Boys and Girls Clubs of America: training gang stalkers? Case study, as Steve Wymer of eBay gang stalker fame presides over the Silicon Valley B&G Club

In my research spanning two decades, I have found gang stalkers from many walks of life, and everywhere you look in gang stalking, there are indeed well funded campaigns of domestic terror waged against individuals by gang stalkers. Steve Wymer fits that profile, in every way, making this case a 100% ROGS Bingo.

From Bloomberg:

EBay Executive and Communications Director Steve Wymer Linked to Alleged Cyberstalking Is Kids Club CEO

Most insidious of these gang stalkers are the fundies*–fundamentalists of all stripes who organize to stalk and harass individuals, from the cover of various NGOs and other institutions. Let’s look at gang stalking from the perspective of early intervention and indoctrination in youth programs, and Mr. Wymer’s post-eBay role at the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and ask “who is it exactly that is seeking access to children, and why?”

This is an important question because we see that the “school shooting” nearly ALWAYS has gangs of christian-infused “hopes and prayers”narratives running in the media, almost as if some public relations team has scripted that phrase into the reporting. And guess what? That’s because they do indeed do that –and note Wymer’s role as chief crisis PR narrator at eBay at that time– which I will get to shortly.

My linkage to the B&G clubs and gang stalking may seem unrelated at first glance, except for the fact that I was stalked by members of this group, many years ago. Police and others have weaponized all NGO’s to the extent that they are able to activate “sleeper cells” of these groups and stalk targeted individuals.

On it’s face, an odd claim, right–all of these “community” oriented philanthropist organizations as gangs of stalkers?

Except that I have the names, photographs, and personal data from several of these persons, as I once used rental property and other means as a “honey trap” and gained this information from them–an entirely separate–but very interesting story.

And all of those I traced to current and former police too, using their rental applications. One group of hard right christian fundies who occupied/rented those spaces literally went caving with cops in that location, spelunking in the underground caverns beneath the city. Illegal activity of course, but when its organized by police, well, there you go–there is indeed a two tiered justice system in the USA. One of them even drove a “community service officer” police car from a city two states away!

Perhaps the best and most salient feature of that gag stalking was that these also sought employment at local restaurants, particularly the “hip” locations. This is interesting, because as we saw in the murder of George Floyd, three out of four f the cops who killed him were recruited out of restaurants too, including Derek Chauvin, who studied food service before becoming a cop.

So its no small wonder that on the “organizing” of those protests that followed, we also saw Freemasonry and its symbols appear all over the narrative too, as in “8:46!” which was proven a false narrative, just as we see in all events where narrative replaces fact. Here’s more about Masonic symbolism and George Floyd, and the fact is that Chauvin “took a knee” on his neck for nearly ten minutes “9:29,” not “8:46”.

The western narrative at every level is trance formation, and is active at every level of social contact, social engineering takes place at every gate and door to form a narrative of culture. I was aware that I was a doorman too, which is why I captured, and studied the data–the names, faces, places, and events– surrounding the odd happenings in my life at that time–because I know how this works.Create the trap, and the rats will indeed enter.

So, now, lets take a quick look at youth organizations and the effectiveness in stemming youthful crime, truancy and other bad behavior. From Investigating the Role of Neighborhood Youth Organizations in Preventing Adolescent Violent Offending: Evidence from Chicago(1), we discover that for all of the talk, and the billions of dollars that some throw at “studies” to ascertain the role of mentoring youth, the data is still fuzzy.

The fact is, there is not enough research in that area to say one way or another if these programs which target low-income youth are effective at all. But what we do know is that in the tribal sectarian USA and other places where early intervention targets youth for “gang interventions” or any other intervention, there is an ideological war afoot, with Jewish and christian interests at every juncture, crack and crevice where children can be “accessed.” This is what is referred to online in the gang stalking dialectic as “trafficking,” and as “rings of child abusers,” and so on, as one sect name-calls another sect.

And, all sects do it too.

