Dear Asiel Norton, film director, writer, and Albuquerque airplane stopper: many of us do not believe “the narrative” of your case. Hang in there!

Asiel Norton was presented to the public as a madman, not long ago, as he was “hog tied*” and taken off an airplane to be arrested.

But the “narrative” and its narrators skipped a few steps, much as it did in the strange case of Shoeless Nathan Allen, the Winthrop MA shooter, who quite possibly targeted people who were targeting him.

As we pick up these stories mid-production, its really difficult to assess the veracity of these tales, because they are largely scripted events, and crisis PR agents are all over the place concealing facts, and fudging details, as we see now with the Portapique mass shooting, where the Canadian Police were running around in high heeels trying to get a storyline, AS people were being gunned down–zero concern for victims, 100% concern for “narrative control.”

Strange times, these…..and of course, the hidden religion of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex(DVIC) is all over the place in each event. As if to say “we will keep our gendered, sexist, paternalistic practices no matter what!! (as evidence accrues that women’s violence–starting with the Queen herself and “high policing” was 100% behind the failure of the Portapique event. Stop the commies! Gender your children! There is no Adam and Steve!! No Madame and Eve!!!

Rational people, however, disagree.

Yet there is precedence for these weird news narratives in other era’s. I recall weeding through the Wonderland Murders, and I know a few of the people who “discovered” the mass murder there. You can read through all of that yourself–in my past writing, quite a few retred cops liked what I had to say on that topic, but most surprising of all in the details is the fact that we find a Palestinian masquerading as a Jew, and deflating/challenging the narrative that Jews run Hollywood (which they pretty much do, but not because of what you think it is, as christians are all over the map there too).

ASiel CHristian Norton is a film director, currently being detained in the DVIC apparatus, smeared in the press, and ritually libeled and slandered by the FBI because he jumped out of his seat on a flight from Los Angeles to Nashville, while above the US state of New Mexico.

And, just like the scene in “Breaking Bad” where we see Walt get an airplane dropped on his head and home, we can rightfully suspect that some air traffic control situation was very active BEFORE the flight landed, and Norton arrested. Let’s not forget the ending of the Breaking Bad series either: our hero Walt dead on the floor of a meth lab, as the camera circles above his head; and he splayed out like The Jesus, arms as if nailed–and the camera slowly spinning him into hell(pointing downward.)

Yeah–US FVEY’s Jewish christian propaganda is pretty strong stuff for rubes–it really “fucks them in the face” as they tear up, thinking that of Walt had only loved the Jesus more, maybe, just maybe!….., but entirely transparent messaging designed for rubes and Gomers. You can’t just blame “the Jews” for that kind of chicanery. The christian message and the Jewish control of that message has been an ongoing battle since forever.And simply blaming “Hollywood” is passe’–o very Ronald Reagan, lol.

How weird is gang stalking? Really, really weird. Its all about “Tha Narrative.” Its a war on stories, and story tellers at every level of society–victims of the DVIC are routinely silence, as one after another fake victim comes forward in mainstrem news, cryin #MeToo!!! I cannot believe some male pig grabbed my ass after I went to his house seeking a million dollar shot at fame!

These are not whores–these are prostitutes, and good whores separate themselves from them at every juncture.

Yup-mkay? the storyline: here, here, here, and this of course: Mental health, gang stalking, 5150, and the threat narrative of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC).

Its all a total shitshow, full of “framing,” and “narrative control,” “influence operations,” and more and other public relations jargon related “trance formation.” It is truly bigger than anything the CIA had planned in the 1960’s Mockingbird era. Twitter for Gawd’s sake….and Silicon Valley, with “saviors” appearing. Its surreal. Pure theater.

And if anything can be said about Asiel Norton, film maker, director, and Venice CA denizen, it would be that in the very least, his films sought to change “the narrative..”or in the very least, challenge, modify, or alternatively examine it.

Look at this, from Venice California, blocks away from Asiel Norton’s own home:

In this photograph, I was being followed by security contractors, in Venice California. These contractors work for Google and Amazon, to control real estate on the Venice Boardwalk. Very hotly contested real estate–shorefront, just as we saw in the Portapique mass shooting. International cartels seek to own the shores. And, marginalized, isolated people camp on shorefronts–chased to the edges of “civilization” by hidden mobs of gang stalkers. Why? I will let you–and your imagination run wild! (clue!: smuggling). Can you spot the contractors? Can you spot the guy who thinks I am a cop? Can you spot the the guys who just need to make a buck to feed their kids, versus the people that couldn’t give a single shit either way, but like to see “black people” doing “black people” things (hint: ordinary white people)? Riiiiight. Gang stalking is a nuanced discussion.

Here, from an interview

In all actuality, I created “Redland” as the first part of a loose thematic trilogy, so eventually I want to return to that world and complete what I started. One other thing that I really want to get to is a kind of Sci-Fi/Fantasy script, a world savior myth that I’ve been working on. So there’s a pretty long list, its just getting the production money to come through, that’s the challenge.

Norton created a film with a “new messiah” and guess what? Yup. Gang stalking thereafter–these psychotic Jew-christians will stop at nothing as they try to keep humanity stuck in the “teachins” of thousands of years ago, as if history stopped, just for them in the yesteryear, and they can now use power and abuse power to stop “tomorrow.”. A conundrum to be sure. Faithless as a frog, each and every one of them.

Mr Norton, I would have the lawyer get a peek at the flight data, the Fusion Center chatter, and the various police departments, DHS, and FBI records of that time period if I were you. Ask about security contractors in Venice, who might be feeding your name up the surveillance state food chain.

In this new era of policing via ” 24-7 wiretaps” run from Fusion Centers, your case just might break the ice around constant surveillance, regardless of whether or not you had a few drinks or whatever. Drug rehab? Nice smear FBI! Cowardice is bravery! Who pays you people for this shit? Oh, never mind, bankster trolls! We got your number, variously.

Norton, no doubt, you are dealing with devils, and none of them are your own making. Look at the video for evidence–and begin telling the story with ” that fucking black guy with the devil shirt.”

That might be a nice opener, regardless of your conclusions about that character. My guess? He is current, or former military, police, or intelligence agent.

Start there, but end it with victory.

….this is a blog post in progress. Sebastian. check back later for the finished product, m-kay?

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