Gang stalking lawsuits won: a frequent search term here, with interesting results

Gang stalking cases won?

Gang stalking lawsuits are seldom if ever called “gang stalking lawsuits.” What they are properly called varies from court to court and case to case. But yes–they are often won, on the basis of evidence, and proof, and naming names–so go get the names of your stalkers, and the evidence required to convict them.

Below I will cover a few of the forms of filings that gang stalking lawsuits take, and the legal language used to file these cases (this list is by no means exhaustive and many gang stalking cases are won on the basis of what I outline below.

  • civil conspiracy and the elements of the crime, from Minc Law in Arizona. All jurisdictions have one or another form of civil conspiracy staute, and the federal laws too. The rules of the courts and jurisdictions are relatively similar. Check the statutes in your area
  • malicious prosecution is when one party sues another party for misuse of the law. Here is more about that. Usually, it is a local prosecutor, and other state or federal agents/agencies that will be sued, but many other parties will be involved. The Ahmaud Arbery case in Georgia is one of those, where we saw actual prosecutors in an actual conspiracy to prosecute Arbery, which ended in his heinous murder. The state of Georgia ended the practice of “citizens arrest” because of the gruesome plot by these actual conspirators. Their thinly veiled racist plot involved current and former police, prosecutors, relatives and neighbors. His mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones is also suing, and will undoubtedly WIN that case.The New Yrk Times, which denied that gang stalking is a “real” thing, and called it a “delusion” in 2016 reports on Arbery’s case now, a classic example of why that paper is just garbage(and that’s not the only reason: follow along as both Mike McPhate and Bari Weiss leave a trail of reputation damage in their wake, during their short tenure at that paper.).
  • conspiracy of deprivation of rights, aka deprivation of rights under color of law are very common cases. They often take place AFTER gang stalking victims are murdered–the Arbery case above is one such case where this will likely occur. The famous choking-murder that brought the phrase “I can’t breath” to the worlds attention involved Eric Gardner and his murderer Daniel Pantaleo is one such case, and a bill in the 117th Congress addresses that cowardly murder.
  • Libel, defamation, slander Libel is printed or published material that is false. Defamation takes many forms, usually related to the action of damaging the good reputation of someone; slander or libel. And slander is generally gossip. There are many cases and these can easily be won as the standard of proof is “truth.” Your job is to “prove” that this happened to you. Now–if you are a public figure, the rules change; and if you are a known drug addict, prostitute, sex offender, etc., your rights are limited in this regard, and the legal terrain changes to a private facts or invasion of privacy claim. Your case depends on what you can prove with written statements, published statements, and witness testimony; and whether or not you suffered current or future losses or gains because of this. And because nearly 100% of all gang stalking utilizes slander and other things by police and their associates, the terrain can be rough going, but not impossible to prove your case.
  • conspiracy, conspiracy, conspiracy is the norm in these cases, not the exception. Both right and left wing people are and can be gang stalkers. Here is a woman indicted by the feds because she and “likely” her daughter had a pattern of stalking pubescent boys; and they, associated with well known gangs of left wing stalkers. Here is a case where religion is likely a factor, as an ultra-conservative Baptist is involved stalking some Jews–the eBay gang of stalkers. And, everything from the Capitol riots, to various police gangs involved in other bizarre police gang activity (here, and here we see a local prosecutor likely targeting a racist white guy, and here we see strange right wing shooters meeting left wing shooters too.) All of it involves actual, actionable plots, and actual conspiracies, and while right wing police gangs are are some well known gang stalkers, the left has been resourceful in raising up their own gangs too.

So, this story below is from 2009, about a couple who sued anonymous people on the internet and won a HUGE seven digit judgement in a libel case, one of the early cases where we saw both the assumption of privacy on the internet, and also Section 230 tested in a court room. It seems an uphill battle, suing “the internet” right? But if you are clever, use some social media surveillance (SOCMINT) and contact chaining, you can easily route a gang of stalkers to prison, and financial losses, EXACTLY as Wanda Cooper-Jones is doing today, as she sues a gang of criminals who hid behind the law, and stalked her son for many years–and then killed him in cold blood.

In the case below, predictably, the libel came from ultra-right wing religious nutjobs, and included their usual bizarre accusations and Freudian projection:, and it appears to be linked to the actual prosecutor in that jurisdiction being the lead “gang member” who possibly started or participated in the gang stalking–this is a well known pattern in these cases:

Mark and Rhonda Lesher of Clarksville, Texas, filed a suit against anonymous commenters who accused them of being sexual deviants, molesters, and drug dealers on Topix, once self-described as “the country’s largest local forum site.”

‘Anonymous’ Posters to Pay $13 Million for Defamatory Comments

IP address lead Texas couple to ID people behind ‘defamatory’ comments.

The Gazette reported a malicious prosecution suit is pending that names as defendants the Coyels and Red River County District Attorney Val Varley, who unsuccessfully prosecuted the sexual assault case against the Leshers. That suit accuses them of conspiring to convict the Leshers of a crime they did not commit. The newspaper reports that the a jury trial is scheduled for August.

Rhonda Lesher was running a successful day spa and her husband is a prominent attorney. But comments on Topix, which have no basis in fact, Mark Lesher said when the suit was filed, accused the couple of murder, encouraging pedophilia, drug abuse and other crimes that materially attack their characters.

AS we see time and again, strange claims arise in cases of gang stalking and are usually made by police, intelligence agents and others in their sphere, most notably drug and other informants. This is THEM virtue signalling to each other online. And we see also that many of them are from the hard core racist right, as in the case above .Indeed, the woman who perjured herself in that case claimed she was “drugged and raped!

Where have we heard this before? Yup–its a staple among white supremacist #fakeTI websites like Targeted Justice and others.

The slightest peek into that case reveals that the actual targets live in a hard core Ku Klux Klan infested region, where a statue of a Confederate general points directly at the black neighborhood, as if to say that the white population there is always watching them–and indeed they are.

SO, what forms DO gang stalking cases take? Can gang stalking cases be “won?”

Of course–but not if they make strange, unprovable claims about “direct energy weapons and aliens” in the same breath. But if you avoid that garbage, and stick to naming names, and attributing actions to those names, gang stalking cases can, are, and will be won.

But only if we can collectively get the psychobabbling fruitcakes and their fake lawsuit, and bogus petitions out of the dialogue first. Read more about one such psychobabbling fruitcake, Dr. Tomo Shibata, who always manages to slip the terms “satellite brain zappers, lizard people, and UFO’s into the first paragraph of anything she writes.

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