Sensible advice from Anoniverse writer Rodney Oswald: help for targeted individuals

How To Deal With Gang Stalking

By: Rodney Oswald,


Stalking in general is becoming much more commonly reported today. People who are dealing with being stalked have many challenges, the main ones being able to prove it and getting others to believe you. Victims can feel isolated, wondering if there is help for people who are being gang stalked, or if they will lose control of their lives or minds. The key to dealing with this is an understanding of what gang stalking, organized community stalking is – and determining if you are actually a targeted individual. This is a complete guide to the subject, so let’s dive into it.

Table of Contents

Thankfully with the rise of various video platforms and alternative tech, there are many good outlets for you to turn the tables on your stalkers and expose them for the rest of the world to see. Cockroaches apparently hate the light! Indoors, it might be good to invest in EMF Protection blankets, Wi-Fi jammers, and Faraday shield covers for your devices to block government trackers such as the Stingray phone tracker which almost every police department use and have across all neighborhoods. Above, I mentioned that many stalkers are using drones. These can be blocked using Wi-Fi jammers as this is how they are remotely controlled by their operator.

My commentary: Any guy who recommends using wifi jammers is a good guy to have on board when fighting gangs of community stalkers, military and intel and private contractor stalkers, and gangs of police stalkers. But be careful–wifi jamming is illegal in most jurisdictions, so don’t get caught if you do it! And, they are really easy to make, too–anyone can make one out of a television remote control. I only recommend them as “novelty items” for scientific research purposes, but your methods may differ…..get one here….or here….or here….

….follow the links–connect the dots!

Further Reading: Self Help for Targeted Individuals here, and here, and here, and here and free tools to help yourself track and trap gang stalkers, and maybe, bring a civil or federal lawsuit too.

gang stalking websites and advice to avoid

Disreputable psychologists who all work in the prison systems, or derive funding from the many “war on terror” programs, Big Tech, and military funded public universities–and all selling books about how “crazy” victims of the Big Tech Surveillance state are

The journalist who put his name on a New York Times article, sanctioning the stalking of the homeless, the marginalized, and the black, brown, and “other people” who had experienced gang stalking since the War on Terror began

Misinformation and other unfiltered garbage online –all flat earth, religious cults, corrupt military, security contractors and gangs of police, and weirdos who ramble on about “mind reading locusts” and “directed energy weapons”(seriously, there are many dangerous crackpots online surrounding this topic.)

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