Ramajana Hidic Demirovic another “who are the gang stalkers”case study: selective memories of genocide cloud fairness, and occlude the motivations of gangs of stalkers who attack others pre-emptively

Gang stalking can be described as “ranging behavior, and territoriality” and we observe this behavior in chimpanzees and other animals. From the Leaky Foundation, a look at how primates “patrol” their territory, and some general assumptions and observations about the motivations of animals who utilize these practices:

Territorial boundary patrolling by chimpanzees is a striking example of group-level cooperation displayed by our closest primate relatives. Chimpanzees patrol in groups for the same reason wolves hunt in packs, because what they can achieve working together far exceeds the returns of more individualized efforts

For people who study chimpanzees and other primates, observing the frequency of behaviors and other aspects and features of those observed behaviors, it is important to compare groups, and note differences in behaviors.

For example, studies of chimps at the famed Ngogo, Gombe, and other nature preserves in Africa produce tons of data for comparison, like “In prior research (Watts & Mi-tani 2001), we have shown that male chimpanzees at Ngogo are the primary participants in patrols and that they patrol about twice as often as chimpanzees at Gombe and Taı¨ and so on.

I note that all of that above data is assumed and inferred by scientists, because chimpanzees cannot talk, and tell us their motivations. While we can observe the behaviors, and infer motivations, we cannot say with 100% certainty that we are correct–only that we can observe behaviors and form an opinion based upon our observation of the repetition of those behaviors.

.For example–the researchers involved assume that a patrol–which is a very general term– is in fact a patrol, rather than say, a decoy operation, or a false flag incursion which are entirely different in motivation, and purpose. So in one word “patrol” used by the researchers, we see that indeed the term is loaded with assumptions, and in fact could have three or more separate purposes. In other words, this is a much bigger issue than mere semantics.

And in anthropology, there is a well known thesis/antithesis posited by comparisons between chimpanzees and their near relatives, bonobo’s, and it is here where we separate two forms of “perimeter patrolling” into male directed and female directed behavioral analysis–women’s aggression is a different thing than male aggression most of the time, and most violent and aggressive behavior is innacurately termed as “male,”when in fact, female led violence strategies are every bit or more violent overall.

From Traditions of Conflict blog, “The Momma’s Boy Strategy: Why Bonobo Males Tend Not To Form Coalitions” we see how female aggression forms a nearly total subversion of male dominance, as it target’s young males, and targeting male coalitions, aka, inhibiting male-to-male bonding and hence success as dominant animals.

And that is where we pick up the story of a peculiar form of aggression, and how Demirovic and likely her daughter, and possibly others, targeted three boys with a campaign of terror, leading to her indictment by the Department of Justice–and that form of aggression is a typical strategy for the groups that she is affiliated with. Her startegy of oppression is a very “female” form of aggression.

And so it goes with all gang stalking, as various tribal and sectarian groups come to light as “gangs” organized for the purpose of “stalking.” They are either chimpanzees or bonobo’s, working with their flying monkey’s to target individuals.

This is extremely clear in the case of one of the FBI’s most recent manufactured terror events–the alleged plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan. In that actual plot, some 12 FBI provocateurs created the event from whole cloth, and the ringleader was himself quite an interesting fellow, getting into a domestic brawl with his wife, after they went to a swingers party.

Chimpanzees indeed, lol. Not that there’s anything wrong with that….

But because gangs of stalkers can talk, we have all kinds of clues, like “linguistic litter” to follow online in order to trace them as they pollute the internet with their gibberish and psychobabble, and we can track them by linguistic litter to discern whether they are chimps or bonobo’s, so to speak. So here below are a few words, phrases, and concepts from both the right and the left wings of gang stalkers online that we can examine for other clues about who the speakers are, and what politic/cult/sect/tribe they are working for and working with as they target people:

  • the numbers 12 and 13 have symbolic meaning to both left and right wing stalkers, and we see that in the Michigan case too, as the FBI leads the narrative using the number 12, though there likely were more informants involved in that event.
  • the phrases “silent holocaust” and false equivocations that frequently pop up in the online dialectic of gang stalking such as “well at least it’s not the Holocaust,” or “it’s a eugenics program” and so on.
  • the many narratives of “only gawd can help us!” and its thousands of variants that indicate Jewish-christian ideology
  • comparisons to either Stalin or Hitler are quite telling because it indicates the writers or speakers ideological basis–Jews consider the crimes of Stalin to be insignificant and necessary, whereas far right christians consider the crimes of Hitler to be insignificant and necessary
  • many online who join the odd discussion can be traced according to the type of “electronics” they refer to. Acadamics for example usually have a good grasp of concepts like artificial intelligence and algorithmic programming; military types can cite specifications for military hardware; police affilliated stalkers often refer to their capacity to wiretap, or use helicopters for a harassment campaign; and religious crackpots invariably cite completely bizarre notions of electronic capacities and so on.

This small list is by no means exhaustive, but it does indicate certain perimeters of speech, and the speakers ideological boundary.

