The eBay gang of stalkers sees its first conviction as ex-cop Phillip Cooke gets 18 months for gang stalking: gang stalking cases and lawsuits

I don’t write about gang stalking cases and lawsuits unless I have solid evidence to back my claims. And the eBay gang of stalkers is indeed a verified case of both a “gang” and “stalkers” targeting individuals. And the question must be asked–and answered–how bizarre are the facts of organized gang stalking cases?

And the answer is in Yahoo news of all places:

The sentencing judge said

“It’s almost unfathomable to me,” Burroughs said. “I’m not sure if I saw it on television I would find it believable.”

Maybe its time that you, and others rethink your own analyses of “gang stalking and delusions.”

Former eBay employee gets 18 months in prison for ‘abominable’ cyberstalking campaign

By Nate Raymond

BOSTON (Reuters) -A former supervisor for security operations at eBay Inc was sentenced on Tuesday to 18 months in prison for his role in a cyberstalking campaign that targeted a Massachusetts couple whose online newsletter was viewed as critical of the e-commerce company.

Federal prosecutors in Boston said Philip Cooke, a retired police captain in Santa Clara, California, and other employees participated in a scheme to harass the couple through Twitter and by sending them disturbing packages, including live cockroaches.

U.S. District Judge Allison Burroughs called the employees’ actions “really abominable” as she sentenced Cooke, who must also serve a year of home detention and pay a $15,000 fine.

“It’s almost unfathomable to me,” Burroughs said. “I’m not sure if I saw it on television I would find it believable.”

Both of the victims, David and Ina Steiner, spoke in court, describing to the judge a bizarre, nightmarish ordeal that left them afraid to leave their home in Natick, Massachusetts, and concerned for their safety.

“We were terrified,” Ina Steiner said.

Further, my claim is more or less “nearly 100% of ALL gang stalking involves current and former police, military, military intelligence agents and their community assets.”

Now–that’s a claim that anyone can challenge, because I have repeatedly verified that with ample evidence, including tracing gangs of stalkers across the United States, and some of them as they worked their way up the food chain to the FBI and other agencies.

In the meantime, the Steiner’s have now also filed a civil lawsuit sued for relief, but they named the top executives who have skated, for now–and, as usual, keep your eyes on the number 12 and 13 in these cases, as christians and Jews use that number to signal to each other in the media and elsewhere. Its a real thing.*

Again, from USA Today–when the most widely read, pasty white rag on planet USA is reporting on gang stalking, maybe it’s time to change your perspective on this topic.

In the 12-count federal civil suit, Ina and David Steiner of Natick, Massachusetts,  allege the harassment campaign began in August 2019.

“The Steiners were paralyzed with fear,” according to the lawsuit. “The unrelenting stream of threats to kill, disturbing deliveries, as well as the physical surveillance caused the Steiners to suffer from significant and continuing emotional distress, including but not limited to, anxiety, panic attacks, persistent and debilitating concerns about their physical safety, habitual insomnia, embarrassment, humiliation, shame and perpetual fear that they are being followed and tracked, all of which suffering continues now and will continue in the future.”

Yeah-bizarre behavior by retired cops, military trained intelligence agents; electronic harassment in the form of wiretaps, and listening devices, strange reports of people sitting in cars outside people’s houses–bloody pig masks and death threats–and actual cockroaches too. Read through this case to understand gag stalking, tactics which are widely used by federal and state police, military intelligence creeps, and others in the surveillance economy. All of it, against the law.

So far, former eBay top brass, former CEO Devin Norse Wenig (he is also the principal at Norse Charitable Trust) has avoided a criminal charge, despite the FACT that he virtually gave the green light to this harassment campaign, and his butt boy Steve Wymer, who has gone on now to head the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, has dodged a legal bullet in his face too, but the civil lawsuit and depositions should provide fodder for a criminal lawsuit later.

Disgraced eBay CEO Devin Wenig

Here’s the full roster of this one gang of stalkers,and according to research, they represent the “who” and “why” of what gang stalking is, and who does it in the civilian sector.

The suit was filed against eBay, Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts, former eBay CEO Devin Wenig, former eBay Vice President Steve Wymer and several others involved in eBay’s security department, including James Baugh, David Harville, Brian Gilbert, Stephanie Popp, Stephanie Stockwell, Veronica Zea and Philip Cooke, as well as a John and Jane Doe.

Most notably is the fact that Steve Wymer has gone on to head the Boys and Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley.

Steve Wymer, now heads the Boys and Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley, despite his tarnished reputation as a “crisis PR” manager who stalked a couple of people. Just a couple, right?

Talk about “deep state” trance formation programming! Wymer is an evangelical christian–a proselytizing Baptist! For GODS SAKE keep these people away from my children!!!

And so, there you go–I myself was targeted by fundies from many sects and cults across America–these highly placed fundies are MAJOR gang stalkers, and his is a case of proof of gang stalking, if ever there was “proof of gang stalking.”They should be targeted and sued, and investigated at every junction and pass. But also–don’t forget! that in the USA Israeli Squad 8200 members and IDF personell are highly active in Silicon Valley too! This is what gang stalking IS. Jews-christians, doing dirt in “gray areas” of law and culture.

Related Story: Intelligence agencies are everywhere in Silicon Valley. And the Mossad has many unregistered foreign agents there too. Why does the US give Israeli spies a free pass to monitor our children online? But so does the CIA, causing all of us to ask the question: does America even have national boundaries, if foreign agents that are hostile to democracy operate inside its borders with immunity, and impunity? You decide! ….seriously: you decide-is Israel the foreign agent, or is the CIA the foreign agent? And even then, all of that “mediated” by the idea that the Chinese are somehow more evil than either of the above.

And WTF is such a person doing with “the children” anyways? If you guessed that christians and Jews are waging a culture war against each other, you would be correct–have a look at Steve Wymer as he takes over the “shepherding” of Silicon Valley‘s at risk children, despite being implicated as a gang stalker. That should concern any parent, anywhere.

Honestly, the battered and bloodied Saint Jesus would take issue with all of them, asking “but who sent me?” and noting that only the dead seek to bury their own dead. Its a weird mental configuration, to be sure, this modern day combat between Jews and christians in corportae settings. And it hurts those of us who are rational people, merely writing about these facts. But no doubt, even that guys “saviour” would repudiate him, and his stalking gameplan.

If past is precedent, Steve Wymer, Boys and Girls Clubs of America respects no boundaries, nor laws. He was part of targeting (political, corporate) Jews who criticized eBay. He works in publc relations, and is a fits the profile of a gang stalker nearly 100%.

I ask my readers to investigate this case now, and come to your own conclusions–but I wrote about the B&G connection to gang stalking many years ago, and now even the fish wrapper paper USA Today has my back. Strange indeed.

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