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This blog you are reading, is now mirrored at, which will eventually become my primary website. Like before it, we see how hidden bad actors in tech companies hack us from inside of WordPress, and turn our data over to other bad actors in various agencies without the slightest resistance, or even a nod towards human rights, constitutional rights and so on. I have met the enemy and it is mine now–and yours too.

And we see how the deplatforming movement, and its sisters in con-artistry like the No Notoriety movement, based in junk science and outright lies–and even Silicon Valley itself is the enemy of freedom of speech; that this speech and critical thinking has roots in well known bad actors.

Free speech? nope–its all paid product placement, and tech companies themselves driving this repressive speech regime. They are forcing speakers to “buy-in and offering only gang stalking if we don’t.

So, go over there and follow along as I continue to expose gang stalkers, and gang stalking, and encourage targeted individuals to fight back using these free tools and these free tools, and these free tools too.

The key to targeting gang stalkers back is to first understand that all of them think they are above the law–they are nearly 100% current and former police, military, fire fighters, state workers, and their friends and associates. Many of them work in non governmental organizations (NGO’s) and city, state and federal governments. Many are as you have likely found online–postal workers, UPS drivers and so on. We even now see that corporate spying and harassment is a very real thing, as the eBay gang of stalkers pleads guilty or gets convicted of absolutely batshit crazy stalking.

Identify them, but also, to identify their circles of friends and associates, exactly as Wanda Cooper Jones has done. You have to link them together, via “contact chaining their webs of relationships, and then, investigate them, and sue them once you can “prove they have stalked you. Rick and Cindy Krlich of Ohio did exactly that and even exposed a low IQ firefighter named Rick Wittkugle calling in fake fires and stealing from the town till. Mrs. O’Leary’s cow indeed–firefighters are MAJOR gang stalkers, and this practice must stop.

First and foremost, all gang stalkers are lowlife criminals, whether they are Infragard spies, or cops and other state pension triple dippers–and can and should be prosecuted.

As we saw with the case of Ahmaud Arbery, only after the state “gang”” of prosecutors refused to investigate their friends, relatives, and associates on the inside of government who had stalked and murdered her son, was his mother so distraught that she had to investigate them herself, using the exact types of tools I give you above. Only after she contact-chained her son’s stalkers did the state pick up the ball, and prosecute them.

Who can stop the gang stalking? Who can help targeted individuals?

You are the person who can do that–but arm yourself with facts and evidence, and avoid the idiots who ramble on about “directed energy weapons, flat earth, lizard people, and satellite terrorism, because they are all political or religious shills.

Here at ROGS, I stick to the facts, and the scientific method, and routinely influence the ïnfluencers, too.

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