Developing new law enforcement profiles of “gang stalkers”based on the recent Federal indictment of Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, as it ties an NGO affiliated stalker to “human rights” stalking

You know the canard: extreme claims require extreme evidence. I have repeatedly made the claim that NGO’s and particularly, the umbrella organizations under the “human rights” groups are major gang stalkers, but hard to prove that they are stalking people. Human rights indeed–this woman stalked pubescent teenage boys*.

And so, this blog you are reading uses the “scientific method” to test, and re-test my scientific hypotheses, which is an entirely different scenario than “conspiracy theorizing,” because I present evidence for my claims, ask others to utilize the data, and retest the hypotheses. And so far, ROGS Analysis is batting around 1000%–you can test it yourself! I have sued them, named them, won a settlement, put a security company out of business, and more.

And, a major newspaper won an award after I began to write on this topic. But not just any award–they won the famed Pulitzer Prize, because they wrote about the topic in sanitized terminology, and pasty-white terms.

No “electronic brain zappers, lizard people, and satellite beams,” and 1000% current and former police, military, intelligence agents, and their friends, relatives and associates in the “community policing” scheme, stalking and harassing people. Here is more evidence:

Like the eBay gang of stalkers, now indicted by the fed, with many guilty pleas, and an 18 month jail term handed down to one of them–the executive “shot callers” in that case former CEO Devin Norse Wenig and public relations guru Steve Wymer are harder to prosecute in criminal court–but are indeed being sued for millions in damages in civil court.

Read It: Gang stalking cases and lawsuits, Steiner v. eBay Inc., 21-cv-11181, U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts (Boston). Notice how gang stalkers get police on board with their illegal activity. In a WhatsApp exchange, the lead conspirator used a “good cop/bad cop” approach to the local police.

The DOJ said that [Philip]Cooke helped plan the harassment and coverup attempts. “Good plan and cover,” Cooke wrote in a WhatsApp message to co-conspirators, according to a charging document. Cooke’s message also advised fellow employees to find “a friendly” contact in the local police department and to “be convincing so [police] don’t start looking to find video of who purchased the gift cards” that eBay employees used to send the pig masks and other harassing deliveries to the Steiners. Cooke responded with two thumbs-up emojis after Gilbert wrote, “We can control the local cop and maybe provide a video from a different Santa Clara Safeway,” the court document said.”

Gang stalking is nearly 100% current and former police, etc.

The low hanging fruit in that case, a disgraced retired cop from a known gang stalking police department, and his not-so-smart team of stalkers from eBay’s ironically named “intelligence” division were a bit easier to indict, not just because they are stupid people, or that they fit the police profile to the letter, but because their plot and actual conspiracy was so transparent–so typically bizarre, as most gang stalking cases are.

But what makes these cases easier to prosecute is that their features are PREDICTABLE–and ROGS Analysis does that–it predicts features of “gang stalking.” And since my work online is helping others to understand the bizarre nature of gang stalking, who does it, and how they do it, we also see another “prediction” that I made long ago come to complete fruition in the case of Steve Wymer now heading the Boys and Girls Club’s of America, Silicon Valley branch.

Here is one part of that “prediction” based in evidence which I collected years before I wrote that–ROGS Analyses goes where the evidence takes the researcher. And other media outlets later wrote about gang stalkers and the Boys and Girls clubs too, including The Intercept.

And so again I have demonstrated repeatedly that the so-called “human rights” NGO’s are indeed affiliated with stalkers, if not directly deploying gang stalking themselves. These NGO’s are often psychopathic pushers of both policy, and people, and it helps to form a profile that includes them and their “change agents” as gangs of stalkers.

SO, the recent indictment of Ramajana Hidic Demirovic demonstrates this claim, as a baseline from which investigators can develop and pursue new profiles of “gang stalkers,” and prosecute them in court.

Let’s take a quick look at where that woman’s name appears online, and count the number of NGO affiliations that she has, or where NGO’s have used her and her story to get donations for their causes. As I said, women comprise a large portion of cyber stalkers, and gang stalkers too.

The difference?

Gang stalking comes offline into real lives, and is indeed designed to make the complainant look crazy, as these people fill the internet with garbage about “Directed Energy Weapons!!! and other pollution. These “electronic weapons” are in fact, cell phones, computers, and hackers; camera’s and various surveillance gear used to infiltrate peoples lives electronically. And that’s what Ramajana Hidic Demirovic did too–she cyber stalked some young boys, and stalked them offline too, and literally stated she would “ruin their lives,” and so on–and she did do that indeed, according to the indictment.

So, let’s dif deeper into my prediction of NGO involvement. Page one of the search results for her name returns the expected stuff–her indictment, and then her Internet Movie Database (IMDB) profile, a blog called Parent Security highlighting her case–and then, our first entry locating her as an NGO afilliated person, via an entry at the page “The McCloskey Fund.

