Plano Texas, Imran Ali Rasheed: shooting tlinked DIRECTLY to FBI counter-intelligence programs, in yet ANOTHER shooting by a man who was targeted with a “counter terrorism investigation”aka “being on the radar.”

Examining causation and correlation bias in the gang stalking dialectic: The Plano police station shooting, the headline blares ” Shooting might be connected to terrorism!”–but whose? gn5r83eph2

Plano police headquarters shooter potentially inspired by terrorists, feds say

The stunning development was announced Monday afternoon at a joint press conference involving officials from the FBI, Garland PD and Plano PD. It was also revealed that Imran Ali Rasheed, 32, died after Plano police officers returned fire Sunday.

In the ancient times, the curse that Roman’s threw upon barbarian pagans, hinterland non-conformists, tattooed Picts and Celts and Africans–and a few christians was “damnatio ad bestias“–damnation by beasts, and this practice saw them thrown to the lions, bears, wild boars, or generally whatever carnivorous beast they could pit against humans, in coliseums full of cowardly ticket holders who all certainly were saying to themselves “I am glad its not ME in that coliseum! I am one of the “good people.”

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These days, these fanatics ARE christians, and other Protestant, Catholic, and Evangelical cults and religious sects who work in state or federal capacities, and they throw people to the FBI counter-intelligence programs (CVE), aka, organized gang stalking no differently that Roman’s abused others with carniverous bestiality; and mass shooting after mass shooting we find that these shooters were radicalized by constant FBI surveillance, interrogation, and No Touch Torture waged by Panoptical Fusion Centers, community policing assets.

FBI investigating possible terror link in shooting of Texas Lyft driver, targeting of police station

A better, more realistic headline might say ” FBI foils FBI plot, after countering violent extremism program radicalizes another shooter,” but of course, that’s just me speculating on a due process and civil liberties respected world–which CVE clearly is NOT. What these programs o is closely monitor targets with “conspicuous,” and non-conspicuos surveillance of all kinds, and then when zero evidence of terrorist intent, or relationships are found, they turn the target over to “community policing,” which is linked time and time again to eventual terror events, aka retaliation by the target.

Related Story: Look at the resume of one major contributor to gang stalking, as we peruse the philosophy of an actual “gang stalker” Dr. Russell Palarea, and also the “threat creation industry” that he is affiliated with. Note the emphasis and expertise in “stalking,” but most importantly, his training as a PSYOPs practitioner. PSYOP is implicated in “radicalization” in nearly every single mass shooting across the FVEYs nations.

The reality is that DEA/DHS/FBI Agents and community policing elements have very little to do as regards “uncovering terrorist plots,” and everything to do with manufacturing them. The list of people targeted by the FBI with “counter terrorism investigations” who later go ballistic is a very long list, and this recent Plano shooter is now on it.

To imagine how these events are manufactured, we must take a look at the psychological warfare that is directed at these people BEFORE they go on rampages, and target the police* and others with gunfire–those departments that participate in these events and the accompanying PSYOP are overpaid terror creators, whose main budget is derived from shady donors, and is spent monitoring speech online, and creating terrorism. But how can one manufacture terrorism, you ask? let me outline a few of the techniques that I and many others have encountered online:

  • they will repeatedly cut your internet connections as they follow you around (click that link, it is quite well documented).
  • they will comment in real time about your internet viewing habits over your computer microphones
  • they will shut down your cell phone using Stingray and Hailstorm devices as you attempt to call a witness to your side, or to get other help when you seek to report their activity
  • endless email hacking
  • they will redirect your web searches to content that they want you to see, rather than content that you requested, using programs like Moonshot CVE
  • -they will threaten you in many ways including killing your pets, or trying to run you off of the highways actively causing targets to fear for their lives in a constant, and actual threat scenario
  • they will move in next door to you, and use any and every counter intelligence trick on citizens that they use on foreign “adversaries,” with the caveat that citizens rights can invoke lawsuits, which are starting to come into the courts finally, as even the Fed is prosecuting stalkers
  • these programs are aimed at a person’s beliefs, or suspected beliefs–and even that noted by Dr. Lorraine Sheridan as she discussed the internet “echo chamber” that is created by Big Tech, working with these insane programs. They target Muslims with ferocity, though we have seen push-back since 2016 as these agencies now target white christians too, while calling them “white nationalists,” yet the only group NOT targeted are the extremists amongst the Jewish and Hassidic populations that have Israelified the US police in the first place.

These points above are a very small snapshot of what I and others have documented since the so-called War on Terror began to destroy our civil liberties expectations. This is also documented all over the net, in television and documentaries, and in major media outlets too–this is not mere hearsay, but facts, evidence based upon hundreds of thousands of testimonies, news articles, and this year, an actual Pulitzer Prize awarded to a newspaper that covered a targeted individual program in Pasco County, Florida, USA, where a religious conservative sheriff named Chris Nocco uses “intelligence led predictive policing to literally harass people “24/7” until the “sue or move away.”

And because 90% of the “threat assessment” industry time is spent imagining scenarios of terror, labelling “outsiders” as “threats”–and then, doing dry runs, surveilling citizens, socially engineering events around targeted persons lives, and using hapless targets as their foils, it looks like they are busy. And they are VERY busy, producing a mass shooting nearly every week now, EXACTLY as predicted by the defamed right wing pundit William Cooper, if we consider the manufacturing of fake terrorism as a job, and then, the “parallel construction” of their open plots as work, which, sadly, some do. It is a 100% win/win for these criminals who hide behind claims of national security and “investigation privileged” methods of harassing targets.

The racist organization of conservative christians, rabbi’s and other Hassidic fanatics known as the B’Nai Brit, aka the “Kosher Nostra“work hand in black glove together with other NGO’s (many of which they finance) and zionists no different than any other organized crime syndicate. The KN term derives from the Italian Catholic mafia’s of an earlier era known as La Cosa Nostra, and they dance the Hava Nagilla on the graves of shooting victims. and dead cops alike, as their partners in crime–the various “Zionists” clap their hands in applause–exactly as we saw as the Twin Towers fell. It really doesn’t get any more surreal than that.

In the modern times, we see this Roman-Catholic-Jewish defamation practice of damnatio ad bestias continues but without the fancy Latin name –its many names of targeted individual programs even more complex than Latin, and far more intentionally deceptive, in order to hide this nefarious activity. Its not at al a coincidence that these practices take place in a time when the highest court in the US is populated by ONLY Jews and Catholics either.

Today this practice is called by a variety of names, and just as Fusion Centers all have many names, this conceals their relationships and makes paper trails much more complicated. waged by the same organizations with the these fancy Alphabet agency acronyms here, to what the FBI calls it’s “Countering Violent Extremism” programs, or what sheriffs departments call “predictive policing” programs–but that which layperson’s are calling “gang stalking.” It is these many programs that are in fact, “novum bestium,” and they are legion upon those of us who prize human rights.

To rational people, I would think that seeing phrases like “One after another mass shooting indicates that something is really wrong with these programs. But to the types mentioned above, its a way of life, spanning milennia. And, it’s what is reffrered to as “no touch torture,” too.

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