The Weeding: every garden needs care, I just dumped a few of my “followers”–AGAIN

So, every blog gets followers, its part of how WordPress and other sites database our “webs of connections” and “encourages engagement” which is thin skin covering “tracing webs of dialogue” for possible intel agency consumption.

While WP has been quite the noble defender of free speech, they sort of lost me when they de-platformed my other–quite famous and world changing blog (formerly(.)wordpress) because I outed a few “gang stalking cowards” who worked from within government, policing, NGOs, corporations, and even from within WordPress itself. And a surprising amount of gang stalking is perpetrated by women, which was the most notable finding at that blog.

I was de-platformed after I requested the log files of “whoever it is that is hacking my blog from within WordPress itself.” Yeah–as expected, that raised their hackles–bad PR!

And BAM!

Not one day later, de-platformed–they don’t want that fact widely known to the public–the fact that they actively submit to government and NGO monitoring, and allow the CIA/FBI/FVEYs monstrosity to dictate their “permissible”content. To any journalist, that should be enlightening. But they are not alone, as all platforms do it. Here’s more about that from the Columbia Journalism Review.

So, here I am doing it ALL OVER AGAIN, just to prove a point. And, I will do it even after this blog gets de-platformed too, because the scientific method demands rigorous attention to “patterns,” and replication, so HAVE AT IT!

I write from a spoofed IP–an easily traceable, easily found IP address that anyone can access. And, I have the double good fortune (think two goldfish swimming together in a pond) of having my spoofed IP register at a real address, where my pals “mirror” my content. Cool, huh?

Anyways, to the point of this post: I have culled the wheat from the chaff and deleted “followers” once again, because they violated my “free blog follower” policies, chiefly–to all the assholes who think they can squat my content, and read my work without providing a single iota of personal information? Yeah–you are banned.

I simply do not tolerate that, so GTFO you non-descript travel/cooking/photography blogs! Especially if they are named iamcaitlin, or some other droll, white female type pity party with police connections and a cheese pizza. Enough already with the NGO and agency affiliated gang stalking relatives of police/intel/NGO unspecified and their version of reality expressed in cause stalking, or religion and hidden behind pictures of food, mountains, and airplanes–and white females.

Intel agency types frequently set up food and cooking blogs, travel blogs, and photography blogs, and squat webspaces where real people–myself included–write real things. But their blogs have ZERO personal content, as if they were set up by bots or AI assisted trolls. Not a single thing can be found at their blogs worth reading, or worth mentioning–pure AI type garbage posts typical of Alphabet Agency “legend” creation, which can be used to exploit targeted individuals.

SO, here is who made the cut this time–and believe me, most of these are also suspect on many levels, but at least I provide some amount of traceable data, with which I could track, trace, or pursue them in other ways.

Lets look at the Gang stalking Research Blog CUTS and Keeps, Creepers and Keepers and why they are what they are, and why that happened:


Meh, bye bye to you and all of your other ghost blogs! No one around here wants you–nor wants to let you live in our (my) head rent free! Provide decent content, with traceable clues to your identity, or GTFO–go stuff yourself like a John Wayne Thanksgiving turkey with char broiled steaks up your ass!

  • gerrera5150
    @gerrera5150–I wrote about you here, and let you squat my turf long enough. Anyone who uses “5150” in their handle is pure police state–and even if you are not? Your handle sucks harder than domestic CIA/FBI confidential informant Azaiah Chadrick Crosswhite. Go fuck a pig! And try to convince yourself that you are SANE as you do it, m-kay?
  • madmaxokc
    @madmaxokc YOU’RE FIRED! No explanation. Nothing about you is interesting in any way. Go kill yourself, and thanks for playing! Oklahoma for fucks sake–the Negev desert of America–and BTW? The Native Americans will soon own your ass like a slave dog hauling water to a teepee, due to recent rulings in the US Supreme court, hehehehehe.

Keepers(for now)

Colorful Sisters clothing and travel blog–if your going to troll, troll correctly: these two Israeli women are both worth investigating for several reasons:

-maybe they are single, definitely bone-worthy, not bad looking

-they make clothes, are very creative, and love patterns–one of my passions from a former life

-they are smart marketers with connections to Kenya, where a certain former WordPress employee opens back doors to peoples blogs, and other stuff (Hi Keeno boy!)

