About Virgin Birth: parthenogenesis is quite common in lower orders–lizards, sharks, and other invertebrates.

The Virgin Mary–the Jewish prostitute who has had her nose rubbed in the dirt since around 33 A.D. or so by groups of people who exploit that tribal narrative ( Super Jesus’ mom, Mary) was likely a shark, a lizard, a plant, or another “lower order” of life, according to all scientific studies ever.

And lesbians flock to her teachings by the droves! If it were up to Jewish women and sharks, men would be unnecessary for anything but fighting the many tribal wars that they start.

So, without further adieu, heres more about the genetic makeup, and the psychological profile of women who fuck breed themselves–and who do in fact all have a Mr. Buzzyfinger, or a Happy Rabbit in their top drawer, or under their mattress slips (is it misogynistic to point out that these types of women are like lizards, sharks, or plants?–OH< RAGE!! INCEL TERROR EVERYWHERE!–as women online create terror events, and the FBI does not pursue them as “terrorist masterminds”).

With stories like the following, you would think the Catholic’s would be donating heavily to science-after all, column inches, sound bytes, and product placements are gold! Look! Virgin Birth is real!! (For sharks, fish, lizards, plants, and so on–and apparently, Jewish prostitutes too*.) are

A baby shark born in all-female tank could be a rare case of a ‘virgin birth’

Scientists say a rare shark “virgin birth” may be the first of its kind after a baby shark was born in an all-female tank in an Italian aquarium.

The baby smoothhound shark, named Ispera, which means hope in Sardianian, was born at the Acquario di Cala Gonone in Sardinia, Italy, according to Italian outlet AGI.

Its mother had spent ten years living in a tank with one other female, the outlet said, and scientists suspect the newborn could be the first documented case of shark parthenogenesis in that species.

Parthenogenesis is a rare phenomenon where an egg develops into an embryo without being fertilized by a sperm.

The process has been observed in more than 80 vertebrate species, according to Live Science, including sharks, fish, and reptiles.

*I have nothing but respect for actual Jewish prostitutes, like any other rabbi would, does, and should.

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