Dear Eduardo Garcia: I have received your complaint, and I have forwarded it to a friend.

Hi, and sorry to hear about your situation, and that Little Old Lady from Pasadena.

First: if your landlady is a Catholic, she is useless for evidentiary purposes. Catholic women of her generation follow a form of “omerta” and utilize psychobabble from “God” when pressed hard to tell harder truths. And seriously–any human that believes in human parthenogenesis? Seriously cracked, and easy to take off the stand. Look: partenogenesis is the act of lower forms of life–worms, snakes and so on. Yet its a core Catholic teaching–weird, I know. Then, there’s that little problem with “your landlord,” that she is squatting her “faith” on property that doesn’t take kindly to international spy rings hidden behind organized religion. It doesn’t mater of they are 60 or 90 years old, some neighborhoods do NOT take kindly to switching and baiting allegiances, if you get my meaning.

Second: I don’t want to be anyone’s hero. Like statues, they all fall at some time or another. But I am quite happy that other journalists are now winning prizes now, writing about gang stalking. Look! The Tampa Bay Times won its “13th” Pulitzer Prize for writing about gang stalking! Click that link, it’s a real eye opener from Daniel Espinosa, a Peruvian journalist who is also coincidentally quite interested in cases like these.

Third: Why do you think they are stalking you? TBH, as soon as I hear the word “V2K” I write folks off as military spooks, nutters. feds, or other sick people. Its the hard evidence of stalking that will make your case, not unverifiable claims about electronics. And hard evidence seen in a court room will bring the facts of these weirdo’s and their cults into the limelight.

So–as I say, document these people with films, photographs, etc. Get GOOD evidence, and like I say, use Wireshark to collect the evidence you are claiming about the war driving, Bluetooth chipsets hacked and stacked in Norway, routed through Finland, Switzerland, etc, and portable routers, alongside cell tower spoofers. If the guy–your “architecht” is working with active Marine’s you can contact their CO’s–after you have evidence that they are actually stalking YOU, and not someone else…..

And yes, the local police are usually in on it, but not all of them–go outside the jurisdiction where it is happening, and look for allies there. They all have an intelligence division, and look, these cases are intricate and ongoing, also, worth pursuing.

You might be interested to know that I am tracking a spy ring in your exact location. They have ties to the UK/FVEYs alliance, Asia, and a few other places. Their root cyber-terror cell is in Colorado and Las Vegas, with operations straight out of Texas; and they are connected to police agencies around America, Perth, Brisbane and so on.Hell, they read mu post on my other blog as if it were a biblical revelation–how I traced an actual gang of stalkers to exactly ONE location–all of them sharing the same address at some point.

Those ass-clowns weren’t exactly APT grade hackers, and their PSYOP was transparent–but hey, when investigating gang stalkers, you take what you can get, even of it is low level trash.And, one nation’s trash is another nation’s treasure, as the saying goes.

Go to my blog www(dot)researchorganizedgangstalking(dot)org, and look at the post about how I traced a few of them directly to the same address in Temple City, CA. One psychobabbling fruitcake online led to a county coroners office, a police department, and upwards–all of these gang stalkers got promotions after stalking and harassing people–but in doing so, leaked a HELLUVALOT of data including their key people.

It is possible to trace them, and turn the results over to other agencies–ours are all broken, and “in on it” as they say. Not that the FBI etc. won’t be interested too, but give them second or third place place in the information chain, because you will need others looking over your shoulder.

SO, to document them, I suggest you get an ally or two in a foreign service, one of the smaller players in the Pacific or Africa for example, or LatinX countries eager to watch the fiasco of America’s imminent democratic downfall, due to it having become a police state by definition–because our agencies are behind it, or complicit with it nearly 100%–spying on folks all around the world and limiting their progress.

It could be any foreign service, friend or foe–it doesn’t matter, because many spooks are quite interested in watching what these gang stalkers are doing in “the free-est country” in the world–and learning from their mistakes.Your little gang squat on “Alohanet,” via a few named coastal port cities in an Asian Pacific Rim region, code word “cpmun.” And I have identified real estate “for sale” signs in places that they do not belong, and my contacts are quite happy I informed them of such real estate squabbles like your own case–but not at all happy about how those for sale signs were posted without their knowledge; well, they got happier after I pointed the way. Stay tuned, bro.

But when dealing with war driving asshats in blackhat postures, you might consider that you are out-wired. Write to a few embassies, maybe, and offer your assistance–I won’t recommend any for obvious reasons–but once you have friends in other places (trust me, The British are no allies for targeted individuals, and it is they who house some of the more attrocious PSYOPs of the FVEY cyclops) you can take bigger risks to gain info on these UN Convention violating dark programs.

Other than that, I don’t know what else to tell you. My motivation is not money,and I have no interest in the settlement you offer whatsoever. Simply put, the world is now watching these cases, and hoping for that one that breaks the mold.

But I can assist you with the basic plan, which you can find at my blogs–which, I might add are “backdoored” at this point, which is OK, because it all leaves footprints and so on. Oh, those troublesome subpoena’s! Even the switch that this email will arrive at your email is routed to a few interesting hops, and then on through to Hawaii via New Zealand for example (that Peruvian switcharoo a few months back was just the initial attack, directed at me and my story.).

In further communication, lets say we open a thread at www(dot)researchorganizedgangstalking(dot)org, and we can communicate there. I don’t use email generally, because yeah–you get the picture.

I will cut and paste your complaint into that blog, and we can use the comments section to communicate. But a word of caution: I will close the thread if there is talk about V2K or “directed energy weapons.” My blogs are ONLY for comments about actual evidence that a court room will accept according to discovery rules–and vague claims about electronics, and psychobabble, numerology (4028020, for example) sans evidence, are not acceptable.

On a final note, there is a woman in Hawaii who complains about gang stalking, and she might be an ally for you there. I cannot recall her name, but you can search “gang stalking Hawaii” for her posts–also on Alohanet I believe. She managed to get a piece into a third tier news source awhile ago.

And good luck!

Feel free to comment below, and put those jarheads on notice that you ain’t takin’ it no more!

P.S. Re you the same guy who worked as a helicopter airframe mechanic on the USS New York? If so, my friends are mad about that ship right now!

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