Dear Plum Love88: if you want to get rid of gang stalkers, build alliances in other nations–western democracies are anything but that.

Plum Love 88, globalism has cast its dark presence into all of our lives–some of us more than others.And because of that, the western cowboys are circling their wagons, and asking each other ” are those savages our savages, or other savages?!”….Such is the online dialectic enabled by the internet.

So here’s my advice: ally yourself with foreign agents and foreign powers, who can help you track, trace and target those who are targeting you–and 90% of THEM will be current and former US/Western intelligence agents, military, and police, their friends and associates, including their webs of associations in NED funded NGO’s and even Big Tech.

A lot of them will be Jews and their armies of zionist “christians.” You will need support, I promise you–these people are toxic shape shifters–have a look here at how highly placed Baptist missionaries stalk children in Silicon Valley–and thse “misiionaries” allied with the US State Department. And as usual–I nvite any of them to sue me–PLEASE SUE ME into the ground!–if I am wrong.

After that–I really do not have much advice–other than, maybe, stop trying to get my “email address” by nefarious means–maybe, come speak with me directly? I mean–you and your organizatin know where I live, according to the logs of a certain cell phone, that is being monitored as I write this.

Code word ” Plum Love is a hugeSTUPID RELIGIONIST FAG.”


Good luck, Bashiba! You will need it.

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