Pursuing Alana: identifying terrorists and terrorist financial networks in ideological assessments of INCEL shootings–yes, its a mafia behind it

As we see time and time again, there is no real or actual goal in the west of preventing mass shootings, mass stabbings and so on, because these have only increased, with some of these rampagers being “on the radar24-7” as we saw in the recent New Zealand stabbing.

And so, the question becomes “who benefits from these events?” And “what benefit/s is/are derived?

If there was only one good answer on the test, it would be this: those who benefit from narratives of mental health, by linking MI to the eradication of gun ownership in the west, are the direct beneficiaries.

Alana Boltwood, founder of the terrorist incel “movement.”This may–or may not be her real name Bolt (huhuhuh) Wood (heiheiheihei)

The answer is very, very clear–the state, and its funding from international billionaires is the primary beneficiary–just take a look at how realtors and the state government were “assessing” the value of the properties of the Portapique shooter for years before he went ballistic. IN that case, the “domestic violence” advocates, women from the Royal Canadian Air Force, and others were surrounding the life of the shooter–they “moved in next door,” and in his ramage, he “targeted” a female state trooper too.

Frank Magazine of Canada investigated each and every false claim that was placed in the press by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police–and found that>>>>>> they spent ten hours crafting a PR narrative AS THE SHOOTER WAS OUT SHOOTING, and AFTER they alreadyknew the shooters name, profession, and the known fact that he was driving a police car.It was nearly 100% preventable, and this form of policing-by-gang-stalking is NOT working to stop shooters. Indeed it is manufacturing them.

Whether the benefits are paid out by George Soros, or a Koch brother*, a Bronfman, a Saban, a Mogilovitch or another international bankster–or any other tribal, religious, political donor, state’s directly benefit from mass shootings–indeed, when Gabriel Wortman shot up the gang that was stalking his life, the province snapped up his prime waterfront property for a song!

Indeed, men burning down their houses is an emerging common theme in these contrived and preventable events. So one must ask–why is this a modern trend–and who pushes such trends upon our societies? Just as we can assess cases like the Arvada, Colorado shooting as likely a right wing religion based stalking of an Islamic man, we can also assess left wing stalking too; and we can assess where certain localities utilize non-sectarian shared resources to cause these shootings to.

Women’s Structural Violence, and Actual Mafia’s : a link between the incel movement, mental health narratives, Alana-who-cannot be named–and a more surprising link to the Bronfman crime family of Canada!

Alana Boltwood founded the incel movement in the west, and she sits on the board of directors at the Canadian Mental Health Association with none other than Natasha Bronfman, a scion פּרינצעסין shakher-makher of the Bronfman bootlegging empire of the last century.

Together, the founder of the weaponized online incel movement and a daughter of one of the biggest North American crime families of all-time history are pitching narratives of mental health and pushing pills. Strange bed-fellows, ay? Not really, considering the utterly misandrist and eugenic nature of such an alliance.

Where have we seen connection between these untouchable internationalist mafia families before….? Oh, right: that kind old Sackler family, pushing pseudo-heroine to “Pillbillies,” while walking free from criminal charges–its not crime when the cabal does it! It’s only crime when some black or LatinX or trailer trash “pillbilly” sells OxyContin to another addict.!

And those pain-pill pushers even refused to take responsibility for their actions too, despite cutting a deal with authorities for a 4.5 billion dollar payout that goes where? Into the pocket of the people most affected by their drug distribution? Nope–That 4.3 billion goes to the states, and provinces and their various beneficiaries in the “mental health and addiction” industry, as well as the privatized prison systems, and the domestic violence industrial complex (DVIC).

So: each and every time a mass shooter is manufactured, we see clearly that every news story, every television broadcast is indeed a free advertisement for those industries. Every time we read in a newspaper or internet story that someone has gone on a shooting rampage, someone is quoted advising that we “need more resources to combat mental health issues!” Or “There is a crisis of domestic violence!” Strangely gendered, unbalanced reportage at every juncture–and “women’s empowerment” as a code word for hiding the structural violence of actual mafia’s.

The “incel movement” is a narrative that benefits BOTH sides of the political aisle, and their notion of a total lack of accountability for women’s structural violence.The entire western narrative depends from gendered narrative, regardless of right or left blathering–both sides are sexist, and incel’s are a reaction to that more than anything. Horseshoe Theory also predicts that.

So, in examining the narrative we take each dialectic to its source, and I for one ask:

“Why didn’t western nations name the founder of the incel movement when that story hit the press:?! WHY did I have to go all the way to Korea to find the name of the founder of the INCEL movement in a news story?

Mass shootings are 100% preventable in every case, but the answer to preventing them is not one that the authorities can immediately derive benefits from: stop harassing these people who eventually go on rampages! And direct your policing resources to investigating those who you know are harassing these men.

Stop following them around, stalking them, wiretapping them, and waging PSYOP on them–and mass shootings will once again become a rare occurrence, if that is indeed what society wants.

But there’s no money in that, is there?

*my knowledge about christian right wing billionaires who finance this stuff is limited, perhaps because so many Jewish “left wing” billionaires are primarily who are doing these things. Feel free to write, and educate me on my lack of information.

**I am well versed in how the Ku Klux Klan and other organizations perpetrate other mass homicides too. Read about it here, as a targeted individual gets harassed in Union County Mississippi.

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