Epic Diversity Fails, as Rabid Bari Weiss of Tree of Life Synagogue, NYT fame, and like-minded former Westboro Baptist accolyte discuss Central Park Karen, from within the lap of luxury called “white female privilege.”

Since “privilege” has been cast upon us all by the One Percent, its academic legionnaires, and it’s media armies backed by multi-national social media financed by hidden interests*, we have seen white females scrambling to cloak their well established role in race supremacy, and the harm that white female privilege does to men, and particularly, to black/brown/othered men. Together, white women’s covert roles and covert violence waged within in social structures have only cemented the type of racism that extends from Jewish narratives, and through the christian sects.

Related Story: Was the Women’s Auxilliary of the Ku Klux Klan modeled after Talmudic racist belief systems, written down thousands of years ago–and is “white supremacy” in fact a reaction formation to Jewish supremacy, stated quite clearly in the “Doctrine of the Superior People?” It’s hard to say which came first–the chicken or the egg salad, with chopped chicken liver and onions on rye.

And if diversity held a *FAIL* contest, rabid racist and toxic Jewish tribalist Bari “Lucy” Weiss and her kind would win–every time. Their thinly veiled racism, and blatant cock-blocking of any media outlet that reports on it are anathema to journalism, and yet they proliferate

I mean–how many people have ever been ridden out of the New York Times editorial room, tarred and feathered by their own colleagues because they are such intolerable militants and proselytizing bullies? Such is the effect of toxic zionism on even the Jewish owned, “liberal” New York Times.

Now here, below Weiss extends her oceanside view to Central Park Karen, aka, in a form of racist whataboutism that has few parallels in modern history. Isn’t it nice to be white, Jewish, and have the luxury of access to the press–and all those words to express, while never, ever being in any kind of danger at all, nor having to suffer consequences for your privileged view–and “your words”?

These types of white women want men to go to prison for flirting with them in an office–but when its another Karen whose actions and words can, and do get men shot, jailed, and more every day? Oh! Let’s give them the airwaves to use the luxury of words to endlessly equivocate how hard it all is, and then watch them tear up, gibbering “I was afwaid!”

Yeah–men do not have that privilege, and black men have NEVER had that privilege; indeed, if the last several years has shown anything, it is that exact fact. The #MeToo movement is little more than the EXACT form of bullying that these types of women replicate–indeed “spawn”–generation after the next. Have a look at the Women’s Auxilliary of the Ku Klux Klan for evidence of their “poison squads,” and hold that white sheet up next to these woen and VOILA! A mirror image.

White women’s words, and control of the airwaves, gets men killed.And black men get killed twice….three times…..and more, as white, privileged, Jewish/other conservative women hide behind privilege, and call cops on “words that hurt!”

Check your priv, ladies. It’s getting men murdered by your Israeli trained cops.

Read this story in O.J. Simpson’s voice, and substitute the word “story” for the word “murderer,” as in the Juice looking for “the REAL killer!

Lastly, it cannot be missed that the story was written by the contrite, and reformed daughter of infamous Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist stalker fame–Weiss couldn’t have picked a better puppet to insert her hand into to tell such a bullshit story as this:

The Real Story of “The Central Park Karen

New evidence comes to light. And Amy Cooper breaks her silence.

Megan Phelps-Roper
A story about white women, whining, and obfuscating their culpability in Black Death as a Business Model

I mean, black/brown/othered men are dying at the hands of police forces that train in Israeli apartheid zones, which should concern any rational person–but not Weiss, of course, because those para-militaries train there for her, and others like her. (Ooops. Thank 13 Druids and the Green Man for spell-checker!).

These types see threats EVERYWHERE, as they directly threaten others in their alliances, and beliefs about their vulnerability, and steadfast refusal to simply “act equally,” so that others do not have to cater to their privileges, which are many. It simply cannot be missed that the Jewish story of Esther and the guy at the gate have EVERYTHING to do in these women’s narratives. Indeed–it was the doorman who was the true hero in that story, not jaded Esther, fed fat as a parrot in a guilded cage.

Related Story: The Doorman Wars of Minneapolis, and gang stalking

As the old argument goes–why the hell should a 110 pound male have any less value, or any less protection from threats of rape, violence, or other harm that people face in American society? Yet these types of women routinely overlook, and even encourage it. That is what the “incel movement” is at its heart–and that movement started by a still-unnamed woman–and that’s why little Elliot Roger is its icon; and why the “pickup artists” are these types of women’s most treasured targets too.

These women bloviate, and luxuriate across the airways, stretching their bloated thighs across the cotton beach loungers of New York airtime, and wearing sweatshop swimwear gaze of the oncoming waves, sipping the blood of the indigenous, the othered, and recently, all black men from golden chalices; all of which is merely an abyss for these toxic Karen’s to mirror each others privilege across space and time.

*right, one heck of an ACTUAL conspiracy–and one hell of a long sentence too, I agree.

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