I will address the headline of this post by starting with the ineffectiveness of youth programs, which are ineffective BECAUSE tribal-sectarian interests are involved.And like any researcher, I note that I like others find that the “mechanisms” behind these programs are suspect. From that study:

Neighborhood organizations matter in the etiology of youthful offending, but the ways in which these organizations are relevant are nuanced. Research must continue to grapple with the various mechanisms through which neighborhood organizations operate.

Highlighted portion my own

So, generally, programs that are “for the children” are questionably effective, and debate-ably relevant. Like all philanthropic programs, there are strings attached to donors giving, and so nuance in this case usually indicates “they ate the G-d pill” or they did NOT eat the G-d pill.

And much of gang stalking is in fact related to these various and sundry NGO’s, and hidden agendas ranging from left to right agenda; and we see that brightly outlined in the weaponizing of NGO’s, and in the murders of Ferguson activists, and Darren Seals in particular, who rejected the outside influence on local issues, and also who rejected the divisive nature of gendering activism as “gay or not gay”–if depopulation is in fact a goal of globalists, the gay agenda is a win, and heterosexual Seals is dead–he won’t leave behind any troublesome heteronormative male activist babies to stand in the way of George Soros backed agenda.

Online, as we read through various gang stalking narratives, the “fake targeted individuals” frequently mock their victims with phrases like “well who finances the gang stalkers? The gang stalkers must be connected to powerful individuals” and other such sadistic humor, expressed in forums, comment sections, Reddit threads,Youtube video’s and so on.

This poorly applied irony is even more insidious, because it is often tainted with religious and tribal affiliations. I have found Jews and christians to be major gang stalkers; Catholics, Baptists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and others too.

So, as we watch the eBay gang getting prosecuted, we must ask “what kind of people are gang stalkers?” And, we must examine the gang structure and hierarchy for clues. And–Say Their Names! in direct defiance of the opposite cult practice of “unnaming” men who resisted, or who went ballistic after being stalked by these highly organized psychopaths.

The Intercept and other media have covered how police actively infiltrate the Boys and Girls clubs, in one case in Chicago, rounding up the men who ran the branch, and labeling them all “gang members.” And Techdirt has noted that there is some odd discrepancies in that same club wading into the “cable television cap” war with the headline “Why Is The Boys And Girls Club Trying To Kill A Cable Monopoly’s Merger Conditions?

So, something is “fundamentally” wrong at the B&G clubs, but what is it? Like most NGO’s, it is a powerful force in society, and has a disproportionate impact in matters that are–frankly–none of its business.

IN the west, generally, it is not “polite” to talk about religion, because it is an old custom derived from the time when only the religious held power, and wielded it over those with no power. But in modern times, it is imperative upon democracies to become concerned by the hidden power of religions, inserting themselves and their “beliefs” into our law, politics and culture.

So, yeah–lets take a look at former eBay vice president Steve Wymer, who is followed by the shadow of the eBay gang stalking case, outlined here. From the B&G Club:


Wymer brings a diverse array of experiences to Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley. Prior to his tenure in technology, he served as a senior advisor to three Senators in the United States Senate in Washington, D.C., as well as time as an advisor on the staff of the Senate’s Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions committee. Steve was elected President of the bipartisan U.S. Senate Press Secretaries Association in 2010. During his time in Washington, he also served the U.S. Department of State on multiple occasions as a delegate to Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Sierra Leone, and Albania where he spoke at universities, conducted workshops, and led trainings for political activists and journalists throughout each country.

And now, from the civil lawsuit that David and Ina Steiner are waging in court now, seeking millions in damages:

The suit was filed against eBay, Progressive F.O.R.C.E. Concepts, former eBay CEO Devin Wenig, former eBay Vice President Steve Wymer and several others involved in eBay’s security department, including James Baugh, David Harville, Brian Gilbert, Stephanie Popp, Stephanie Stockwell, Veronica Zea and Philip Cooke, as well as a John and Jane Doe.

