Stepping into a pile once in awhile is an eye opener: why do (some*) Jews despise(quote unquote) “european inferior races?” Hashem only knows, apparently

In the last few weeks, I gained a follower–and I have had many like that follower before. And this type of follower is actually a sort of stalker ( I have followed his obsessive posts around the web–does that make me a stalker too?).

“The guy” is part Israeli hasbara, part Texan, and 100% a racist, fascist bastard who hates “European inferior races,” and Palestinians.

Like so many Jews I encounter on the web–I mean–its basically speech-controlled by them at every single gate and junction**–he is very well read, very erudite, and extremely intelligent–but he is full of venom, and bile–the ease with which he derides “European inferior races” and so on is nearly black comedy if it weren’t so real–so stunning.

I can picture the guy strutting through the Negev in his sidewalk wide, weasel fur shtremel, and literally looking down his nose at people as if its a gunship site–the kind of guy that chased “Bruno” through the streets in that famous scene from the movie of the same name filmed during Sasha Baron Cohen’s pre-ADL “good years.”

But let’s have the guy put his own words on it, because he says it better than I can (and note especially the number 13 in the selection):

Post WW I Poland compared to Russia after its Red-White Civil War.  By 1920, 55 percent of the bridges, 63 per cent of the railway stations, 48 percent of the locomotives and 18 percent of the buildings in the country, as a primary consequence of War  – suffered destruction.  Inflation destroyed Polish currency, like as happened to the German mark.  Whereas in December 1918 the exchange rate for the Polish mark, about 9.8 to the dollar; toward the end of 1922 it had reached 17,808. In 1923 the inflation assumed gigantic proportions, one dollar worth about 2,300,000 marks.

The death of Józef Klemens Piłsudski, combined with the economic disaster of the Great Depression placed the political stability of Poland upon very shaky legs.  “The Marshal”, following his demise, no successors arose who could fill his political shoes.  In 1939 anarchy defined Polish politics.  Which made Poland ripe for foreign invasion.  Hence this brief history of Poland answers the question:  what causes War to explode?

This significant and important question likewise explains the horrible consequences of the Rambam Civil War, and the huge Jewish population transfer from Western to Eastern Europe.  The Rambam code of halacha changed the definition of Halacha away from rabbinic middot which give concrete definition to the abstract concepts of mercy – expressed through the דאורייתא 13 tohor middot revealed at Horev; the Rambam code modified halacha to that of a religious ritual observance comparable to Catholic dogmatism.  Halacha ceased to define the k’vanna of a given Mishna.  Mishnayot discontinued to define a specific middah דאורייתא affixed to one of the 13 middle blessings within the Shemone Esrei. 

Jews today often da’aven in minyan factories – where they quickly rattled off rote memorized prayers.  In short, the Rambam code of ritual laws radically changed the body politics of g’lut Yiddishkeit.   Observant Jewry simply went through the motions of keeping the Torah.  Therein causing Torah curses, comparable to the plagues which destroyed Egypt. Jews had no clue how to observe mitzvot לשמה, any more than Par’o grasped the need to obey HaShem.  This explanation attempts to explain why HaShem permitted the Shoah, the systematic destruction of European Jewry.   Post the Rambam Civil War, rabbinic Judaism strategically failed to lead and govern g’lut Jewry, comparable to the chaos and anarchy which prevailed in Poland prior to the Nazi invasion.

Post Shoah, with the political independence of the Jewish State, this generation once again stands at a cross-junction opportunity.  Either we behave like the Arabs, and never miss an opportunity – to miss an opportunity … or we establish the Torah as the Written Constitution of the bnai brit Cohen Republic; we stamp our Court legal system of justice with the Talmudic model of lateral Common Law Sanhedrin courtrooms – with an eye on the prophetic mussar prize: Justice Justice pursue.

It’s simply not enough to despise the European “inferior races“ – defined as “crude sub-human barbarians” – who filled the world with violence, oppression, and injustice.  No.   Upon our shoulders rests the yoke\the burden to compose a symphony of righteous just justice.  Achieved through lateral Sanhedrin like common law courtrooms.  Only when the government of Israel rules the oath sworn lands of Canaan, when righteous diplomatic justice prevails, which adjudicates disputes between bnai brit and bnai brit, within the Cohen Republic – then and only then can Jews look Europeans square into their dilated eyes – and rejoice in our revenge over their vile and despicable wickedness.  Then and only then can Israelis compare European cultures and customs to our void Minyan factories of Torah of observant Jewry, who base halacha upon the Yad Chazaka, the Arba’ah Turim, and the Shulchan Aruch.  Based upon the כלל: Jews – we’re just like Goyim, only more so.

*this is ribald satire

** the idea that Jews control speech is thin cover for other tribes who also do it, as the entire christian confabulation depends from this one tribal narrative, and the Roman conquest thereafter, which was and still is a reaction formation to the predatory, and definitively racist beliefs of Jewish religion and culture.

But because Jews have been Shoah’d a time or two, they are very careful to place themselves at every chokepoint of speech in order to police it, much as the mythical Super Jesus, aka Yeshua ha Nozri was stalked by Pharisees. But also at those junctions, you will also find “political activists (lol) like this guy–a hard core Baptist who once taught people around the world how to gang stalk, and proselytize evangelical religion from the cover of the US State Department.

But to put that in context, note that there are no Fulani Federations lobbying congress for hate speech laws–no Hutu and Tutsi peace talks, or Nez Perce’ Defamation League’s, no Xhosa “diversity initiatives” trying to bribe the police, or Apache Canary Mission’s to keep the world safe from “words; “or weekly meetings at Lakota temples plotting the downfall of the “inferior European races”–inferior people defeated by Rome, like the Picts, for example, or the follower’s of Tuatha Dé Danann in Ireland–no Bantu’s crying for control of Twitter and Facebook; no Amazonian Kanoe and Akuntsu lobbying senators for new laws to protect them and only them; no T’lingit’s or Yanomami anywhere to be seen or heard from when it comes to speech policing, and bizarre Silicon Valley censorship by proxy.

Nope. Just a bunch of shtremel heads, sighting down their noses at everyone else, including Jews who seek a better world. and equality of human kind.

Why is that?

Its because of guys like this–the words of this one guy–who could easily be a sock puppet for millions of Jews who think similarly–and equally, if we took out the Yiddishkeit and Hebrew, changed “European inferior races” to “Yids” or something similar, his words are not discernible in any way from any Nazi, anywhere.

And that is not a good look, my racist, dual nationalist follower from the Negev desert, via Midlands Texas–not a good look at all, for you, or your people, who I am sure have had enough of you and your land grab from people who you demand to see their flag–or to see a deed to their property, as you “lease it under the graces of Hashem,” as the iron dome makes fireworks above your house out of Mossad supplied, Hamas rockets.

And BTW? Please stop gang stalking people and causing mass shootings in the US! Israelification of the world means that YOU have cracked that vessel again, and will only do that continuously, because that’s what your kind do! You are not a good person. And Talmudic keter–for whatever that’s worth? It died on the spot when people like you started crucifying other kohanim, like this guy here–other “Texan’s” shot keter off the gatepost as if it were a whiskey bottle.

Make no mistake–I know who you are, and I know what you do. Feel free to run a few of your racist, tribalist, fascist, gang stalking furry play-acting muffin heads my way, and lets see what happens, ok? But for now, eat a bag of dicks–and why the hell would a religious crackpot like you follow me anyways? Oh, yeah–never mind, Words….

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