Please investigate, and identify, and indict the lesbian who created the “incel movement.” She is clearly not a good person–and many mass shootings cite her work as inspiration, no different than Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda networks!

Exactly WHO IS “ALANA”, the lesbian whose ideology is behind so many mass shootings, and this web forum?

She is the inspiration, philosophical progenitor, ideological leader, and movement head of a group of people who regularly go on homicidal rampages, targeting people who have stalked, bullied, or harassed them. Al Qaeda started EXACTLY the same way!

According to web sources, she is identifiable–yet these sources insist that her “teachings” were “hijacked” by men.”

Listen, lady–I am sure Sigmund Freud’s ideas were co-opted by feminism as a whole, who found many of his ideas reprehensible, and “misogynistic”–and they found those ideas reprehensible for good reason. So, try not to become hysterical/s as I push a campaign to have you arrested.

I am sure al Qaeda could also claim that their “movement” was “co-opted by women” most notoriously western Jewish-christian women, who worked to destroy bin Laden, alongside President Bush and others. While it was Tony Blair, et al that led the charge against al Quaeda, it was the Queen he was working for–this is how women’s violence takes place, and the Queen is specifically the head lynch pin in these morality campaigns..

The exact same claim of co-option could be said of al Qaeda’s many ideological heirs too–ISIS, ISIL–there are so many spawns that I lost track–but that their message was “co-opted” as on or another “caliphate” roams the middle east now, preaching the exact same gospel as bin Laden’s is undeniable.

I ask those who can investigate such things to investigate the domestic terrorist “Alana” and prosecute her exactly the same as men who do similar things. She is non-tribal savior of any kind–she is no Boudicca–Alana is a pure misandrist, with the operative framework of a depressed, angry, horny pubescent teen boy, and equality of the sexes requires equality of investigating narratives, and the financing, strategy, and distribution of ideological statements and media placements that propels them forwards.

The recent shooting in Plymouth, England is just one in a long line of lesbian ideology- initiated political shootings. At every juncture of narrative, we see these shooters allied with women like “Alana” no different than Islamic mass shooters are allied with al Qaeda.

SAY HER NAME!–who is Little Red Alana in the real world? Let’s examine this movement leader in the light, put her under a microscope, and develop a new profile of these terrorists.This is by no means a new profile–prosecutions are happening right now with other not-yet-convicted stalkers, and the same light should be cast at these radicalizing lesbians online too.Sunlight is good disinfectant for girls who bully boys online using typical passive aggressive wordplay to incite violence.

Links to terrorism are ALWAYS hearsay based in some secret dossiere’ that amounts to little more than defamation and guilt by association, but the links to ideology are 100% explicable according to the scientific method in shooting after shooting–radical and radicalizing lesbians like Alana are directly linked by ideology to mass shootings.Here we see one of many online forums where women muse about incel’s, while never mentioning the women who choose to pro-create such men, much less antagonize and radicalize them.

Let’s investigate THAT LINK, if we actually* want mass shootings to stop–because the link is very solid–though the “evidence” of these types of lesbians targeting men, and radicalizing them is less evident, we DO have a “movement leader,” and a tenuous identification of that “leader,” no different than we had identification of Osama bin Laden as one of George Bush, Jr.s buddies in the pre-911 era.

IMAGE SOURCED FROM: Bin Laden y George Bush: una historia (secreta) de sociedades y atentados oficiales

Just as we had evidence of a GWB-bin Laden group link, we can find out who Alana is linked too as well–what powerful figures finance her, and her philosophical musings online? What would her chain of contacts look like?

In fact, we probably have MORE data linking “Alana” to mass shootings than the FVEY’s had linking Osama bin Laden to 911. Like all fraudulent PSYOP from the earliest days of the narrative that “Osama did 911,” even the occult members and torture-porn fans at the highest levels of intelligence and government, like Dick Cheney admitted that ObL didnt do it.

Yet western governments refuse to even investigate, much less prosecute little Red Alana Who EXACTLY is “she?” Why isn’t she being monitored “24-7?” Because with zero doubt “she” is the ideological progenitor to countless “incel terrorism” related mass shootings, no different than al Qaeda was the ideological progenitor to mass homicides..

Look: all ideas are psychological operations–why do western states give a free pass to violent women, and their lesbian radicals? Why do western societies refuse to hold women accountable for crime?

This “Alana” is not beyond the reach of the law; and yet she has created a “psyop” that has taken many lives, no different than al Qaeda, ISIS or other terrorists.

Yet the authorities have so far failed to investigate that clear link, covered in the MSM and refuse to investigate, indict, or prosecute her in any fashion.

Why is that?

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