According to the lawsuit: “Defendant Wymer promised the Defendants he would, ‘embrace managing any bad fallout’ if the plan went south, further directing, ‘We need to STOP her.’ The events that followed shock the conscience, and demonstrate the utter depths eBay would stoop to in order to take the Steiners down and their reporting on eBay.”

Indeed–SAY THEIR NAMES! Gang stalking cockroaches must be dragged into the light and seen for what they are. Cowards, every one of them. Indeed, even the New Yarwk Times called this case “the eBay Cockroach Cult,” and I covered it here too. Actual targeted individuals find great joy, and gleeful relief in calling these people “cockroaches” because of their scurrilous, sneaky, and hidden practices.

At its root, gang stalking is a religious practice, and it is discussed in the christian bible, as rabid, speech policing Jews called “Pharisees” stalked The Super-Jesus–and that was a couple thousand years ago, yet these types are still at it, and it needs to end. Lawsuits like this make it easier for others to come forward, and indeed, we see these cases in the news every week now.

But more below about Mr. Wymer, who now has access to Silicon Valley’s children–and I note with little irony, that there is indeed a battle on for the hearts and minds of Silicon Valley’s children, as the CIA, and Mi6, and even the fundie Israeli IDF and Mossad agents are all over that place.

Related Story: Writers who document these connections are inevitably harassed and stalked by a variety of agents and agencies–it comes with the turf. Here is one man’s tale of being stalked and harassed because he makes these connections.

For starters, he is a Baptist, and that is as fundie as religion can get. SO it’s no small surprise that he and his plot targeted Jews, because Baptists generally believe that Jews are “the Devil.” You can read more at my earlier piece about this case, where I named these stalking cockroaches, and shortly thereafter, my blog was deplatformed by WordPress.

SO, in the eyes of the religious, I imagine that Silicon Valley is akin to Stephen King’s book “The Stand,” or something, where the Walkin’ Dude abides, stirring the forces of evil or something. Because “Gang stalking: its “for the children!©” Go get em’ team John 3:16! Not that it ISN’T that, by way of metaphor….

What’s most striking about this case though, isn’t that some sociopathic fundie nutjob was behind some gang stalking. No, what is striking is that he was the chief communications officer at eBay. And why is that surprising, you might ask? Its surprising because it proves another part of my thesis, because I have long maintained that crisis public relations agents are behind a lot of gang stalking, and weird cases that hit the news You can read more about that here at

In fact, at every single mass shooting, ranging from the Pulse Nightclub shooting, to the Portapique Nova Scotia mass shooting–the Las Vegas Harvest Festival shooting, and more–public relations managers are all over the place in those events, so much so that I suspect they are aiding in arranging them. And I am not alone in that “belief” either.

In fact, the Portapique mass shooting by Gabriel Wortman was a fiasco where the public relations team was very actively framing” the event, even as the shooter was taking more lives. Frank Magazine heroically released the 911 calls from that event, revealing that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) knew who the shooter was, and that he was driving a police car, ten hours before he took his final victims into hell with him.

But instead of stopping the guy, they were planning a PR campaign instead. Go over to Frank Magazine for more “proof of gang stalking,” and view how gangs within the RCMP and gangs within the community are so interconnected that it behooves any sane person to admit that this is what gang stalking is, and answering the question “who are the gang stalkers?”

But its purely a war on narrative, as Jews and christians of all stripes battle each other for narrative control, and gang stalking is that, exactly. And, it is the NGO’s and their “intelligence” wings waging a lot of it too.

Read It: From Mint Press News The Mossad, the Epstein Network, Are Exploiting Mass Shootings (and likely creating them.)

*fundies is a term used to describe fundamentalist christians, but more generally it can be applied to rabid feminists, dogmatic atheists, social justice warriors and others who are stubbornly or maliciously proselytizing a viewpoint

  1. Zimmerman, G.M., Welsh, B.C. & Posick, C. Investigating the Role of Neighborhood Youth Organizations in Preventing Adolescent Violent Offending: Evidence from Chicago. J Quant Criminol 31, 565–593 (2015).

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