Cultural Zionism: toxic culture creation, and the root of many mass shootings in the west.

Jews–love them, hate them, ignore them (if that latter prospect is even possible in a culture infused with toxic, racist, self preservational Jewish activism) or go along with their program–Jews occupy nearly every media outlet, and narrative formation channel. Why is that, and who else is vying for that space?

Related Story: The Doorman Wars of Minneapolis, and the murder of George Floyd, in the “gray area” of multiculturalism–as police infiltrate restaurants that use a “pinch of kosher salt” to season their dishes.

According to one of the Jewish Torah stories, Queen Esther had a guardian at the gate, which can be extrapolated to mean that Jews seek places where gatekeeping can and does occur. Hidden behind self-preservation then, we see Jews–some Jews–controlling our insight onto processes of the creation and recreation of “narratives.” We also see many mass shooters confronting that Golem too–as synagogue shootings are nearly always propelled forwards by radicalization at the hands of Big Tech, and cultural zionists.

Such is nature–look, as a caterpillar destroys an entire “queens” environment, by tricking ants to smell her scent, and then, killing off queen spawn–nature is quite a teacher, and destroys religion every time. Nature is literally full of moths that start as caterpillars, tricking entire ant colonies into following, and caring for them, most often to the ruin of the ant colony itself–and so goes cultural Zionism, and hidden religion too. Much like the Pied Piper of Hamlin is said to have done with children, we see hidden religious forces targeting the children of tomorrow with “PSYOP,” from Silicon Valley.

Or: Jewish-christian mind control operations on one hand work with each other, and on the other, combat each other for narrative control in the modern era–a divide and conquer strategy which positions a “guardian” at every “gate,” and social media outlet as we saw with Reddit, and weeds out the ants loyal to non-Jewish queens. These ants eventually ruin their own colonies, by adherence to the scent of a moth, rather than a queen. The movie “Lucy” starring billionaire Scarlett Johansen is a basic tutorial of one such strategy, but there are many more. And it cannot-it must not–be forgotten that secular Jewish tech kid Aaron Schwartz co-founded Reddit, as a venue for free speech, and free inquiry either, and that the FBI gang stalked him, until he killed himself. Great people, those uni-globalist FBI agents.

THis form of social engineering is ubiquitous in western culture, and directly associated with the principles of evolutionary biology–we simply cannot escape the inherent fascism that results from these culture wars.

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