Suzie”Susie Q” Zhao Murder Trial Delayed Until 2022

One of the cases that I am following is the case of Shu Zhao aka Susie “Susie Q” Zhao, poker player, and likely–I suspect– informant or target for the “Asian FBI,” and or its colleagues in its notoriously sloppy operations and corrupt agents whose handiwork spans from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and far beyond.

The trial of her alleged murderer Jeffrey Morris has been pushed back into 2022.

Related Story: Trevor Aaronson, author of the Love and Loathing in Las Vegas, a story of an FBI frame job, and a generally accurate picture of modern, unaccountable agency operations. Bonus points for tribal-sectarianism gone wrong as the Asian FBI adopts the ADL-styled “worst practices” of racist profiling, and bungles around costing tax payers millions.

Regardless-my impression of her was that she was indeed a “unicorn in a sea of horses,” and as we know, that can make a person a target of gangs of stalkers. The well known phrase is “we seek out the idealists.” They also use the phrase “the gang stalkers will make you homeless,” which, if you read the stories online about this case–homelessness is indeed a major feature, in both Susie’s life, and that of her demented killer.

And then, they try to use us or otherwise destroy us as unpaid HUMINT resources as they endlessly spy on us, follow us around and try to entrap us variously.

Here’s her obituary, written by her loving mother, who lost her only beloved child. She writes “Her inborn talents of super memory, mathematics potential and uncommonly sensitivity to human deep inside led her to the interesting poker game, that perfectly showed and described her real personality and her “free spirit.” ” Susie was a memory whizz-kid, and graduated from Northwestern University, with a bachelors degree in psychology.

Susie Q Zhao–what a backstory she had, before “they” killed her! “They” indeed–whoever “they” are. I for one, do not buy “the lone sex offender” theory at all, at least in the way they are packaging the story.

In the lives of targeted individuals, what happens is this: anyone who rises to the level of narratives, and or has unique associates that the security state apparatus wants to exploit, the FBI or another agency puts you “on the radar.” Mind you–they do not keep paper trails of this activity at the agency, but rather outsource all of that deception to others in the community, such as women’s “empowerment” groups, NGO’s, and other community assets, private mercenaries, aka “security contractors,” and others.

Then, these follow you around mercilessly, trying to question you in various ways about your “associates,”or your connections to groups and organizations–they try to see if yo are friendly/vulnerable to suggestion, or “makeable” as an asset. They do indeed hack your computers and cell phones with “electronic implants,” and more.

Mind you–Susie herself probably knew NOTHING about these people that surrounded her life, and I believe that she was so innocent to the point that we saw her in her death as a victim of a greater thing surrounding, and even her despicable murderer’s horrific actions were monitored at a level that deserves inquiry beyond whether or not his and her cell phone’s pinged the same mast–yes, this is a “conspiracy theory,” and I do not put them out there lightly, as my readers know–but those phone records, and other electronic data from her life might paint a bigger picture than we are led to believe exists in the nice-FBI handled narrative of a “lone sex offender.”

Why would I speculate such a random idea that is far from the narrative that the press has so far put forwards about this case? What kind of “conspiracy theory” am I single-handedly promulgating? What’s in it for me, right?

Well-bringing the sordid practice of gang stalking to the public’s attention has been my sole and welcome reward since I started writing on this topic during the early days of the War on Terror until now–it’s a free for all of endless domestic spy games directed at citizens by our own agencies outside of the purview of civil rights scrutiny–an entirely unaccountable policing, data warehousing and “intelligence sharing” environment–the stalking of the “rights of association,” by sociopaths and douche-bags in policing, military, and the private security industry; an unparalleled** violation of all civil rights; these are waging completely unchecked mayhem all over the states now.

And, maybe, too, I am motivated because I met her exactly one time, in California, as she sought legitimate investments with which to make some legitimate money.

But because rats and snitches abound in those environments, with all of their government sponsored entrapment schemes–its no blind bet that the FBI, LAPD, LASD, and any of may “gangs of police” stretching from Las Vegas, where she won a few pots, to LA where she lived, were stalking her life full tilt, for many reasons–not least of which is that she was easy to isolate, with a fragile support network, and family far away.

Likely some “electronic weapons” in the form of wiretaps and Fusion Center monitoring. These types have a way of leveraging your life, and crippling your every opportunity. It is they, in my opinion, that caused her death, because once one is swept up into the “underworld” its not just “criminals” that you deal with, but endless pointless investigations by these cretins who use your life as an intelligence honeypot.

Extreme claims require extreme proof, ay? Well–you can bet that I have it–her cell phone number, her “handler’s*” street name, and some of his personal details. You can place your own bets on my “theory” as you feel necessary. But I won’t continue the facade that somehow Susie Q was anything BUT a gang stalked victim of COINTELPRO2 when I met her.

In my brief several hours with her, I was able to discern a few things:

-Suzie Zhao was a genuinely sweet woman–kind, bright–even exceptionally so, curious, adept at conversation, and delicate–feminine in ways that most women lack

-Her affable personality hid a nervous type of interior world, hiding what I would guess are hidden anxieties. She seemed to have something pressing on her mind–a “cloud” as they say

-as noted, her handler had introduced me to her so that she could invest some cash into a legitimate business. But she hesitated as did I–but frankly, I smelled a rat–that perhaps I was being led into a money laundering thing which is just one way that gangs of police entrap people into THEIR criminal activity.

I submitted this data above to White Lake Township police Detective Lt. Christopher Hild–the guy never wrote back–never responded to this information, after the FBI got involved in the investigation. So I am putting this out there for those who seek justice for her, and insight into the last year of her life.

*I use the term handler because he is who brought her to me. I have a product and she was a potential investment client. The associate himself was an interesting figure, and eager to spread other peoples cash around. I have no idea who was handling him, though one of his associates once tried to get me to sell “night vision goggles to the Chinese.”

Such is the predictable, bizarre and easily readable narratives of “gang stalkers”–whereas once the night vision goggles to the Chinese trope had its heyday as an entrapment scheme back in the 1980’s, these days, the Chinese are manufacturing such products and selling them across the globeanyone can buy them online.

Here is just one of many examples of how this night vision goggles entrapment scheme works in the USA. But what is important to “gang stalkers” is that they can entrap you on “intent,” and charge you with various crimes ranging from conspiracy, to espionage, to any of the other hail-Mary charges they spring on people in order to handcraft an informant . This has been going on in my own life since 2004–it literally is a never-ending entrapment and HUMINT theft scheme by these goon squads.

** I say unparalleled with full knowledge of the post WW2 COINTELPRO program–but note that there was no internet, cell phone, or Fusion Center monitoring of our movements in real time, and certainly no “Palantir” and 24-7 “predictive crime” programs, aka “gang stalking”such as we see currently in litigation in Pasco County Florida, as a dubiously “empowered” sheriff stalks people “until they sue or move away.

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