To Eddie Galindo: trace your wireless environment BEFORE you speculate on devices–and don’t let the devices around you drive you nuts–modern homes are FULL of odd wireless devices.

Eddie: as you know, spook world is a bizarre world–a reverse image of reality. And in that reverse image, as you have stated, some psychopathic dickhead has stalked you–A former intelligence agent who lived above your apartment. That simple mirror analogy cannot be lost–you, the target, he, hidden away above you like the black side of a mirror, doing Bizarro World stuff.

You said: “As you open your introduction as a researcher of the most pathetic motherfuckers in our solar system, and likely beyond that, I just wanted to add some details to my situation.”

I want to modify your ideas, about my ideas, ok? Once upon a time, my country, and its military actually had some idea about law, and civil rights, and due process–or at least that’s what I tell myself, believing as I do in all the principles of due porcess of law, civil liberty,and so on.

And well aware that though they were ALWAYS ready to pounce upon democracy at every turn and “turnstyle,” which they are doing today, via NSA/CIA/TSA et alphabet; and the toxic FBI poisoning the comercial transaction process of every single internet service provider via “secret police” like Infragard, etc.–my country is no longer even a semblance of a democracy, but rather, a total police state , by the very definition of that phrase.

So, if you are comfortable in such an environment, then HAIL CESAR–Heil Hitler!–And Shalom Netanyahu!!

But fascism/zionism/ultra-right ethno-nationalism– its not “my bag.”

Eddie–you must require rigid allegiance to the “silence on the wire” principle of wireless environment monitoring before you can ever get any facts straight. Right now, you are not doing that, and your data is disconnected–not available for input/output analysis.

So: you said ” I want to live to see some of those responsible go to jail, and believe I have collected enough evidence that, when coupled with my landlady’s testimony to confirm the existence of a conspiracy, could bring a hefty settlement.

See my post here about “the landlady–” and note that she is in fact quite a whore, despite the veils of innocence.

Yeah–I would like to see these shitbags in jail too, but the way you are going about it won’t help you, or anyone else, because you have not established a “baseline” of wireless environments around you. A basic bunch of tools that any civilian can use as our military targets us in the domsetic sphere, via endless harassment (the majority of school mass shootings and bombings are predicated by military and FBI/CIA/agency collusion.) And exactly as predicted by Navy Vet William Cooper, these school shootings are how the One Percent are socially engineering the world.

For Cooper, trained in Naval intelligence, and was active spreading the word that he had “Q” clearance-and now the MIC socially engineers that to mean that he was the grand-daddy of the “Q movement,” and that he was a “crazy conspiracy theorist.”

But he wasn’t wrong entirely, despite having absorbed way too much disinformation and misinformation about UFO’s–which, incidentally, are a “real thing” now, and the government is on record acknowledging that.

Mass shootings are a real thing too, as are pushes to take away both guns, and the Second Amendment–but unfortunately, everyone seems to forget that the “deep state’s” actual agenda only succeeds as they eat the first amendment, and those of us who uphold it.

And Bill Cooper–for any flaws in his thinking or predictions was largely correct in the wider analysis. And, like any who believed as he did, he found himself backed into a corner as it were, and found a house on top of a hill, where he could keep an eye on gangs of stalkers that followed him around.

Arizona Central takes on the narrative that he was a crazy, lying old crank–exactly “the narrative” that the deep state wants you to hear. Below, we see what is called the “discrediting narrative” in action–long after the gy died in a hail of bullets fired by gang stalking local cops:

How William Cooper and his book ‘Behold a Pale Horse’ planted seeds of QAnon conspiracy theory

Though portions of the book are dated, some paragraphs can strike readers as eerily prescient.

Cooper described a CIA plan to induce in people, via drugs and hypnosis, the desire to shoot up schoolyards. Cooper said such incidents would hasten the call for gun control. “This plan is well under way,” he wrote. “The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd Amendment.”

Well–read that, and understand that if anything, Cooper established a baseline, because he KNEW how things work–because he was at one time part of how those things work!

So, establish a baseline–You must do that, FIRST.

So: what is a “baseline?” To hetero-normative American ( and some Japanese, and a few Cubans) males who are part of the “trance formation” of the post WW2 years, and how the USA tried to export the sport of baseball to the world, a baseline is the right field, left field delineation–you must know a bit about baseball to even understand that term. Clue to the Hipsters out there: the world has rejected baseball as an international sport.

Regardless: the “pitcher” throws a “pitch” much as we see in propaganda operations, lot’s of trickery behind the spittle–and then, the “hitter” whacks the ball thrown by the “pitcher.”

Propaganda operations work EXACTLY that way, but for my purposes now, not exactly the same–as I am a true “hitter.”

Then, as I “hit the ball” it goes to the left, or to the right side, a portion of the “baseball field” that is outlined on the soil and turf. Usually, with a white chalk line, delineating the “right field” from the “left field.”

American politics can also be viewed from within this paradigm.–a line on the left and right. an the “speaker” on the right, or wrong side of that line.

Now, again– you said that “As you open your introduction as a researcher of the most pathetic motherfuckers in our solar system, and likely beyond that, I just wanted to add some details to my situation.”


I am open to dialogue. But keep it within the right and left fields I have described above, for the sake of “the rules.” ok?

I don’t want foul balls, or brush back pitches-pitch straight practice warmups, , and lets see what happens, ok?

And definitely keep the spook derived psychobabble of “V2K’ off of all of my web pages, because its just more gibberish, usually spewed by ultra-right wing psy-operators, sans evidence.

But keep this in mind: in today’s environment of real wars waged against those of us who stand for peace, they are using the term “baseline” as an indicator of “terrorist thinking,” and those of us who have been backed into a corner–just like Bill Cooper, for believing that our “laws and freedoms” meant doodley squat–and as we now see that our own governments withdrawal from Afghanistan highlights the “Fall of Saigon” problem in American diplomacy–we see ourselves indeed, beholden to the international banksters, who do indeed seek to isolate, and harass people like you.

So–our military is actually not “ours” as it were, and is little more than the puppets of international drug cartels and mafias who hide their mob activity behind “moral crusades and causes,” backed by tons of fraud and lies, like the Iraq war–a total bank robbery scheme on a grand scale, if ever there was one. And that, backed by the biggest monstrosity of influence operations–aka “mind control”–the world has ever seen

Anyone who questions the official narratives is now targeted as if they are William Cooper–or Ed Abbey and so on–there were many men like them. Men targeted by gang stalking, friven to the outer edges of towns and cities–driven away rom their friends and families–yeah, gang stalking is very real.

Men like Gary Webb, who shot himself with two bullets to the head after serious gang stalking by these exact same “hidden forces” which we now call “the deep state.”As with any good science, these fit a clear pattern, ay? And if you are really good at proving these patterns, wwith solid evidence, feel free to apply for the Gary Webb Award for Excellence in Gang Stalking Journalism.

So–even self defense at its most basic root–the use of words– is termed “terrorist activity.” But keep strong, because you MUST establish a baseline in the ways that you can: starting with wireless captures of the hidden wifi environments around you. Like this, using this.

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