Workers Comp cases and organized gang stalking: the two tiered justice system and corporate abuse of the intelligence divisions: I get letters

I recently received an unsolicited email that mirrors the claims of many of my emails: a man with a criminal or other record files for a workers compensation claim, and then gets gang stalked by state financed criminal gangs of “investigators.” I ask the writer to read this post, and respond here, but please, do NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME.

The Molson Coors shooting was at its heart a workers comp case–the local police, working with the corporate police engineered a mass shooting. Google it–Molson Coors shooting, and skip the MSM reportage, because it is 100% gang stalker CYA.

That guy went ballistic after he was terrorized by Ukrainian Jews, white people, and others in his workplace; and that is no small statement considering that Coors beer is the beer of choice for Nazi’s. And, like most of these shootings, the racist pointy hooftracks of crisis PR operators are ALL OVER THE PLACE before during and AFTER these events.

And, I ask that you submit what links and other data you have to this blog, so that I can analyze it. I also recommend that you set up your own blog, and post your evidence. Then, we can discuss submitting that evidence to a higher level of investigation, ok?

My case evolves around workcomp, 2012 I fell and crushed my upper body, and almost ruptured my heart, all is finally coming out, But with massive consequences. I was infiltrated,profiled, honeypotted,and identity theft,bankfraud,hacked 7 backdoors, mobbed and ran off the roads and freeways causing several accidents. I just found out that non of my police reports were never logged on the data base. Thew woman who ran me down on my motorcycle in the last accident was the same women who mobbed me on my way to workcomp doctors appts.,,I can show you how they clean the insurance records with ghost policies..Nothing Ive ever claimed was ever investigated. No matter what evidence I showed them nothing would be done. Attempted murder by these people on multiple occasions.. Ive even gotten recordings of the honeypot in multiple meetings and conversations about killing me and gangstalking me,, and nothing was done.. Later my computer guy would be attacked and the corrupt cops would put search and seizure on all electronic communications.. Because of my past they wanted me dead by retaliation or in prison.. After being ran down on my motorcycle the insurance company started filing dissmissal for non compliance.. This is just an outline,,Ive got massive conclusive evidence BUT CANT GET AN ATTORNEY for nothing in california..

I advise you to use tha comments section below to further this discussion. After that, you are on your own.

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