Non Governmental Organizations gang stalking case study: resources to track the “deep state” as CIA/Mossad/IDF/Mi6 etc. agents take over Silicon Valley

Susan Sontag said that fascism and communism were essentially the same thing, but that communism is in fact highly evolved fascism–its “fascism with a human face.” I often wonder which form of communism she was talking about, because communism plays out differently depending on which nations are being called communist.

But corporations are no longer exclusively capitalist or communist owned; indeed some say that the US military is no longer the US military either, but rather a wing of corporate interests and global forces. And that brings a third category of conflict into the arena–the uni-globalists and their agenda.

We saw that play out in the pre-election conflict between political alliances in Ukraine, and how one presidents illegal activity there is another president’s investment. We saw it in the attempted forced sale of China’s TikTok. We saw it with the legal and semantic bickering about Xiaomi. The reality is that uni-globalists are in both parties, and in all politics. And, so are there interests represented in every sphere of American life.

And of course when Sontag said that many decades ago, and published that opinion in a time when people were being propagandized to see only binaries of all kinds. Good versus evil was famously touted by Presidents Reagan and Bush–far right religious presidents; and the so-called “left” or democrat presidents Clinton and Obama sandwiched in between them were anything but leftists–they were uni-globalists; there is no real left.

These presidents were “globalists” tied to corporate interests who benefit from capitalism, while giving nothing back to the nations from which they derive capital. But these days, that binary is crumbling because of the uni-globalists who because these come from both sides of political parties. Both Democrats and Republicans in the US are uni-globalists, because that’s where there capital is invested.

Regardless–and as horseshoe theory demonstrates, there is only that now in the west–democracy is clearly a delusion, and this uni-globalist system is behind a lot of gang stalking. So, how do they do it?

They do it by controlling all communications channels, everywhere, at all times. And it is deep state players and the many think tanks and their satellite NGO’s that are sending their minions into our public spaces, donating heavily and often privately to police forces around the US, and gang stalking people. A good example of that is how Fusion Centers in Minnesota are used by police to monitor protesters, and how a big oil company donates to police in that area, using opaque methods of money transfer-but there are thousands more ways that these uni-global interests work to control our insight into their practices.

Below, I will analyze the “official story” aka “the narrative” and its creators, waging PSYWAR on social media users.

What is the Deep State?

The deep state is very real, and everyone is talking about it. Every major news and media outlet covers it, a common search engine returns 40,600,000 results for that term(!), and some nation’s have kicked US non governmental organizations (NGO’s) out of their countries, because NGO’s are full of retired spies, doing spy stuff. ABC News defines the deep state thus:

The “deep state” is the notion that there is a network of career government employees who are secretly manipulating government policy.

And far from simply “manipulating government policy,” these bad actors are former government themselves–lifelong spies, agents, officials and bureaucrats–they also waging what is called “psychological warfare,” aka PSYWAR, and PSYOP, and directly influencing people online, and gang stalking them offline too.

Indeed, the head officials in US Fusion Centers are often psychologists, and trained in psychological warfare–and here is just one example of how these centers are being used to literally surveil, profile, database, and control children in real time.

Even communist countries don’t do that.

Related Story: Journalist requests information from Fusion Center, gets “mind control” documents instead. The people who work in these centers are mocking those who seek to understand their internecine missions.

This is a large part of what gang stalking is–and it is political in that context, as we see time and time again some rube is “radicalized” online, and then when he or she does something crazy, their web presence is scrubbed off the internet, hiding the tracks of those who “radicalized” them. Social media companies, web-scrubbing, deleting the entire presence of people online–even deleting President–is very “deep PSYOP,” straight out of counterterrorism training manuals. And of course, as we see, there simply is no definition of terrorism–it has morphed repeatedly since it was created as a term of art.One day, its a guy in a suicide vest in Occupied Palestine; the next, it is a Muslim trying to simply do his job in San Bernardino–and yesterday it was someone’s uncle Bob who drives a pickup truck and wears a MAGA hat.

But military PSYOP enacted by a hydra of players is everywhere today. One of the best examples of that was Patrick Crusius, the El Paso shooter, whose father shared office space with none other than crackpot

I will discuss that shortly, but for now, let’s look at just one company and its deep state influence operations.

Threat Narratives, factitious disorder, and “fact checking” on social media

The Mayo Clinic defines factitous disorder as “a serious mental disorder in which someone deceives others by appearing sick, by purposely getting sick or by self-injury.” And extrapolated onto a larger social system, we can also see that the constant threat narratives being pushed on our citizens is similar–that “community policing” via various NGO’s and Fusion Centers have done less then nothing to stop “terrorism,” and done everything to help create it. And that’s because privatized spies are paid to keep us in fear, and imagine threat scenarios, which they facilitate. In fact, there are only five private spy shops keeping everyone in constant fear–here they are.

