Who are the gang stalkers? Name them, shame them. Richard Wittkugle gang stalked Rick and Cindy Krlich.

UPDATE: This blog that you are reading is now online at http://www.gangstalkingresearch.com and the companion site http://www.researchorganizedgangstalking.org Future writing can be found at the former blog, with occasional updates at the latter

If you are researching “who are the gang stalkers, then you are in the right place. Gang stalkers are nearly 100% police, firefighters, military, and military intelligence–and their relatives and associates. You can track, and trace them exactly how Wanda Cooper-Jones did, and get them into a courtroom, where they will have to answer for charges.

Sadly–because of notoriously incestuous relationships between city, state, and federal workers, these shitbags usually only get a slap on the wrist–but not here at ROGS blogs where we name and shame these total shitbags–these anti-democratic ass-sockets.

Meet convicted gang stalker Richard Wittkugle-a dumber-than-dirt lowlife criminal and gang stalkerwho was convicted of calling in fake fires, and stealing from Hubbard Ohio’s town till:

Richard Wittkugle, 54, Hillview Drive, Hubbard, is charged with theft in office, tampering with evidence and grand theft, all felonies.

Ever wonder who are the gang stalkers, or “what do gang stalkers look like?

They are generally very ugly and very stupid looking–here’s Richard Wittkugle, for posterity–what a stupid looking person, right? I think the guy uses a wood chipper for haircuts–maybe a samurai sword as he dances around in a towel singing along with “Boogie Nights,”or some other obscure 1980-90’s musical accompaniment. with his dog on a leash, and bad porn on his computer. Just “my opinion.”

Follow this link to Dr. Buzzcuts mug shot:


He got two years probation, and that wasn’t enough. Those of us who document gang stalkers think he deserves more punishment. So, I publish this now, and will continue to document these cowards at every opportunity.

Here is more about Rick and Cindy Krlich’s story, and here is more about “Dick Wittkugle”, lowlife clock milking firefighter, total coward and gang stalker, and his “sentence--please, if anyone in Ohio can flatten this guys profile further, please do, because I cannot single-handedly destroy “all the gang stalkers” by myself. I need help, TBH.

Feel free to apply.

Really-gang stalkers are notoriously stupid, ugly( and frequently fat) people.And so is Richard “Don’t Be A Dick” Wittkugle, convicted gang stalker, and clock milking thief, shitbag, coward, and liar.

5 thoughts on “Who are the gang stalkers? Name them, shame them. Richard Wittkugle gang stalked Rick and Cindy Krlich.

    1. Wylie TX fire chief is a gang stalker he employed drones to the fire program which they use to stalk and hack individuals.
      Anna TX (Westminster) has a tower on their property from American tower that spoofs my satellite internet and direct beams to my home. 12 drones sit in my backyard all night great use of taxpayer dollars.


      1. Hi Dan, thanks for that information. I will investigate and write up what I find.

        Feel free to share whatever you have here–you can comment in pseudonym, and leave out identifying details, for your own safety


      2. Also–you are on the right track getting electronic evidence of signal theft–a felony. Look at my blog for “free tools” and “Wireshark” “CommView” etc., where you will be able to see directly who is on your wifi.

        THAT is evidence you can take to court.


  1. Keep up the good fight Mr. Moore.

    Seriously–get the pictures of the people who are stalking you, name and shame them. You can also send linkswith their photos to my new blog http://www.gangstalkingresearch.com

    For your part: I ask that you study the laws of libel and slander and defamation, because shaming these people must be done within the law (for the most part, hehehe….)

    But admittedly, it is hard to properly shame low-IQ sasquatch’s-uglier-brother looking ass pirates like the guy in this post, Richard “Don’t Be a Dickwit Wittkugle”of Hubbard Ohio, because they generally are psychopaths–they do not have a conscience like you or I do, nor any sense of shame that goes along with being “human.”

    As you know, these people are generally either sociopaths (they learned to be shitbags during their life) or psychopaths (they were born without a sense of being human like others–they simply cannot feel.)

    Carry On!


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