When will the back-shooting murderers of Los Angeles security guard Andres’ Guardado be arrested? Family calls for results: when police are gang members themselves

Cristobal and Elisa Guardado, parents of Andres Guardado: Call For Accountability In Their Son’s Shooting Death By Los Angeles Sheriffs Department

When will we see an arrest in this case? And–what kind of cowards in policing shoot running children in the back– five times?

Yup–“gangs of police”shoot kids in the back.

I bet they- you? They/you trained in Israel under any of the many “ADL sponsored bribery trips to Israel, where you learned “counterintelligence focused policing tactics””

Now, roosting like a vulture on America’s shores–The Land of Back Shooting Cowardice, and riot making policing practices, the poisoners offer–the cause and the cure…

Israelification is a real thing, based in racial supremacist, Jewish “superior people” narratives. And it really is not a good thing for “the people” to be guided by such genocidal maniacs, and their adherents in policing.

Andres Guardado was a human being, first and foremost. Then, he was shot in the back by Los Angeles Sheriffs department deputies, while fleeing from them. That seems significant, huh?

Remember that–then, prosecute his murderers.

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