But they cannot do it alone, oh no–they have a lot of help. Deep state players and the many think tanks and their satellite NGO’s are all behind the “fact checking” that we see all over social media today. And those little Twitter wars and Facebook “fact finders” combating “disinformation” are in fact, not warring over facts at all–they are imposing the deep state’s narrative upon social media users. And, they have hijacked all the channels of speech, and rendered free speech, opinion, and commentary taboo.

Here is just one fact:

Reddit Hiring NATO Shills to Control Narrative Big Tech’s ties to the Deep State are everywhere, and we should be concerned

Kit Knightly

In 2017 Reddit hired Jessica Ashooh as their “Director of Policy”. Her LinkedIn page shows her previous employment was “Deputy Director, Middle East Strategy Task Force” at the Atlantic Council.

The report on which Reddit based their decision to ban users as part of a “Russian campaign” was written by Ben Nimmo, who also works for the Atlantic Council (and the Integrity Initiative).

Essentially, Reddit has a high-up employee who was previously in the pay of the US Department of State (and possibly still is).

It’s a prime example of how the US (and UK) infrastructure create an authoritarian, highly-controlled state, whilst maintaining a veneer of “freedom”. There are other examples too.

A high profile, and obvious, one is Nick Clegg being hired by Facebook.

Facebook also hired Ukrainian journalist (and fascist sympathiser) Kateryna Kruk as “public policy manager”, she also has ties to the Atlantic Council. (A short while later Facebook started blocking links to OffGuardian).

In 2017 Facebook hired Indian journalist Shivnath Thukral as “director for public policy for India and South Asia. HIS previous employer was the Carnegia Endowment for International Peace (CEIP), another US NGO, funded by the State Department.

In 2011 Google hired Suzanne Michel as director of policy planning, she previously worked as Deputy Director of the Federal Trade Commission.

Then, in 2018, Google hired Karan Bhatia as their Global Head of Policy, Mr Bhatia had previously worked for the administration of George W. Bush.

It all follows the same pattern of apparent independence concealing an inter-connecting web of control, all dedicated to furthering the same agenda and all being funded by the same central source.

….follow the links, connect the dots! Read more about how the deep state controls Reddit–and how they censor information by proxy. Then, go over to r/gangstalking to note how much disinformation is there about this topic–and how people who are actually being harassed by gang stalkers are ROUTINELY kicked off of those threads.

Western nations are no longer democracies per se, because the very root of a democracy is “democratic discourse,” which has been replaced by Big Tech mob rule, and narrated by deep state players, online and off. An argument can be made that “well it has always been this way, and democracy has always been mob rule, incited by covert police actions,” but that would be a false analogy–because police are not trained in “psychological warfare,” per se, and PSYOP is entirely separate from simple incitement.

The fact remains that all communications and social media has now been weaponized by the deep state, and deep influence operations–free speech as such cannot exist, and the US claims of “freedom” are now under military occupation. And, far beyond simple PSYOP, peoples minds are actually being engineered to see “truth” as the military and the deep state want you to see it. Freedom? What’s that?

Social engineering of peoples minds is what it is, as if every US person is merely a mind to meld, brought to you by factitious disordered multi-national conglomerates, and uni-globalists. It ain’t communsm that is the threat–its corporatism at every turn.

2 thoughts on “Non Governmental Organizations gang stalking case study: resources to track the “deep state” as CIA/Mossad/IDF/Mi6 etc. agents take over Silicon Valley

    1. Ben, I have no moderators. If you need immediate help, any Google/ duckduckgo search will give you resources in your area.

      I am not against advising targets to see a therapist either, but make sure it is a non traditional trauma based therapist–all addicts are victims of trauma.

      But be clear headed–keep a journal of events in your life (writing is ecellent therapy) and name the people who are harassing you, and document evidence of what they are doing; and do NOT MENTION A THING ABOUT ELECTRONICS, because you are not a specialist in that area. They will lock you up again.

      All “electronic harassment” is wiretaps, wireless cell phone and computer hacking,or bizarre stuff like these feckless cunts parking their cars up the block and rumbling their engines.

      Also: do something good for yourself and watch Breaking Bad if you haven’t seen it already–its an excellent storyline, but also shows how these “step groups” are generally useless. Follow the storyline of the addict very closely–its good medicine.

      What they don’t tell you is that all drug “problems” are created by our own agents and agencies–its a form of social control/social engineering, where only “addicts” and non-system drug pushers get locked up.


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