-I suspect they are probably serial killer Rabid Right Wing Rita Katz’s relatives (or can help me find such). Katz and her rabid “anti-Muzzie” SITE Intelligence Group has gotten more human beings killed at her request than any other serial killer that I am aware of. Her most recent conquest was the Pensacola Navy Base shooter, who shot a bunch of people who had sexually harassed him, and tried to blackmail him over his “porn stash.” Good riddance to gang stalkers!

Keep up the good work there in the Negev, ladies!

HashemGod The LORD THE LAWD!!! ROGS certainly knows that the world is a more psychotic sociopathic insane bat shit crazy gang stalking shithole interesting place with you around! And, the world DESERVES more talented, adorable, crazy Jewish chicks just to help us all collect those pottery shards after the original terrorist vessel wineskin bomb Boston Marathon pressure cooker bomb went off, container of good intentions exploded into a million pieces was shattered by evil, right?

And who can forget my favorite Gnostic Knight of the Eternal Conquest, who I wrote about here? Gotta love Conquistadors, right? Surely Magellan had a great affect on the Philippines, lol.

And who can forget the Children’s Crusades!? You keep going after those pedophiles, bro, easy targets–what a coward–it hasn’t worked in the entire time your church has been around. Maybe, quit that church, and “pray” for better results, but somehow, the Pied Piper just keeps managing to get at the kids–why is that exactly? Yup–you and your types keep getting caught up in your own clandestine piece of the “pie,” chiefly, how your types pimp, pander, and profiteer from within child protective services. Try not to let that Freudian Projection hit you in the ass next time I cull the Creepers from the Keepers, ok?

Then, there’s this odd fellow:

Hong Kong is an example of a total shitshow of fully demoralized, unsympathetic, feeble, and morally bankrupt western democracies struggling to look like the ” good guys” in the news, while every fact and feature of what they are in reality is a horror show of police state proportions. Any scan of any western media outlet reveals that all “western” countries are in fact police and surveillance states by definition of the term itself.

\SO of course, is an interesting blog, for reasons that I will not yet discuss, as negotiations are ongoing.

Lastly, an honorable mention: Operation X is a follower that offers something that any reader can take home with them, and store in their brain: its a language/linguistics blog that studies dead and dying languages. You can stroll over there and read “Hmongic” languages or ancient Goth.

Hwa ist snáiws? Is it Hmong or is it Goth? I couldn’t tell from the alliteration(the a-i-w got me) at first glance, and you probably cant either (hint: its NOT Hmong)

Exciting, interesting, and useful–that’s what any followers should be, not at all like those intel and NGO trolls mentioned above that offer “dead blogs,”written by dead people.

SO–there you go–my moment of dissatisfaction, extrapolated. Hope you enjoyed it, and hey–Sisters! I have some opportunities that might interest you.

And, as usual, Sebastian, feel free to contact me on the DL. Use my contact feature.



5 thoughts on “The Weeding: every garden needs care, I just dumped a few of my “followers”–AGAIN

    1. Exactly–I am creating a method whereby other gang stalking targets can identify these people, using simple linguistics, and social media monitoring (SOCMINT) and open source intelligence ( OSINT) analyses.

      I could use some help, if you are interested in that project. These people can be identified, targeted, and sued into oblivion.


      1. You are doing a great job already.

        I looked up some of those people on the list you sent me, and wow! That Sheriff looks like a skull faced walking skeleton–these people are dead inside. You could just swap out the uniform for a Nazi SS sadist.

        I also contacted the ACLU in your area, and sent the same letter to them that I sent to you. The problem though, is that I do not have legal standing to advocate for you, so you can go over there and fill out the intake form.

        Include my email to you, so that they have context.

        Lastly–your case includes a favorite cause of theirs, which is “prior restraint,” because the hackers stop you from speaking and writing.

        But there are many other civil clauses that also apply.


    2. Not just that one idiot with the “5150”–but look at who else I dumped.

      Many of them start blogs with ZERO identifiable information (cooking blogs, travel blogs, photography blogs), but when I trace the data? Yeah–many of them are connected to non governmental organizations (NGO’s) and their relatives are indeed current and former military, police, and intelligence agents.

      The most scurrilous of these types are the “save the wimmins and chilren’s!” types. They are behind a lot of the the “human trafficking” b.s. online–all of them are anti-pornography, anti-prostitution, and–anti-first amendment too. Its how they breed–these types are behind the rape, bombing, pillaging, and pillorying of other people’s children (Iraq/Syria/Libya/wars ongoing), and then, claim they are here to “save” whoever happens to be left afterwards.

      A truly sick PSYOP.


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