later, one of them arrested for underaged sex and another–Peter Manfredonia, who lived just up the block from the shooter– went on a DVIC related killing spree.

Judges cannot trip over the constitution fast enough to conceal these “hidden” practices, called “intelligence led predicitive policing,” aka “high policing” of speech, and the associated programs that go with them. Programs like Moonshot CVE, and the FBI’s armies of paid informants and private contractors who are all over online “radicalizing” people whose speech they do not like.

These are not merely “passive monitoring by any stretch, and they are getting people killed.

Judge Denies Robert Bowers’ Motion For Govt. To Produce Evidence It Monitored His Online Activities-According to the Tribune-Review, the judge ruled that the information was irrelevant.

Citizens need to become angry at the manufactured terrorism that is taking place all across America today, and do something about it. But what can a person do? Robert Bower’s got angry, and targeted Jews who he felt were causing him grief.

Indeed, the synagogue he targeted is a center of radical ethno-nationalism, housing a congregation that includes hard core and toxic zionist’s, including the race-baiting former New York Times opinion editor Bari Weiss, whose colleagues at the NYT were so disgusted with her that they requested she be let go.

That’s no small statement–the New York Times is the single most gatekeeping Jewish institution in all media, and it is notoriously “liberal,” and friendly to disinformation of all kinds from government sources, ranging from the FBI and CIA to others less visible, aka “the deep state.” No one even disputes this.

Related: Rebecca Carnes documents the unbelievably coincidental and highly incestuous webs of relations behind the Sandy Hook shooting, and the police, firefighters, teachers unionists, and other public figures central to that narrative as major “gangs”

But what he missed in that equation was that it isn’t just “the Jews” doing nefarious things to our government, due process, and civil liberty, because for every Jew who is involved in that sort of activity, there are likely two that oppose it. And so, targeting Jews is a lost cause–because for every Jew who is central to the surveillance state–exactly the same Jews that he targeted–there will be about 70 christians who use government to oppress civil liberty, and Catholics are notoriously involved in speech policing, and hidden practices of inserting their religion into the government and media.

So, imagine The Jesus skulking around, looking in peoples windows, spying on there internet connections, and swarming people on the freeway trying to cause a targeted individual to have an accident–yeah, right? The Jesus probably wouldn’t approve of that conduct, after all in the legend it is said that he said to the faithless “go and let the dead bury their dead.”

But when it comes to Jews, and Catholics, the areas where these mass shootings take place are front end loaded with Catholics and higher than average percentages of Jews, just like Newtown, and just like the western district of PA, where Bowers shot up a synagogue. With cult derived religions, there is no such prohibition against gang stalking practices–these people do not believe in “the law of man” or the constitution, or civil rights, , because cult based religions descend from cult practice shrouded in “god” rationalizations .

SO militant christian stalkers are a HUUUUUUUGE part of answering the question “who are the gang stalkers,” and arriving at proper conclusions, and every church has a right wing and a left wing, liberal/conservative fold. In the Bowers case, it is quite likely that he was being surveilled online by groups and individuals who were assaulting his “belief system.”

On Twitter, and Facebook et al, there are more trolls than there are real people, and most toxic and “radicalizing” of those trolls are the hard core zionists, who even have an APP for cyberstalking people who despise zionist stalkers–because that’s the very core of that form of Jewish religion and ethno-nationalism.

And then, the media is full of stories crying that there is a rise in anti-semitism. Gee, I can’t imagine why! Highly organized political groups pass legislation allowing Jews to monitor all of our speech, and stalk us online and off; entire wings of Silicon Valley are run by members of Israeli intelligence; and the ADL passes hate crime’s laws that protect police-one of the largest groups of gang stalkers in the country–and no one can figure out why anti-semitism is on the rise?

Listen: anti-semitism sentiments follow directly in the pathway of Jewish Supremacism itself–as expressions of white, Jewish supremacy exert themselves in societies, anti-semitism rises. Its no different than saying “Every time the KKK burns a cross, black people become anti-Protestant,” or “every time the Virgin Mary appears on a slice of toast, the faithful see hope,” and so on. Causation-correlation.

So, back to Bower’s: regardless of his actions, the case itself presents the “double bind” problem of noted CIA anthropologist Gregory Bateson. Crazy if you do, crazy if you don’t, because in gang stalking situations where online monitoring is NOT merely passive monitoring–there is NO WHERE a victim can go to complain. Further, after his crime, he sought evidence that he had been monitored by “the government,” and the judge–a Catholic cultist–declined his motion for discovery, meaning that, like all of these cases, the public will not get to see how the government–and its little helpers in NGOs like the ADL–are not merely passively monitoring people, but in fact, actively harassing them vi cyber stalking and word policing, that includes threats and actual offline stalking too.

The judge in the case Donetta Ambrose is one of President Bill Clinton’s hand picked high heeled DVIC lapdogs, all of whom despise the constitutional guarantees of due process. She was seated in 1993 the very year that Joe Biden’s anti-due process VAWA/DVIC was birthed upon the nation.

That in and of itself is just the tip of the iceberg in these cases–but the fact that she, like the crackpot Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barret is a Catholic–indeed, six out of nine are Catholic– is the root of the issue, and reflects the core of “who are the gang stalkers,” in that Catholics and Jews stack the courts all over the US, and then insert their cult practice of “hiding the ball” or the evidence when it comes to viewing their wider operations in society.

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