Disability claims, religion in the workplace, and gang stalking for research: what gang stalking IS NOT: the case of PC Winston “Father Ted” Rodderick

To be clear, the story that follows about a police officer who lost a disability claim is NOT organized gang stalking, until I see further evidence. While it has features of gang stalking, such as a disability claim at its heart, or the fact that a crackpot workplace religion spouting nutjob is at the center of it, there is NO evidence it was a “gang stalking.”

I will briefly cover the case, and compare it to an actual gang stalking in the case of the San Bernardino workplace shooting by Sayed Farook, who was harassed by a fanatical bully who repeatedly assaulted Farook with religion tinged insults.

First, our evangelist cop in England gets shit-canned, the story of Father Ted, aka PC Winston Roderick who couldn’t keep his religion out of his workplace:

Born-again Christian police officer who claimed he was mocked by colleagues who called him ‘Father Ted’ and told him the Bible is a ‘pile of nonsense’ LOSES his religious discrimination claim

  • Former PC Winston Roderick said he faced discrimination at South Wales Police
  • Tribunal dismissed the claim after finding many comments had never been made
  • His claim for disability discrimination and constructive dismissal also dismissed

Evangelicals are major gang stalkers, especially the more fanatical sects of Southern Baptists,as demonstrated by the infamous Westboro Baptists church and others similar, and they form evangelizing gangs. I have personally collected evidence of that in the form of grafitti, and other “gang” slogans such as #GodOverGangs, and other artifacts of culture that prove the link.

The area where I collected that data–the San Gabriel Valley of California, includes gangs of police from several jurisdictions that mobilize their “community assets” to target individuals.

That said, I can make a safe prediction: when Boys and Girls Clubs of America: training gang stalkers? Case study, as Steve Wymer of eBay gang stalker fame presides over the Silicon Valley B&G Club Steve Wymer was named head of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley, gang stalking is sure to increase. These “christian stalkers” are pernicious, covert, and highly organized.

But to be clear, this incident described above involving PC Winston”Father Ted” Roderick is NOT organized gang stalking, because it does not involve the other creepy stuff that goes along with other verified gang stalkings.

So, a quick comparison of gang staking that is verified as such:

The San Bernardino mass casualty event was precipitated DIRECTLY by the actions of a fanatical religious nutcase, Nicholas Thalasinos, a far-right, rabid, proselytizing religious nutcase who harassed and taunted Sayed Farook in the workplace. Any cursory study of that case will indicate as much. The shooter was “radicalized” by this Messianic Jew (Messianic Jews are generally NOT JEWISH by culture, and the entire religion appears to be a reaction formation to radical racist zionists who ARE Jewish. But they are useful idiots for the zionist cause, and even black ops.) And, on Facebook, he went by the moniker “ProTzionist.”

Modern mass shooters frequently endure harassment by Israelified “change agents,” and other domestic terrorists, before, during and after these events. And, yes, police are usually “in on it,” 100%, though both the police and the FBI denied knowing about either of the men before the event, evidence indicates–clearly–that SOMEONE was tracking Farook before the shooting, and news reports mentioned eactly that “he was on the radar” one week before the shooting.

So: are the police in on it? SOme of them definitely are–look here at how radical, ethno-nationalist agents of Israel are bribing American police organizations, aka “Israelification” in American policing. (here too, a view from the right and here a view from the controlled left on that issue.)

And to get an idea what kind of rabid, racist, tribalist hyperole Farook was up against with these zionists, have a read through far right Debbie Schlussel for perspective. She labelled him a “Wiccan, Mormon, Catholic,” jihadist in her drunken diatribe at the time–purely sociopathic people. It is they who are behind a lot of “radicalization” online, and off. Father Ted, in the story above, didn’t have ANY of that aimed at him.

The Molson Coors shooting by Anthony Ferrill was clearly a gang stalking, as well as a workplace shooting, because the shooter complained about being followed, and his house being broken into, and harassment by co-workers over a great period of time; and bonus points because that gang stalking involved both a disability claim, and a noose hung on his locker at work (he was black). And, it entailed a MASSIVE public relations presence, and “product placement” of all kinds, a signature of modern gang stalking that precipitates mass shootings. Again–different from our case at hand, where Father Ted was simply outed and ousted because he couldn’t shut up about religion at work–but no covert actions per se.

There are literally too many cases to point at where we see that Father Ted was NOT gang stalked, but the three mentioned above provide comparison for any legitimate psychologist, journalist, or others to research.

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