So, because the phrase “gang stalking” derives from police and military jargon, it is coded speech, that they and their associates use with each other, and they primarily talk to each other, because a large part of their goals are to occlude their motivations, methods and tactics, and to hide the fact that they are indeed gang members, because what they do is illegal, according to human laws.

But when it comes to sociopaths who do not have any intention of upholding human laws, we see that they often cite a “higher power” that justifies their crimes, most notably the right wing Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco citing that he uses a targeted individual program, aka “intelligence led predictive policing” because he answers to a higher authority–this is what right wing, police-Masonic gang stalking is.

SO, because gang stalkers are depraved people who operate with appalling impunity, and cloak themselves behind institutional power, the case of Ramajana Hidic Demirovic offers the researcher an opportunity to answer the question “who are the gang stalkers” and be able to put a name and face alongside of an actual stalking claim, that is now being prosecuted in the federal courts. Let’s answer the questions “Who are the gang stalkers?” and “What happens to gang stalking targets?”and “Can gang stalkers be prosecuted?” and so on.

I have written previously about Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, starting after her indictment. You can use my search feature to find the many posts where I discuss her case. Here are a few: Demirovic indictment, Faces of Genocide movie star indicted as a stalker, domestic spying as a front for gang stalking, etc.

An obvious challenge to my insistence that she is a gang stalker, rather than a mere cyber stalker, or generic stalker is because she fits the profile of a gang stalker, 100%, according to linguistic traits, education, social position, and tribal affiliations. And of course, the fed’s only indicted her and her co-conspirator, making what is hardly a gang of only two people. But what stands out is her tribal affiliation, and it’s immense power, and its demonstrated use of similar harassment campaigns in the past.

Recalling of course, that the FBI and other agencies do not officially call gang stalking by that name, and in fact are on record denying that their records contain any entries for that term, gang stalking “does not exist,” according to those who are in fact, actual gangs of stalkers and who direct community resources in stalking campaigns, aka “investigations”; though Keith LaBella, Esq. brought the worlds attention to the fact that 13% of reported stalking events included three or more perpetrators. You can find that report at James Tracy’s excellent Memory Hole Blog–Tracy himself was stalked and harassed by racist, tribal-sectarian Jewish groups.

And that when we Source-watch the gang stalking narrative, we find Dr.s like Lorraine Sheridan, David V. James, Christine Sarteschi and others all equate gag stalking complaints to delusions–while working as prison psychologists, cold case investigators, and writing exploitative books about “gangs” that consist of dull accounts of low income members of racially marginalized groups who are in “street gangs,” and “prison gangs,” while completely avoiding topics like police gangs which are starting to come to light, and academic gang stalking, despite a majority of gang stalking cases beginning in college settings. Their denialism is classic “gas lighting” of that topic.

To restate then, that “gang stalkers are nearly 100% current and former police, military, or intelligence agency affiliated, and their hordes of flying monkeys*”we now examine “who is Mrs. Demirovic?”

For starters, Holocaust scholar Ramajana Hidic Demirovic is all over the internet, she is in the Internet Movie Database, and they themselves form a sort of gang too, which I call the IMDB Gang. Starting before she was a young abductee into the selective memory and racist trance formation of those who claim to speak for Holocaust survivors–a huge industry in its own right, according to Norman Finklestein and many others–Demirovic was also a refugee from Madeline Albrights war in Bosnia Herzogovina–a very Jewish, very female led war during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

Have a look at “Call to action against Darfur genocide rings at Emanu-El,” from the Jewish News of Northern California, keeping in mind that Demirovics is now indicted in northern California.

There were few dry eyes in the great hall as young Bosnian refugee Ramajana Hidic Demirovic recounted witnessing the murder of her mother — and her own narrow escape from the same fate as she fled from her assailants and hid for days in a neighbor’s apartment.

Indeed, a terrible thing to experience for any person of any flesh. A nightmare that can never be forgotten. But let’s read on….Demirovic was a teacher at Indiana University, Bloomington, according to LinkedIn.

As you might recall, colleges are MAJOR starting points for gang stalking, especially targeting non-conformist hetero-normative white and black and other males. I myself was personally targeted by a college president at the beginning of the War on Terror. It cannot be forgotten that so many mass shooters encountered various forms of stalking and harassment in colleges across the land. I have covered that elsewhere; and even the recent Winthrop MA mass shooting by Nathan Allen has the residue of that type of racialized, targeted stalking.

And here are her affiliations in more detail, according to Merlot.org:

Affiliations: Indiana University System – Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis (Education, 4 Year/4 Year + Grad, IN, United States)

And predictably,

Its starting to get a bit Rachel Dolezal around here, isn’t it? The sulphur and brimstone of Antifa, right? Trance formation indeed.

Well, because that’s what this is. Like Scott Crow, who also claims that “gang stalking is bullshit,” we see a pattern emerge on the left–on one hand organized as groups of harassers, and on the other, denying that gang stalking exists, aka #crybullying.