Here’s more about that:

McCloskey Fund

This fund commemorates the life and work of former Bloomington mayor, Indiana Congressman, and REEI alumnus Frank McCloskey, who dedicated himself to the advancement of peace and democracy in the Balkans. The fund supports a biennial exchange program that sends an IU student to study in the Balkans and a student or scholar from the Balkans to study in Bloomington and Washington, DC.

And of course–who finances the gang stalkers? Right after the intro blurb, a donate button that says:

Give now

Yup–that’s one funding source for gang stalkers.

And then later in the search results, another link to a different NGO, the Center for Justice and Accoutability.

SO, when investigating links between stalkers who you can name, look into their NGO affiliations too, and maybe, find a few more gang stalkers–target them, and prosecute them for what they do. And, check out other activists who are monitoring NGO’s too, because these organizations are an arm of the “deep state” in every way.

*the tradition in journalism is to avoid saying that the person DID it, but rather to say that they are “alleged to have done it.” What a quaint convention, drawn from corporate media, which ALWAYS covers their own. Yeah–feel free to sue me–but no one ever does–why is that?

Yup: ROGS Analysis is batting 1000% in identifying actual stalkers, and “gangs” of stalkers. I can’t wait to see how this one plays out. I am betting on that she cops a plea, and becomes a federal informant after that.

3 thoughts on “Developing new law enforcement profiles of “gang stalkers”based on the recent Federal indictment of Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, as it ties an NGO affiliated stalker to “human rights” stalking

  1. I’m in Houston, Tx and this is happening to me. I noticed that I was being followed around in 2019, But didn’t get a name for it until May of last year (2020). They have intentionally caused me to have a traffic accident twice by crashing their cars into mines. They were found at fault on both occasions and repaired the damage but Also bugged my car with hidden cameras and microphones while it was in the body shop. Also they follow me everywhere I go, day and night. And Mob me when I go inside stores, Especially grocery stores and retail stores. They have hacked my cellphones and laptop computers and have the nerves to indirectly tell me whats going on in my personal life. They are all over my social media accounts. And they are controlling Media Content. I live in a Condo Complex and they have broken into my place many times, disabling my camera system somehow. My neighbors are involved as well. I’ve been poisoned by them and given a UTI Infection because of it, My car is constantly being broken into at home as well as when I’m out and about. It seems like the entire city of Houston is involved in this crime. Also when I leave the city and go to another state to visit Family, They follow me all the way there and back. I want to press charges and file a lawsuit. I recently started recording in traffic and taking pictures of people and vehicles. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me pertaining to this Gangstalking Crime and how I can get this to stop.


    1. Hi, and thanks for writing.

      Your problem is actually a lot easier than most–you have the names and license plate numbers of people who have damaged you.

      SO: start there. Read my self help sections, and begin monitoring the social media, and other data of those specific persons. I have many sections where you can access free tools to do this–track their entire webs of relationships.

      A lawsuit begins with facts–and right now, your job is to try to tie those two incidents together somehow–but don’t exhaust yourself ding it, because as you know–there are and will be many more similar incidents.

      Read my latest post about how I connected a shitbag to the Los Angeles County Coroners office, and an FBI agent, a psychologist in Pasadena and so on. I wrote it yesterday.

      That is one example of how to do it, and do it quickly–start with those who have targeted you.

      And quite importantly, look at the responding officers–they are usually quite near to the crash scene before, during, ad after the crash. Their squad cars all have data that can be accessed through information requests.

      Now, let me state this: I don’t care if you are a ten times convicted murderer, or a drug dealer, a pedophile—I only care that these criminal state-community gangs get caught, and prosecuted. SO in that regard–ask yourself: “why are they targeting me?”

      Then, target them back with a lawsuit, full of evidence–otherwise, you become the same kind of POS that they are–a common criminal. We take back the law, by standing aside from those who break it–or we break it ourselves, to prove a point.

      As for taking pictures: the web is full of people paranoid about red, white and blue cars, etc.–ignore all of that–you need faces, license plates, and patterns of conduct by INDIVIDUALS–not random snapshots filled with paranoid rambling.

      Get THAT kind of footage, and have dash camera’s in the front and the back of your vehicle–meticulously screen it after an event.

      And do not forget the value of buying hidden cameras with cash—nearly all sporting goods stores have them, as “game camera’s,wildlife camera’s etc.”

      Houston is a notoriously gang stalked area–even George Floyd knew that as he was killed by Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis–the thing of it is though, that both sides gang stalk. And Houston is a tech capital, filled with “NWO” money.

      SO be careful out there. Those players have A LOT of money, from both sides too. Houston is a literal battle ground.

      “Which side are you on”is the question they never quite ask.


    2. Also–just for your own protection–try not to make “ridiculous claims” about your situation, for example, you said

      ” I’ve been poisoned by them and given a UTI Infection because of it”

      I mean–that’s not only a medical condition, but its also an odd claim, in a sea of odd claims about gang stalking.

      Hon–you don’t get UTI’s from gang stalking–you get UTI’s from sex with creeps, or bad hygiene related to frequent masturbation.

      So–measure your words, before you put your name on them, and post it online, with your IP address attached, ok?


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