Lie-truthing, #crybullying, and gang stalking, hyperbole in the dialectic is a staple, and a primary cause for why its called a conspiracy theory: Timothy Charles Holmseth: case study of gang stalking target

The right wing nuts have a manner of of lie-truthing that is every bit as despicable as the left wing #crybullying, and #fakerape hoaxing, utilizing hyperbolic language of overblown proportions that render their subject matter in absurdist ways.

So, for every one of these women who beg a man for ass sex, and later call that man a rapist, there are one of these Timothy Charles Holmseth’s finding pedophiles everywhere and anywhere, except in their own Jungian alter-ego.

Timothy Charles Holmseth, of East Grand Forks Minnesota is the latter case: an absolutely crazed, deranged, unhinged, and dangerous, obsessed person who drives narratives that are provably false, and devoid of fact, and even when presented with facts, he spouts off on one or another far right conspiracy theory about child sex and dungeons under pizza places.

He is an endless pit, that one. I don’t advise you to step in it either, but for my purposes, he embodies a certain type of gang stalking target, and he has indeed been gang stalked for many years–decades in fact–with zero claims about “electronic brain zappers,” other than the fact that police in his jurisdiction monitor his communications, mess with his phone and so on. Valid claims no doubt, but his over-arching narrative is pure psychobabble.

He writes a lot about child abuse and pornography, yet fails to link that child pornography distribution to state actors, and sees pedophiles under every rock, and in every case of missing children–even after they are found, and even after the facts of the story contradicts anything and everything he has written-he is certain they were Satanically abused in some ritual or another, though he seldom writes about actual “child abuse rings,”like the kind we saw in the sad case of Christopher Bowen.

So, one must ask a few questions, like: who enables his rhetoric? What puts the bluster into his blather? And you don’t need to read too far into his story to see that he is indeed an FBI informant, and quite proud of it. Or, that he is affilliated with a crazed set of cyber-warriors who stalk people in real life too. Because that’s what gang stalking IS, and that’s who gang stalkers ARE, in large part.

He is also a self-styled journalist (I have not found evidence that he attended any journalism school, anywhere), he rants incessantly about pedophile cabals, and Satanic Panic, and all of that would be interesting if any iota of it had substance–which it doesn’t. And that level of psychobabble is clearly dangerous–to him.

As many gang stalking targets know, death threats, hacking, stalking, anonymous slander and worse comes with the territory, and he has had his share of that. Have a look here, where he even gets raided by cops, tires slashed, a restraining order on him from several states away, filed by a person whose identity remains a mystery, though the order was in effect for six years or more–gang stalkers abuse every process of law and due process at every opportunity.

Its also unsurprising that the insanity of some anonymous person several state away from him filing a restraining order on a person he has never met, in a state where he had apparently never been, emanates from ultra-conservative pockets of Florida–Broward County, like Pasco County, etc. all of which seems to be the pit of hell itself, if there is indeed such a thing as hell. Repeatedly, we see batshit crazy events with ties to Florida, such as the gang stalking of State Trooper Donna Watts by “88” police who had accessed her drivers license database, and used that information to stalk and harass her

Indeed, square pegs of any kind are who gets gang stalked in our societies, and historically it has been the outsiders being stalked by insiders–single men and women who do not conform to Jewish-christian marriage norms, men and women who are outspoken. Ethnic groups, and LGBTetc–anyone with less than white skin and blue blood, and especially–especially black people in America. But of these? Few get gang stalked harder than white people who refuse to adopt political correctness, and labeling practices handed to them by the “deep state” and its trance formation agents in PR firms across the country–those exact labels that you see in the latter sentence of this paragraph.

And–if you defy easy labels yourself, you will find your self gang stalked. Such is the case with Mr. Holmseth, who for all practical purposes is a white male in a white town, who says very white things; and much of that white stuff is pure garbage, tinted with bizarre religion–but whose whiteness hasn’t kept him from being stalked, arrested, and jailed without cause of any kind, and without due process of law. Like so many today, they are closing the net on free speech in every way that they can–its not “the commies” any more than it is the far right.

So, here’s why he gets gang stalked: he speaks his mind, even if that mind is pure garbage, with little basis in fact–which isn’t against the law, though it is offensive. But not offensive as if he is a terrorist neo-Nazi, or their companion terrorists on the left, the equally rabid zionists, because his type of offensive is that his mind pukes out incessant psychobabble about pizza, pedophiles, “Q” and other topics–the guy doesn’t even know who his enemies are, but he sure knows how to make them.

And this is what gang stalking is, and who does it, and why many people get gang stalked, for the most part. In a loose definition of “crazy” or “mentally ill” he could be called an obsessive, with a deep seated passive aggressive personality, maybe a competing inferiority complex/malignant narcissist type of disorder. But even THAT is just more labeling, and as psychological labels are every bit as and for my purposes, he is truly a victim of gang stalking.

Do we ask the rape victim if their clothes were provocative

Or–if they were out too late at night, or did they say something to lead the rapist on–if he or she “did something to provoke the attack?”Isn’t it somehow the rape victims fault that they get raped?

Then why ask gang stalking targeted individuals the same question about their speech, writing, or Twitter posts?

Because that’s what these psychologists and social workers like Dr. Lorraine Sheridan, and David V. James, and Christine Sarteschi are asking of targeted individuals, and its why they are on my SourceWatch list. Psychologists are blindly labeling all gang stalking complaints as “delusions.”

So, regardless of whether or not I like the guy, agree with what he does and says, or actually sort of despise him for his inane views and ties to actual gang stalkers (I don’t, I don’t and can’t, I do, and he does have ties to and works with many of the vigilante “pedophile stalkers” groups that have crafted such a deviant narrative in the first place), he too is a target indeed, and has provided evidence of it in multiple ways.

My own targeting began in force in 2003, and I watched every due process free, unconstitutional, anti-democratic trick that these people have in their playbook ever since–and it included people just like him*-but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t a targeted individual, or that the insane policy of not prosecuting these stalkers is good for democracy. And he has a right to his inane beliefs too.

So, his story validates the story and facts from the Fort Worth Weekly piece titled “Targeting Targeted Individual’s” we see the following, chiefly that it is “gangs of police and informants” doing it:

  • gang stalkers are nearly 100% affiliated with, or are in fact current and former police, military, intelligence agents and their relatives and associates.
  • that they do indeed break, bend and distort the law, and as such are criminal gangs themselves; and in fact are “gangs”by any definition
  • that threats are a constant and a staple in the dialectic, so much so that it forms a “threat narrative”–the gang stalking dialectic is at all times a hostile dialectic, and violence–whether institutional, or civil can and does occur because of it
  • that violent acts are carried out by them, all of which should be documented, and can be prosecuted

*I only learned of his case recently, and my own stalking–ongoing, according to who some of my followers are–was primarily carried out many years ago

….post in progress, check back later

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