Destroying Jerusalem, and Post-Flaviana: exploring the “huge scam of the Abrahamic Religion Trifecta,” and its cousins in secret societies–a blog worth reading

Buckle up, and prepare to shatter your own illusions dear readers–but Post Flaviana is a blog worth mirroring, or otherwise preserving, because it is deep analysis of the western Abrahamic Religion Trifecta.” including anaylses of the Freemasonry/and other cult societies that have been preserving this form of culture since Sabian times.

What is PostFlavania? Well :

” the reason we have chosen the name Postflaviana for this website. We consider ourselves to be Postflavians, as a rejection of the means and methods of these scions, or the Scionists [sic], and that a globalization, or new world order, can only be positive for humanity if such a deceitful and selfish oligarchy is not allowed to continue to sit upon the inherited extreme apex of power, maintain and increase its absurd imbalance of wealth at everyone else’s and the environment’s expense.”

With great write ups about works of CIA/Freemason fiction, such as The Freemason in the Rye, an analyses of the coded speech and allusions to the Freemasons well known obsessions with one-eyed representations, ducks, and Hiram Abiff taking a nap, as well as the initiated author J.D. Salinger’s Freemason dialectic prose, it’s hard to NOT read more.

And keep your eye eyes open for analysis of the symbols and numerology of the gang stalkers in the linked piece below too. Lets start with the “power number” SEVEN.

From Post Flaviana,org, analyses of the Abrahamic Reliogious Trifecta and it’s several millennia run as pranksters in chief, perpetrating early every mass homicide from world wars, to local mass shootings–when is enough enough with these people? Let’s examine the God construct, from a post destruction of Jerusalem narrative–People of the Lie? Not exactly, but close….

Peoples of the Flavian Book

By Richard Stanley

It has long been obvious to many observers, that the Abramic god of the Old Testament is considerably less benign than would now be considered lovingly ‘divine’. When the Bible finally became accessible to the lay public centuries ago, it quickly became apparent that Yahweh (the Father of Jesus) was quite the strict disciplinarian, to say the least, hence the ‘fire and brimstone’ preaching of early Protestantism. Now, in addition to the watered down bible verses, we are told by some apologists, that he (like the once infallible pope) has learned his lessons and mellowed. Similarly, this anthropomorphic Creator of this particular universe, at least, has chosen to become rather parsimonious with his once numerous and wondrous ‘miraculous’ interventions. Perhaps, instead the average human, religious or not, has made some leaps in the use of his or her critical thinking faculties in the last few thousand years? The time has come when another such leap is long overdue.

Yahweh’s Domination over Other Gods

At any rate, the ancient Hebrew Lord Yahweh was quite jealous of his brother gods and goddesses, the elohim, the earthly divine offspring of the Canaanite heavenly father, El. It appears that this sibling rural god may have had a fierce inferiority complex with respect to his urban brother Ba’al. To be fair (given that it appears possible, if not likely, that the Canaanites commonly practiced ritual sacrifice of the firstborn): Yahweh, in usurping his father El, appears to have accomplished a significant positive cultural result by letting the otherwise willing Abram (and by implication the audience) sacrifice an animal instead of Isaac. Of course, if we are to believe all this happened, then we can infer that Yahweh, or whomever was actually in charge, previously approved and also allowed this practice to occur for generations. Evidence of his maturation, or is some other process occurring?

Whatever the actual facts are regarding this aspect, we should appreciate that this claimed Monotheistic god of the One Universe started out life as one of many tribal sibling earthly gods, whose other siblings were honored as well. It was only upon this so-called ‘maturing’ process that his followers were told they must honor only Yahweh (or Allah, as the case may be). The downside has been a Western (including Middle Eastern) tradition of violent intolerance in obeisance to the demands of the subliminal, venal, and jealous god.

Importantly here, our individual world and cosmoviews are almost entirely conditioned by what has been presented to us from cradle to grave by people and institutions that we generally trust, usually by default. We process what is important or irrelevant to us based upon this data and then act accordingly. However, in a cosmopolitan world, the various monotheisms exist in ‘fundamentalist’ conflict, driving not only the global “Clash of Civilizations”, but individual psychological instability as well. We can see the impact of this when, for instance, an individual is confronted by newly conflicting information or experiences that causes him or her to convert to a different religion or sect, and maybe even in doing so become so zealous as to sacrifice their own life and others. For instance, the respective cosmoviews of Sunni and Shia Muslims are so conflicting that they can barely tolerate each others’ existence, to the point that the term Islam (peace) might only be taken in reference to their fellow sect members.

Of course, Christians have always had such conflicts; not just the more recent centuries of bloodshed between Protestants and Roman Catholics, but from the very beginning: we are told that the apostles, who supposedly knew Jesus, had strong disagreements with Paul over just who the proper audience should be for their exclusivist sect of Judaism, or in Paul’s case, universalism. Sardonically, we are told that the most important stumbling block was over the issue of surrendering or keeping one’s male foreskin. Is it a coincidence that the backdrop for this otherwise curious argument mirrors the dynamics of the radically xenophobic nationalism of Judaic Palestine, versus the then geographically constrained globalism of Imperial Rome? Imagine if some or all of these bloody controversies were contrived, prefiguring Machiavelli.

If there is some unseen Creator entity, the true ‘Lord’, lurking in the extra-dimensionality of the quantum foam: speaking for ourselves at least, we simply do not know how to prove such exists – or does not. However, based upon our investigations and analysis, we are prepared to demonstrate that Yahweh (or Allah) and His Son Jesus, as depicted in the canons, are man made frauds. As part of our wider project, we will examine the canonic and other texts with a credulous eye; and attempt ‘reverse divination’ (similar to reverse engineering) into the motives of the authors.

….follow the links! Connect the dots!

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