In the early days of white feminism’s DVIC era organizing efforts, a deliberate attack on males was waged in the spaces where people talked about domestic violence, and whether or not men should have their own “safe spaces” to talk about violence waged against them by social structures and institutional power–and men lost. There are zero resources in the community for men to organize similarly. SO in order to understand the type of violence that these types of women have now promoted across society as a result of these clandestine trance formation events, it is important to note how they isolate and attack males from an early age.

Let’s turn to the case of the bonobo’s once again for a glimpse of how they do that: bonobos are more co-dominant, and comparatively female-dominant compared to most other mammals. What explains this?

One popular explanation is the existence of female coalitions which constrain male dominance. The data on violent encounters in captive populations shows females are more likely to group together and attack a male, but many of these cases seem to represent sustained violent bullying of a lower-status male.

from “The Momma’s Boy Strategy: Why Bonobo Males Tend Not To Form Coalitions

Now back to the case of Demirovic’s and the facts of that case: she was bullying teen aged boys, and seeking to “ruin their lives,” and in so doing, revealed a tool of the left wing stalkers: attacking the young, pre-emptively, with the philosophical and ideological approval of her “tribe.”

Not at all unlike the Covington Kid, who was similarly slandered after an engineered conflict between he and a Native American provocateur we see the left using the EXACT methods of the right, so much so that their behavior can best be described as “Horseshoe theory in activism practice.” What matters most to this type of activist is the tribal narrative–the divide and conquer strategy that positions itself in every conflict as a middle man, while maintaining its own interests which are primarily, controlling the ball of what is civil discourse on BOTH sides at the same time–and that “ball” is the interests of radical–and radicalizing–zionism; that one version of racial supremacy “wins,” and that is the problem in ALL of these events: Jewish racial supremacy is a real thing, and every bit as deadly, violent, and scurrilous as any other form of white supremacy, or racial supremacy in general.

Demirovic’s is a Holocaust scholar, and closely affiliated with social justice types, so it must be mentioned that she is also possibly a radicalized zionist–the type of person who is usually immune to prosecution short of murder, and truly part of the insular, well connected world of wealthy Jews and the NGO’s that they fund. It is this group which has rendered so many topics taboo, while casting the spell of anti-semitic charges anywhere and everywhere , and on anyone who does not think as they do. Their industry grade character assassins are the ADL, but by the time someone is deemed sufficiently slander worthy, or targeted with gang stalking by that organization and its tentacles in the community.**

So, in this case, a look at how radical, racist zionism also disavows non-Jewish socialism, and causes Jews to separate themselves AS Jews from anyone else who may, or may not share similar goals, demonstrating the divide in all social movements across time since the inception of the Doctrine of Superior People, and the first zionist “world” congress.

From the Jewish Virtual Library, read this excerpt of “”The Jewish Problem and the Socialist Jewish State“by Nachman Syrkin to understand that no leftist can ever win unless they fully prostrate themselves before Jewish zionists–and it is this, more than anything that has propelled Demirovic into the limelight–and into the court room, indicted as a stalker of young boys. And that, charged by the backstory of Jewish Supremacy.

*these flying monkey’s include many types of people, sometimes from opposite political spectrum working together. Academics, doctors, forensic cold case investigators, behavioral analysts, paramedics–there is no exhaustive definition, but ample evidence that these are who gang stalkers are. You can read more about it here.

**there is an ages old stereotype about Jews and Jewish culture where the “Jewctopus” is a many tentacled octopus like creature, with its tentacle tips poked into every hole on the globe. A similar analogy could be made that speech policing and the disruption of discourse by the ADL, its umbrella organizations, and the Jewish billionaires who finance gang stalking is that exact octopus like entity. I would only add that “stereotypes exist for a reason” and then note that christians and the Masonic/New World Order/ and corporate groups whose shareholders come from both sides of the political spectrum; and the groups that they form are all involved in similar fashion in EVERY politic; these two can be found at both ends of the Horseshoe, slinging mud at each other, and at others. Most tellingly are the still-unsolved murders of heterosexual black male activists in Ferguson MO, and specifically Darren Seals, who called them all out for their form of co-option.

As noted by MTV.com, “It would be leaving the story incomplete to not mention Seals’s other critique of Black Lives Matter: He decried them for, in his view, decentering the particular problems of straight black men in favor of emphasizing an agenda focused on women and people in the LGBTQ community. The “guiding principles” page for Black Lives Matter, for example, has sections addressing female and LGBTQ black people, but nothing about straight, cis black men. To Seals, this was needlessly divisive — he claimed that the Ferguson protests had no division by gender identity or sexual orientation — but also a sign that the national movement only cared about men like him when they were dead.”

One thought on “Ramajana Hidic Demirovic another “who are the gang stalkers”case study: selective memories of genocide cloud fairness, and occlude the motivations of gangs of stalkers who attack others pre-emptively

  1. Fantastic work! I am in Toronto. Check out my videos of electronic attacks from the Gang Stalking Family that live above my Wife and I. These people are complete sicko’s and they follow my every step (somehow) and repeatedly hit their electronic switches as a “Sicko Mother and Sons Family Unit!”

    Please copy and paste these links:



    Thanks for the great info.


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