Mikhail Bulgakov, film maker Asiel Norton, the “IMDB Gang”, and internationalist mafias gang stalking: American cops and intel are total pansies for bankster buck$

In order to fully understand gang stalking, one MUST READ “The Master and Margarita” by once banned author Mikhail Bulgakov.

Without reading that, you cannot understand gang stalking; you simply cannot.

But that novel chronicles the absurdist type of events that surround the lives of writers–and others–who produce content for “consumption” by readers–listeners; concert goers, dancers, and anyone who is involved in media IN ANY WAY.

Because gang stalking is primarily an assault on narratives themselves–on the words, ideas, content, and construction of intellect.

In the novel, their is clearly a “devil” and clearly strange events. There is an attempt by the author to preserve “christian” history of a dead Jewish prophet who, milked dry by non-Jews for every single bit of anti-Jewish sentiment, and for all practical purposes, could be any of a number of similar Jewish martyrs, Celtic and Pictic martyrs, South African martyrs, Mestizo martyrs, Apache martyrs–or any other prophets who have been killed by international capitalists, all of whom were indeed gang stalked, and most of them murdered.

So, understand your plight and your personal life from that perspective–international corporations and capitalists–whether they are George Soros on the so-called left, or the Koch brothers on the actual right–your situation involves martyrdom, and many came before you. It is international billionaires and their “community assets” waging a war on you. Indeed–the entire narrative of “martyrdom” hinges on press releases where someone who has been targeted by Jew-christians gets killed by a drone or something, and the press says” he was seeking martyrdom!”

Quite a stretch and an inversion of reality, but western societies depend from myth and lies, not truths.

Do yourself, and do those links above a favor and read their stories–respect their messages. But don’t think that you are alone in any sense, because you are not. This is how the world really works. Billionaire v billionaire, and them, stopping you from telling your story.

Look at this one story, about an asshole on a flight, taped to his seat:

Drunk rowdy passenger duct taped to seat by Frontier Airline flight attendants (Updated)

And compare it to this story, about an award winning Hollywood film maker, Asiel Norton who was targeted and stalked, and “mind controlled” on a flight away from Hollywood–this guy won many awards for film making, but later, was gang stalked on an airplane, and cast into the media spotlight as a nutter–because he himself was the offshoot of the 1960’s hippie movement, and MKULTRA-ongoing seeks to kill that feeling of freedom, insight, and anti-war freedom. Mr. Norton is clearly a threat to the “narrative” with his unique style and unique storytelling.

And–he fits a profile too. .

Quite a difference in the two stories, ay? And: IMDB gang stalking indeed! One guy just a stupid drunk on a plane, the other guy, not so simple–an award winning film maker, in the IMDB, and a guy in a devil tee-shirt sitting next to him, by coincidence of course.

And please–watch the films, by Asiel Norton, but also, watch the film recorded by a Chinese-christian operative, as some guy in the seat next to him wears a “screaming skull” tee-shirt. The gang stalking of Asiel Norton is a spectacle designed for media indeed–and they virtually assassinated his work, and over-wrote his perception, displayed on award winning film. The “narrators” of that event who managed to upload footage to various platforms in seconds all coincidentally work in media and public relations. Coincidences!

But you only heard about that here, for the first time, and the official record in all the news papers forgot to mention that fact. Mr. Norton was listed as one of the top 25 media film influencers of 2010, and then he met gang stalkers. Even the Los Angeles Times reported on his film Orion. And all those hacks who were coincidentally right there on the plane to film his “mental breakdown” couldn’t hold a candle to his work, but oh boy can they work Twitter!


Gang stalking is 100% real, and 100% a controlled release operation. The media sad the guy had “delusions” that the devil was following him around or something. My bet? Racist black people, with ties to the Anti Defamation League, or their brethren at the Jewish Federations were indeed stalking him. On that flight. Because the Hollywood mafia seeks “narrative control” at every juncture. Its even written about in Jewish mythological texts, in the story of the guard at the gate.

Gang stalking is THIS BIZARRE. And so is “narrative control.”

I hope Mr. Norton’s criminal defense attorney contacts me, as other attorney’s have done. I am 100% ahead of the intel agency narratives, and 100% ready t lead attorney’s to the truth of these”manufactured terrorism” events.

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