Everything that is wrong about America, Britain, and the western FVEYs nations, in one paragraph….

From Buzzfeed (via Yahoo), we get answers to questions no ever one asks, like “since when is random acts of violence against strangers ok?

First, their malformed question, phrased as a statement loaded with neocon pabulum and contrived outrage::

Women Are Sharing Stories About The First Time They Were Sexualized, And To Say I’m Disgusted Would Be An Understatement

2.”Eleven. We were on a family vacation in the Dominican Republic. My 12-year-old sister and I were out for dinner with our parents, and our dad went out for a cigarette. He overheard a group of 50-year-old men talking about what kind of stuff they would do to us in bed. Our dad punched the one straight in the mouth. They did stop, but we felt uncomfortable the rest of the trip. It’s a beautiful place, but that ruined it for me.” —yyccourt

And of course they provided the answer in ONE PARAGRAPH. Women who are taught that pre-emptive male violence will solve their problems, rather than some Tae Kwon Do classes, or Krav Maga are why millions around the world are murdered every year by western bombs, poisons like depleted uranium, and other war toys. And that equal means that they need to be fighters too.

But wait! It gets better!

5.”I wasn’t older than 10 or 11, and I was at my church’s summer day camp. It was expected that we would get down on our knees to pray on the ground. I found that uncomfortable, so I would allow my thighs and butt to hover above my shins while we prayed. That day, like any girl in the summer, I was wearing denim shorts. They were nothing inappropriate or extra short — my parents generally only bought us clothes that were on the modest side. After we finished praying, an older woman, who had been standing behind me during the prayer, pulled me aside and told me I couldn’t wear the shorts again to summer camp because they were inappropriate. She told me because I was bigger than other girls, my butt had been on display while we were praying, and I had been out of line. I remember I felt so sad, confused, and deeply ashamed.”


This dingbat sees nothing wrong with “going down on her knees” for The Jesus at church summer camp, but “OH! RAAAAAGE! SHAME! ANGER! FEAR! When someone tells me that my ass is hanging out for the whole world to see.”


Raise healthier girls who can handle a little hard truth, and maybe, some basic “science,” too. Teach them the reality of sexual relations, and the reality of our violent society, which is fueled by covert sectarian warfare, expressed as racist, religionist, tribalist narratives of culture.

Teach them that in the “narrative,” they are the cow part of the herd–teach them their “real” choices within that paradigm. Forever in western Jewish-christian societies whole “herds” depend from male-gendered violence, benefiting female gendered beneficiaries who rely upon male initiated violence.

What a primitive way to guide a herd, but there-ya-go. I’m disgusted too–that the western nations haven’t yet been able to overcome their need for breed cows who rely upon bulls for “protection” from other peoples words and ideas-or the fact that girls and women who adopt those paradigms are responsible-50/50, with those same bad ideas, and worse outcomes.

Imagining working on toying with the idea of taking to Twitter to create a conversation about

Building a better world now….and what is the deal with “women and snakes” anyways? Get a machete* like the rest of us, lil’ darlin,’ and learn to use it–it won’t hurt you to cross over into the land where the rest of the humans dwell, and that might solve your snake problem.

*any garden tool will do-an aizto, aizkora, aitzur, even a pair of aiztur , unless the snake is poisonous.

Related Stories: Parthenogenesis is the ability of lower order plants and animals like spiders, fish, and other species to “breed themselves” and it is directly and curiously responsible for Roman Catholic belief systems; and the Protestant religions that put their “faith and trust and hopes-n-prayers” in “white knights,” and all that other sexist gibberish. Read about it here and here.

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